A Crazy, Crazy Birthday Ch. 01

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((Authors Note –

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

I wasn’t sure whether to post this into the Non-Consent section because there’s a big element of that in here, but in the end decided that mostly this is about a woman who gets aroused and then goes through a series of ‘unfortunate’ circumstances. It’s not about dominance, control or heavy assaults, it’s about a woman having a strange birthday. But, you’ve been warned!

I came up with the idea for this two-part story when sunning myself in the Mediterranean last year, reading a book. It made me wonder what would happen if some of the characters were taken out of their ‘comfort zones’ and placed in a decidedly different set of situations. Very much a ‘what if…’ moment. So a big thanks to PC for some inspirational character ideas, and I hope you enjoy how this story evolves.

Duke ))


1- Birthday Anticipation, Lunchtime Dismay


‘This is ridiculous!’ I thought to myself as I paid off the cab outside El Morante, one of the luxury hotels in downtown Corpus Christie.

The little thrill of excitement and anticipation that had coursed through my body would have been more like I’d have felt as a giggly schoolgirl, not the, well, almost middle-aged and conservative Chief Medical Examiner for the County. I was usually telling people that I was in my mid-thirties, when the truth would have pushed me a little higher, but I still had my Latin looks and I was pleased to see the driver’s eyes admire my trim figure as he took the fare, displayed almost provocatively in the tight, new fawn dress that I’d purchased for the occasion.

As the cab pulled away I looked up at the plush hotel entrance. That quick thrill that centred now on a spot right between my legs returned for a second and I closed my eyes and sighed for a moment to get myself back under control. This really was too preposterous for words, but I’d been missing my husband for nearly six weeks now, and I blushed slightly as I realised that I’d also been missing the sex. Badly!

I looked up into the sky to check the weather. Wall to wall blue. Beautiful, nice and warm and I was glad that I’d rejected the option of wearing a jacket, so I grabbed my small overnight bag and tripped up the stairs like that young schoolgirl again. I scanned the entrance lobby quickly, eagerly.

No sign of him. Damn!

‘You’d really, really better not let me down again!’ I thought angrily. I mean, I know that his job in the FBI took him off across the country on a fairly regular basis, but he’d been away on this one for too long already. Well in my opinion! And he’d sworn to be back today to spend some time with me on my birthday. In fact when he’d told me that he was going fly back for the day and had booked a suite for us in the midst of this exorbitant luxury, just to celebrate my day I’d been prepared to forgive him almost anything. So we’d both flirted outrageously over the phone for the past few days as we’d described what wonderful things we’d do to each other in the confines of the bedroom!

Initially, the plan had been pretty simple. Basically it was to have an expensive evening meal in the hotel’s Michelin starred restaurant and then go to bed and fuck each other’s brains out. Simple, straightforward, just the sort of plan I liked! But Ben had decided that he could get here in time for lunch, so we’d agreed to meet here, now, have a quick lunch together and then decamp upstairs earlier. Where, as he’d reasonably pointed out, we could fuck each other’s brains out all afternoon, as well as all night. Now that’s what I called a lateral thinking plan!!

I wasn’t really angry yet though. I’d furtively noticed the admiring glances I’d been getting from most of the males in the lobby, reinforcing my belief that the figure hugging dress with the plunging neckline was absolutely the right choice for this occasion! Then I noticed a movement by the big, elaborate staircase and a smile automatically spread over my face, just as another warm, tingling sensation hit me between the legs again as I watched my husband stride confidently towards me.

He was wearing a typically conservative FBI style dark grey suit and white shirt with matching tie, that didn’t really disguise his powerful upper physique and strong, angular features. I would have commented, but presumed he hadn’t had time to change yet and he’d held out his arms, so I just kind of melted into them!

We hugged quietly for some time, my head nestled into his shoulder, just savouring the feel of him again, before I leaned back and gave him a quick peck on the lips as I pulled reluctantly away.

His eyes raked up and down my figure in a very reassuring manner.

“Wow Fay, you’re looking absolutely gorgeous. Happy Birthday! Is that dress new?”

I was pleased that he’d noticed. He didn’t normally!

“Hi Benjamin, and it’s great to see you after all this time! You look good too, but FBI gear?!”

“I canlı bahis know!” he laughed, “The flight was late in and I’ve only just had time to get the room, dump my gear and dash down to meet you … and I know how shirty you get when anyone’s late!”

“Me, shirty??” I protested in vain because all my friends and work colleagues would have known exactly what he meant!

“Anyway,” he laughed again as he slipped his arm around my waist, making that tingle between my legs reappear as my body responded to the contact and the way that he smoothly guided me towards the restaurant doors, “It’s almost the time that I booked the lunch table and I’m really hungry.”

“What, for me or the food?!”

“Both!” he laughed again, “… and I’m looking forward to giving you your present in the bedroom afterwards!” It was a wonderful laugh that always gave me warm feelings. It might have been why I married him. Although there were other reasons…ones that I intended to explore in the bedroom later, and from the sound of it so did he! The tingling sensation suddenly intensified and I almost cringed at how aroused I’d become. Just at the thought of it!!

We dumped my overnight case at reception and arrived at the restaurant area, which to my surprise, looked incredibly busy even at this relatively early time. I checked my watch. Twelve Thirty. Okay, other people needed to eat, but surely not when Ben and I were in such a hurry!

The ‘maitre d’ was looking decidedly worried as Ben gave him our names. Maybe he’d spotted the FBI look and wasn’t too happy to have to tell him that our table wasn’t quite ready yet. It was annoying given the emotional state I was in but even Ben’s most intense stare wasn’t going to sway the impeccably dressed man and he called over a waitress to show us to a small side room where we could wait.

‘Just for a few minutes I assure you… I do apologise..but…’ he shrugged his shoulders and spread his palms outwards in a look of totally insincere resignation.

I was about to give him a piece of my mind when Ben’s arm came round me again and he steered me away from that potential explosive moment. It’s another of the things I love about him. He calms me down when my Latin temperament likes to take over.

The waitress was a young coloured girl with a warm, round face and long black hair tressled neatly down the back of her plain white blouse. She showed us into a plush waiting area, set aside from the main entrance, give us a sympathetic look and apologised again for the inconvenience. I smiled back and nodded a ‘thanks’ as she turned and left us. Then I turned to Ben.

“Eyes off her tits!” I snapped, but only half angrily. The young waitress had had very impressive twin mounds stretching her blouse and it would have been impossible for any man, let alone Ben, not to notice!

I looked around the waiting area. It was filled with plush, comfortable sofas and chairs. There were no doors as such, but positioned so no-one from the main restaurant would see in. It was empty. Just the two of us. It made me think carnal thoughts again and I gasped as Ben came up behind and wrapped his arms around me. Evidently he’d been thinking along the same lines!

The bear-hug quickly developed into a grope as his hands began to roam, sending little shivers down my spine as I felt them slide sensuously over me through the thin material of the dress.

“This dress is great,” he said huskily, “I can feel your every contour.”

“Wait until you see what else I’ve been buying!” I joked, soaking up the magical sensations.

Then his hands paused as one began to trace the shape of a suspender as it ran over my back-side and down my leg. It clearly took him by surprise, but very much in a good way!

“Wow, suspenders and stockings! Where’ve you been …Victoria’s Secrets?” he whispered hopefully.

“Mmmmm …Oh Jesus!!” I responded as his hands slid up my side, then wrapped themselves possessively over my twin orbs. I was already breathing heavily, but suddenly let out a long sigh as he started to caress and massage my breasts through my thin, flimsy bra. I could almost feel my nipples bursting to get out!

“Mmmmm …still a good palm full!” he murmured happily into my ear as I leaned back into him, my hand reaching back to run through his wiry hair.

After a few minutes of that sort of attention my breasts were on fire, the intense pleasure wafting gently around my body. I moaned again and then tensed as one hand started to slip lower, over my firm belly. There was little doubt where it was headed, and when it reached its target and he cupped my tingling mound, the fireworks inside me really started to go to work!

My legs almost went as the fire in my crutch exploded and suddenly he was taking my weight with his hand still cupping my pussy through my dress. That made it worse as the pressure increased! It also pulled me harder back into him and I could feel the hardness between his legs thrusting into my rear. God, but I was bahis siteleri so, so aroused! And yet, in the back of my mind I couldn’t forget where we were.

Could I really let him make love to me here? Someone could come round the corner at any second! My mind was torn between the ecstasy triggered by his hands and the rapidly dwindling rational fear of getting caught!

It was annoying! Especially as he didn’t seem to care and I gasped again as the hand still cradling my bust suddenly moved, slipping down the front of my dress and sliding inside my bra. This time my bare breast was getting groped directly and his fingers immediately sought out my nipple, making my gasp turn into a moan again. I was really, really struggling to cope with all the sensations coursing through my body, especially as he had started to nibble at my neck and ear at the same time.

Then, as if to demonstrate the FBI’s multi-tasking training his other hand finally left my throbbing pussy but only to slide down my thigh to slip under the hem of the dress and then draw it upwards along the inside of my thigh. It paused briefly to play with my suspender fastening and stocking tops but then rose higher again and the sense of anticipation was almost excruciating as I stopped breathing, surrendering to him and waiting excitedly for his fingers to touch my pantie covered slit.

If he’d got there, I think that would have been it! Total public shame if caught because I was on the verge of dragging him onto the softly carpeted floor so that we could really get at it, but just as a fingertip briefly touched the damp material of my panties I heard a gasp of surprise from behind me.

And it wasn’t Ben’s voice!

“Jesus!” I exclaimed trying hard to stand upright in a nonchalant manner as my husband’s hands disappeared instantly from within my dress. There was just time to straighten the material a little before I turned round but there was nothing I could do about the bright red blush that had spread over my cheeks!!

Our waitress was staring at us with eyes like saucers. Ben was grinning like a cat that had brought home the cheese, and I was trying so, so hard just to steady my breathing as my heart felt like it would pound through my rib-cage!

The waitress was clearly a well-trained young woman though, and if she was blushing at having caught us in such a compromising position, her dark complexion disguised it well. Quickly she recovered her poise and a mischievous smile flashed across her face.

“Errr, your table is ready now … that is if you still want it of course? Or we could reschedule for later?”

Cheeky young madame!

But Ben also had his wits about him, as any good Agent would.

“That’s fine, we’ll eat straight away if you’ll lead on?” he said matter-of-factly as he straightened his jacket, leaving me looking horrified as his shoulder holster slipped into view!

She smiled at the smooth recovery though, and for a moment I thought she was going to wink knowingly, but she just turned with a pleasant “Please follow me then,” and set off into the dining area.

I was trying to kick Ben on the ankle as we wended our way through the tables. His eyes were positively glued to the pretty waitress’s shapely behind as the tight black skirt swayed mesmerizingly in front of us, but I never quite got in position! Anyway, having been groped quite so thoroughly on the way in, I was keen to get the meal out of the way quickly so that we could continue and extend the groping session upstairs, so I kept my mouth shut for once! Maybe the waitress had guessed what we were thinking though because she took our order almost as soon as we’d been seated!

I was still feeling distinctly hot and aroused, even after we’d settled into our seats. I wasn’t sure how long I could keep my hands off him! Ben had ordered a nice bottle of Chablis to go with our meal and when it arrived in its ice bucket I was quick to accept a full glass that almost went down in one gulp, much to the amusement of my husband.

“Need cooling down love?” he asked sweetly.

“It’ll be you that needs cooling down when I get hold of you upstairs!” I flashed back, equally sweetly. But maybe a little too loudly given the startled look on an old lady’s face at the next table!

Really though, I was just glad that he was back. I’d been half expecting a call all morning to apologise for him not being able to make it because of some dramatic FBI event or other, but here he was, in the flesh, and my skin was still tingling after the hot embrace we’d just had. Roll on the rest of my Birthday!

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, we’d started to flirt quite outrageously again and my temperature was starting to rise when a sudden sound interrupted our conversation, and most of the other ones in the restaurant!

Why my husband needs to have his ring tones set to full volume I honestly don’t know and why he chose this particular one for official Agency calls is totally beyond me, but as the sudden, bahis şirketleri stirring notes of the 7th Cavalry Bugle Charge literally reverberated around the quiet calm around us I cringed. Not just because some people around us had dropped food over themselves, but because I knew exactly who was calling, and I didn’t like it. Not one bit!

“Don’t answer it!” I ordered him, but he was already on his feet and heading for the lobby to take the call and giving me a plaintiff shrug on the way.

I was almost simmering with anger. I knew that he was literally always on call, and what little he’d been able to tell me about his current work was undoubtedly critically important, but now?! On my birthday?! Almost on our way to bed?!!

I poured another glass of the delicious dry wine and downed that one as well. It’s a wonder the glass didn’t disintegrate in my hand the way I clenched it, and I could almost feel the sympathetic glances from other women at tables nearby. But it wasn’t sympathy that I wanted. It was my husband, and one particular part of him in particular! Surely, surely he wasn’t going to go, now of all times!

He was! I could tell as soon as he re-entered the restaurant. His face looked almost as miserable as the sinking, cold sensation that developed in my stomach. There were lots of ‘sorry’s, lots of ‘it’s really, really important’s, lots of ‘I can’t help it’s, lots of all sorts of things, but nothing that shifted the stony expression off my face, and in the end he gave up, walked disconsolately away from me, and back to the sodding FBI!

The parting ‘ I’ll cancel the room later, but I hope I’ll be able to get back to the house some time tonight’, was not really much of a help either. I was feeling horny right now, not planning to feel that way at midnight!!

I was left toying with the option of having a lonely meal, heading up to our suite on my own, or what exactly?

I poured another glass of wine to take the edge off my anger before deciding what to do.

2- An Old Flame, Rekindled by Mistake


Then, coincidently, my mobile rang too! I pulled it out of my purse and glanced at the caller id.

“What the hell do YOU want!” I snapped.

Maybe I’d been hoping it was Ben calling to say that it had all been a big joke on me and he was actually waiting in our room, naked on the bed! But no, it was Gene Sarmino, erstwhile Investigator at the CCFC but now a Senior Detective on the local police force. He was a big man, that I’d known for what seemed like forever and he had a skin like a rhinoceros, but even he’d noted my mood this time.

“What the fucks up with you doc?!”

‘Fucking’ wasn’t quite what I wanted to think about at that moment, so I responded more calmly and asked him why he was ringing on my day off. He said that he needed to talk to me, urgently. I told him we already were, but he said that he couldn’t talk over the phone. He was king of the conspiracy theories and was convinced every phone in the country but his was always being monitored. Maybe I needed to re-think the ‘rhino’ label and change it to ‘dinosaur’!

With him it was sometimes best not to fight the tide and go with the flow, so I told him where I was. I could almost see his eyebrows raise at the thought of the restaurant prices, and I added that I’d been meeting Ben, but he’d been called away. I suppose the lingering note of bitterness got through because he gave a grunt before replying.

“That’s just typical Fay, he’s always letting you down. I’ll pick you up outside in five minutes.”

Then he was gone leaving me to my thoughts again. He wasn’t my husband’s biggest fan, and the usual police force / FBI rivalry didn’t help, but it was largely because I knew that the big lunk had had a crush on me for almost as long as I’d known him. It sometimes complicated life!

God knows what Gene wanted, but maybe he could be useful anyway. I’d more or less decided to abandon my day off and go into work for a few hours at the CCFC. As head of the organisation, there was always stuff to do there and it might help take my mind off the non-existent sex with my husband. Sarmino could take me there whilst I listened to whatever was currently on his mind! I abandoned what was left of the wine, noticing with a slight grimace that it wasn’t very much, left my overnight bag at reception to pick up later and went out into the sun.

Just in time to see Sarmino’s ‘plain’ police cruiser roll up and screech to a stop. It’s true that it wasn’t a ‘marked’ police car, but it was hardly ‘plain’ in the usual sense of the word! Sarmino loved big cars, and he’d modified this big saloon with massive wheels that wouldn’t have looked amiss on a tractor, and an exhaust system that sounded like a grand prix car. Goodness knows what sort of engine was under the bonnet, but I’d have betted that it didn’t do many miles to the gallon!

I ignored all the curious glances that passers-by were giving, and opened the passenger door. Inside it was typical Sarmino. It was a total mess. Used coffee cups and fast food containers littered the foot-wells and a layer of dust covered everything. He’d spend hours polishing the outside but left the inside looking like a rubbish dump!

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