A Christmas Meeting

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As I get off the plane, I can not help but notice the biting cold of the Great Plains. The wind howls through the airplane, even with the gangway firmly attached to the door. All I have seen is a picture or two (or a few dozen to be honest) but I believe I will know her anywhere, even with my eyes closed.

As I move to the escalator, I notice a smile, a flash from the twinkle of an eye in the waiting crowd. Being who I am, at the bottom, I try and blend into the crowd to slide in behind her, to cover her eyes, press up behind her and prolong the tension for a few more seconds.

She out smarts me and does the move I planned on me.

I feel her arms wrap around me, her breast press against my back and her warm breath on my neck as she says, “guess who handsome.” I spin around and our eyes meet for the first time, I pull her close and we kiss, a warm soft wet kiss that makes you lose your breath. As we pull away, I see the smile I had hoped to see, and all the months of texting, talking and writing melt away. We both smile and head out the door, into the chill of wind and winter, knowing that the next few days will be as hot and wet as a monsoonal July day on the Plains.

We head out to the car, holding each other tight. As the chill of the evening air assaults us, we take comfort in our warm embrace. We jump into the car and before you can get the key in the ignition, I lean over and take your face in my hands. I pull you close and we kiss, more passionate, more intense than before, our tongues exploring, probing, and penetrating the recesses of each other. My hand slides along your side, gently brushing the side of your breast, you let out a soft moan as I continue to tease you over your shirt, getting a little bolder with each pass. Soon my shirt is unbuttoned and you are running your hands over my chest. You slowly kiss your way down my neck and begin nuzzling me, as I run my fingers through your hair, caressing your head and tugging at your blouse. All of a sudden we realize we are still in the parking lot and separate, re-adjust our clothes and begin the drive out of Kansas City.

As we drive, my hand touches your thigh; I brush my hand across your cheek, run my fingers through your hair. Soon, you tell me I have to stop or we will never make it back in one piece. I lean over and tell you we don’t have too. I then kiss your neck and tell you I have a surprise. We get off on 435 and then on State Street. We turn into the Chateau Avalon. You give me a puzzled look and I just smile as the valet opens the car door and we rush in. I walk up to the desk and give the desk clerk my name.

He smiles and says, “Everything is canlı bahis exactly as you requested.” I take the key and we head to the room.

Your puzzled look soon melts away as we walk into our room. The Hemingway Room has a large bed, fireplace and a wonderful 2 person tub with Jacuzzi jets. The room is lit by candle light and there is a bottle of champagne chilling next to the bed.

As the bellman leaves you look at me and ask, “how, what?”

I take you in my arms again and say, “Tonight, you don’t have the smallest room.”

We embrace again, this time clothes begin to peel off into piles on the floor. Once I am down to my shorts and you your bra and panties, I pull away. I walk over and check the water in the tub, and you pour us some champagne. We toast and kiss. You smile at me and ask if I taste as sweet as I act. You then reach over and slide my shorts to the floor. You take a sip of champagne and gently push me onto the bed. With the bubbles from the drink still in your mouth, you slowly take the head of my penis into your mouth. As you swirl your tongue around me, I moan and run my fingers through your hair. You explore every inch of me with your lips, your tongue and your fingers, as my breathing begins to get short and my back arches. Soon, wave after wave of orgasm washes over me, I look down to see not a drop go to waste. You look up at me and smile, You then slide up and kiss me, a deep passionate kiss, and I can taste myself on your lips and in your mouth, and I begin to reach behind you for the hooks on your bra.

Your bra strap pops open, revealing your luscious breast. They spring free and fall onto my chest. I feel the nipples, hard and growing as they rub against my chest. My hand reaches up and gently brushes them back and forth across my chest. I reach under one, and hold it in my palm as you nipple falls between my fingers. I begin to rub it gently and you lift the other to my lips. I lick around the areola, careful to avoid the nipple. I pinch the other and then run my tongue over the nipple near my mouth. Your breast are heavy, feeling the way a woman should feel. I begin to suck gently on them, switching from one to the other. You begin to grind on my thigh and I can feel your wetness as is soaks through your panties. You begin to undulate, throwing your head back and arching your back as I suck and grope and revel in your breasts.

You lean down and say, “I want to feel you inside me!” Your voice is husky, and hot. I roll you over onto your back, careful not to lose contact with your body. You feel my cock rub between your thighs as your wrap your legs around my waist, grinding your pubic region bahis siteleri against my hardening cock.

I kiss your neck and whisper, “you are so hot, I want you, I want you more that I can stand.” I reach down with my hand and slide my fingers under your panties. I can feel the hair on your pussy. I push a little lower and find the top of your labia. As I push over your lips, I feel the warm, wetness that has been collecting there. My finger slips easily down the middle of the labia, over your clit and then into you. You gasp as I slowly probe you with my finger, first one, then two, while my thumb settles in over your clitoris. I move my thumb in little circles as my two fingers hasten their pace.

I lean into your neck, licking and kissing your ear, your breath quickens and I whisper, “can you feel me inside you? Do you want more of me inside you? I am going to make you come over and over again.” My words touch something in you. You begin to pant, and then arch yourself into my fingers.

“Faster, faster” you cry. Then you give a push and a moan. Your body shakes and I feel you squeeze my fingers as you come. All I can think of is how my cock will feel when you come with me inside you. You go limp, panting and sweaty under me. We look into each others eyes, both smiling because we know this is just the beginning of a wonderful night.

Soon, I begin to kiss your neck again, this time with warm tongue strokes and soft moans in your ear. You sigh and ask me to go slow; you are tired and want to rest before what we both know will be a physically demanding main event. I smile and take you by the hand, and you follow me into the Jacuzzi tub. We settle into the warm water and I reach over and turn on the jets. You jump a bit because one of them is shooting along your ass and over your tender vagina. You start to move away, but I put my arms on either side and begin kissing you again. Soon, what was an annoyance starts to bring you back into heat. Your hips begin to buck slightly as the water and bubbles rush over your clit. My hands are on your breasts and my mouth is moving down your neck.

As I take your nipple into your mouth, I prod you up onto the ledge of the tub. The chill of the air snaps your nipples to attention as you sit on the edge of the tub. I wrap a towel around your shoulders to keep you warm as I kiss down your torso. As I approach your nether regions, you begin to squirm a bit. I look and say, “Relax, I have been waiting months to do this. I begin to run my tongue along the sides of your pussy, never touching the lips or your clit. As I do this, you pull my head closer, to force contact. In a final act of bahis şirketleri pleasurable desperation, you drape you legs over my shoulders and squeeze my head. I reach over and begin to pinch you nipples, now rock hard and a half an inch long. I roll my tongue between your lips as I nuzzle you. You begin to pant and moan as I part your lips with my tongue. Probing your inner walls, as my mustache begins to tickle your clit. You grind you pelvis into me, and I continue to lick and suck until I feel your legs tense up. We both know what is about to cum, and I continue to lick and suck you. Just as you reach your climax, I slide two fingers inside you and kiss my way down past your vagina and began to lick along your ass cheeks, poking my tongue gently against your anus. Your eyes pop open wide, and you suck in an audible breath as I push my tongue through you and begin to lick you. Not more than two strokes and then . . .

You begin to shake and squeeze my head between your legs. The moan shakes the windows. It is so intense; I come with you, shooting into the tub while you thrash about. You slide into the tub with me and melt in my arms. I hold you as we both try and catch our breath, the warm water caressing us. I look in your eyes and say, “I want to fill you up with my manhood and feel what it is like to be in you.”

We both stand on shaky legs and dry each other off. The candles are almost out, but the fireplace still glows and we move back to the bed, cool and confident on the outside and giddy as school children on the inside.

As we lay down on the bed, you reach down and find my manhood. You begin to stroke it and lean into my ear and whisper, “I want it in me, hard and hot.”

I moan and get up over you, between your legs. As I steady myself, you take me and guide me to your entrance. I begin to push and you thrust your hips up to meet me. In a flash, I am all the way in, my balls resting on your ass, your hips rolled up into me. We both stop for a moment, to enjoy the sensation of us being together, intertwined. Soon, I begin to rock in and out. You get into the rhythm too and before long we are going at it; headboard banging on the wall; grunts as I thrust faster, deeper and harder each time. You begin to sweat, and then wrap your legs around my waist. I feel your pussy grab my cock for all its worth. It holds me tight, and then, it happens. The walls begin to undulate, milking my cock. It is too much for me to take, I come deep inside you, as you thrash and moan under me. We finish together, and I roll off, lying on my back, utterly spent. You snuggle up next to me, resting your head on my chest, listening to my heart, as I stroke your hair.

After all the lust, all the sex, all the heat, I lean over and kiss your neck and tell you, “This is the best part of the night.” You smile at me as we both fall asleep, together, naked and satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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