A College Education Pt. 02

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“Mandy, would it be ok if I came by your dorm room? I’d like to talk to you about something.”

“Sure, Cathy.” She was a new-found friend in English class.

“You’re the only person around here that I feel I can talk to.”

“No problem. I’m no great expert on boys, but … “

“Actually, it’s not about boys. Well, I guess it is but only indirectly. God, I am so embarrassed. I’ve never confided in anyone.”

She paused, tears in her eyes.

“It’s ok, whatever we talk about is just between us.”

She sniffled and dried her eyes.

“Here at school is so different than back home and I’m a little homesick. My sister, Sharon, and I are really close and I miss her a lot. When you and I talked the other day about boys I had another reason for being so uptight about sex.

She stopped again, then resumed. “My sister and I did things together.”

“Sexual things?”

“Yeah. It started out really innocent. We share a bedroom since our home is so small. As I said we have always been close, one year apart. She’s the older one. Well, one night she climbed in my bed and I sensed she was upset about something. Her boyfriend was pressuring her to suck his cock. They argued and she was afraid they would break up. And if not, she would have to do it.

“Anyway, I hugged her and she kissed me and said thanks for being such a great sister, someone she could talk to. It started out as a little kiss and kept going. I kissed back. Then she put her tongue into my mouth. God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

Again a lengthy pause, before she continued.

“She put her hand between my legs. I tensed up but didn’t stop her. She rubbed my pussy through my panties and it felt really good. Then she took my hand and put it between her legs. Whatever she did, I did to her. She pushed my panties aside and stuck a finger in me. I followed suit.

“She continued to diddle me and suddenly it felt so wonderful. I had an orgasm! It went on and on and was the most wonderful thing. After I calmed down she ask me to continue to do her and a few minutes later she also climaxed.

“She went back to her bed and I lay for at least an hour, unable to go to sleep. What had we done? And with my own sister! I didn’t have a chance to talk to her until after dinner the next day. ‘You ok?’ she asked. “Did you like what we did? Don’t feel bad, I’ve done it before.’

“She said she and Tina, her best friend was the first time about a year ago. Later Fran and Alice joined in. I asked if she did the same things with them as you and I did. ‘Yeah, that and more’.

“I felt ashamed of what we did. We were sisters and it was incest. What do you think, Mandy?”

“Well, it’s not like a brother and sister actually fucking. To me that would be incest. Anyway, no harm done, right?”

“I guess not. Two nights later I went into her bedroom and we did it again. It became a regular thing to do. This went on for a couple of months and then one night we were laying side by side as usual. She inserted a finger into my pussy and while doing so, licked my nipples. Wow! She continued to finger-fuck me as she alternated tits. Then she kissed her way down my tummy and nuzzled her face in my pubic hair. She inserted a second finger, rapidly thrusting. I lifted my crotch up to meet each thrust. And I orgasmed. The best ever.

“After I calmed down I felt I needed to do the same. My face was just inches from her dripping pussy and then pushed my tongue between her lips. ‘Oh, honey, that feels so good.’ I continued to lick up and down, tasting her for the first time. Afterwards Sharon kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I know she had to be tasting her pussy. Neither of us said anything and I went back to my bed. It was hours before I fell asleep.

“The next night Sharon ate my pussy and then I did her again. She admitted that she and her friends did it all the time. So that’s my story. I’m a pervert that had sex with my sister and liked it. And then I also did it with my best friend.”

Quite a story. This quiet, shy girl has a history!

“Cathy, lots of people do sexual exploration as they are growing up. Girls. Guys. You are being way too hard on yourself. You and your sister are obviously very close, and apparently also your best friend. Sex feels good. No harm done.”

“Really? You don’t think it’s terrible? I mean even with my sister?”

“I wouldn’t go spreading it around but no, I can see how it could happen.”

“Have you ever done anything with a girl?”

“No, I don’t have a sister and was never in a situation where it might have happened with some other girl.”

“Would you have, though, if you had the chance?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“I’ve never ever told anyone about that. Our secret, right?” I nodded my head.

“And now I wonder if sex with a boy would feel the same? I mean, if he sticks it in me and I have orgasm? Would it be as good? Can I ask you a question?” Again I nodded.

“Your boyfriend, Bobby, was he your bahis firmaları first?”

“No. Some older guy seduced me. He was handsome and had a great line of bullshit. He really turned my head and I fucked him the first time we went out. It didn’t last but was fun. I quickly learned a lot about sex and about men.”

“And then you met Bobby? He seems like a really nice guy, good looking.”

“Yeah, he is. He was a virgin but not anymore!”

“Well, I won’t take up any more of your time. Mandy, thanks so much for listening. It was all pent up in me. I feel so much better now. And you don’t think I’m a bad person?”

I laughed. “No, Cathy, you’re not a bad person. Now get out of here, I have some studying to do.”


“Bobby, what do you think of my new friend Cathy?”

“She’s cute, nice body. Not a happy camper, though. How come?”

“She’s shy and has trouble relating to guys. I was thinking, how about we invite her to do something together, a movie, pizza, whatever. She’s so shy and thinks the first guy she dates is going to rape her. She’s a virgin but I didn’t get the idea she’s against the idea of sex but is just all stressed out. So she turns off guys before they get to know her. I’m betting you can have your first virgin. I just have a feeling she might be a real tiger once she lets loose. Interested?”

“You’re saying I can fuck her? Yeah, I would be interested if it doesn’t cause a problem between us. Why the generosity?”

“Well, Cathy told me she and her sister played around. Her sister is a year older and seduced her, finger fucking and eating pussy. When I dated that guy, the one before you, we watched some porn together. I remember one scene where two teenage girls were going down on each other. It looked so hot! I wondered at the time what pussy tasted like. After he finished eating my pussy I kissed him so I could taste me.

“Anyway her story turned me on. I’ve never done anything with a girl but think it could be fun. And with her prior experience she would be a perfect candidate. So I thought we might both get to fuck her. Well, let me work on it. But it might take some time so be patient.

“How about me taking her out on a date as if I were her boyfriend? Each date we do more until I fuck her or she says stop?”

“I like that idea. After classes tomorrow I’ll have a long talk.”


“So you would loan me your Bobby and we would go out on a date?”

“Yeah, just like any other first date you might have.”

“And nothing would happen, just a nice date? Maybe a kiss goodnight?”

“That’s it. But the whole point, of course, is to get you used to boys doing what boys do, try to get a feel, blowjob, and so forth.”

“So Bobby would do those things, not right away, but after a few dates? And you wouldn’t mind if I let him?”

“He’s my guy, Cathy, and we have a strong relationship. It’s the only idea we came up with to help you get over your shyness around guys.”

“And Bobby’s all right with this plan?”

“Definitely,” I laughed. “More than all right. You are a very attractive young girl. And I have personal reason for helping: I want you to show me the things you did with your sister. You know, eat pussy.”

“Really? So that turned you on? And here I was worried that you would think me a total pervert. Sure, I’m certainly willing and a fair exchange for Bobby. So when’s my first date with him?”


“Hi, Cathy, you all ready?”

“Hi, Bobby, yes. Sorry I’m a bit nervous, my first date you know.”

“I don’t bite, just try to have a good time. I thought we could get a hamburger someplace and then catch a movie. I brought the paper with me to see what’s showing. That sound OK?”

“Perfect. Can we hold hands during the movie, just like the young kids do?” she laughed.

We had a good time. When not all stressed out Cathy had a keen sense of humor. And I had no regrets to have her on my arm. A very pretty, vivacious girl. She was modestly dressed but I suspected her clothes were hiding a sexy body. Time would tell.

I walked her back to her dorm room and kissed goodnight. “Thank you for the best first date a girl could have,” and she kissed me again, hard. I felt a tingle in my groin.

Next stop was Mandy’s room.

“How did it go?”

“Great. Very nice girl. We had a good time, hamburgers, then we saw Wonder Woman 1984 at the Roxy. She kidded me beforehand about holding hands like kids and then that’s what we did. A totally innocent first date.”

Friday night was our next date. I took her to Ernie’s for beer and a sandwich and to be seen. Several friends stopped by to ask about Mandy. I explained that she had a school assignment to work on and asked me to show her friend around. After we ate and had a couple of 3.2 beers I pulled Cathy to the little dance floor. When we finished one of my friends ask her to dance. He was followed by another guy that I didn’t know. She thanked him and, face flushed, suggested we go.

“Everything was kaçak iddaa good, Bobby, but that last guy danced really close. I think he had an erection, or part of one. I felt it when he pressed into me. That’s why I got so embarrassed and wanted to leave.”

“He was out of line but you handled it fine. I saw how close he was but didn’t notice his crotch. Cathy, you are a very attractive girl and even without trying you will turn on guys. How about we go back to the dorm and make out for a while?”

“Make out?”

“Do some kissing. We feel each other up. You know, I play with your breasts, you squeeze the bulge in my jeans.”

The kissing went great and we were soon swapping tongues. I put my hand under her top and felt her breasts through her bra. “Reach behind, Bobby, and undo the clasp.” Using my other hand, I placed her hand on my growing crotch bulge. I massaged her breasts under her top as she squeezed my cock through my pants.

“Next date I want to finger-fuck you and want you to jack me off. OK?”

“Uh, huh, I would like that. But could I touch your cock now?”

She unzipped my jeans and put her hand inside my shorts, squeezing my now fully erect cock. The head stuck out the top of my shorts.

“Oh, Bobby, it’s so big and hard. Can I pull it out?”

I pulled my jeans partway down, fully exposing my cock.

“Oh, my, it’s huge, almost scary. Can I touch it?” She tentatively grasped the shaft and lightly squeezed.

“Let me show you how to jack me off, you know, masturbate.”

I reached over to a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of hand lotion. It was handy for those days when I did myself, which was often before Mandy and I met. I wrapped my hand around my cock and started an up and down motion.

“That’s all there is to it. Ready to try?”

Her hands wrapped around my slippery cock. I placed my hand over hers, making long, slow strokes from the tip to the base, and back again. Now doing it herself, she continued sliding up and down with one hand while smearing pre-cum over my cock head. I watched as she concentrated on the task at hand, keeping up a steady rhythm.

“I’m going to cum, Cathy.” I no sooner warned her and a huge stream of white cum shot from my cock and landed on my crotch.

“Oh, my!” she responded to the surprising eruption. More spurts followed as she continued to jerk me. “So much! Cool! This is so much fun, I can’t wait for our next date.”

Words that every guy wants to hear. Encouraged by her aggressiveness I planned to eat her pussy next time.

Two days later we were together again. I held both her breasts in my hands and sucked and tugged one nipple and then the other. I kissed her tummy and moved down gradually until I met her pussy. She spread her legs to give me access. I pushed my tongue as far inside as I could, burying my face against her pussy. I licked up and down between her lips and used the tip of my tongue to tease her clitoris. I pushed two fingers inside her pussy and finger-fucked her now leaking pussy. I used my tongue to lick the junction of her pussy and fingers, then upward to her clitoris. Faster and faster I thrust my fingers into her.

“Oh … wow … that feels great! Oh …. oh….” Sensing her imminent orgasm, I replaced my fingers with my tongue, pushing deep into her pulsing vagina. “Oh, damn … oh … so good…” she murmured, filling my mouth with a big squirt of orgasmic fluid. She continued to shudder with spasms of pleasure as I continued with my tongue. Then she suddenly pushed my head away.

Totally satiated, we lay together, intertwined. “You are so talented. I didn’t know if a guy would be as good at it as a girl.”

“You mean like when you and your sister played around? Mandy told me.”

“Yeah. We did it many times, but of course that was long ago. You are just as good, honey.”

Later we met up with Mandy.

“I’ve been thinking about what’s next, do I want to lose my virginity? There was never any doubt that you’re the perfect guy to do it and that you’re more than willing. Well, tonight I made up my mind. But first I would like you guys to fuck and show me how you do it.


Our show and tell was the next Saturday.

“I’ll try to provide some commentary as long as I can,” Mandy explained. “First I’m going to suck his cock. Every girl does it a little differently. I won’t do it for long, however, since I don’t want him to come yet. Then we will fuck, doggy position. It’s one of our favorites since he can get really deep.”

Without further comment, she took my hard cock in hand and demonstrated. She ran her tongue along the length of my shaft, like licking an ice cream bar. Then she stuck the tip of her tongue in the slit on the head while fondling my balls. Taking me in her mouth she sucked the top half while using her hand to stroke the base. Removing her hand, she gradually took me deeper until she sensed the tightening of my balls and stopped.

“If I had kept going Bobby would shoot his cum into my mouth, especially kaçak bahis if I had continued deep throating. Incidentally, it’s far better to swallow, guys like that. Some guys come too quickly when they fuck, mostly inexperienced guys who get too excited. Bobby was that way his first time. Young guys can get it back up quickly and last longer after a blowjob.”

She rolled onto her tummy and spread wide. “This is a great position for fucking. It gives him good access to my pussy or my ass. And if I raise up my butt or get on my knees, like this, it’s even better. Bobby’s cock is long enough that almost any position will work but he’s really tight for my ass. You ready, honey?”

I pressed my hard, throbbing cock between her pussy lips, using my hand to slide it up and down. “He’s using my pussy juice to lubricated his cock head,” she explained. “Makes it more comfortable when he pushes in.”

I lined my cock with her entrance and plunged in deep and hard. Several thrusts and I bottomed out, the firmness of her cervix against the tip of my cock. Then I slowly withdrew, leaving just a couple of inches inside. Then another hard thrust deep. Then another slow withdrawal. In and out, her tight pussy gripping my cock. I held her hips, rocking her back and forth on my cock.

I looked over at Cathy and smiled. She was focused on the intersection of pussy and cock. By now foamy pussy juice was coating my cock and squishing past her lips.

“How you doing, honey?”

“I need another minute, then fuck me hard.”

I slammed my cock in, now hitting bottom on every thrust.

“Fuck me, honey. Fuck me with that big cock. Oh, honey, so good…. Fuck me. Harder.”

She rocked her hips teasingly, coating me with her juices. I was going fast and deep, my balls slapping against her ass. I felt her pussy grip my cock, milking cum as I spurted deep inside. I collapsed against her, catching my breath, my cock still inside. There was a sucking sound as I withdrew, her bright pink pussy gaping open from the pounding. Pussy juice and cum were leaking onto the bedsheet. I rolled to her side, my cock red, the head almost purple.

I had forgotten all about Cathy. She was on the edge of the bed, two fingers thrusting into her pussy. “Come for me, Cathy.”

She reached over with her other hand and squeezed my half-hard cock as her fingers rapidly plunged into her pussy. Mandy turned over and we both watched as this sweet virginal girl fucked herself. Another minute and she came. She slid off the edge of the bed and sat on the floor, exhausted.

“Next time, Bobby, I want to give you my virginity. And Mandy, I want you to hold my hand, reassure me as he puts it in. Will you do that?”

“Of course, honey. And I know Bobby will be gentle.”

The next day –

“I’m sorry I’m so nervous,” Cathy said as she and I sat together on the bed. “Your cock is so big, I don’t see how it will fit, and I know it’s going to hurt. But I’m going to do it.”

“Mandy’s here, like you wanted. How about if I eat your pussy a little, get you worked up?”

She and I undressed. It was only the second time I had seen her sexy body and I quickly hardened. She stretched out on the bed and spread her legs, offering her virgin pussy to me. I moved between her legs and started licking. She was tense and dry. Gradually her breathing slowed and her pussy started lubricating. Her eyes went to Mandy sitting in a chair next to the bed.

“Mandy, do you have any hand lotion? I think it might help this first time.” I squirted a glob onto my cock and her pussy. Then I scooted up so my cock touched her lips. Go slowly, I reminded myself. She’s a virgin and I’m big.

I rubbed my cock between her lips, up and down, touching her clitoris each time. I found her vagina and pressed gently, the head entering half-way. I backed out, rubbed up and down between her lips, then back to her vagina. Again my cock head entered half-way. I continued for a couple of minutes before pushing harder, and the head slipped inside. I held steady, then backed out. Again I pushed only enough for the head to enter. Back out, then in again. Now I used constant, gentle pressure as more of me disappeared into her tight tunnel until I felt resistance.

“Honey, my cock is pressing against your hymen. If I push I will make you a woman. Do you want me to continue?”

Cathy looked at me with big, scared eyes, then at Mandy. Mandy smiled and gripped her hand tightly. “Do it, Bobby, she’s ready.”

I pushed and Cathy grimaced but I didn’t go in. I pushed harder and went through. Cathy screamed. “Oh god, it hurts. Oh, Damn. It hurts so bad. Don’t do any more.”

I stayed still and then decided to pull out. My cock was coated with a surprising amount of blood. I had never fucked a virgin before so didn’t know what to expect but it frightened me. Blood seeped from her vagina.

“It’s ok, Cathy,” Mandy tried to comfort the crying girl. “Some hymens, I guess, are harder to break. Bobby, no more now. Go clean yourself up.” I waited outside her room as Mandy used a washcloth to gently clean her up.

“I told her to go to bed. That seemed really rough, mine was nothing like that but she should be ok in the morning. I’ll check on her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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