A Cambridgeshire Summer Ch. 02

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Damian felt a player in his own surreal dream. Ten minutes earlier sleep had held him, but now he found his sister offering his erect penis to their aunt. It was a moment of confusion for Damian. His aunt’s unbidden entry to his bedroom, the revelation that she knew of his and Rebekah’s incestuous affair, the arrival of his sister on the scene, and the obvious conspiracy between aunt and niece… It was all too much to take in at once.

“Bekah, I…” He began.

“Damian, darling, let it go, baby.” His sister murmured softly. “I know this is a shock for you but believe me, you’re handling it much better than I did when Aunt Sissy told me she’d seen us. Now just relax and go with it. I want you to do this. It excites me.”

Cecilia paused, unsure about continuing, but her lust overwhelmed her reticence and she moved tentatively around the bed to join her niece.

“He’s so thick,” Cecilia enthused with her eyes inches from Damian’s stalk. “Oh god, I want it.”

Rebekah’s breath caught as she observed her aunt moving ever closer to Damian’s erection. The older woman was so close now and her lips so near…

“Jesus,” Rebekah whispered when finally her aunt’s tongue flicked like a serpent’s over Damian’s enlarged cock head. Rebekah’s hand moved between her thighs and she slid a finger through her sex. She brushed the nub of her clitoris while she stared at the scene of her aunt sucking Damian’s cock.

“Aunt Sissy…” Damian sighed, pushing his fingers into his aunt’s thick, dark hair. “That’s good, so good…”

Cecilia panted and groaned around her nephew’s shaft as she slavered and drooled with enthusiasm. She had him! She had him in her mouth and he tasted divine.

Rebekah’s fingers were still busy as she stood and kissed her brother. The passion flared molten between her legs.

“I love you,” she whispered to him. “I love you for sharing this with me.”

“Fuck,” Damian grunted. “This is so hot. You… You and Aunt Sissy…” He looked at his sister, wonder in his tone. “She’s sucking my cock.”

“Isn’t she just,” Rebekah smiled. “I think I’ll go down and join her.”

Cecilia felt her niece at her side and watched the girl while keeping Damian’s root firmly between her lips. Eventually, reluctantly, she allowed the younger woman to take control of Damian’s cock and then watched Rebekah sucking while she slid out of her diaphanous negligee. When she was completely bare Cecilia returned to the young couple, massaging her breasts and exciting the teats to stiffness such as she’d not experienced for a long time. With her nipples aching and her sex clenching in arousal Cecilia lay on the bed and spread her thighs. She let her fingers linger at the unaccustomed silk of her freshly smooth mons and gave a snicker of wicked delight as she parted the gooey folds of her labia. She fingered her opening, content now to watch Rebekah arousing her brother with her tongue.

“You two are so beautiful,” she sighed.

Rebekah turned her attention to her aunt. “You’re beautiful too,” she nodded in appreciation and then added, “Look at you, all shaven and smooth.”

“It feels so good, Rebekah,” Cecilia purred, arching her back as her fingers bumped against bahis firmaları her clitoris. “Thank you for suggesting I shave. It’s so…” Cecilia groped for the word, her expression glazed and distant. “…So liberating.”

“Lick her, Damian,” Rebekah pointed towards their supine aunt. “Taste her and then kiss me.”

“Holy shit,” Damian growled and shook his head. “This can’t be happening.” Nevertheless he lay between his aunt’s legs and then, eager as a spaniel, pushed his face into her vulva.

Cecilia hissed when she felt Damian’s hot breath against that intimate place; she sighed and then groaned when his tongue split her labia and found the scarlet core of her. “Oh dear god,” she groaned. “That feels divine… Damian, darling, please lick me…”

Damian gladly acquiesced; the earlier shock forgotten. He loved his sister dearly but this moment of wild lust and her apparent collusion with their aunt to engineer this illicit troika temporarily displaced that romantic love. He was aroused and wanted his aunt. Cecilia demanded to be licked and Damian was so overwhelmed by desire that he could only succumb to her wish.

Rebekah watched her brother as he tongued Cecilia’s opening. She rubbed herself, her fingers quick and busy around and around the lips of her sex. The shocks of pleasure pulsed through her body and caused the girl to sob aloud at the intensity of her bliss.

“Kiss me, Damian,” she urged and tugged at her brother’s shoulder. “I want you to kiss me.”

Damian scrabbled to his knees and took hold of Rebekah’s face. He stared into her eyes for a moment and then, recognising the love, kissed his sister gently. Rebekah opened her mouth and lightly sucked her brother’s tongue, sharing the warmth of the kiss while her fingers continued their lazy circles against her sex.

From the bed Cecilia watched the pair kiss. I want him to kiss me like that, she thought. I want him to kiss me as he spears me with that divine specimen of a cock. Cecilia put voice to her thoughts: “Damian,” she called, “come and put that thing inside me. It’s time to fuck your Aunt Cecilia. Come to me.”

Damian looked towards his aunt. A frisson of lust tingled when he saw her lying on the bed, thighs wide, fingertips holding the lips apart in lewd invitation, and with such a look of undiluted desire in her expression. He glanced at his sister who nodded consent.

“Go to her,” Rebekah whispered. “Go and give her what she wants.”

“I love you,” Damian murmured, suddenly unsure.

“And I love you. Now go and get Aunt Sissy. Show her what a stud you are.”

“God yes!” Cecilia cried when Damian nudged her opening with the blunt head of his cock. “Fuck,” she groaned as the first inches pushed inside.

The jealousy bubbled inside Rebekah as she watched her aunt accommodate Damian so enthusiastically. She gulped the feeling down, swallowing the copper taste and focussing instead on the scene in front of her. She studied her aunt’s expression as Damian began to thrust; each downward beat accompanied by a bestial grunt.

Cecilia’s mouth hung slack and her eyes remained tightly closed while at the same time digging her nails deep into her young lover’s back. kaçak iddaa Cecilia was lost in ecstasy at the sensation of being wholly filled by Damian’s generous girth.

The boy’s divine, she thought. He’s enormous, so thick and so fucking energetic. “Fuck me, Damian!” she wailed. “Fuck your aunt. I’m such a filthy bitch…”

“Jesus,” Rebekah groaned. “Talk nasty, Aunt Sissy,” she urged, “Make with the dirty talk. That turns me on.”

Cecilia’s eyes opened wide and she looked at her niece. The sight of the girl, so beautiful, so physically superb, and with her fingers moving in quick circles between her legs spurred Cecilia to pour a torrent of filth.

“Fuck me you glorious bastard,” she urged her nephew. “Stick that thing into my cunt, fuck my filthy cunt.”

The use of that obscenity, normally a taboo for the Englishwoman, sent a tremor of excitement through her; it proved to be the precursor of her inevitable climax.

“Aunt Sissy…” Damian groaned. “I don’t know if I can hold back…”

There was no need for concern. Cecilia was already tipping into the caldera. Lucid thought was gone, replaced by the eruption of sensations and feelings. The epicentre of all this emotion was the pulsing thing deep inside her body, the place inside her where Damian’s cock rubbed and butted relentlessly.

“It’s…” Cecilia gasped and then gulped, the remainder of whatever words she was about to utter choked by a grunt of brutish quality. Her hands turned to talons and her nails raked great, bloody trails along Damian’s back and flanks. Her eyes widened to frightening size and her expression altered several times in a matter of seconds. Fright, surprise, shock, and pure, unadulterated bliss all registered in that gamut of facial contortions. After the grunt there came a series of squeals and groans as her orgasm bubbled and boiled until, finally, Cecilia lay panting; spent and drained beneath her nephew who was gazing down at her in wonder.

“Are you OK?” Damian asked, genuinely concerned for his aunt.

“God yes,” she replied, panting. “I’m better than OK. That was simply the best I’ve felt in some time.” Cecilia reached up to Damian’s face and pulled him on top of her body. “Thank you, you sweet man,” she murmured and kissed him tenderly.

Another wail rent the air and caused both aunt and nephew to look towards Rebekah seated in the chair adjacent to the bed. Both legs were hooked over the arms of the chair leaving Rebekah’s vulva exposed. She writhed in ecstasy as she climaxed against three of her fingers buried knuckle deep in the sluice of her opening. Rebekah was also fingering the bud of her clitoris with her other hand as she grunted and groaned, her head thrashing from side to side, and her jaw clamped shut.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…” she squealed. “That was so hot. Oh. My. God.” Eventually she calmed, but her eyes shone with residual lust and excitement. “Put it in me, Damian,” she gurgled. “Come and fuck me.” Rebekah lifted herself from the chair with quick grace. She slapped the palms of her hands against a wall and pushed her rear out in invitation. “From behind, baby,” she offered and wiggled her hips from side to side. Rebekah looked back over her shoulder kaçak bahis and with a coquettish expression taunted her brother. “Come and get me,” she pouted, you know you love fucking me like this.”

Damian left his aunt and stood behind his sister. She was right, he did love fucking her from behind. He adored the sight of her tight waist where it swelled out into the curve of her hips; the sensation of her taut skin beneath his fingertips and the springy texture of the muscles in her thighs as he ran his fingers around her body and legs excited the boy beyond measure. Taking his sister from the rear made Damian feel that he was a Leviathan; he felt so powerful, so in control. He heard his sister give that familiar groan as he slid into her body. She was so aroused he met little resistance as he pushed; his sister’s oily essence allowed Damian to glide into her body in one easy stroke. Damian was in no longer in tender mood; he adored his sister completely, but this was one occasion when he felt anything but gentle. He was in a rutting frenzy now and was desperate to ease the burning desire. Nothing more than pouring his seed into his sister would quell his lust.

Rebekah gave silent thanks for her arousal when she felt her brother ram into her without ceremony. She realised that he was on the verge of orgasm and that he would be rough with her. Rebekah enjoyed the rare times when her brother was so close to letting himself go. To have her brother so near to losing control excited her. He was normally such a tender lover that the change in him was shocking.

“Come on you bastard,” she urged. “Pump your big sister with that nasty, thick cock. Tear my pussy up with it.” Rebekah pushed herself back against Damian’s insistent thrusting. She craned her neck to look back at him and goaded him further. “Come on. You fucked her until she came; now it’s my turn. Make me come, fuck me till I piss come.”

Damian grabbed his sister’s buttocks and dug his cruel fingers into the flesh. “You feel so sweet, Bekah,” he groaned. “You’re so hot around my cock… Oh fuck…”

“Is he doing it?” Cecilia had come to stand next to the couple and asked the question wide-eyed and fascinated. “Is he coming?”

“Yes,” Rebekah groaned, “I can feel his cock twitching. I can feel the spurts inside me.”

Damian grunted down through the depths of his climax. He thrust deeper into his sister with each spurt, lifting the girl onto tiptoe each time he bumped against her.

“Dear Lord…” Cecilia murmured, “I’ve never… This is…” The woman was lost for words. She needed to time to assimilate what she’d just witnessed. She had just participated in an incestuous ménage a trois — more than participated; she had in fact instigated the whole scene. Then she witnessed something she’d never encountered before. It was an act that was beyond her experience, but one that she would very soon partake in.

Cecilia watched in slack-jawed astonishment when her niece pushed Damian away from herself, squatted in front of the boy, and took his still dripping penis between her lips. “Rebekah…” she whispered when she realised that the girl was sucking her own and her aunt’s goo from Damian’s shaft — not to mention the boy’s semen as it leaked from the eye of his cock.

The summer stretched before her. She had another ten days to enjoy these two beautiful creatures. Cecilia smiled as the slide of desire trickled from her body.

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