A Date with My Ex-Boss

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I had not seen my ex boss for over 6 years, not since I worked under him (and I mean literally under him). We have stayed in touch with the occasional text message or call just to say hello. He texted as usual, asking how I was and I answered good as always, but in the back of my head I was going over some of the good times we had before. I was smiling as we texted back and forth. Out of the blue he just wrote: “I’d like to see you”.

My hands were shaky as I answered:

-“I’d love that. When?”

-“Sunday. For brunch, I know you don’t do early breakfast ;)” he texted back. He knows me too well.

-“Perfect. Same place?”

– “Same time”.

When I worked for him we would meet occasionally on a Sunday for brunch and sex. We’d meet at a little coffee shop that served a decent breakfast menu downtown and have a light meal, coffee, fruit…and then dessert to go.

Over the coffee shop there is a very cozy b&b. Old fashioned and convenient. We became regulars and soon management would save us our favorite room with our usual two bottles of Fiji water. Chilled.

So Sunday morning, I got up two hours earlier than usual and went through my special “sex” grooming routine. I took a long hot shower with my favorite bath & body works gardenia body gel and then moisturized every inch of my skin with the same scent. His favorite. I was perfectly smooth and I felt fuckable.

I dressed carefully, wanting to impress but not looking like I was trying to. I put on a yellow and white flower print sundress, loose but clingy with flat sandals embedded with stones and brown leather straps. He is güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tall and I like to accentuate our height difference so I decided not to wear heals. I let my hair dry naturally and put on light make up except for my lipstick. I know what Russian red lips can do to his libido. I added a few accessories and I was off.

It’s a fifteen minute drive to the coffee shop and I chose my favorite route through the very center of downtown. There’s always a little more traffic but the road is very enjoyable, there is a mix of old and modern buildings, shops of all kinds of things and abundant trees that I never grow tired of looking at. With music blasting, the wind blowing my hair and the anticipation of seeing my boss, I was feeling elated.

He was already waiting for me at our table, I was still a little blinded by the bright sun and the coffee shop is dimly light but I recognized his massive silhouette. He stood up and we kissed politely on the cheek and he gave me a quick hug. We are always very polite and formal when in public. As he pulled a chair for me my eyes were growing accustomed to the dimmer light and I could see him clearly. He was as handsome as ever, only his hair was now completely silver, but his brown eyes as mischievous as I remember, his olive skin still smooth and clean-shaven, and his smile enchanting. As he pushed the chair in under me, he leaned down close to me and I caught a whiff of his cologne. My heart raced, my eyes met his side glance. His glasses took nothing away from the meaning in his eyes. He noticed the Russian red.

We ordered our usual coffee, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri fruit and a cherry cheesecake slice to go. We ate our food catching up on the last six years, I could see his eyes traveling up and down over me. He has always made me feel so nervous yet at ease, I simply sparkle with the electricity of having him so near, yet we would never touch until we got up to our room. It is like some sort of foreplay for us. When he was my boss, we agreed we would always be very discreet, office gossip is something we both abhor so in public we always behaved as only co workers, nice, polite, very proper. No one ever suspected the boiling attraction between us. The tension that build up in that first hour and half of our reencounter is the best foreplay. We both are lusting for each other but we make no comment or move that would give away our real intentions.

Management delivered the key to our room to my boss, he paid the check, I picked up our cherry cheesecake on the way out, and headed upstairs. It is only then that he placed his hand on my back and my whole body reacts to his touch. We enter the room, and everything gets dropped, except for the cheesecake which I place carefully on the table next to the bed. As soon as our hands are free they are all over each other, ripping our clothes off, suffocating in hot kissing and groping desperately. -“it´s been too long” he says between breaths. -“I know”.

The first touch of skin on skin feels like static. I had longed for this moment since the last time we had sex. We both have kept in good shape, he mentioned it and I returned güvenilir bahis şirketleri the compliment.

We tumbled on the bed, and he dove between my legs. His cunnilingus skills are one of a kind. His tongue whipped around my clitoris, sending a frenzy of tiny shocks that made my whole body tremble. He licked from my perineum up to mount venus slowly and firmly, then dug his tongue between my labia and deep into my vagina. Oh! My! God! He spend at least 20 minutes down there, I was in and out of heaven between spasmodic orgasms, dripping my pleasure unto his expectant mouth. His magic mouth. It is so nice being enjoyed as a glass of wine. He said that, not me.

When he finally had enough, he crawled up to me, leaving a trail of kisses on my skin, my heart beating faster as each kiss brought his lips closer to mine. He stopped just as he was about to kiss me. -“Do you want to taste yourself?” he asked. -“Yes”. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed his kisses. Profound, patient, delirious. I could taste myself on him and that made me ravenous to return the favor. I rolled him over on his back, quickly went down on him and surprised him with a blow job. Just as I was slowly covering his cock with my mouth I looked up and met his eyes, he was anxious as he saw my russian red lips being penetrated and let out a loud groan. His penis is normal size, seven inches, which I appreciate because it makes it easier for me to put all his cock inside my mouth, leaving my lipstick smeared along his shaft. His eyes rolled back, grabbed my hair into a ponytail and managed me for his own pleasure. I love doing this with him. I wanted to blow him until he unloaded but he didn’t allow it. He pulled out of my mouth, I was sucking hard trying to keep him in but he broke the suction and grinned when he saw my disappointed face. -“I want to fuck you first”.

I grinned back. -“Alright!”

To be continued…

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