A Big, Wet, Messy School Project

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This is my first story and I wasn’t sure what to put this story under so I used group sex but it also contains some material from other categories.


Me and Bethany were in her room working on our project. We were alone in her house when we finished the presentation. It had taken less time than either of us had thought it would so we had quite a few hours left to kill and nothing to do.

I decided that I would help her have some fun and loosen up in more ways than one. I playfully poked her in the side experimentally. She jabbed me back in my side and soon we found ourselves lying on her bed with her on top of my body. She sat up and was about to remove her beautiful body from on top of mine.

Knowing I didn’t want this to happen I leaned up and kissed her perfect lips. It seemed to have caught her by surprise but she pulled back after a moment or two of hesitation. I decided that I had to continue with what I had started.

She had gotten off of me and was now sitting beside me on her bed silently. With the fact that she hadn’t left the room or told me to do so I pushed her down flat on the bed and moved her hands above her head. I pulled her shirt up and threw it on the floor. Then, I unfastened her Jeans and pulled them off her legs and onto her floor.

When I start to remove her thin pink panties, she starts to resist but I am too far in to stop so I tell her “I can’t stop now Bethany I have to fuck you.”

“Okay, but can I have someone help me learn,” she said back “how about Alicia?” she finished.

“Yeah,” I answered “that little slut will know all the tricks, call her over here.” I left her in only her bra and panties and we waited for the little slut Alicia to help Bethany become my perfect bitch.

Soon, Alicia was there and we got back in the bedroom to have some fun. Alicia has me remove the rest of Bethany’s cloths and I now have her completely naked. Without her cloths on she looks a thousand times more beautiful with the perfect figure. Alicia also had taken of her own cloths and is now lying on the bed. Her body is also attractive in a more sexually obvious way like she is constantly begging to get fucked. She tells Bethany to watch first as I fuck her.

Bethany sits on the bed and I pull out my dick. As I do so both the girl’s eyes widen slightly, Bethany in awe at seeing her first penis, and Alicia in impressed excitement for the biggest cock she has ever had. I spit on her pussy to make sure she is nice and lubed up which she explains to Bethany. I then tease her by rubbing my dick head around her pussy wanting to hear her beg. Soon my goal is achieved and she is shaking with anticipation and begging to have my cock inside of her so I give her what she wants and thrust my cock deep inside bahis firmaları of her, a small moan escapes her lips as well as one from Bethany.

As I continue to pound her sweet V she moans louder and comes close to screaming with pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Bethany start to pleasure herself and a smile forms on my face. Then Alicia notices this and says “STOP” so suddenly that I think she means me so I pull my dick out with a subtle sucking pop and she looks back at me with a look of disappointment that makes me realize she meant Bethany needed to stop masturbating. Bethany looks confused so Alicia says “She must only do what she is told by her daddy, that’s you.” she continues saying “When she does something without instruction, like pleasuring herself just now, you must punish her.”

she makes Bethany bend over my knees and a give her a few swift slaps on her ass, when I’m done punishing her Alicia gets close to her face and says “Thank your daddy for your punishment.” Bethany does so and then Alicia has her lay down on the bed and I spit, covering her lower lips with my saliva, and without waiting like I did with Alicia I immediately shove my dick inside her and she squeals with delight. She is so much tighter than Alicia was, her vagina stretched lose with use but Bethany’s still tight with the elasticity of a virgin, my cock the first inside of her. I thrust faster and harder, soon she is dripping wet and Alicia tells me to stop but Bethany pushes me back inside her so Alicia slaps her face leaving a red hand print and I pull out.

“It’s time for some more fun,” Alicia says “You’re going to become your daddies little bitch.”

Both girls are now on their hands and knees facing the wall with their holes towards me. Again, Bethany is told to watch first as I go to town on Alicia doggy style.

I push her down so she has to lay with her head sideways on the bed while her ass remains up, level with my cock still wet from its time inside of her and Bethany. I grab her by the hips and start fucking her pussy. She tells Bethany to watch us closely then to me says “Grab my breasts. Use them to fuck me hard like I deserve.” so I move my hands to her breasts and use them to pull myself deeper inside her.

I let go of her breasts and wrap her long red hair around my hand giving a sharp tug and a small gasp of pain escapes her mouth bringing a smile to my lips. I pull her hair towards me making her lift her head and lock eyes with Bethany, shaking on the bed.

After a short time, she tells me to give Bethany a good time then leans close and whispers in my ear. “Surprise her with a little anal thrust just when she gets comfortable,” with that I pull Bethany in front of me and push her into the perfect position. I wrap her kaçak iddaa hair, long soft and brown, in my right hand and grab a tit, firm warm and large, in my other hand. I shove my cock in her pussy and she moans loud, soon she falls silent and Alicia nods at me. I suddenly pull out of her pussy and go in her ass, tighter even than her pussy, and she yells out in pain but I don’t stop.

Alicia whispers to Bethany and she moves her hand back rubbing her clit with two of her fingers. when Bethany’s juice flows out of her I pull out and Alicia moves forward sucking Bethany clean.

“Now we should do something,” I say, “together.”

“All three of us?” replied my bitch.

“Now you’re talking,” said Alicia “I know just what we should do.”

I’m on my back lying on the bed and Alicia and Bethany are whispering together to the side. Alicia comes over and asked me “You ready to get ridden by a true cowgirl?” I nod but stay silent thinking she is going to sit on my cock but then she pulls Bethany over and she crouches over my cock.

Alicia grabs me with a firm grasp, gives me a few strokes then lines my dick up with Bethany’s pussy and tells her to sit down. She lowers herself slowly but I am soon completely inside her. She sits still for a few moments with me inside her then Alicia tells her to go for a ride and she start bouncing up and down.

Alicia looks to me and tells me to take a breath then swings her leg over my chest and sits on my face. I feel my lips on hers and I stick out my tongue. A can still feel Bethany bouncing on my cock as I eat out Alicia’s pussy. Soon Alicia leans forward and without stopping eating her out I take a breath realizing just now that I wasn’t able to breath while under Alicia. I would have suffocated before I stopped slurping her tasty juices.

Now I can see Bethany again and her and Alicia are making out noisily and feeling each other’s breasts. Soon we are all winded and we fall off of each other breathing deeply to catch our breath.

Alicia starts to leave and I ask what she thinks she’s doing and she says she’s going to go home but I ask “Did I say you could leave?” When she starts to talk, I cut her off, “You must only do what your daddy tells you.” She falters again and I continue. “When you do something without instruction, I must punish you, and because you know the rules your punishment must be harsher.”

She turns around again to leave but I cross the distance between us in a few steps, grab her by the arm and spin her around to face me. I wrap my hand around her throat and push her up the wall off her feet. I hold her there, gasping and gagging trying to breath, until she is about to faint.

Just before her eyes close, I throw her onto the bed next to where Bethany had been sitting kaçak bahis silently. I look at her and smile from the look in her eyes, fear with a faint look of something else: maybe lust, respect, and awe. I see a rack of belts on Bethany’s closet door. I grab five of them and toss Bethany four of them telling her to tie Alicia to the bed.

Alicia struggles some at first but Bethany gives me a quick look and I nod. She then violently slaps Alicia on the face leaving a red handprint and Alicia becomes docile, lying still on the bed. Soon, Alicia is tied to the bed with her arms and legs spread.

I take hold of the last belt, a length of sleek black leather, and lash Alicia across her pussy. She flinches bet doesn’t yell out. I give her another lashing then another and another. Soon her face is glistening, wet with tears, and I whip her pussy one last time then motion to Bethany and she goes over to Alicia and kneels at the foot of the bed, with her mouth now at Alicia’s swollen red pussy. She starts soothing her with a long, moist tongue.

When Bethany has soothed Alicia’s pussy, I remind Alicia about her punishment. “That was only for trying to leave without permission the first time, now you need to be punished for trying again after I told you to stay.” I allow her to lie on the bed getting her pussy ate and wondering what will happen to her next as I take the belts of the bed posts.

When she is free from the bed, I tie her legs together and carry her to the side of the room where a beam is in the ceiling. I hang her from this using the belts on her arms so she can just stand if she is on her toes. Bethany kneels on the bed and stays silent. I get up close to Alicia and give her a long wet sloppy kiss making her breathless.

I move down her body leaving a trail of kisses until I have my mouth on her tits. I find her hard nipples with my tongue and nibble on each with my teeth. I continue my trail down her body till my mouth is at her pussy and I bite her lips and labia. Then I stand up and shove a pole deep into her ass until she yelps with pain, leaving it inside her I wrap the belt around her throat and fuck her pussy until she squirts.

When she comes Bethany jumps off the bed and catches the juice in her mouth. I take my dick out of her pussy and undo the belt around her throat then slowly pull the pole out of her ass.

“Now,” I say “are you going to behave?”

“Yes,” she says between deep breaths “I’ll be good daddy, I promise.”

With that I take her down from the ceiling and Bethany helps her to the bed where the both fall asleep immediately.

I smile to myself as a look at my two little sluts knowing that they are mine and mine alone to do with what I want. I get in bed with them, pull a sheet over us, give both of them a kiss and I fall asleep with one hand rubbing Bethany’s pussy and the other rubbing Alicia’s.


Thanks for reading. If you like this I may right more chapters. I have plenty of ideas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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