A Cheerleader Next Door

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I sighed and picked up the box cutter, deftly slitting the packing tape on the last box of the worst moving experience of my life. We, my wife and I, had moved from the east coast to the west coast for what was supposed to be a better job opportunity for the both of us. Outside, it was raining profusely and the weatherman was predicting more for the next three days…I tried to avoid the thought of dragging the cutter across my throat.

“How’s unpacking going, baby?” my twenty eight year old wife Monica came into the room, lugging bed sheets in her arms. She stood about 5’6 with long, curly brown hair and brown eyes, and a trim, athletic body. We had been married for going on six years; no children (God knows I wasn’t ready for those yet, even though I was going on thirty-four) and a decent sex life though Monica was growing more keen to the idea of fucking for kids, rather than just pleasure. I could already see the upward hill I would be ascending in the coming year with her biological clock ticking away, but she kept an open mind sexually all the same.

“Still hating it,” I muttered crossly. She chuckled and wrapped her arms around me from behind, her small, firm breasts pressing against my back. Her hand slid down to my crotch, cupping it, then beginning to rub slowly, firmly.

“Monica,” I murmured. “We don’t even have curtains up on the windows yet. I don’t think we want to give the neighbors a show quite yet…”

She ignored me and instead unzipped my jeans, slipping her hand underneath my boxer-briefs to wrap her warm fingers around my stiffening cock. I moaned and let her begin to stroke up and down the length of my cockmeat, her fingertips teasing the head of my dick, and waited impatiently while she knelt in front of me and tugged my jeans and briefs down to my ankles.

“Don’t want to give a show, hmm?” she said with a sly grin, sticking out her wet tongue and rubbing the now throbbing tip of my cock against it. I ran my fingers through her soft brown hair and tugged on a handful of it, sliding the full length of my eight inches into her hot, waiting mouth. She looked up at me with her sexy brown eyes as she suckled at my pole, her head bobbing back and forth, sucking harder, her tongue licking at the underside of my stiff prick.

I groaned loudly and stilled her head, letting my hips do the work as I began fucking her mouth. I looked down and watched my cock slide in and out of her hot hole, my breathing quickening as I moved faster, feeling her sucking, her lips tight around me, and I felt my cream shooting up to the tip of my shaft.

“Monica,” I gasped. “I’m going to cum…cum all over your face…”

She turned me slightly to the right and I felt my stomach jump to my throat. I could see directly into the upstairs window of our neighbor’s house, and they could see directly into ours.

And she was!

A girl, who couldn’t have been more than eighteen, was standing in the window and looking right at us. She smiled as I stared in horror at her, and felt my cock harden even more in my wife’s mouth the longer I looked at her. She had blond brown hair that was well past her shoulders, and though I couldn’t see too much, she had big tits and was wearing a cheerleader’s uniform, which was a short, pleated white skirt and navy t-shirt with a “J” embroidered on the front.

“Monica…” I whispered. “There’s someone…watching…”

“Mmmm, isn’t she cute?” Monica murmured, her tongue lapping up and down my rock hard dick. “I bet you would like her sweet little mouth around you, wouldn’t you?”

My balls tightened hearing the dirty word’s coming from my wife. I fucked into her mouth faster, my meat pushing down her throat, and began to imagine the girl on her knees in her cheerleader outfit, hungrily swallowing my throbbing rod.

“Mmmm, cum in my mouth,” she whimpered. “Shoot into my throat imagining that little slut sucking you, Justinn.”

“Ahhh yes, suck it,” I groaned, humping her face, feeling my load swelling. “I want to see her sucking it…”

I couldn’t finish my sentence because my cock began spurting unto my wife’s face, shot after shot, my hot cum coating her face and hair. She purred in satisfaction and licked any remaining jizz off my softening tool, and I dared to look at the neighbor’s window again, feeling a small stab of dismay when I didn’t see her there.

“Baby, you came so hard.” Monica said, standing with a smug grin. “You like her?”

I flushed and yanked my pants up, avoiding the question. “You’ve never done that before.”

She shrugged and set to making the bed. “You didn’t like it?”

“It’s not that. It was just…new.” I said carefully, shoving clothes into an oak dresser. I suddenly couldn’t get the neighbor girl out of my head…whether it was seeing her watching, or my wife coming out with telling me to imagine her sucking me off, I wasn’t sure. Maybe it was both.

Over the next few days, Monica didn’t mention the girl again. I was beginning to think it was just bahis firmaları a momentary bit of exhibitionism she experienced, sucking me off in the window in plain view of a stranger. I glanced out the window several times a day, hoping to catch another look of my young neighbor, only to be left unsatisfied.

One day, when the rain had finally stopped and the temperature soared well above the nineties, I was working on giving my car an oil change and was underneath the car watching the liquid flow out when I heard footsteps approaching.

“Hey, baby,” I called, thinking it was Monica home on her lunch break. There was a giggle, and I slid out from under the car, my eyes sliding up a pair of long, tanned legs, a pleated cheerleader skirt, a pair of big tits with nipples pushing through a sheer halter top, and a cute face with soft blond brown hair blowing across it. The neighbor girl!

“Baby? But we just met,” the girl grinned, her blue eyes squinting against the bright glare of the hot sun.

“I’m sorry,” I stammered, embarrassed. “I thought you were my wife coming home from her lunch break.”

“No problem. I was coming back from cheerleading practice, saw you out here, and wanted to come over and welcome you. I’m Valery, I live next door,” she paused, a sly twinkle in her eyes. “But I think you already know that.”

Shit. I swallowed and wondered if I should apologize, but instead stuck out an oily hand. “I’m Justinn, and my wife is Monica, I’m sure you will meet her soon. Maybe when she comes home from work tonight, around five thirty. This is my day off.”

Valery took my hand and squeezed lightly, then withdrew it and grimaced, seeing it smeared with dirty oil. I mentally groaned. How much more a jerk could I look like today?

“Do you mind if I use your sink?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said quickly and lead her into the house to the kitchen sink, the thought not even crossing my mind she was next door and just as easily could’ve went home to clean up.

“Help yourself.” I motioned to the sink. She smiled and brushed past me, her taut nipples sliding across my bare chest and sending electric shivers straight to my tightening groin. I watched her bending just slightly at the sink, her skirt moving up, showing the bottom of her tight little ass.

“Did you want something to drink?” I forced myself to ask, my eyes not seeming to want to budge from her ass. She turned and I snapped my eyes up to meet hers, but from her smile, I knew she had caught me already. My dick tightened even more in my jeans, pushing against the zipper.

“Sure…what do you have?” she asked, grabbing the soap and lathering up. I opened the refrigerator and scanned the contents.

“Coke…water…iced tea…”

“I’ll take a coke, if you have one, too.” She said.

I took two from the fridge and waited while she finished up, handing her a hand towel when she was ready. It slipped from her hands and she cursed, bending over directly in front of me to pick it up.

I inhaled sharply, the skirt hiking well up over her ass, revealing the fact she was wearing no underwear. I gazed wide-eyed at her shaven cunt slit, my dick as hard as a brick, and imagined dropping the cans of pop I held and shoving deep in the hot, tight depths of her pussy. My free hand moved to the front of my jeans and I rubbed my aching cock, biting my lip to cut off the groan that welled in my throat and knowing I was some kind of pervert for doing what I was doing.

My hand dropped quickly when she stood up again and replaced the towel, and I lead us into the living room, taking a seat on the couch while she sat across from me on the reclining chair.

“So where did you move here from?” she asked, opening her pop and sipping on it.

“The east coast,” I replied, trying valiantly to keep my eyes off of the length of her tan legs, as well as her sheer white halter, which kept little from the imagination. I saw a ring peeking out from her belly button underneath her halter.

“You have your belly button pierced,” I commented. “How did you talk your parents into that?”

She shrugged. “I’m eighteen, they really didn’t have much choice, but they don’t mind now after they got used to it.”

There was a moment of silence, and Valery drew her right leg up, bringing her knee level with her chest. I almost came there in my pants seeing her pink slit, her legs open just enough to give me the view. The little slut, I thought silently. A cocktease.

Valery had a small smile on her face, and I had an image of her spread eagle on her back, holding her wet cunt open, begging me to stick my cock inside her. She wanted it as bad as I did, I could feel it.

“Well,” Valery said, standing and setting her pop down. “I should get home, I have a game tonight, and I have to shower and all. It was really nice meeting you, Justinn.”

“Same here, Valery.” I smiled and walked her to the door, shutting it behind me as she walked out and breathing a sigh of relief. kaçak iddaa It had been a long time since I had gotten a hard-on like this without physical stimulation, and she did it with a mere bend of her waist and lift of the leg. I wanted my little cheerleading neighbor big time.

I went upstairs to shove a porno in my bedroom VCR and relieve myself of the huge load sitting in my balls. I slipped my jeans off and settled on my bed, wrapping my hand around my thick, hard shaft as the first scene opened to a girl taking it hard from behind, moaning lustily on her knees. I closed my eyes and pictured Valery on her hand’s and knee’s in front of me in her short cheerleading skirt, rubbing her nipples and whimpering for my big cock, and crying out in pleasure as I pushed inside her tight pussy, fucking her hard and deep.

An idea passed through my head and I slid off the bed and over to my window, pushing the lace curtain slightly aside to look into Valery’s window. She apparently had just emerged from her shower, because she stood in the window in a bath towel, brushing out her wet hair. I kept jerking my cock, my breath quickening, and let a low groan escape my mouth when she dropped the towel, standing naked. Her tits stood firm, nipples pointing straight out, and she shaved her cunt clean, because I saw not a hair between her thighs.

Valery lie back on her bed and spread her legs wide, her hand reaching down to play with her pussy. Her middle finger began slowly rubbing her clit, moving faster as her back arched, her free hand pulling at a hard little nipple. I groaned loudly when she slid her middle finger deep inside her cunt, then another finger, and began finger fucking herself fast, her eyes closed, and I felt my cum pushing up to shoot. Valery jerked upwards as I came, shooting cum all over the lacy curtains, and I watched as her mouth opened in pleasure, her fingers slowing. She brought them up to her mouth and licked each one clean, her blue eyes turned to the window, knowing I was there.

I drew myself away from the window, breathing heavily, the actions of the past few minutes fully sinking in. I observed the mess I made on the curtains and sighed, pulled my jeans on, and quickly cleaned it up as I heard Monica pulling up in the driveway.

“How was your day?” I called out, the humid heat hitting me full force as I pulled the front door closed behind me. She yanked out a bag of groceries and grinned.

“Long and boring.” She replied and kissed me. From behind her I saw a red Cavalier pull out of Valery’s driveway, and Valery waved at me as she drove off. Monica waved back.

“Did you meet her?” she asked. I followed her into the house and watched her work around the kitchen, preparing to make dinner.

“Yes. She’s nice, a cheerleader at her school.”

“Really?” Monica raised an eyebrow and came to stand between my splayed legs, using her knee to rub against my crotch. I began to harden instantly, still turned on hardcore from my slutty little neighbor. She unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide from her shoulders, pulling her bra down, freeing her perky tits and lightly rubbing her hard nipples. I couldn’t stand anymore teasing…I stood and pushed her to her belly across the kitchen table, pushing her skirt up to waist and yanking her pale pink panties to her knee’s.

“Fuck me, Justinn,” Monica whimpered. “Put your cock in me!”

I pulled my hard dick from my jeans and thrust deep inside her, grabbing her hips and fucking her hard and fast. I watched my pole slide in and out of my wife’s wet pussy, covered in her juices, and couldn’t help imagining it was Valery I was fucking into.

“Make me cum…” she moaned hotly. “Fuck me…harder…please, Justinn…”

I grabbed a handful of her curly brown hair and harshly pulled back, ramming my full length to the hilt in her grasping cunt and hearing her scream of pleasure. I was going to cum again…cum on my hot little neighbor’s young, tight ass…

“Justinn, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…” Monica cried and I felt her cunt contract around my pistoning prick, squeezing me, milking me, and I pulled out to shoot a load of my hot cream unto her ass.

I held her down, smearing cum around with my cock, our breathing slowing, and for a moment it was Valery I saw when my wife turned to look at me. I blinked, and it was Monica again, smiling in satisfaction.

Monica stood and straightened her clothing, setting back to making dinner. “I have to go away this weekend for business.” She told me. “I leave Friday morning and should be back Sunday evening.”

I sighed and nodded. The thought of no sex for a whole weekend and being next door to a girl like Valery didn’t sound promising. Sounded like a weekend with only my hand to keep me company.

The next few days passed uneventfully. I didn’t see Valery much save for her leaving for school in the morning and returning late at night, a different guy returning her each time. Monica left early Friday morning, my work day kaçak bahis passed marginally fast, and I returned home the same time Valery was pulling into her driveway.

“Hey!” she called, trotting over to my Pathfinder in her cheerleading outfit, her tits bouncing enticingly under a navy blue t-shirt embroidered with a white “J”. “What are you up to tonight?”

“Nothing exciting,” I replied. “Monica left for the weekend on business, so I doubt I’ll be doing much.” The image of her on her back on her bed, legs spread, shoved its way into my mind’s eye as we chatted. I swallowed and willed my deviant thoughts away.

“I’m not doing much tonight either. Do you want to watch a movie or something?” she asked. It seemed so strange, talking like nothing odd had ever happened between us.

“Sure.” I shrugged. “Come over whenever. I should be around all night.”

“Great. I’ll bring over something.” She gave me a smile and walked away, my eyes firmly glued to the glimpse of ass that showed with every sway of that short skirt. It would be a long night.

I glanced at the wall clock, admitting to myself it was well past midnight and she probably wasn’t going to show up. A curious disappointment settled over me and I flicked the lights off, trudging upstairs to my bathroom, deciding to toss off my horniness with a quick shower.

The cool water soothed my nerves as it flowed over me, but I began to think of Valery again and my dick hardened instantly. A small sense of guilt pervaded me every time I thought of Valery instead of my wife, but I comforted myself by knowing it was just fantasizing, and what I had done so far couldn’t be classified as cheating. I could never cheat on Monica.

I didn’t hear the shower curtain slide open, but I did feel the cool draft that slid over my wet skin. I turned to yank it closed.

Valery stood with a sexy grin on her cute face, completely naked, twirling a lock of her blond brown hair around her index finger. “Sorry I’m late, Justinn.”

“V – Valery…” I stuttered, so shocked at the sight of her curvy, naked body that the thought of covering myself was the farthest from my mind. I suddenly realized that I hadn’t locked the front door…not that it would help me now…did I think to myself only a second ago I could never cheat on Monica?

“Started without me I see,” she murmured with a glance at my hard cock and stepped into the shower, kneeling quickly in front of me. The gently spray of water wetted her hair and she slicked it back, the look somehow maximizing her rampant sex appeal.

She wrapped her fist around my throbbing shaft, dragging her hand up and down my length, and then stuck out her pink tongue and slapped it lightly against its wet surface. I considered telling her to stop, but I knew I didn’t want her to. This is what I wanted.

“Suck me, Valery,” I moaned. “Put my dick in your mouth.”

Her blue eyes looked up at me as she slipped my eight inches into her hot mouth, her lips wrapping tightly around it and began bobbing up and down, sucking hard. I set my hand on the back of her head and pushed it forward, my cock sliding deeper into her mouth, nudging against the back of her throat. To my surprise, she did not gag, but continued taking me in, deep throating me, still sucking.

“Ahhh, yes,” I groaned, fucking into her wet, suckling mouth. “Suck my cock…”

I was so close to cumming…Valery felt my cock grow in her mouth and she withdrew, using a slow stroke up and down my meatpole with her fist and lapping at the head of my cock. It was my turn now.

“Turn and put your hands against the wall,” I murmured. She did as told and stuck her ass out, her slit staring out at me, setting her feet wide apart and looking back at me when I knelt down behind her.

I used my thumbs to pull her cunt lips apart, seeing her pink flesh beneath and the fuck hole I had fantasized about for the past week. She whimpered softly and pushed back, eager to feel me eat her young cunt.

“Eat my pussy,” she moaned hotly. “Let me feel your tongue inside me…please Justinn!”

I slipped my tongue between her swollen pussy lips, lightly teasing her clit and thrusting deep inside her hot cunt, tasting her sweet juices as they flowed. I tongue fucked her hard, hearing her heated moans and pleadings, feeling her humping back against my face, rubbing her clit with at thumb as I ate her out.

“Yesssss…oh yes…I’m going to cum…suck my clit…” Valery cried. “I’m cumming…cumming! Fuck me, Justinn, let me feel your fat cock in me…”

I grabbed Valery and turned her around, pressing her against the shower wall and hiking a sleek, damp thigh up to my waist as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Her blue eyes were filled with hot lust, and her tongue peeked out to lick her lips as I pushed the head of my dick against her steaming opening.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “I want to feel your cock deep in me.”

Valery arched up as I began to sink slowly inside her, relishing her hot, tight insides wrapping around my throbbing pole, sucking me in. I sucked a warm, wet nipple into my mouth and gently nibbled on it, her hot breath in my ear as I fully filled her up. She was so fucking tight!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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