A California Stop Pt. 01-02

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Author’s Note: Although Part 1 has been published, Part 2 should have been published at the same time. Part 1 has been ‘improved’ a tad as I added Part 2 to it. Parts 3, 4, & 5 are being published simultaneously.

I hope you enjoy.


She was ready. No, scratch that; Jessie was hornier than…. well, she couldn’t remember the last time she was this wanton. For years, she rode the wave of erotic pleasures with whomever she fancied, whenever she fancied. But for these last three weeks, her only outlet was self- pleasure.

Why the sudden change? Her name was Angela Mendez, a city court judge that slapped a two-month house confinement on Jessie. For what you ask? For a string of unpaid parking tickets, a moving violation, and an attitude.

It seems Jessie’s demeanor toward things didn’t align with Judge Mendez’s view of things.

Jessie was pulled over for making a ‘California’ stop at an intersection. She WAS in a hurry as she was already late for an appointment. Nothing was coming her way, so she coasted into the turn. She saw the police car when it was too late.

She pulled over the moment she saw the lights, hoping it may speed things up a bit. But the cop was taking his good old time. He seemed to be in no hurry to get out of his car. He was just sitting there. This was really irritating her.

What she didn’t realize was the officer was running a check on her license plate, and the system was blowing up with unpaid ticket after unpaid ticket. When he approached the driver’s window of Jessie’s car, she was in no mood for the routine, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

She is still kicking herself for saying, “Because you’re an asshole?”

Three hours later, she was released from the local precinct station with a moving violation, a claim check to get her car from the towing company; and a summons for a court date with a Judge Mendez for the parking ticket issue. Getting her car cost $150 on top of the of the Uber, and she missed her appointment, which was sure to cause an issue with her boss.

Jumping forward 10 days…. Jessie was standing in front of Judge Angela Mendez. Maybe it was the way she peered down at her, but she reminded Jess of a pompous bitch. Things got bad in a hurry.

“How do you ignore ticket after ticket? You have citations that are over two years old?” She was fuming.

When Jessie said, in a somewhat sarcastic manner, “I thought they just went away after a year,” Mendez exploded.

“You thought…you really thought? I don’t think so. I order you to pay all the outstanding tickets, their penalties, along with your current moving violation before leaving court today.”

The coup de grâce came when Jess mumbled, “Jesus Christ.”

Mendez jumped out of her chair and nearly over the bench as she screamed, “And I order 60 days of Home Confinement for use of profanity in MY courtroom. Maybe that will help you change your attitude young lady. Bailiff, make sure she gets an ankle bracelet and explain the rules. I’m done with her.”

The Judge pounded the gavel and stormed out of the court room.

That was three weeks ago, and Jessie was no more a changed woman than the Pope was ready to convert religions. She was able to go to work and do weekly grocery shopping, but every move she made was monitored. She was not allowed any social time outside of her house, or any visitors.

She was going nuts.

Jess was able to communicate with two of her friends clandestinely: Nicole—her best friend, and Richard—her dinner club partner. They were the ones who knew how to avoid the trackable social outlets. Both Nicole and Richard were into kink, so Jessie could openly tell them how horny she was.

Ironically, Jessie’s home confinement slammed the door on Richard’s sexual pleasure as well.

Although they were not partners in the traditional sense, Jessie was Richard’s exclusive controlling partner in all carnal endeavors. They had known each other for a couple of years. When they met, Richard was involved with Abigail, a mutual friend of Jessie’s.

Quite often Jessie would stop at Abigail’s apartment when Richard was there, and she was always welcomed to share the wine and delicacies he prepared for Abigail and himself. Jessie was a lover of good victuals and was an accomplished culinary artist as well. The three of them enjoyed one another socially, and more often than not, their conversation turned bawdy—especially after a few glasses.

Richard always suspected there was more to Jessie’s and Abigail’s relationship from the way they looked at one another, how touchy-feely they were, and how their good-bye kisses lingered just a bit too long.

Abigail finally confirmed his suspicions, but in a most unique manner. It was to be a typical evening get together for them. As usual, Richard prepared a few items at his place and brought them to Abigail’s, along with a few bottles of champagne.

Meanwhile…. Abigail had dressed provocatively. Her mind swam with erotic ideas about the evening. It started izmir escort bayan with the greeting she gave Richard at the front door. Her glossy lips engulfed him, leaving red streaks over his lips while her tongue invaded his mouth.

Breaking from her salacious hello, she looked into his eyes saying, “Tonight is going to be a special night in our relationship.” A wicked smile formed on her lips as she stepped back from the entrance, allowing him to enter. This was the first real opportunity Richard had to drink in Abigail’s total look.

Her eye makeup was a smoky blend of dark greys and fuchsia, making her blue eyes glimmer with lust. The gloss on her lips was a very bright red, providing extra intensity to her blonde hair. Abigail’s outfit was stunning.

A cashmere sweater, golden-rod in color, clung and plunged seductively into Abigail’s luscious breasts. Richard eyes caught the lacy top of her bra, an exact color match to her sweater. His head was filled with impure thoughts.

Abigail’s skirt was jet black and pleated. It hugged her waist sensuously, looking spectacular in contrast to the tucked in sweater. The bottom of the skirt flared to mid-thigh where her long jet-black, nylon clad legs flowed sensually into black stiletto heels.

“You look absolutely stunning.” Richard had never seen her look this way before. Abigail was a beautiful woman, but today she took her look to another level.

They moved into the kitchen and Richard placed his bags on the island. He went for a paper towel to wipe the gloss from his lips and mouth, but Abigail stopped him.

“Don’t,” she said before he could wipe. “It looks so hot to see my lip prints on your skin.”

Richard smiled as he unpacked, thinking about other spots he’d love to see her lip prints. Abigail retrieved three champagne flutes. Placing them on the island as he worked the champagne cage and cork, she informed him that Jessie would be joining them for the evening.

Abigail moved behind Richard pressing her torso against his back while tightly wrapping her arms around his waist. “Jessica stopped over earlier and I invited her to stay for the evening.”

She paused briefly, then added, “Richard, I need to share with you.” “What I want to share with you is Jessie.”

Those words caused a series of chain reactions in Richard: the cork popped; his cock began to thicken; and his hands trembled slightly as he began pouring the bubbly.

Continuing her revelation, Abigail added, “Right now she is in my bedroom preparing for the evening.” Abigail’s hands moved to his belt and began undoing its buckle. “You may have wondered if there was anything more than friendship between us…. there is.” .

“We’ve been lovers for a while, but not in the way most people are lovers. You see, Jessie is very kinky and controlling. I love the way she makes me do naughty things.” With the buckle unfastened along with the button to his slacks, her fingers moved to his zipper.

“Naughty things like what I am doing now.” The zipper was now completely down, and Abigail’s hands were moving into his slacks. “You see, Jessica fancies you as much as I do. I tell her everything…. about your cock and how hard it gets.” One hand groped his growing member through his briefs, while her other hand moved down the back of his slacks onto his covered ass.

“She has heard in great detail just how talented you are at licking my pussy and worshiping my asshole. It just so happens they are two of Jess’s favorite activities as well. And every time I tell her about us, she gets so wet and does even dirty things to me.” Richard’s slacks were slipping down his legs as Abigail continued massaging his cock and began pressing her finger against his asshole.

“She is to the point where she has to find out for herself. We decided tonight was the right time. From what your cock is telling me, tonight is indeed the right time.”

Abigail purred as Richard’s shaft began to throb against her palm, “Richard, tonight you are going to our slut.”

Richard moaned something incoherent as Abigail squeezed his pulsing shaft.

Abigail turned Richard towards her; his pants were now below his knees. “Jessie will be joining us shortly, but she did tell me she wants you rock hard.” She gazed into his eyes and saw a look of confused lust. With one hand still massaging his shaft, she used the other to gently pull his face towards hers.

Again, her mouth took his. This time her kiss was wanton and deep. Abigail’s intent was obvious. Richard wrapped his arms around her, signaling his complete surrender to her passion. His tongue met hers in a dance of pure sexual hunger.

Pulling away, Abigail gave him a smoky look saying, “Jessica doesn’t like being disappointed. If she wants you rock hard, I better make sure you are.”

Slipping to her knees before Richard, she pulled his shorts down, exposing his throbbing cock. Abigail could see the glistening drops of pre-cum oozing from its head. Using the underside of a painted talon, she collected escort izmir it. Looking up into his eyes, she slowly sucked his juice from her finger.

Richard could only moan.

Abigail then reached down and quickly removed his shoes, socks, as well as his slacks and shorts. She wanted his legs spread so she could have access to his entire area. Once he was completely exposed from the waist down, Abigail grabbed what she wanted.

Looking into Richard’s eyes, she took hold of his shaft and guided it between her glossy lips. This wasn’t the first time Abigail pleased him orally, but there was something so lewd, so wanton, in the way she was taking him now. When Abigail pulled his cock back out of her mouth, Richard could clearly see her smeared red gloss adorning it.

It was incredibly erotic. He was mesmerized as he watched Abigail worship his hardness; their eyes glued to one another. She was licking the underside of his shaft; swirling her tongue over his cock head, shoving his entire member into her mouth and down her throat.

Every time he pulled it out, she purred while stroking her phlegm over his shaft and onto his exposed balls. Abigail’s intense want was sending Richard to the edge. He would have cum right then and there had it not been for Jessica’s entrance.

“Well, I see there are at least two people enjoying themselves.” Her tone was not playful.

Richard broke his gaze from Abigail. Jessica was standing in the kitchen doorway; her hands on her hips, legs shoulder width apart, and the look on her face said ‘you naughty people.’

Jessica looked stunning dressed a red, form fitting, latex bodysuit. It went from her ankles to her neck with the sleeves running from wrist to wrist. Red zippers and snaps were strategically placed over Jessica’s intimate areas.

Red, open toed, 6-inch heels, gave her a towering look. The red polish on Jessica’s toes matched her fingers nails as well as her lips. Her green eyes were intimidating with the deep black mascara on her lashes and dark pink shadow on her eyelids. Jessica’s blonde tresses were pulled back but swept freely on her shoulders.

Although a picture of statuesque beauty, the black leather riding crop in her right hand sent a message of control. Richard stood dazed before this dominant Goddess. Slowly stepping forward, Jessica spoke to both in a controlling tone.

“Dearest Abigail, I told you I wanted Richard rock hard, I didn’t tell you to consume our pet.” She gently tapped Abigail on her hips with the crop before turning her attention to Richard.

“Richard, you must forgive our Abigail. I had her bound all afternoon, and edged her over and over without allowing her to release. I guess our little whore is a bit needy.”

Abigail moved away from Richard and rose, moving behind Jessica to allow her total access to their pet.

Using her riding crop, Jessica flipped the leather flap over and under his hardened shaft, pushing it in different directions for her inspection. Talking to no one in particular, she analyzed the cock before her, “It could be a little longer, but not bad; not too thick, but ample; very hard, the way I like it.”

Jessica moved her gaze from Richard’s cock to his eyes. “I believe there is champagne? Richard, please serve us.”

Turning back to Abigail, “Come my pet.” Making their way into the adjacent room, Jessica added, “And Richard, lose the shirt. You won’t be needing it the rest of the night.”

Jessica took her place on the large leather ‘throne like’ arm chair. Abigail sat by her legs. When Richard entered, now naked, with their champagne, Jessica was softly stroking Abigail’s hair. Seeing them in this setting made his cock twitch. As her served them, both noticed his hardness and gave one another a knowing glance.

Richard politely took a step back and asked, “May I join you as well?”

He could tell this pleased both Abigail and Jessica. Abigail looked at Jessica making a submissive gesture as if to say, “Can he join us?” Jessica smiled, giving her approval, “But of course, Richard. How dutiful of you to ask. And you may as well bring the rest of the bottle and make sure the others are chilling. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long evening.”

When he returned, Richard was told to sit comfortably on the floor in front of them.

“Richard, as you can surmise, Abigail and I have a rather different relationship. We are not traditional lovers, but rather lovers of kink and perversions, the darker the better. Our preference in partners is not gender based; rather it is based in the eroticism found in the taboo.”

Abigail lifted her head towards Jessica and whispered, “Richard’s cock seems to be getting harder.” And so it was.

Continuing, Jessica added, “All genders have their pluses, but women dominated play and relationships, are much kinkier and more fulfilling.”

Richard made a mental note that Jessica did not say that all genders also have negatives.

“Abigail adores you, as do I. We want to bring you into our erotic izmir escort lifestyle. But we need to know if you can accept Abigail, as well me, as partners in non-monogamous, women-led relationships?”

Pausing for a sip of champagne, Jessica gauged Richard’s body language along with the status of his cock. Both were responding positively.

“Being naked before us; serving us; and asking for permission to join us; tells us you should fit well into our lifestyle and circle of friends. Tonight, we will be adding new dimensions to your relationship with Abigail. It will also be our beginning. However, there is one sign of affirmation we need from you before we begin.”

Jessica purposefully crossed her legs, dangling her stiletto clad foot in front of Richard.

Needing no additional encouragement, Richard moved to all fours, lowered his head to Jessica’s extended foot and gently placed a kiss upon it. He then turned his body towards Abigail, crawled to her feet, and gently kissed her feet as well. Abigail stroked his hair in acknowledgment.

“Very good, Richard,” Jessica said with a knowing smile as he moved back to his original spot. “We never thought for an instant you wouldn’t want to join us. Now, did you know Abigail loves to be controlled and humiliated, and one of her biggest turn-ons is to be spanked?”

Richard shook his head ‘No’ while the ladies took another little sip.

“Well, allow me to show you.” Without looking at her, Jessica commanded, “Abigail, remove all of your clothing and then kneel before me with your ass facing Richard and your arms extended and face on the floor towards me.”

While she disrobed, Jessica explained a few more of Abigail’s kinks. She described how she loved to be bound; to have her nipples pulled, twisted, and clamped; how she craved to have something shoved into her ass and vagina; and both at the same time. Jessica also shared what a power rush it was for her to be in complete control and how much it turned her on.

Richard was having a difficult time concentrating solely on Jessica’s story while Abigail was getting naked. Her body was magnificent and the way it looked in the goldenrod push-up bra and panties, almost made him want for her to keep them on. That thought vanished as she assumed the position exposing her pink bud and bald, glistening vagina.

Jessica stood and moved next to Abigail’s body, champagne still in hand. Crouching beside her, she took her free hand and gave each of Abigail’s ass cheeks a hard slap.

“I just love to make her ass red. Richard, look at her pussy. She how just two slaps has it leaking. Take your finger and slide it over her lips. Feel her lust.”

Richard moved into position behind her and let his index finger glide over Abigail’s outer lips. A slight muffled moan came from her buried face. Her cream was very thick, completely coating his finger.

“See what a slut she is.” Two more slaps cracked onto her cheeks, followed by a slight pause and then two more quick slaps. “Now Richard, I want you to rub that cream coated finger all over her ass bud; keep collecting her nectar and rubbing it in. “

Doing as instructed, he kept coating Abigail’s pink opening. While he massaged her entry, Jessica continued administrating slaps to her cheeks, which were reddening quickly. Each time he went for more of her cream, her vagina was wetter than before. It was obvious she was enjoying being used. What surprised Richard was Jessica’s next command.

“Now Richard, lick her asshole. Put your face between her cheeks and get your tongue into her ass as far as you can.” Her words made his cock jump. There was indeed something powerful in being commanded in such a way.

Jessica told Abigail to spread her legs so Richard could get between them. As they spread, the lips to her vagina opened, allowing copious amounts of her creamy nectar to seep from it. Similarly, Richard’s stiff cock was leaking its own nectar. Not only did he want to lick her asshole, but he wanted to lick and suck every drop of cream from Abigail…. little did he know.

Moving between her loins, Richard used his hands to spread Abigail’s red cheeks apart for better access to her nether hole. He started licking and sucking on it, but quickly learned it wasn’t to Jessica’s standards. Grabbing the hair on the back of his head, Jessica pushed it forcefully into Abigail’s ass.

“I told you to get your tongue as deep into her as possible. I want your tongue to push beyond the entrance. I want Abigail to clamp her ass shut on your tongue. That’s how deep I want it in there.”

Jessica was pushing and pulling Richard’s head against Abigail’s crack making it difficult for him to do anything at all.

“Get on you back Richard. Abigail, sit on his face so you can suck his cock, but don’t you dare. I want your sphincter on his tongue and fucking it. Grind it into your hole. I want you to watch his cock as it responds to your pleasure.”

Things were moving so fast. One moment Richard was erotically rubbing Abigail’s cream onto her asshole and now she was trying to fuck his tongue into her ass. Every time she ground onto him, juice from her vagina flooded his face. He was so turned on. Jessica was right, his cock was rock hard, leaking and throbbing.

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