A Deal With Danny

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I came back to life thanks to my son. It was quite inadvertent and I didn’t even know I was dead. I was a thirty seven year old widow who hadn’t had sex in four years; I had even stopped masturbating. I was a mess.

When I was younger, I was always involved with the boys. My ‘attractors’, as in the song, stood ‘way up firm and high’. My makeup was always perfect and my tight skirts left little to the imagination. After marrying too young, my husband’s heart betrayed us both when he was forty. I no longer cared what I looked like. I gained twenty pounds, threw away my lipstick, and wore the same two pairs of jeans and four flannel shirts for years.

I was resuscitated by a phone call. It wasn’t to me or from me. I was in the den and was about to call my sister Beth. My son Danny was on the phone so much that I usually checked to see if it was free by pressing the speakerphone button; I got an earful. He was talking to Karen, a girl he was going to the prom with. The first words I heard were “…now put that wet finger on your slippery little button.”

What was I listening to? It couldn’t be my baby Danny whom I was sure was a virgin, the boy that I was still waiting to have the ‘sex talk’ with? As he continued talking I realized I was a little too late. He said, “Make believe it’s my tongue making circles all around it…slowly…one way and then the other…is your pussy getting wet the way it does for me little girl?”

The sound of her answer sent an electric spark through my belly. “Oh yes Dan…my pussy’s all wet for you…why aren’t you here with your big thing…so I can kiss you and you can touch me all over…?” My hand went almost involuntarily between my legs.

“Tomorrow little girl…Scott’s having a party…and you’re going to be there…upstairs…with your legs spread…and then you’ll have it…deep in your pussy…” As my son described what he was going to do to his girlfriend, I put my hand in my panties and slid a finger over my moist clit. As the disturbing image of my son entering the pussy of a woman who could only be me focused, I came with a shudder. I pressed the speakerphone off and went blank until the cooling stickiness in my panties reminded me of what had just happened. I felt confused but with a sexual energy I hadn’t felt in years. It felt so good to be turned on again even if it was my son that had turned me on – then I looked in the mirror.

I was appalled. I determined to do something about what I saw. It was four months of hell, four days a week in the gym after work. I lost the extra pounds and found a not bad looking woman looking back at me who was ready to resume an intimate relationship. Throughout my ‘ordeal’, Danny was an inspiration. One discouraging day he said, “Mom, you’re doing great. I would love to have a girl who looks that hot; you look good enough to eat.” I’m sure he didn’t mean it in a sexual way but still; he was too much of an inspiration.

I was inspired by the phone call that still played in my head. I was inspired by the handsome strong body Dan had grown in to. I was inspired by thoughts of him doing to me what he said he would do to Karen. I had fought the thoughts for weeks and months: rationalizing why I had them, telling myself about their fantasticality and immorality. I dismissed them time and again only to have them return…unbidden…urgent…searing my insides. I sent them away with anger, frustration, and finally with masturbating fingers. They returned to mock me when I looked at his face or when he hugged me hello.

I tried to talk to Beth but the words wouldn’t come out. How does a woman say to her sister, “I want to sleep with my son?” I started becoming someone I didn’t like; I listened in on his conversations. I did something that still embarrasses me when I think about it; I went into Danny’s bedroom in the middle of the night. I planned to say I heard a noise or something like that if he awoke. He was lying almost on his side. It was a hot night and he was nude. I saw what I went to see. His long shaft lay flaccid on his thigh. I stood for almost a half hour. I watched in silent fascination as my son’s cock almost fully hardened at one point. I imagined it in my mouth, on my tongue. I felt myself on the edge of doing the unthinkable. I went back to my room and made myself come twice.

Even that night, in my cobwebbed denials, I never thought that I could ever let him put that cock inside me nor did I think he would want to. After all, I was his mother.

Things began going crazy when Danny came home after prom night. I asked him how it went and said “Okay”. I asked him why it wasn’t ‘great’ or ‘fabulous’ and he laughed and said. “Those are details you really don’t want to know mom.” I was serious when I told him he could tell me anything and that I wanted to know anything that affected him. I knew he’d had a few drinks but I was a still wide eyed when he told me. “Well it’s Karen, I sort of broke up with her tonight…it’s a sex thing mom, are you sure you want to hear this?”

I istanbul escort put my hand over his and said, “Sure I do, but I’m surprised you broke up because she’s such a pretty girl and she has a wonderful body.”

“It’s okay…it’s not as nice as yours mom and she really doesn’t want to use it. We’ve had…you know…intercourse a few times…but she never wants to do anything else…it makes no sense but she says the other stuff is only if we get ‘serious’ or engaged or something. Hey, I’m not ready for anything like that…I mean I’m not getting married just to get…it doesn’t matter…it’s not like we were in love or anything.”

“Well I’m glad you’re not rushing into anything…you’re young and handsome and there are going to be a lot of women…I’m sure.” His remark about my body sensitized me. “I shouldn’t ask you this but I’m curious, have you already done all those ‘other things’ with other girls?”

” Boy mom you really are curious.” He took a deeper breath and said, “I’ve had oral sex a lot and it’s great but I’ve never had uh…anal…not that I would mind trying it but…” Dan started to laugh and I asked him why and he said, “Well, Karen said she would NEVER have anal with me because I’m…I guess I’m pretty big…”

I told him, “A woman adjusts…most woman can…I’m sure you’re not that big…” I looked down and saw the outline of the bulge in his pants and put my hand on it…I had put my hand on my son’s cock! I fogged over; I couldn’t hear what he said. I had crossed the line without even knowing I was approaching it. I looked up to see my son with his eyes closed enjoying the rubbing I was giving him. He got harder. Was he enjoying it because it was me or would any eighteen year old get hard if any decent looking woman rubbed his cock, even if it was his mother?

The questions disappeared when his cock appeared. He had unzipped his pants and taken it out. It was swollen red with blood…it was rock hard…its size fascinated me. He said “Suck it mom…please suck it.”

I hadn’t had a cock in my mouth for so long…I had forgotten how much I liked it. I closed my mouth over about a third of my son’s cock and wrapped my fingers over the still exposed shaft and slid my hand back and forth as I sucked. The swollen helmet felt velvety smooth in my mouth as my tongue massaged it. I took more of the big cock until it approached the back of my throat.

I felt his hands on my head and in his excitement and inexperience he was directing me. I gently moved his hands to my aching breasts. He massaged them over my blouse, as I tasted his pre-cum. The flavor of sex made me hungry for more. The thought of my son spewing incestuous cum into his mother’s mouth excited and alarmed me. Before he exploded I actually thought of stopping…and…I don’t even know what I was going to do or say but the sound of desire in his voice was mesmerizing and it made me wet. He said, “Oh mom…yes…suck my cock…suck it, suck it…it feels so good…don’t stop…please…my beautiful mother…” His first release caught me by surprise. It was so hard I pulled back and the next two jets caught me on the cheek and chin. I returned his cock to my mouth and swallowed the last of the cum that presaged my panic.

“What have I done?” I thought “Is he going to hate me for the rest of his life. How could I have sucked my own son’s cock?”

“OH mom”, he said, “That was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me” He kissed away my trembling and he kissed away my silent tears but I was overwhelmed. I ran to my room and locked the door. I was mortified. Danny begged me to open the door and talk to him but I couldn’t.

After a long time I said, “I’m okay baby, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I wasn’t okay, neither through that sleepless night nor for weeks afterwards. I apologized to Dan and told him I’d been drinking and depressed even though the truth was that I just wanted to sleep with him; no…I wanted him to fuck me…but I was determined that he shouldn’t.

I begged him to forgive me and forget that it happened. What a stupid thing to say. ‘Forget that your mother took your cock in her mouth and sucked you until you came.’

Needless to say, neither of us could forget what happened. The more we didn’t talk about it, the larger it loomed whenever we were together. Finally one night, in the middle of a sentence, Danny began kissing me passionately. I wanted nothing more than for him to take me, have me, be in me; but I reluctantly pushed him off and said, “Sweetheart…love…we can’t…it’s incest. Oh my Danny…I put these crazy in your head with my selfish…”

He stopped me. “Mom do you think I never thought about you? Don’t you know I was always turned on by you?”

I was surprised. “But I was horrible to look at and…”

“Mom, you were never horrible. You were always beautiful to me. Let me show you something.” He went to his room and returned a moment later with some photographs in his hand. avcılar escort They were old ones that my husband had taken when we were first married. I looked at myself in ‘pin-up’ poses wearing a bikini.

“Where did you get those…that was so long ago I don’t even remember taking them?”

“I found them in a stack of pictures five years ago mom. Mom, you’ve been turning me on for a long time. I look at these pictures all the time…I still…believe me you didn’t start me thinking about having sex with you…mom I…”

He came closer to kiss me, to touch me, to love me. I felt like saying “Yes Danny, put your cock in my mouth again, put your cock wherever you want to fuck me…” Instead, I stopped him by saying “Oh God, Danny please don’t…please don’t make it that much harder. We can’t…we just can’t…I can’t do it to you.”

“Mom” he said, “You’re not doing anything to me…It’s what I want…isn’t it what you want mom? I hesitated for a second and he reached for me saying…’Let me love you mom…just let me…”

“Please baby no…I can’t even talk about it any more…we’re not going to become…honey please understand…please don’t break my heart. Right now I want you so much I don’t know if I could stop you.” I started to cry. “Oh Danny it hurts me…please don’t hate me.”

He relented, “Okay mom, I won’t force you…how could I stop loving you mom…but can I at least hold you?” I went to his arms and my breasts pushed into his chest. I felt his cock against me. It was torture until he let me go.

That night, I touched myself until I was exhausted; I couldn’t satisfy myself. I was only feeding my hunger. I became lovesick. It sounds romantic; it wasn’t. There was nothing poetic about it. I actually became physically ill because of the stress and the unrelenting desire to have my son. I ended up in bed for ten days with a weakened immune system. The doctor said something about ‘fatigue syndrome’ but I knew better.

Danny was so good to me during that time I get teary thinking about it. He took care of me, he looked after me, and he was always there. We spent so many hours talking about everything. I never felt as loved in my life as I did when he sat on my bed and cradled me in his arms with soft kisses on my forehead. With his help I climbed out of the pit of despair I had dug for myself.

I finally talked to Beth. After about twenty ‘you what?’ she settled down enough to help me struggle toward an acceptance of my situation. It was enough just to hear a bit of assurance that I wasn’t terrible and that the rest of my life might not have to be a horror. She told me I could have all the feelings but waiting until Danny was older would be the responsible and right thing to do. I settled in my mind that my son would not have me sexually before he was twenty-one. Of course I realized that there is no magic number that makes a person ready for mature decisions but it was reasonable for lots of reasons.

I spoke to Danny that night. He tried every way he knew to convince me otherwise, but I stood fast. The things he said were things I had heard when I was a young girl and they would have been funny if I didn’t want it as much as he did. “Please mom, let me be in your pussy just once; I promise I won’t come.” The thought of my son’s full manhood spreading my pussy and pushing up into my belly made me wet but after three hours of sweat and tears he came around, and so did I.

We agreed to a compromise. We would wait until he was twenty-one and see if we felt the same way. We would see other people but he would live at home until he met someone else. My concession was that we could touch each other but he had to swear not to ever suggest or try to get me past that point – nor let me take him past it. Our ‘deal’ ended with a sweet long kiss.

That first night, we touched each other into oblivion. My pussy creamed and I lost count of the number of times he made me come. My son’s fingers and hands on me and in me had me climbing the walls. His touched me lightly along my neck down to my breasts and said, “You know what the best thing about your skin is? It goes all over your body” Everything that could be done to a clit, he did to mine. He said, “I could touch you there all night mom” and he did. The next morning, for my sanity, I added the ‘vitamin’ rule to our bargain: Once A Day.

After six months, things were working out wonderfully and terribly. Neither of us had gone out with other people at all, each night was sublime in each other’s arms, and our craving for more was excruciating. We didn’t cross the line but we came so close that a feather could have knocked either one of us over it. I wouldn’t let him stay the night in my bed because after a few nights of feeling that big hard cock against my behind, I couldn’t get any sleep. That didn’t prevent me from going to his bed when my desire to be near him overwhelmed me.

Many of my dreams haunted me. The nightmare was that they were so sweet. şirinevler escort I was finally skewered on my son’s fat cock and he was fucking me until I screamed. I woke up dripping from every pore and every hole. They were so real I awoke angry with Danny for going back on our deal and frustrated that he really hadn’t. My poor baby couldn’t understand why his mother was so grumpy on so many mornings. I couldn’t tell him how much I wanted him because it only would have made it harder for him and I knew from experience that he was hard enough all the time.

Somehow we made it until he was twenty. On a weekend I had to travel for business, I asked him to come with me. Maybe being in a strange room and a strange bed did it or maybe we were both just at a point of no return. Before we’d even touched, I was undressing in front of the mirror and I saw him sitting on the bed. He said, “Mom, I’m going to have you tonight.” It wasn’t angry or asking. It was a matter of fact.

I turned and took off my bra and said, “Yes honey, you are.” I walked over to him and offered my nipple to his lips. We had waited so long; we both instinctively knew that our first time should not be wasted in a heated rush. He sucked each nipple long and hard. Each pull sent sensations to my pussy. I stroked the back of his head as he pulled my panties down and said, “That’s good baby…you make momma feel it down to here.” I opened my legs as I stood before him and put his hand over my pussy. He rubbed me gently.

“You have a soft cunt,” he told me. “…A sweet soft cunt that I’m going to be inside…in here mom, in here.” As he spoke his finger entered and explored. He took his finger out and raised it to my lips. I tasted my juice and it excited me. He said, “…I’m going to be here mom, in your mouth …my cock is going to be in your mouth mom…” I sucked his wet finger and rolled my tongue around it.”

I looked down at the handsome face and just said ‘Yes son…yes…yes…” I should have expected what came next but I didn’t. He reached between my spread legs and found the tender pucker.

Dan sent his slippery finger into the small channel and said, “I’m going to fuck you here mom…in your ass…my cock is going to be here mom, here.” He drove his finger as far as it would go.

“OH God…Danny…yes…in me …in all of me.” His pants were still on, but the bulge I saw sent me a picture of his big cock attempting to enter my ass. It sent a shiver through me but I knew I wanted him to do it.

I sat next to him and took his shirt off. He stood and took off his pants. His long, wide, cock was erect and poised by my mouth; the smell of sex was on it. I licked the length of it and it sprang as I slathered my son’s balls with saliva. I took the big knob into my mouth and sucked my way up the shaft. My tongue traced the contours of my son’s cock.

I wasn’t sucking long before Danny pulled out of my mouth. I knew what we both wanted. I leaned back and positioned myself to take the insertion I had waited so long for. I told him, “I’m ready baby…momma’s ready for you…”

Danny was breathing as hard as I’d ever seen. He approached me on his knees and his cock looked like a spear coming out from between his legs. He spread me by the ankles and said, “I’m ready too momma…I’ve been ready to fuck you for as long as I can remember…ready to put this cock inside you where it belongs…”As he spoke I felt the head of his cock spreading my pussy. My wetness had made me accessible to the first penetration of his steel shaft.

As my son pushed deeper into my grasping channel, I told him, “Yes baby…that’s where it belongs…in my pussy…in your mother’s pussy…” I wanted him to fuck me deep and he did. Each stoke took him toward my belly and I couldn’t stop moving as he filled me with his long thick meat. “OH God love…so good…I don’t know how I waited this long…oh honey thank you…thank you for waiting for me…for loving me…now we never have to wait anymore…yes baby…love me…love me with your big cock…always…always…” As I spoke, I surprisingly started to spasm. I wanted to wait but I couldn’t. I came with a yell and as my son stroked me harder and faster, it felt like only seconds passed after my first orgasm when I began to climb again. I didn’t feel Danny come and he was still hard as a rock inside me.

He pulled out of my pussy and took his cock in his hand. It glistened with my juices and he positioned it on my asshole. Before I could gird myself, he had pushed passed my tight anal ring and I felt the enormous pressure of his young cock working its way into a place it seemed it could not fit. As he moved deeper in my ass, his cock felt more massive than it ever looked. I felt as stretched as I could get. I could feel the tears at the corners of my eyes but I was determined not to stop him. He said, “Is it too much for you mom…should I stop? Can you take it?”

Could I take it? I could take it forever. I loved having a cock in me again and most of all I loved that it was my son’s cock that was now deep in my ass. My loud moans and the pressure eased somewhat as I relaxed. As my fear subsided, I began enjoying the pulsing heat and friction my son’s cock had created along the walls my tight channel. I told him, “No baby don’t stop…stay inside me…it’s where I want you…yes love…push into me…tell me you need me baby…tell me…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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