A Cruising Life Ch. 06

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Thanks again for reading my stories and providing feedback.

As you can guess from the tag line, this one will involve members of both sexes. But, before that, it will also involve a couple of other firsts. These three events are the most memorable from my times at a place I’ve yet to mention.

So far in these stories, I’ve talked about places around Louisville on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River. This time, I’m moving it across the river to the Southern Indiana city of Clarksville. I didn’t go to this location very often because it took a little bit more of an effort to get there.

This place started life many years ago as a regular drive-in theater. At some point, the drive-in started showing adult films. This was before my time in the area, but I heard stories and the evidence was still there. The screen was still up and there was a large fence built around the parking area for the drive-in to prevent any unwanted, (or unpaid), viewing of the films. This must have been interesting because the screen faced towards Interstate 65, probably about a quarter of a mile away. I’m assuming by the position of the fence nothing could be seen from the highway.

Anyway, by the time I arrived, the drive-in was not operating. Inside the building which formed the base of the screen was a bookstore, arcade and two theaters. The arcade evolved and improved a little in the time I was there. The theaters were divided into one straight and one gay.

Since I still wasn’t sure about being in the same room as anyone else, I avoided the theaters and started by going to the arcade, which was always a pretty good time. The arcade area was large with a lot of booths. The inside walls of the booths were white which I like because you can see quite a bit better, both in your booth and looking next door through the hole.

Instead of chairs in the booths, they had wooden stools, which were great for just leaning back on and stuff like that.

The only gripe was that the glory holes weren’t very large. They were large enough for most cocks, but thinking back on it now, I’ve sucked a few that probably would not have fit through these holes.

One night, I was in a booth one from the end of the row. The hole in my booth connected to the last one that was against the wall.

I went in and did my usual preparation of completely removing my pants, slid the stool into the corner and leaned on it while I stroked and watched the hole.

After not very long someone entered the booth next door, looked through the hole and slid his fingers along the edge. I was just getting started and not even completely hard, but I stepped over and slid my semi-erect cock through. It immediately when into a mouth, but to say I wasn’t impressed was an understatement.

This guy was one of those who thought the sloppier the blow job, the better. I suppose some guys like those, but I really don’t. I need a at least a little friction to get things moving. Sloppy, slobbering blowjobs are like sticking my dick in a glass of water.

I let him go on for a bit and then pulled back and slid my fingers along the hole. He took the hint and a nice, but kind of small, cock poked through. I got down on my knees and began trying to give him the feeling I wanted him to give me.

Soon, he pulled back and dropped down to the hole. He asked me if I would go out to his truck with him. See, the area that had been where the cars parked to watch the drive-in movies was now a large, vacant space. There were always a few tractor-trailers parked there.

This put me in a spot. Until now, I had never even been in a booth with someone else, much less get into another person’s vehicle. I don’t really know why, but I decided this was the night and told him OK.

I pulled on my pants and we exited the booths about the same time. When I got a look at him, he was older, probably in his fifties, and kind of short. Otherwise, his appearance was unremarkable.

I followed him out to the parking area in the back. He let me in the passenger’s side door of the truck, then walked around and got in the other side. I wasn’t sure how to lock the door, but he took care of that once he got in.

The sleeper area of the truck was bigger than average, but nothing like the miniature apartments you see rolling down the highway today. Still, it was large enough that we could both get back there and he could draw a curtain across the opening.

He started getting undressed and I did the same. Once we were naked, I asked him what he liked to do. He said he liked to suck and be sucked. He said he also liked to be fucked, but that he didn’t get hard enough to fuck someone.

He laid down on the bed and I went back to work on his cock. He wasn’t lying. I was doing some of my best work and he was only about three quarters stiff.

We traded spots and he went back to slobbering on my cock. I was beginning to think this whole adventure was going to be for nothing when he stopped canlı bahis and asked me to fuck him.

He laid on his back crossways on the mattress so I could stand/squat near the side. He threw his legs back and spread his cheeks. I had some precum going and slid the head of my cock along his crack, lingering at his hole.

Then he reached over towards the head of the mattress and grabbed what I supposed was lube. It was, sort of. He produced a jar of honest to goodness Vaseline! I know this is what straight people think gay and bi guys use, but we all know that it just doesn’t work very well and there are better options. Of course, at this point, the only guy I had fucked was the guy from Chapter 5, so I really didn’t know any better, either.

He smeared some on his ass, and then on my cock. As awkward as the position was, I eventually got the head inside him. He must have been serious about liking to get fucked, because he never hesitated or asked me to stop or slow down. I slid slowly into him and then held it there for a second before easing back out.

He told me to go ahead and just fuck him. And, that’s what I did. Being able to look down and see his face and how much he was enjoying getting fucked, along with watching my cock go in and out of his hole was very exciting for me.

I reached down and grabbed his cock and started to stroke him in time with my thrusts. He really liked this, so I kept going. As I pumped into him faster, and stroked him faster, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I deposited a hot load in him. I told him I was close to cumming and he just nodded and moaned. I figured this was enough warning if he had wanted me to pull out. With a couple of more thrusts I shot several spurts of hot cum up his ass. I was so wrapped up in my own orgasm that until it was over, I didn’t realize he had cum as well, all over my hand. I licked it off, pulled out, thanked him and that was that. I got dressed, got out of the truck, into my car and headed home. What started as a so-so night, really turned out to be quite enjoyable.

On the way home I started thinking that since I had broken the ice of being face-to-face with the other person instead of doing everything through a hole, I should try out the theater.

It was a few weeks later when I had an opportunity to go back to Indiana. It was $20 for both theaters. This was the late 1980’s, so twenty bucks was not small change, but I hoped it would be worth the investment.

To get to the theaters from the desk you walked around the end of the desk and through a doorway in the wall. An immediate right turn was then required, followed closely by a left turn into another hallway leading to the right. Once you made the left turn you were looking directly at the door to the straight theater. The gay theater was further down the hallway.

I paused for a second at the door to the straight theater, took a deep breath and pulled open the door.

As I looked in there was enough light from the hallway that I immediately noticed guys standing along the wall that was on the left. I stepped in, let the door close and stopped to let my eyes adjust. I knew the guys were standing along the wall, but I could no longer see them.

Looking straight ahead to the screen I could make out a few rows of theater style seats. The room was big enough that it could have accommodated more seats. There was a large empty area between what was the first row of seats and the screen. It didn’t occur to me then why all this space would be left seemingly wasted.

As my eyes adjusted, I started looking around. I was still standing just inside the doorway. I began to make out a few heads of people sitting in some of the seats, but it didn’t seem like there were very many people in the room.

When I turned to my right, I saw that not only were there men lined up along the side wall, but the back wall as well. Between both walls, there were probably ten guys standing. By this time, my being in the theater was old news and many seemed to be going back to whatever they were doing when I entered. Of the guys along the back wall, I saw two of them stroking each other’s cocks.

I decided the back wall might be a good place to start this adventure. My logic was that I would be able to see whatever was going on as well as whoever came in. I eased along the wall until a guy moved over a little to make room for me to stand. I leaned back against the wall and began to look around.

There was a little action in the seats. I saw a couple of heads drop down in front of the person next to them. I even saw one guy get out of his seat and kneel on the floor in front of his neighbor to suck his cock.

The guys along the back wall that were stroking each other were still at it, and my cock was beginning to stir. I reached a hand down and rubbed it through my jeans. Between watching the guys in the room and the movie, I quickly had to unzip my jeans and pull out my cock.

As soon as my cock bahis siteleri was exposed, the guy that had moved to make room for me reached over and gently wrapped his hand around it. He slowly stroked it a few times before turning slightly towards me. I looked down and saw his pants were around his ankles and his very stiff cock was poking right at me.

I reached down and tried to stroke him in the same fashion as he was stroking me. Stroking cocks through a glory hole can be difficult unless the cock is over eight inches, so this was a new feeling. About this time, he stopped stroking my cock and unbuttoned my jeans, letting them fall to the floor.

He went down on his knees and turned me slightly towards him. My ass was no longer against the wall at this point. He reached out for my cock with his tongue and played with the head for a while before taking it in his lips. He eased down my shaft until he had it all the way in, then slowly withdrew and went back at it again.

The next thing I felt were two hands on my waist from behind me. They slowly started reaching up underneath my shirt, rubbing my stomach and chest. When he got to my nipples, he started rolling them between his fingers.

He pulled my shirt up from the back and started kissing and licking my back. This was another new sensation and felt good. I could tell he was easing his way down to his knees. When he got there, he pulled his hands around to where he was holding my ass and beginning to spread it a little.

The guy sucking was still doing a great job but honestly, I was lost in the feelings of whatever was happening behind me. I was also wondering what was going to happen next. I had thought of being fucked but wasn’t ready to go through with it just yet.

Just then, the guy behind me started sliding his tongue down the crack of my ass. Involuntarily, I spread my cheeks as wide as I could. He then pulled away and started at the bottom, working his way up. When he got to my hole, I thought I would cum right there. Wow! What an intense feeling of pleasure it was.

Then another guy stepped up in front of me, bent down and started licking my nipples while running his hands all over my back and stomach. He switched from one nipple to the other and back again several times.

The guy rimming me pulled away and I could feel him standing up. I thought this was going to be the moment of truth and wondered how I was going to keep his cock out of my ass when I suddenly felt what turned out to be his hot, sticky cum all over my ass cheeks and running down my crack. The whole time he was rimming me he had been stroking his cock and I guess reached the point of no return. His cock stayed hard for a short time, and he slid it up and down my crack until it went soft.

All of this was too much for the guy working on my nipples who had begun stroking his cock as well. He clamped down on a nipple with his lips and blew his load on my stomach. Some ran down onto my cock and the guy sucking me just kept going, taking the other guy’s cum in his mouth.

This was enough to send me over the edge and I began pumping my load into the cocksucker’s mouth. I guess this was what he was waiting for as he started moaning and I realized he was cumming all over my leg.

As we all tried to gather ourselves, the guy who had been sucking me stood up, turned around and pushed back into me with his bare ass. He turned his head and asked me to fuck him. I told him I was spent, but maybe after a rest. At that point, the guy who had been rimming me stepped in between us saying something about not getting to fuck me and shoved his cock up the cocksucker’s ass. I backed away but stuck around to watch the show which was quite a bit of fun. I was almost ready to cum again by the time the fucker shoved his cock deep in his ass, held it there and pumped him full of cum.

By now, the cum on my ass, stomach and leg had dried enough that I pulled up my pants and made my way to the door. The theater had been a lot of fun. I enjoyed being the center of attention and certainly loved having an audience. Getting splattered with cum was a bonus.

After this experience, my trips to Indiana became more frequent. None of the places in Louisville had a theater as active as the ones at this place. I eventually visited the gay theater a few times, but the straight one was always more active. I even saw guys bring women in there from time to time, but they always got mobbed by virtually every guy in the room.

One night, neither theater had much going on. I hung out a while, then moved over to the arcade. It too was a little slow. I managed to suck a couple of cocks over about an hour and was thinking about going back to the theaters when I spotted them. A couple. Guy and girl.

I’ve never been one to just stand around the arcade, leaning on the wall waiting for something to happen. I prefer to stay on the move, checking out what’s happening in which booth, etc. To me, that’s why it’s bahis şirketleri called cruising and not standing.

I was walking down the aisle between two of the rows of booths and I saw them walk by the other end. The guy was holding the girl and pulling her along by the hand. He wasn’t pulling her in a way that made me think he was forcing her, more like he was leading her.

I sped up to get to the end of the row quickly and hopefully see where they went. I was very much hoping they would enter a booth with a glory hole I could use to watch them do whatever they had in mind.

By the time I got to the end of the row, they were nowhere to be seen. Figuring they took off down another of the rows, I just started walking around hoping to run into them again.

I turned a corner and almost literally did just that as the guy and I both had to stop short to keep from running into each other. He smiled, the girl smiled, and I smiled, but then they stepped around me and went on their way.

Since I didn’t want to be too obvious about following them, I proceeded on in the other direction. When I got to the end of the row and turned the corner, they were standing there like they were waiting for me.

The guy motioned me over with his head and I stepped up close beside him. He told me that his girl wanted to watch him get a blowjob from a guy and asked if I was up for it. I just smiled, reached down and rubbed his hardening cock through his jeans and told him I would love to.

They were both probably in their late twenties. He was shorter than me and a little heavier, but in a stocky way, not fat. She was thin as a rail. She had on a tight tank top sort of thing. The tightness was the only way I could confirm she had any tits at all. She was wearing stretch pants. I guess they would be called Yoga pants today.

They led the way and he selected a booth. The booths weren’t tiny, but they weren’t exactly large either. Still, we made it work.

He went straight ahead into the corner and she stepped off to my left. I latched the door and turned to find him with his pants already down and a nice cut six incher pointing at me. I glanced over at her and she had her top pulled up over her head so her little tits were on display. I wanted to flick the nipples with my tongue but thought better of it. He hadn’t said anything about her participation.

I unbuttoned, unzipped and dropped my jeans, then got down on my knees. I glanced over at her as I took the head of his cock in my lips, sticking my tongue out along the bottom of his shaft. I went to work sucking him as slowly as I could, trying to give her a good show.

She had her hand down the front of her pants, obviously stroking her clit. The more I sucked him, the more she rubbed her pussy. Finally, she pulled her pants down giving me a look at her nicely shaved cunt. By now, she was finger fucking herself like mad.

He was enjoying my mouth, but didn’t seem ready to cum. I stopped sucking to take a break, stroking his glistening cock. It must have been the sight of his slick cock, but she looked at him and told him to fuck her, right there, right now.

I’m sure I had a kind of what about me look on my face as she turned and squeezed between the two of us with her back to him. She bent slightly and told him again to fuck her.

I had to get off my knees and sit on the floor, but there I was staring at her pussy with his cock sliding in and out. What a closeup! She braced herself against the wall with one hand and was fingering her clit with the other.

I was stroking and loving it when I had an idea. I wasn’t sure how well this would go over, and I guess I was counting on it being a heat of the moment kind of thing. I moved closer to her and reached for her clit with my tongue.

She pulled her hand from her pussy and put it on the back of my head. At this point I’m not sure he knew what was happening, but she made sure he did when she told me to eat her pussy and urged me to lick faster. If he cared, he never said so. He just kept pumping, and I kept licking.

Very quickly she came and screamed where anyone in the arcade could hear. She was shaking so hard it was difficult to keep my mouth and tongue in contact with her cunt.

He started thrusting faster. She said she was cumming again. He kept pounding into her and all at once slammed it deep and held it as he began to cum. As quickly as he started to cum, he pulled out of her pussy and shoved his cock in my mouth. I wasn’t really expecting that but was happy to take all he could give me.

As he began to soften and pulled out of my mouth, she took my head and forced my face back to her cunt, telling me to clean her out and do a good job. I was very happy to oblige.

As everyone’s breathing slowed down and they began to get dressed I looked over to the right and saw a face through the glory hole. My hope, when I first saw the couple was that maybe I’d get to watch them put on a show. The way it turned out I was part of the show for someone else.

I still had not cum, so I stood up and removed my pants completely as they moved past me to leave. We exchanged smiles and I patted her pussy one last time.

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