A Day for Myself

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I had awakened late this morning. Today, there was no need for an alarm to wake me. I had the time to indulge myself with whatever I chose. Today, I had decided, I was going to indulge in self pleasure. It was to be a day just for me.

To begin my day, I recalled mental images I have of him, thoughts about his hard cock and cumming for me were all I needed for motivation. I quickly discarded the bed covers and tossed them aside. I loved the way the cool morning air felt against my naked skin. I needed to touch myself, to imagine him touching me.

My hands roamed over my breasts, stopping long enough to pinch my nipples just a bit. I parted my legs and my fingers began to tickle my clit, while slowly opening my lips. I felt the hot wetness and thought of having my lover’s tongue in place of my fingers. I visualized him, his face buried against my pussy, licking and kissing me. I imagined I felt him gently sucking my clit. I replaced my fingers with my vibe, loving the way it hums over it. As I worked the vibe directly onto it, I thought of his tongue, his lips covering me. I imagined him pressing his tongue down hard onto my clit and I pressed my vibe onto the perfect spot. I recalled things he’d said to me and my excitement grew. I heard myself speaking aloud, as if he were there to hear me. My eyes closed tightly as I created this wonderful fantasy of us. All the while, the vibe was bringing me closer and closer to sweet release. I called out his name just as I felt the warm rush of cum escape.

I rolled onto my stomach and closed my eyes, intent on relaxing before I left the comfort of my bed. Now, my mind began drifting to thoughts of last night’s love making.

A bursa escort kiss, a slight touch, that was all it took. We both wanted each other madly at that moment. I felt his hands as they maneuvered over my body. Gently, he took my breasts into his hands as his body slid down mine. I could feel his breath as his face neared my pussy. My body was his for the taking and he knew it. He always knows that he can ignite the kind of passion in me that I long for.

His tongue, wet and warm, caressed my thighs as I wrapped my legs loosely around his neck and rested them on his back. His tongue flicked over my clit as his finger traced the outer lines of my lips. Slowly, he slid one finger inside me. I pushed down hard onto his tongue and his fingers. He was delving his finger deeply inside of me, first just one, then it was followed by another. He was giving me the most wonderful sensations. But, I needed more than his fingers. I placed my hands on his face and pulled him away from my clit, I said, “I want your cock in my pussy, baby. Now.”

That’s all it took. We quickly shifted ourselves and I took hold of his cock and guided it into my wet, slippery pussy. The rush I felt as he thrust his cock into me was incredible. It doesn’t matter how many times I feel his cock enter me, each time brings an indescribable rush. My body, responding as it always does to him, arched up to meet him. I placed my legs against his chest as he held my thighs. I squeezed my muscles together, tightening my grip around his cock with my pussy. Looking up at him, I could see the pleasure expressed on his face. I loved the way his cock felt inside of me, completely hard, full and thick as his balls slammed bursa escort bayan against me. Our bodies melded into one as the perfect rhythm was set. Over and over, he pushed deeply inside of me and then pulled almost out. Each time with more force, each time he caused my body to want more. I felt his hardness plunge one last time, I sensed that his orgasm was there. His eyes were clinched shut, his head was tilted back aa he released his cum into me. His body shook, his hands dug into my thighs and held me in place.

Once his body relaxed a little, he pulled his cock out and began to rub it against me. My legs, still pressed onto his chest, opened more for him. As he rubbed his cock up and down my slit, he began to stiffen again. He pushed my pussy lips open with his cock and pressed it hard against my clit. He held his cock with one hand and began slapping it against my clit. A little harder and faster each time. I loved hearing the sounds it made as he slapped my wet clit. With each touch, my clit grew larger, swelling to the point that it was protruding enough to be clearly visible. My hands grabbed my legs and I arched up to meet him and I screamed that I was cumming. He lowered my legs to either side and rested on top of me. We stayed like that for some time and then he reached up to kiss me and we said good night.

The thought of that only served to make me hotter than I’d been. I wanted to be fucked again, now. But, I knew I would have to wait until the evening. I decided that it was time to get out of bed and I made my way to the bath room. A long, leisurely bath was to be my next indulgence.

I sat on the edge of the tub, started the water and reached escort bursa for one of my favorite scents. I added the lilac fragrance to the bath water and took a moment just to enjoy the aroma. I lit several candles and turned off the lights. Even though it was mid morning, it was dark enough that the candles added a relaxing touch. I clipped my waist length hair up and lowered myself into the silky, bubbling water.

I rested my head against the back wall and then stretched my legs out fully under the water. The warmth of the water felt wonderful against my skin. I parted my legs enough to allow the water access to my pussy. The smoothness of the sudsy water was just what I needed. My fingers began to open my lips just a bit, barely touching my clit. It was exposed to the warmness of the water and I felt it respond immediately. It was swollen and needed to be soothed. I pulled one knee out of the water and rested it against the wall. I loved the way my clit felt between my fingers as I pinched it and rolled my fingers over it. I closed my eyes and began to fervently rub it, while I increased the pressure and the speed. With my free hand, I cupped my left breast and massaged it. I pushed it upwards towards my mouth while I lowered my head to reach it. My tongue could just reach to my nipple that way. I flicked my tongue over it to add to the sensations I was giving my body. My fingers rapidly hit against my clit and I was completely lost in the moment. I released my breasts and arched my back against the wall and allowed a moan of pleasure to escape. I tensed my legs and braced them against the bottom of the tub until I felt the quivers of an orgasm run through my body.

I relaxed then and again allowed the water to completely cover my legs. I stayed there for a while, almost drifting off to sleep until the coolness of the water stirred me. My mind began to entertain thoughts of what my next indulgence might be.

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