A Complex Life

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After living out of state for the past fifteen months or so I’d moved back to the old hometown and set myself up in an apartment complex in the suburbs. I was single, nineteen, had a good job, working four tens with Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s off.

After settling in I quickly got back into my old habits of going to one of the local adult movie houses and several of the bookstores looking for action. Over many years I’d developed long term relationships with several men I’d met in this way, some lasting several years to as many as twenty-five. But those relationships would come later. This story is about the eighteen months I lived in this complex.

The complex had about 120 units set on two floors in a block shape with a pool and courtyard in the center. Most of the people who lived there were single or young married couples with a few older singles and couples here and there. The younger residents were mostly all professionals or semi-professionals just starting out in their careers and the oldest residents were mostly retired people who didn’t want the hassle of maintaining a home and yard anymore. The older single residents were usually divorced and in between relationships and/or residences.

The complex was managed by a live in couple, Aloysius Bartholomew E. (not going to give his surname), Abe for short and his wife Dotty (Dorothy). Abe was forty-nine or fifty and also served as the maintenance man of the complex while Dotty was around the same age as Abe and worked for the local school board as the principal of one of the junior high schools.

Right off I became friendly with several of the couples and singles, both male and female, in the complex but nothing sexual occurred until I made friends, about a week after moving in with a set of twenty year old twin sisters.

Patty and Kathy were not identical twins but fraternal twins, but there was enough of a family resemblance you couldn’t help but know they were related. They were both about 5’2″, weighed about 115 and had brown hair and eyes. Patty’s hair hung to just below shoulder length and Kathy’s was shorter, just over her ears. Patty’s tits were a nice handful, about 32B’s, and her sister seemed about the same.

The sisters were in nursing school and took their studies seriously. They were required to work occasional weekends at the University hospital in addition to attending classes so their time was pretty well filled.

Patty and I began to date but were not steadies by any means; we were both free to date others. We did see each other a good bit though and when she had time off we went out maybe two or three times a month, taking in a movie, going to a club, a museum, the park or zoo, maybe to someone’s party. We were able to spend more time together in the evenings during the week at home and during those evenings we’d sit and talk, have a few beers and if the mood was right we’d fool around some.

When we went to the movies we preferred the drive-in’s, there were still three of them in the area at that time. We’d watch the movie for awhile then start to make out and get into some heavy petting, but none of this occurred until after we’d dated a couple times and spent several evenings together.

Admittedly we got off to a slow start in the sex department, but I wasn’t worried about that, I knew that patience would be rewarded. Besides I was getting plenty of sex with other guys and another couple of girls I was seeing from the old days, but none of those relationships were serious either.

Eventually, about three weeks after I’d moved in, Patty and I did do the dirty deed. She was no virgin when we met but she really wasn’t that experienced either, but she’d told me her mom had put her and her sister on the pill when they were sixteen, just in case.

Usually when we had sex we’d start by making out and I’d undress her as we went, my hands roaming freely over her body. She really enjoyed having her neck nibbled but not her ear lobes. She had nice firm tits, about 32B’s that she liked having gently squeezed and rubbed but she didn’t like her nipples played with other then by rubbing. I never saw her pull or pinch her nipples, only gently rub her fingers over them and her areole.

She liked her pussy played with and would respond to your probing fingers by moving her tiny ass around as you fingered her. The first time I went down on her I explored her pussy with my eyes first and saw she was very pink, like coral, and delicate. She had a fair amount of fine dark hair on her lips and mons but it was not a thick covering at all. Her inner lips were small, child-like but her clit was larger then average being about the size of the diameter of the tip of your little finger and about as long as the nail on that finger. Her clit was partially covered by a small flap of skin and would harden when played with. Like most women, she didn’t like direct contact on her clit but rubbing a finger along side it or on both sides at the same time got her little motor running. When excited her pussy would canlı bahis puff up, her lips swelling and shading towards a red color rather then pink.

She didn’t like anal play in any form, stating forcefully “that’s an exit only” and kind of freaked a little when I ate her asshole the first time I went down on her, so I didn’t do that with her again.

When you ate her pussy you knew she liked it and every time I went down on her she reacted the same. Over time I’d eaten her sitting on a chair, on a table, lying on the floor or in bed and each time she did the same thing. She’d turn her head to the left, close her eyes, place her right hand across her chest and rub her areole and nipple with just one finger, usually her middle finger, while either placing her left hand on the back of my head, and repeating over and over throughout “that’s good, that’s good, that’s good” or the thumb of her left hand in her mouth and still make muffled sounds that resembled “that’s good” as she sucked on her thumb. The only change would be as she neared orgasm and the pace of the “that’s good” would increase until she stiffened and the “that’s good” changed to an “ooohhh” as she came.

She always kept her eyes closed when we fucked too. If she were on her back her head would be turned to the left, her fingers rubbing one or both areoles or nipples. She would fuck back rolling her hips as you rode her, sometimes holding your arms while she pushed her hips back up to meet your thrusts.

She was pretty flexible and you could push her legs way back, practically folding her in half and fuck her like this. She’d have her arms wrapped around her legs, rubbing her nipples with her fingertips with her eyes closed.

If she were on top she’d either sit up and hump herself on your cock as she toyed with her nipples and areoles or lean forward, her arms on your chest as she fucked herself up and down, but her eyes would be shut as she did.

If you were seated and she sat on your cock straddling you she’d place her hands around your neck or one on your shoulder as she rubbed her breast with one finger, but still her eyes would be closed.

Her favorite position was on her knees, her ass high while her head and shoulders lay flat down. This position caused her back to sway slightly downward making her ass really stand out and since her ass was so tiny and thighs so thin she’d really be on display from behind. Patty would move her ass around or back and forth as you fucked her, while her head would lay flat, her eyes closed and usually her thumb in her mouth as she sucked on it.

I tried to get her to look at me while we had sex but she would only for a second before closing her eyes again. Don’t get me wrong she was a passionate lover who participated rather then just lay there, but her reluctance to make eye contact during sex was a little disconcerting.

With Patty’s school schedule of having to work every third weekend at the hospital and her studies, left me time on Saturday’s to get out to the adult theater and bookstores to look for cock to suck so I was having a good old time.

One day about two months after I moved in something happened and I wouldn’t have to go out looking for cock anymore, unless I wanted a change.

It was a Sunday and I’d gotten up and showered, threw on a pair of old comfortable gym shorts and a tee shirt and went into my living room. I just didn’t like the way the furniture was set up and had been meaning to change things around. There really wasn’t much to move, just a bookcase, an easy chair, foot stool and a table and lamp. The glare from the front window fell on the TV or whatever I was reading with the chair where it was. So I moved the bookcase to the other wall and put the chair where the bookcase had been, placed the foot stool back in front of the chair, moved the table over and put the lamp on it. I bent over to plug in the lamp and suddenly fire shot out of the receptacle, there was popping and crackling and I about jumped completely across the room, startled. Looking at the receptacle I saw black soot streaked across the front from one of the prong holes. I picked up the phone and called Abe, the manager/ maintenance man and told him what happened and he said he’d be right up.

Abe knocked on my door about ten minutes later and when I opened it was surprised by his dress. I’d never seen him in anything other then workman’s utility clothing; you know the all green or all khaki pants and shirts but today he had on a pair of cut off jeans, a tee shirt and old beat up tennis shoes.

He came in with his tool box and I showed him what happened and he said “yeah, bad plug, seen it a few times lately.”

When Abe talks he speaks so softly you have to stand near him to hear and when he asked me “did it kick the breaker?” I had to ask “what?” because he had said it so quietly.

He walked into the kitchen, where the breaker box was and came back and said “yeah, it’s off.”

He squatted down, opened his tool box, took out a screwdriver bahis siteleri and proceeded to take off the face plate and remove the receptacle and wires. I sat on the foot stool and watched as he worked.

When he turned back to his box, which was behind him and slightly to his left, his legs spread wide and I saw his nut sack hanging outside the leg of the cutoffs, just one ball hanging down low.

He noticed where I was looking and said “sorry, I shouldn’t have worn these shorts to do this” as he stood and rearranged things.

I said “don’t worry about it, its ok.”

Abe took a replacement receptacle from his box, opened it and began to install it.

Thinking about what I’d seen made my cock begin to stiffen. Hey, I was nineteen and the wind blowing would make my dick hard and besides I’d always (and still do) had a major thing about older men.

At that time I was still fit and in very good shape standing 6′, weighing 180-185 and wore thirty-four or thirty-six size pants, depending on the cut.

As I’d described earlier Abe was about forty-nine or fifty, had brown eyes, mostly grey hair that was thinning, and it was always wild, like Albert Einstein’s. He stood about 5’9″, weighed about 140-145 pounds, was generally mild mannered and polite and frankly most residents considered him a wuss. Not because he was “gay-acting” or anything like that but because his bigger wife regularly beat the crap out of him.

To that point in time I’d never seen it happen but had heard some of the others talk about it, but I could believe it because she really was a female Attila, usually in a foul mood and generally a bitch about everything. I could imagine how the kids at her school hated her too.

Anyway Abe had completed installing the new receptacle and as he turned to put his tools back into the box I saw his sack and one ball was hanging out again.

He glanced over at me and saw the tent my cock was making in my shorts and after he closed the lid of the tool box, he reached over and placed his hand on my cock and because he said it so softly almost missed him saying “looks like this needs fixing too.”

When I didn’t pull away or make any move to stop him he squeezed my cock through my pants then said “need to finish this first though.”

He plugged the lamp in and went back into the kitchen to reset the breaker and the lamp came on and everything was fine.

Then I heard water running in the sink and guessed he was washing his hands.

Coming back into the living room he squatted in front of me and placed his hand back on my cock and after feeling it through my shorts for a minute, he ran his hand into the leg opening.

Feeling my cock and balls under my shorts for a short time he placed his hands on the waistband and pulled them down as I lifted my ass for him, then he pulled them off my feet and tossed them aside then went back to playing with my cock. Precum flowed from my piss slit and he dampened his thumb with it then ran his thumb around the head of my cock making me moan as he rubbed the sensitive part under the crown. He knelt, and then leaned down to lick around the head, passing his tongue through the piss slit before swallowing me.

I pulled my tee shirt over my head and threw it aside as his head bobbed on my cock for four or five minutes more, pausing only to lick or suck on my balls until I had to stop him as he brought me closer to shooting.

I slipped off the foot stool and knelt with him, kissing as I undid his shorts.

He lay on his back, raised his hips as he pushed his cut offs over them and I pulled them the rest of the way off. Sitting up again Abe pulled his tee shirt over his head and pushed off his tennis shoes with his toe leaving himself completely nude.

His nut sack hung low and loose, his cock was semi-hard and lying over to one side and like the hair on his head his pubic hair was graying too. He had a sparse patch of thin mixed brown and grey of hair on his chest and his legs but otherwise was hairless.

As I licked, sucked and played with his cut cock it came to full hardness and was about 6 ¾” in length and about 2″ in diameter. My lips slid up and down his length as my tongue pressed against his shaft and swirled around the head on the upstroke. I stopped sucking a few times and took his loose sack into my mouth and gently licked and sucked on his balls.

He stopped me after sucking him for about six or seven minutes and asked “you fuck?”

I nodded but said “I don’t have anything in the house to use as lube, having not expected to do this here.”

He said “I like being fucked too. We’ll have to do it to each other if we got together again.”

I told him “Abe, I’d love to get with you again and we’ll be better prepared next time, I promise.”

We settled for mutually sucking each other off in a 69. We lay side by side, mouth to cock and went down on each other, our heads bobbing up and down as we played with each others nut sack or felt each others ass. bahis şirketleri

I pulled my cock from his mouth a couple times because I was getting close to cumming but he wasn’t ready and I wanted us to get off together.

After we been in the 69 for about six or seven minutes Abe began to pump my mouth with his cock as he got nearer his nut. He came in my mouth seconds before I began to shoot into his. We kept each others cocks in our mouths until we both went soft and then lay back.

I sat up and leaned back against the easy chair as Abe continued to lie on the floor.

Looking at me he said “you’re the last person I would’ve guessed who went in for this kind of thing.”

Smiling, I told him “you surprise me too.”

He asked “when do you think we can we get together again?”

“I’ll be able to tomorrow (Monday) if you can.”

Abe smiled and said “that’s good, because Monday’s are usually kind of quiet, especially in the morning. Dotty usually leaves around six-thirty and I’ve got to get the contract guys who mow the lawns set up but I should be able to be here by eight, if that’s good with you too.”

I said “that’d be good, perfect in fact.”

Abe had to get back before Dotty came looking for him so he left about fifteen minutes later.

The next morning I left the apartment about seven and went to the drugstore to get some KY or something to use as lube. After I got back to the apartment I cleaned myself out and jumped into the shower then pulled on a clean pair of shorts and waited for Abe.

Coming from the bathroom I threw a hand towel on the end table where I’d dropped the bag with the lube when I’d gotten back from the drugstore.

He showed up about 8:15 with his tool box in hand, wanting to leave the impression he was here to make a repair.

He came in, set his tool box on the floor and I pushed the door closed.

Then we embraced and kissed as he pushed my shorts down over my hips and they fell to the floor by their own weight. As our tongues moved in each others mouth one of his hands cupped my balls and the other played with my stiffening cock.

My hands were busy undoing his shirt and then his pants.

He stepped back and sat on the sofa and removed his shoes, socks and pants keeping his unbuttoned shirt on.

He signaled with his hand for me to come over and as I stood in front of him he sucked my cock. He licked the head of my cock, licking up some of the precum I was leaking. He held my balls in one hand as his other hand held the base of my cock. His mouth moved up and down on me for three minutes or so when I could take no more, I was so horny.

I dropped to my knees and began to suck his already hard cock and he sat back and enjoyed it as I went down on him. I licked around the head and along his shaft, I sucked his cock into my mouth and took as much of him as I could before sliding my lips back up.

I’d sucked him for nearly six or seven minutes when he asked “I noticed you went out this morning and came back with a bag from the drugstore, did you get some lube?”

The drugstore was a local business that had distinctive colored bags; you knew when someone had been to this particular drugstore simply by seeing the bag.

I took the bag from the end table where I’d dropped it and dumped out the tube of KY jelly onto the sofa cushion.

Abe picked up the tube and got off the sofa and said to me as he pointed “go ahead kneel there for me.”

I did as he asked and felt his fingers pass over the cheeks of my ass then go between them. He cupped my balls from behind and then rubbed his dry finger over my asshole.

He opened the tube and put some on his fingertip then rubbed my asshole with his lubed finger. He added more lube to his finger then pushed it into my hole and added three more over the next five minutes. He really liked fingering my asshole and I certainly had no problem with it as he dug his digits into me.

Abe pulled his fingers from my ass, squeezed out a little more KY into the palm of his hand and stroked his hard cock a few times smearing the lube on his cock. After wiping his hand on the towel he came up behind me and pressed the head of his cock into my asshole and slowly moved back and forth until he had sank his entire 6 ¾” in.

With his hands on my hips he gave it to me really good alternating the speed and depth of his strokes and as he pounded my ass my soft cock swung back and forth with a string of precum extending from the head of my cock to the sofa cushion.

He fucked my ass for nearly seven or eight minutes before he shot his load into me. As Abe came he held his hips tight against my ass and I could feel his cock pulse in my asshole with each spurt and with each spurt he’d shove his hips harder against me. He kept his cock in me until he went soft then pulled out.

After pulling off his shirt off he knelt on the sofa like I’d been then he looked at me and saying “how about fucking me now?”

Like he’d done me earlier I squeezed some KY onto his asshole and smeared it around with my finger and it was obvious that Abe had been fucked many times as his asshole was very loose and easily accepted my probing fingers with little resistance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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