A Day At The Cabin

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We continue to snuggle together on the blanket, by the lake, for a while, enjoying the feeling of our bodies touching, the slow descend from the high of moments before. I like the way you play with my hair, twirling it in your fingers, brushing it off my shoulder and rubbing your hand along my arms – warming me up.

We are lying on our sides, face to face, pressed together. We look into each others’ eyes and I can see the tenderness there. The smile playing on your lips, as you whisper how much you love me. I lay in your arms, content to listen to your sweet words, letting my hand rest on your chest, pushing my face occasionally into your neck. Your arms roaming around behind me, squeezing my ass every now and then. Pulling me tight to you.

I have never felt so protected and loved as at this moment. Nothing need be said from me. You know I love you and I have already given you everything a woman can. Everything that shows my trust and total abandonment into your care. You have me now, and always will and if there is more you need from me, I will be glad to try and give it to you.

Everything that is, except leave our individual spouses. I will never ask you to leave your wife, and you know bahis firmaları I will not leave my husband. However, we have these moments and will continue to have these “meetings”, where our love can be shared without restraints, where we can engage our total passion in the love making act. Fully knowing and trusting each other.

We must have dozed off for a while because when we awaken, it is nearly dark. You gather up our things and guide us back to the cabin. You build a fire in the small fireplace as I arrange our sleeping bags and blankets right in front of the fire. I have on a cute little nightie and you are just going to sleep in your boxers. As a couple that knows each other well, we settle in for the night. I lay my head on your chest and you have one arm around me. I hear you breathing slowly and your heart beating softly. I fall asleep with such a sense of contentment.

In the middle of the night, we made love again, slowly, without any hurry. I remember drowsily feeing your cock in the crack of my ass. We must have turned in our sleep into a spooning position. I just wriggled a bit and even in your sleep, your cock is getting hard. I don’t know how long, as I was drifting in and out of dreamland, kaçak iddaa but soon, we ended up with your long hard cock between my legs, squeezed between my thighs. I reach down a hand and find your cock head poking out in front. I softly play my fingers on you.

By now, you are starting the age old motions. My body started its own preparation for love making, making my pussy engorged and providing a flow of wetness between my legs, to help with your movements. Some time in all of these, you must have awaken because I heard you say you love me. I lifted one leg, and with my hand, guide you into me. Gasping as you entered me. There is no rush, you are just slowly stroking in and out of me from behind. I stretch one hand back to hold and feel your leg muscles. Feeling how strong you are.

This is not fucking. This is not just sex. This is making love. I feel your hand curl around to make love to my breasts and then you are pinching my nipples, your other hand then reached around to my front and headed down from my stomach to my neatly trimmed bush, playing in them, and then reaching further, your fingers started making love to my clit. Finally, you nuzzle aside my hair and you let your tongue and lips make kaçak bahis love to my neck, shoulder and back.

All the time, you didn’t increase your tempo, depth or the intensity of your rhythm. Just slowly making love to the inside of my pussy with your beautiful cock. I simply enjoy how my body is growing more aroused with each move your make. Each touch, each pinch, each thrust, each lick, each kiss. I love how you pull me back into you. It is incredible how I am aware of my growing excitement yet not aware of how high you are taking me. I did not come with the explosion and wildness of our previous encounters but this one is just as equally satisfying if not more so. Reaching the cliff was such slow process that when I went over, it was more a feeling of release rather than an explosion. My body poured out my pent up tension in a continuous stream with minor contractions that follows each other, over and over and over again. It was not a scream but a continuous moan punctuated by my breathing. Sometime during my nearly one minute of continuous orgasm, you must have come in me. I felt your contractions in me but I continued with my own release until you are too soft to maintain my vaginal stimulation. Only then did my orgasm stop.

We must have fallen asleep immediately again because, the next thing I remember is the sun coming in the window, letting us know we have one more day together this weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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