A Captain’s Call

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Come Sweet Captain…Listen. What was that? James cocked his head to one side, straining to hear. Quiet. He walked toward the living room, thinking that maybe there was someone outside his front door, a neighbor or a delivery person, who had called him. The only sound to be heard was the drone of a plane engine as it flew high overhead outside. Hmm, strange he thought and walked to his desk. Once again a voice echoed in his ear like the ocean’s rush inside a conch shell. Come, My Captain. This time he stopped dead in his tracks and held his breath, intently focusing again on the silence surrounding him. Minutes passed and all he heard was the annoying barking of the neighbor’s pretentious poodle. Then suddenly-Follow my voice dear Captain, you know where I am.

That’s her. She’s back. She came back! As the realization of whose voice he was hearing finally sank in, James could barely contain his excitement. He made a mad dash to the kitchen, snatched his car keys off the counter and bee-lined it to the garage. She’s back, and she’s calling me!

“I’m coming! I’m coming, just hang on baby. I’ll be right there, don’t leave. Please don’t leave!” James pleaded out loud, hoping she could hear him, too. The beach was half an hour away and speeding down the highway he just couldn’t seem to make the car go fast enough to get to her. His mind was racing with thoughts of the last time he had seen her.

He had been out sailing alone and the weather had gotten rough. He lost control of the boat and it snagged against something and began to take on water. He knew he wouldn’t be able to save the craft. James donned his life jacket and unceremoniously dove into the churning waves. He gasped as the sea doused him mercilessly with wave after wave of cold, salty water and batted at his body as though it were a beach ball. James swam as best he could, but the waves were brutal and they overpowered him quickly. When he came to he was lying on the sand face up and the sky was a brilliant shade of blue. The roar of the sea was now nothing more than a soothing lapping sound. He sat up and his body ached, but as far as he could tell, he was all in one piece. He was no longer wearing his life jacket and he wondered what had happened to it. As he sat on the beach trying to gather his thoughts he saw something at the water’s edge that was large and motionless and glistening in the sunlight. He stood up and went to investigate. As he drew closer, he saw slender limbs stretched out and red hair matted with sand and seaweed. There were shimmering scales of a rich blue-green catching the morning sunlight in the place where legs should have been. James shook his head in disbelief as he bent down and touched the creature’s tail with fascination. She stirred, but she was too weak to move. She had been hurt, but he healed her. That was three years ago. She said that she’d return to see her Captain when she could, but he never believed it. He had hoped, but he had never really believed.

Bolting from the car he ran recklessly to the shoreline his eyes frantically scanning the landscape for anything red. Where is she? Where is she?

“Kiraaaaa! James yelled at the top of his lungs. He ran toward the sea in a half-crazed fit.

There in the breakers, is that her? A red-headed woman waves from the water. The sun is setting at her back, and it gives her a most brilliant glow against the blue and white of the sea.

She laughs as she watches him quickly kick out of his clothes and swim to meet her. She floats to a more secluded spot where the water is just deep enough to stand in and motions for him to follow. When he finally gets to her his face is glistening with sea water and he notices a certain look in her eyes. That look. His look. Her own eyes are filled with joy, disbelief, and smoldering bahis firmaları passion. Her hands reach up from the water making contact immediately with his face and she gently kisses the droplets trickling down his cheeks. The feel of her warm lips on his skin makes his blood rush feverishly through his veins and a glad smile spreads across his face.

“Oh, Captain! My sweet Captain. You came!” Her chest heaves as a sigh escapes her and his eyes glimpse her bare fleshy breasts and taut pink nipples gently bobbing on the surface of the water. Her arms clasp around him and her body presses firmly against his. Her soft breasts feel so inviting against his chest and of their own accord his hands tangle in her hair as he takes possession of her mouth fiercely with his own. She tastes of both salt and sweetness and her mouth opens hungrily to receive her Captain’s insistently probing tongue. So many times he’s dreamt of seeing her again and now it’s real. She’s real, and he can feel how much she wants him, and it feeds his hunger all the more. His mouth crushes down on hers, and she eagerly responds releasing a moan filled with yearning from deep within her throat. It is music to his ears and knowing that she derives such pleasure from him drives him to show her just how much pleasure there is to be had.

His lips leave hers and trace a path down her neck to her full and waiting breasts. She gasps as the feel of his hot mouth covers her already erect nipple and the delightful pressure of him sucking makes her flush from the inside out. She holds his head to her chest relishing the sensation of his mouth and the intense feeling growing below. His mouth moves from one pert nipple to the other, his tongue licking and swirling, and she throws her head back and thrusts her chest forward in offering.

“Oh, Captain, please,” she begs and he acknowledges with a moan that her plea mimics his own inward cry for release. His cock is so hard and wants to merge with this incredible creature for much more than a sunset. He cradles his red headed siren in his arms and begins walking toward the shore. Out of the water she’ll be completely human for this one night. It’s the reason she called for him.

The sun continues to sink into the horizon, and he gently sets his lovely siren inside the sheltered rock formation on the beach. Out of the water he can fully see her magnificent turquoise tail. He marvels at the sight. She’s a beauty that appeals to both the man and the seafarer in him. She looks at him with such longing in her eyes that it almost hurts. Her mouth seeks his and the passion on her lips sears through him making his naked cock swell for her once again.

“Go!” She commands softly. “I’ll be out soon.” With one last lingering kiss he reluctantly leaves her side. He walks the beach and comes upon his clothes strewn haphazardly across the sand. It makes him laugh as he pictures himself stripping like a madman oblivious to who might have seen him or wondered what he was doing. It’s near twilight and it’ll be cooling off soon. He dons the cargo shorts he was wearing and decides to gather up some wood for a fire and bring the blanket and lighter he keeps for emergencies from the trunk of his car.

The first stars of the night appear in the sky and his interlude with the mermaid can’t begin soon enough. She has not yet emerged, but it won’t be much longer and the anticipation only serves to heighten the Captain’s amorous mood. As he sits quietly perched on a log, the fire he made is burning nicely in front of him, but the warmth of it pales in comparison to the feel of her against his body. The blanket is spread off to one side and lays empty, waiting. He casts a glance toward it and imagines the two of them precariously intertwined. The thought spreads a voracious kaçak iddaa desire through his loins. He glances over at the cave almost willing her to come out. His eyes turn back to the fire, and in his mind he relives his siren’s sweet kisses, her hands on his face, his hands on her breasts and the sound of her sighs as he nipped and suckled her. How was this nomad of the sea so fortunate to stumble across such a rare pearl?

Before he has time to contemplate his own thought, he feels a soft hand on his shoulder. She’s standing at his side, the turquoise tail now gone and replaced with long, shapely legs. He reaches out and runs his hand up her calf to her thigh and down again. He looks up at her and the want in her eyes is apparent. Her red hair spills across her bare shoulders dry now, but still setting her face aglow and making her look incredibly sexy against the backdrop of the night sky. The moon is out, full and round and creates the perfect ambiance for a mermaid and her lover. His hand continues to caress her beautiful leg and she moves in front of him and raises her foot up to the log giving him better reach. The Captain’s lips retrace the path of his hand and he kisses the inside of her knee and travels upward toward her supple thigh.

“It’s been so long,” she says.

“Yes it has,” he sighs as he continues kissing and caressing her leg. She runs her fingers through his hair and pulls gently. The cue is unmistakable and his cock leaps to attention in the confines of his shorts. He shifts trying to ease the strain and his teeth inadvertently graze the soft flesh of her inner thigh. She gasps at the feeling and the sound is an aphrodisiac all its own. He kisses and sucks at the tender skin wanting to hear her sweet pleasure once again. When it doesn’t come forth his hand moves up her other thigh and covers her sweet, soft, mound cupping its fleshiness and kneading it gently. A low groan sounds from within her filling his ears and provoking him to pleasure her further. He continues to touch her, his nimble fingers petting between her legs, feeling the luxuriousness of her downy lips and wanting desperately to delve inside her, but instead prolonging the anticipation for them both. He hears her almost purring as his fingers rub against her and she shifts to widen her stance for him.

With a simple half turn of his head the Captain is poised to partake of his sweet flower and like a hummingbird he dives in for a taste of her nectar. She’s divine. He takes her in, inhaling the scent of her, relishing the feminine taste of her on his tongue and listening to her breathe in short, choppy gasps as he probes and swirls at her sweet spot.

“Oh, Captain!” she cries out as his tongue juts rapidly at her apex making her juices trickle forth. The rhythm of his motions has her whole body taut and she thrusts herself forward encouraging him to take her over the edge.

“Oh, yes! Please, Captain…yessss!!” Her nails dig into the back of his shoulders and her body trembles and quakes as she explodes in an almost violent orgasm. He sucks and licks wildly as her passion spills outward for him. She pants and sighs as her body relaxes and waves of heat wash through her. He swoops her up in his arms and takes her to the blanket.

She’s lying on her back, her eyes glazed over with passion. Her breathing has slowed somewhat. The Captain, now naked, settles in on his side next to her and kisses her deeply, as though he wants to extract the very essence of her and keep it locked away inside himself. Her kisses are potent and they make him hungry for her in seconds. The time has finally come for him to take his beloved mermaid and make her his. He continues kissing her and rolls so that his body is above hers, the weight of him being braced by his knee. His other knee sweeps kaçak bahis her legs apart and he lowers his body on top of her. Her flesh is so soft and inviting underneath him and he can’t wait much longer to join with her. Another long kiss and then his lips leave hers and his hand steadies his cock and guides himself into the haven of her sex. She’s slippery wet and she envelops his cock easily, her lower lips closing around it as he eases himself inside.

The penetration is shocking to her and she gasps as she feels the long thickness of his cock opening her up and filling her. He moans as he watches the expression on her face and feels the heat of her body against his rigid cock. He pushes inward making his cock delve deeper into the sweet recess of her body. She moans and her legs wrap around his back angling her pelvis upward allowing him to bury himself to the hilt. He grinds against her and her inner muscle tightens squeezing him from within creating a tantalizing friction. His hips find their rhythm after only a few thrusts and in moments she’s rising up to meet him stroke for stroke, working in unison to build a tension that’s like a bow sawing across violin strings. The sweet music of her moans, the low octave of his groans and their friction create music so intense that their two bodies are pushed to their very limits.

He stops briefly to re-position her. She unwraps her legs and he spreads them wide apart holding her by the ankles. He’s kneeling between them and he can see his hard cock inside of her, and it thrills him to watch it pleasure her. He teases her, pumping into her slow and deep and she bites her lower lip as her head rolls from side to side against the blanket savoring the intimate feel of her Captain. She’s so wet and writhing with yearning. His grip tightens on her ankles and he spreads her open wide then thrusts deep and hard. She cries out with pleasure as he stuffs his cock all of the way in and then pulls half way out and rapidly bunny humps her for a few seconds. He releases her legs and then resumes a steady rhythm. The gestures of her face are strained and she’s panting as she takes his vigorous thrusts. She needs to come and so does he.

Again he stops to re-position her, this time on her side. He lies behind her and enters her from behind. She’s soaking wet and he slides in far on the first thrust. He reaches around her hip and his finger glides between her lower lips. He brushes against her clit and she draws in a raspy breath then coos as his finger rhythmically strokes her. Her body is taut, poised to burst at any moment and the feel of both his cock inside of her and his finger deliciously manipulating her button sends her over the edge. In seconds she’s clawing the blanket, panting wildly and her body trembles violently.

Oh, Yes!!…Yesss!! Yesss, oh Captain!! She cries out loud in a final crescendo, and her body seizes from the inside out with him buried inside of her.

He feels her tighten against his cock and her warm juices bathe his organ. It sends him into a frenzy. He pumps her hard and deep, his cock slamming into her from behind, the sound of his body slapping against her sweet ass and her “Oh’s” spurring him on to get to that place of no return. He feels her ass push back against him to drive him in farther and in three more thrusts he can’t hold back any longer.

Oh, oh baby! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cuuugh…A long deep groan sounds in this throat as his cock finally erupts with a load of creamy cum to fill her beautiful pussy. His back is beaded with sweat and he’s breathing hard. He feels the sweet sexual heat exuding from her body and as she relaxes he spoons her and holds her close. He kisses his precious mermaid’s shoulder and the back of her neck and…

A harsh buzz rudely interrupts him and makes him sit bolt upright. It’s 5 a.m. He looks around at the dim room and then falls backward on the bed. The Captain tugs in utter frustration at his wet shorts as he glares at the pillow he had been hugging.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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