A Day With Jack and Diane

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Jack and Diane left the Vette in the parking lot and headed for check in before booking it to the beach.

The warm sand felt wonderful on their feet, and the sun was baking a long winter out of their bones. As they passed a hot dog stand on the way to a more secluded part of the beach, Diane suggested that Jack get a hot dog. She reminded him how he got when he hadn’t been fed in awhile…like an animal. Jack of course took the suggestion and bought three dogs, two with everything, and one plain dog.

The couple walked a considerable distance before stopping and setting up their blanket, music, sun tan oils and lotions, and their portable bag of tricks. Jack was soon consuming his hot dog…he savored the blending of meat, chili, mustard and onions.

Jack’s attention turned to lovely Diane who had taken off her string bikini top and was working on releasing the thread that kept her thong in place. Her breasts stood out, calling to him, nipples hard as pencil erasers. He added the sensation of suckling her salty breasts, which blended with his gastronomic delight. His tongue rolled around her left nipple then expanded to the areola. Diane popped the left nipple out of my hungry mouth and reminded me that the right needed some attention. Nibbling, pulling, pushing the nipple in with his hard tongue…Diane, still standing, began to squirm. A moment later she lifted his head and passionately kissed him. It was a long and probing kiss that lasted several minutes. During this time, Jack’s penis had risen to the occasion and was pushing hard against his suit and Diane. They were momentarily distracted when an airplane flew by relatively close and low to the beach. They took a break from their adoration of each other and Diane began to eat her hot dog. Kissing him had made her hungry…in more than one way!

Diane removed her dog from its bun, and placed the bun aside. She then put the entire dog in her mouth and then withdrew it slowly through her luscious lips. Sliding the dog in and out was so erotic that jack had to get his suite off. His dick popped out and enjoyed being out of prison and in the sunshine. The head of his dick was dripping and oozing precum. Diane hadn’t missed any of this, and as she chewed the dog into her mouth, she knelt down and took the base of his dick in her right hand. She squeezed and milked the shaft and positioned her tongue so as to receive his precum on the end of canlı bahis her tongue. When she had milked it, she ran it over her lips that then glistened with his gift.

Diane reached down and grasped the bun. She placed the bun around Jack’s rock hard dog. Diane opened her mouth wide and took his bun- clad dog into her mouth. Jack felt her tongue sucking and flicking over the head of his penis. She released him for a minute while she wiped all the condiments onto his dick before discarding the bread for some lucky sea gull. She replaced her lips on his hot dog, and relished the relish, mustard and pre-cum. Her tongue rolled around his member taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth cavity. She soon had her lips grasping at the hairy base of his tool.

As she endured the last millimeter of his length, their eyes met in a most loving and appreciative glance. Her lips moved lightly over the cock, then harder with more suction. Sometimes fast and other times slow. She worked his cock like a fine instrument. As Jack began to moan and tense up, she know her lover couldn’t stand much more. She took a well-lubricated hand and placed it on his dick while she paid special lip service to the head of his dick.. She ran her tongue over the end and into the little slit that would soon send pressurized cum blasting onto her beautiful body and in her mouth. Diane reached up with her spare hand and tweaked his nipples. Jack let out a guttural growl, while every muscle became tense and his climax gained energy, strength, and juice.

He relaxed for a second and could feel all the cum being secreted into his glands. With a muffled scream he had a mighty orgasm. The first blast of jism coincided with her popping his dick in and out of her mouth. The stream of hot white cum splashed into her mouth and lips. The second spurted on her face, while subsequent spurts landed on her chest and abdomen. She lightly caressed the mushroom of his cock, encouraging any more fluid to be placed in her mouth. They lay together in the sand, lips and face mashed together in sticky wet splendor, and the potent smell and saltiness of his jism was enjoyed until they heard the rumble of thunder.

They realized the he sun was not bright anymore, and a black cloud was approaching from the southwest. Jack stumbled trying to get his suit on, and Diane laughed at his clumsy attempt to rush. They soon had their possessions, and were dashing bahis siteleri back to the cabin.

The rain hit them 100 yards from safety, and as they reached the door, they appeared to have been swimming. The door slammed open as they hugged each other in a torrent of draining water. Jack removed Diane’s suit, her nipples hard and large in the cold rain. Jack removed his suit and pulled Diane against him. He opened the front door and he pulled her into the torrent of rain that was cascading off the tile roof. This water felt warm, and they held each other as the water pounded down on top of them. Jack’s dick was pressed up along her beautiful fertile valley, straining to enter her yet content to rub over her engorged clitty. When lightning came close, they dashed back inside and dried their bodies and collapsed onto the bed.

They listened to the steady rhythm of the rain, and the tree frogs. Jack started talking to Diane about how nice it would be for him to eat her pussy. He licked his lips when describing how his tongue would ravage her love nest. Diane began to squirm as he continued his description. Her legs shifted over each other and drew up and then extended. Jack’s hand lowered to her bush, had he was happily greeted with an abundance of pussy juice. They both moaned in pleasure, because Jack so enjoyed giving Diane pleasure, and multiple orgasms.

With out further delay, Jack stopped talking, and put his mouth where the honey was. Hmmm, so slick and tasty loved her smell, it drove him crazy. His tongue traced random patterns over the clit. Up and down, left to right, diagonal, and in and out. Diane soon had her legs spread far apart so he could lick every inch of her pussy and surrounding area. His pointed tip poked in her love canal forward to her hard clit, then back through the furrows of her pussy lips to her ass hole. He pushed his tongue into the anus, and she pushed her body into his face. He then lapped her pussy, and poured cherry love lotion over her lower abdomen. He ravaged all of her hot spots, and soon, she reached her first climax, a body twisting off the bed orgasm with screams of pleasure.

Jack immediately stuffed her spasming pussy with his rock hard cock. It slid in easily and was soon moving in rapidly, all the way to the hilt. Their pubic hairs matted in cherry precum were grinding into each other. Jack slipped his hand around to Diane’s ass, and slid a dildo up bahis şirketleri her quivering ass. He pumped the dildo in and out with the same rhythm as his engorged penis. Diane was lost in pleasure. He wanted this to be an all body experience, so he kissed and licked her neck and shoulders. He kissed her hungry lips and squeezed her wonderful full breasts with eraser-sized nipples. Suddenly, Diane clasped her legs abound Jack and screamed loud and long. Jack could feel the powerful contractions of her cunt and ass…it felt soo good. They looked into each other’s eyes, and hers were wide open wild, the kind of look one gets when they feel apart of someone else.

Jack rolled Diane over onto her stomach and straddled her curvy body. He took oil and spread it all over her back, shoulders and ass. He put oil on his ass, balls and cock before sliding along her back and her backsides. The feeling was electric for both. She loved feeling his hairy balls and long stiff cock rubbing against all parts of her body. He rubbed her body with his hands and his crotch until he felt her squirm under his onslaught. He raised himself up slightly and let his stiff meat slide down the crack of her ass. Up and down it went in the slick valley. Diane placed a pillow under her lower abdomen, and raised her honey pot up a little.

Jack’s hot prick slid into her pussy, and he pressed on her lower back, and lightly spanked her rear end as he pushed the head of his penis in and out of the outer pussy lips. He varied his stroke, and lowered himself down until he was full length against her, with his cock deep inside. They lay like this for a while why Jack talked how many ways he liked to fuck her. She was moaning at this point, and jack began to slide his meat in and out again. She struggled to her knees, and placed her elbows on the bed. Jack’s cock was suddenly very deep. She squeezed and he could feel her pulling him in. Jack placed his hands on each pelvis, and began slamming into her. His balls were slapping her ass, and when he reached under and started flicking her clit, well, she began to push mightily meeting his every stroke.

His hands spanked her bottom as he moaned in preparation for firing his load. She sensed this, and let herself go. She was shaking as she hit the peak of orgasm…feeling his hot meat explode its hot load into her eager pussy. They writhed in the hot dark dampness of a tropical rainstorm; wave after wave of pleasure soon gave way to deep restful sleep. Their dreams were of how they would please each other tomorrow.

* * * * *

If you would like to read more adventures of Jack and Diane, please drop me a line.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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