A Clan’s Sex Slave Ch. 02

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A sharp bite woke up William up, making him gasp and open his eyes as he looked down at Mirial who had sunk their teeth into his collar bone. He smiled softly down at her, despite having been asleep a few seconds ago he was rather quick to wake up, all slaves were forced to be. “Morning mistress.” He muttered, blushing as he tugged at the leather binding his wrists.

“Morning Will.” She hummed out softly as she slowly sat up, straddling his belly with her slit pressing warmly against his skin. The thick fur blanket rested around her shoulders and somewhat covered him too, the early morning cold making him feel rather warm and snug under his mistress. Yawning loudly, he tried to stretch as much as possible with the weight on his belly and his wrists tied together.

Feeling her hands glide coldly up his bare skin made him shiver, blushing deeper as he looked up at her curvy frame. He could already feel himself starting to get hard with her on top of him again, and it was obvious that she hadn’t tied him up for nothing. Watching her slide back a bit, she slowly turned around on top of him, sitting down on his belly once again and giving him a nice view of her full ass.

His eyes were glued to the sight in front of him for only a few seconds before he moaned and closed his eyes as Mirial got a handful of his balls. Stroking and cupping them softly, her hand caressed them softly while her other hand went for his shaft. Soft warm palm pressed against his length and delicate fingers wrapped around it as well, slowly starting to stroke his cock.

Eyes fluttering open he once again got to stare at that round ass in front of him, panting softly as he was fully hard under Mirial’s touch in no time. His cock strained against her hand, William letting out a needy groan as he couldn’t lift his hips to push up against the soft warmness of her hand. Her hand massaged and squeezed his balls, her fingertips tickling the underside of them and making him feel like he was going to cum already before the suddenly pulled away.

He watched slowly as Mirial lifted herself up, not even glancing back at him as she purely focused on the cock below her. Lining her already wet slit up, she slid down into his lap with a soft moan, William groaning a bit as her butt landed in his lap. He couldn’t get a lovely view of her breasts, but instead got a nice view of her behind and it fitted into his lap better. The grinding was only a few seconds away, William closing his eyes and moaning more as his cock moved around inside and her round behind started to heat up his lap.

Once again her warm legs were hugging his hips as she grinded against him, her hips and butt pushing back and forward in his lap with his cock deep inside. She seemed more excited than last night, more eager in her movements and her body seemed hotter. William forced his attention away from the wet pleasure his cock was receiving and focused his attention on her, watching how she moved and the noises she made.

Her moans were quick and her body wasn’t slow like yesterday, her body moving along with her hips as she pushed herself down onto his cock as hard as she could. Her back turned to him, he was just a toy for her and she was using him as hard as she could. Her whole body thrusted down onto his cock, feeling himself slide deep inside her and roughly grind against her inner walls. Her soft butt pounded hard against his lap with each bounce, her back straight and her head tilted back as she moaned and gasped loudly.

With the sex so intense he closed his eyes and moaned out softly as he rested his head back in the pillows. Her wet slid pressed firmly against his base bahis firmaları and balls with each bounce and her hands gripped his thighs firmly. Her insides were hot and wet, his cock being shoved roughly inside over and over while her hips moving made him wiggle inside.

His cock throbbed as he could feel himself getting close, but the pleasure stopped short as Mirial suddenly came first. A loud moan filled the room as hot fluids seeped down his cock and balls, feeling her throb and tighten around his own throbbing length. William could only groan and look up at her as he was on edge, feeling the throbbing in his ears and groin as he was so close.

After long painful moments, Mirial sat up straight and started to lift herself, drawing a need groan from William but he obediently didn’t try to push his hips up after her. With a small giggle Mirial turned around to face him, sitting down in his lap again and trapping his throbbing wet cock between two soft thighs. “Does Will want something?” She teased down at him.

Looking up at her made him feel small, dominant eyes glaring down at him with full control of his cock. Her hands pressed gently against his belly as she started to move her thighs, just enough to keep him on edge but not enough to make him cum. His cock and balls throbbed as he leaked some pre-cum, letting out a small whimper as he looked up at his mistress. “Beg for me.” She commanded, leaning forward a bit as her ass lifted from his lap.

William bit his lip at that, hesitating a bit before gasping as Mirial dug her nails into his sides a bit. “Mm! Please mistress let me cum!” He begged, his mouth wide opened as he watched his cock throb between her thighs. With a gentle smirk she nodded at him and started to move her legs more, her butt shifting back into his lap as she propped her hands behind her to keep herself up.

Watching happily as she used her thighs, it wasn’t long before William hit his limit. Moaning loudly he dug his nails into the leather as he came, thick hot spurts of cum shooting up and at Mirial. The first three hit the bottom of her round breasts, sticking to them while the rest of his load came out onto her belly as she leaned back a bit to let the load get at her more easily. Panting hotly, William watched Mirial smirk at him as she sat up and leaned forward to reach out towards his binds.

Pulling the tough leather to the side, Mirial slipped off him and fell down onto the bed beside him, breathing just as heavily as he was. She had woken up rather early and had quickly taken the opportunity to use her new toy again. It was rather evident how it went, cum splattered up Mirial’s belly all the way up to the underside of her breasts, surprisingly Mirial had pulled herself off him at the last second to have it on her. Now Mirial once again just cuddled up to him, ignoring the fact that cum was smudging against his back now.

William had almost fallen asleep before an urgent knock on the door woke him, slowly starting to sit up as Mirial detached herself from him. “What is it?” She asked, her voice straining to remain calm although with William so close it was obvious to see she was clearly annoyed. At that the door was being opened and Jesmir was entering, giving a small glare at William before starting to approach.

“This came early this morning.” She stated, holding up a small messenger wrapped in an orange ribbon and stuck close with a seal. William wasn’t able to read Sva’dere so trying to look at the message was pointless, simply moving further up the bed so he could lean back against the bed head. His hardness was rapidly disappearing and after having slept so little, kaçak iddaa he was now just feeling exhaustion.

The room was silent for a moment before slowly Mirial got up, handing the message back to Jesmir before she started to make her way to the office desk. “Start boiling water for a bath and get ready to leave in two hours, we must go to the council.” She said as she leaned over the desk a bit to grab some paper, William not being able to stare at her round behind for a moment before he forced himself to look away, another hard on wasn’t what he needed right now.

Jesmir quickly shouted a few orders down the stairs as she made her way back down, obviously to fetch some hot water for the bath and once again they were left alone. Already hurried sounds started to drift up the stairs to the room as people started to get ready to leave, William wondered if he would be going along too and he slowly sat up. He lifted himself off the bed and slowly made his way over to Mirial, standing quietly beside her and looking down as he waited for orders.

He waited for a few minutes as she wrote a few letters, Jesmir making her way up and down the stairs a few times as she poured bucket after bucket of hot water into the tub. By the time Mirial finished writing letters, the tub was filled and Mirial stood up straight after tying up the last message. “Jesmir, take these down to the runners and send them to the estate, along with thew new runners so they know where it is.” Jesmir bowed a little before turning and leaving.

Mirial sighed deeply with content as she gripped the edges of the tub, slowly lowering herself in and she finally noticed William again. With a wave of her hand William came over and with another gesture he slowly lowered himself into the tub opposite of her. “How about you help me clean up the mess you made Will?” Already the sponge was being shoved into his hands and Mirial was turning around in the tub, her back soon pressing against his chest as she pushed herself up against him.

Letting out a soft noise as he felt her behind in his lap, he slipped his arms around her and started to run the sponge over her body, sliding gently up her belly and to her breasts. Unlike the bath he had alone, Mirial was starting to pour scented oils and soaps into the bath, the colour spreading across the surface and the smell of lavender attacking his senses. He frowned a little at the thought of smelling feminine but with her body pressed against him he couldn’t complain.

Being able to touch her was a new feeling, having been tied up in the bed and unable to do anything to her. The sponge ran smoothly along her skin, against her breasts over and over again as William’s mind was getting invaded by perverted thought. A curt cough from Mirial quickly made him move away, a little too late as his hardness was pressing firmly against her back.

She didn’t miss it, how could she? Unknown to William a small smirk spread across her lips as she grabbed his free hadn, pulling it up and putting it on one of her lovely mounds of flesh. “Don’t get too distracted.” She teased, grabbing his other wrist as well and making sure he moved down to work on her legs. He was happy that she didn’t mind his groping, sliding the sponge smoothly along her legs while he happily squeezed and massaged her cleavage.

Only a few minutes passed by before Mirial was satisfied, having been guiding him where to clean it went a lot quicker than William had expected. Frowning a bit as he watched Mirial slowly get out of the bath and step out, he simply started to clean himself now. A simple click of her tongue was all it took for a few maids to kaçak bahis enter the room and William was surprised at how efficient they were, two instantly moving to her to dry her with warm towels while another started to pull out a dress.

By the time William was done and stepping out, Mirial was fully dried and dressed in formal garb, only her hair a little damp as the maids fussed with putting ribbons in her hair. William was curious as to what exactly was happening, it seemed like a sudden change of plans from yesterday and he quietly wondered about what type of politics ran in this country. Considering that he was from the other side of the war, he didn’t dare ask.

Grabbing a fresh towel and starting to dry himself, he watched quietly as the maids continued to fuss with his mistress. It wasn’t long before they finished with her and suddenly stepped away, two of them bowing and leaving while the other suddenly handed a bundle of clothes. He looked quizzically at her although she simply bowed at Mirial before leaving as well.

“Put your clothes on so you can sit down and eat, Will.” Mirial told him as she made her way over to the table, a table that was rather low to the floor with pillows instead of chairs. He started to unfold the clothes as he made his way over to the full length mirror that Mirial had changed in front of.

He didn’t understand the gowns that Sva’deres wore, living in such a cold part of the world they decided to wear robes of all things. Only the guards wore something practical, everyone else wearing dress like robes or short ones with leggings for the men. There seemed to be a colour code as well but William didn’t know it yet, only knowing that the robe he wore was a transparent white outlined in crimson.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he wasn’t against the clothing. His pants reached down to his ankles yet didn’t get in the way and the robe was easy to tie up, not that it mattered as it was as clear as silk. He wouldn’t be able to go outside in this, he’d freeze in a few minutes but in the warmth of the town house it was fine.

His contemplating was cut short by a curt cough from Mirial and he quickly made his way over to the table, sitting down opposite of her and crossing his legs as he sat on the cushion. “Have all you want.” She said simply as she gestured to the platter of food on the table, showing a very high variety of different things and Mirial simply started to pick at certain things. He had seen royals eat before and understood it, watching her before he started to pick up some foods of his own, picking the ones she didn’t.

The meal went quietly, William looking quietly at her every now and then although something seemed different. She seemed suddenly intimidating and William couldn’t help but remember his place, casting his eyes downwards whenever her eyes turned to him. It wasn’t until she was done and was standing up did she say something, a small welcoming smile forming on her lips.

“It’s just the clothes, a clan chief must look her part.” She teased down at him as he was being skittish. It didn’t really help, although feeling a soft hand grab his chin and force him to look up at her, he relaxed a bit. “Now, you’re not allowed to leave this room. Try not to distract the maids too much, although if you’re hungry they’ll feed you.” She said, smiling as she bent over to kiss his forehead, before she stood up straight and left the room with an elegant motion he hadn’t seen from her before.

He watched her leave and the bustling sounds from the lower floors continued, making William sigh as he was left upstairs. “I’m not allowed to leave?” He muttered to himself, being rather annoyed that he was stuck in her room for the day. “Now what.” He muttered quietly as he looked at the tray of food, taking a few more bites as he stretched his legs out. Today was going to be a long day.

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