A Bet’s a Bet

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I take my daughter to a dance class each week. Her teacher is Nicky and I have to admit I have always had a thing for her although as a married man I never intended on acting on my desires. What is more I always thought the fit and bubbly dance instructor was way out of my league.

Standing about 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighing around 110 pounds, Nicky is 30-years-old. She has long, brown hair that is rarely not tied back in a ponytail while one of her most outstanding features is her dazzling bright blue eyes.

Full of energy and enthusiasm as befits her job, she has an athletic but not overly muscular build and a liking for wearing figure hugging clothes. Often when attending my daughter’s shows I have to concede my glance does linger on Nicky’s shapely form sometimes a lot more than what is happening on stage.

One evening after I had returned home with my daughter after her dance class I realised we had left her sweater behind. She too had noticed and, as it was her favourite, she begged me to return to the dance studio and get it.

The studio was only a mile or so away and I’m a soft touch for my daughter so I agreed. Leaving my daughter to get ready for bed under her mother’s supervision I drove the short distance to the studio.

As I looked through the glass in the door leading to the studio I saw Nicky going through a series of stretches. I watched transfixed as she contorted her beautiful body into various positions and as I did so my dick began to twitch and harden.

Snapping myself out of it but still unable to avert my gaze, I reached for the door handle, turned it and silently crept into the studio not wanting to disturb Nicky.

Her back was to the entrance and she continued her limbering routine as I quickly and quietly made my way across the room. She bent over to touch her toes and held the position as I arrived within feet of her. “Hi there. Enjoying the show?” she said.

Her sudden remark startled me. “No…I mean yes…I mean no,” I mumbled. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt,” I said regaining some of my composure. “My daughter left her sweater behind.”

Nicky stood up and faced me. Grinning she said, “Oh ok. Is it that one?” She pointed towards a bench where the sweater was neatly sitting.

“Yes that’s it. I will get it and leave you to finish your workout in peace.”

She replied, “Stay if you like. I enjoy an audience.” She giggled and resumed her stretching.

“Was she flirting with me?” I wondered. “Surely not.” My dick twitched in my shorts again. I picked up the sweater and made for the door.

“I’ve seen you looking at me before you know,” Nicky said stopping me in my tracks. I mumbled an inaudible protest at that suggestion. “It’s ok. I really don’t mind,” she said. “Do you like games?” she asked.

Without thinking I nodded as she walked towards me. Standing only a foot or so away with sweat dripping off her golden brown skin she smiled seductively and said, “Me too. How about we play one right now?”

Again I nodded not knowing what to say and what would come next. “Great,” she said with a beaming smile. “You know the dance school is always short of money for equipment?” she enquired. I nodded. “Well what we will do is play a game and each time I win you donate 50 dollars to the equipment fund.”

Intrigued I said, “And if I win?”

She giggled once more. “Each time you win I’ll take of an item of clothing sound fair?”

My dick twitched yet again and, amazed by this proposition, I said: “Yes.” bahis firmaları She giggled and skipped off to fetch something from her kit bag returning with a pack of cards.

We both sat on a bench and she shuffled the deck. “Single highest card wins game ok? I’m not into slow games that you have to think about,” she said with a grin.

Still transfixed I nodded my agreement and she turned the deck of cards over between us. “You draw first,” she said.

I drew a two and she let out a laugh. “Typical,” I thought cursing my luck.

She drew a five and said, “That’ll be 50 dollars please.” Shaking my head in disappointment I reached into my back pocket and handed over the bill from my wallet.

“I’m not wearing much clothing you realise,” Nicky said coyly. I gulped and reached for the cards. This time I picked up a 10.

“That’s more like it,” I thought. She drew a three and tutted at her misfortune. It was now my turn to grin as Nicky stood up and quickly peeled off her bright yellow t-shirt to reveal a dark blue sports bra.

She sat back down and I picked up another card from the deck. A king. Sighing she drew a five and swung her legs round to remove her training shoes.

Neither of us spoke as I drew a jack. She followed with a nine. “So close,” I said in fake sympathy. Nicky curled up her nose half grinning and stood up.

She turned her back to me and moved her hands to the waistband of her black leggings. Turning slightly so she could see my reaction she tucked her thumbs into each side of the waistband and began to slip the clothing down.

She lowered the leggings to her feet revealing her bronzed and amazingly toned legs as she did. But what was more their absence revealed the golden rounded mounds of her perfect bubble butt which were separated by a tiny dark blue thong. I gasped. I’d often fantasised about her perky butt but now it was right there.

Casually Nicky stepped out of the leggings and threw them onto the bench. She sat down facing me again and I drew a king from the deck. “Come on,” she exclaimed in mock frustration as she picked up a two.

To my disappointment Nicky swung her legs round and took off her little white socks. Giggling she said, “They’re clothing too you know?”

Attempting to hide my disappointment I nodded and picked up my next card which was a six. She drew a nine and, eager to get on with the game, I handed her another 50. My hand was shaking as I gave Nicky the bill and she smiled sweetly and calmly said, “Thanks.”

Next I drew a seven and to my glee she only got a four. “Yes,” I yelped. Without replying she stood and reached behind her back to unhook her bra.

It made a quiet pinging sound as the clasp released and then Nicky slipped her arms out of the straps dropping the bra to the floor between us. Briefly her hands paused cupping her breasts before she took them away giving me my first glimpse of her tits. I’m no expert but I’d say her glorious globes were 34c and she obviously sunbathed topless as their colour matched the beautiful bronze tone of the rest of her body.

“Like what you see?” she asked. Again all I could do was nod.

Nicky sat back down on the bench again. Briefly taking my eyes from staring at her bare boobs I picked up a seven from the pack of cards. Looking straight at me her hand moved towards the deck and paused for a moment. “I hope it’s a good one,” she said as she turned the card over. It was a four!

Delighted but this time controlling my words I said, “bad luck.”

“Yeah kaçak iddaa right,” Nicky replied with a chuckle as she stood up once more. Turning away from me as she done had earlier she reached either side of her thong and started to slip it down her butt.

I watched as her tight butt hole appeared followed by her pussy lips. She slipped the clothing ever so slowly down her athletic legs stepping out of the tiny piece of material as it reached the floor. She bent down to pick it up and as she did so her pussy lips parted slightly. My dick twitched again.

“That’s it then. Game over,” she said her words snapping me out of my admiring trance. Dropping the thong onto the top of the pile of her crumpled clothes she turned to face me giving me my first look at her shaven pussy from the front. I gasped with excitement and Nicky grinned.

“Want to play on?” she asked.

Curious I replied: “What are the stakes? You’re out of clothes.”

Smiling she said, “If you win the next hand I will let you touch me.”

I gulped and muttered, “Ok but touch you where?”

“Anywhere and anyhow you want,” came the response which was just what I had hoped for.

Quickly I picked up the next card. It was an ace. She drew a queen. Not knowing what rules we were playing to I asked, “Are aces high or low?”

“High,” she replied and I almost leapt off the bench. Laughing at my obvious eagerness to claim my prize Nicky said, “It seems I’m all yours. Where do you want to start?”

Gasping and still not sure if this was really happening and, if it was, not certain she had meant what she said I paused. “Can you turn around please?” I asked.

Nicky chuckled, “You’re the boss and since you asked so politely of course I can.” She stood up and turned at which point I moved in.

I rubbed both my hands all over her butt culminating with gliding one finger over her butt hole and then her pussy. To my surprise and pleasure her pussy lips were slightly wet. My anxious dick twitched again.

“Enjoying yourself back there?” Nicky enquired. I did not answer and instead placed my finger at the entrance to her pussy.

“Can I?” I asked hopefully.

“No problem. You won fair and square,” came the reply. With that I pushed my trembling digit into Nicky’s ever mostioning pussy.

Her pussy felt warm and inviting. She bent forwards placing her hands on her knees and arching her back to allow my finger easier access to her mound.

I was just losing myself in the glorious moment when Nicky broke the silence again. “You want to put something else in there?” she asked.

Unsure if I had heard correctly I shyly replied, “What?”

Slightly puzzled sounding she said: “Your dick. Do you want to put your dick inside me?”

With all doubt gone in an instant I simply said, “yes.”

Quickly I pulled off my shorts and underwear. My dick was fully erect and pre-cum was dripping from the tip. With my hands I straightened her body up slightly. At the same time I put one of my feet between hers and kicked them apart.

Then after quickly rubbing my rock hard dick on the smooth, silky, golden brown skin of Nicky’s firm butt cheeks I slipped it into her pussy.

She let out a gasp as the tip touched her pussy lips and then the shaft began to enter her hole.

Nicky’s pussy felt warm and wet as I slid my dick further and further in until the whole shaft had disappeared into her. My balls touched her skin as the entire extent of my hard dick made it inside her kaçak bahis pussy. I stopped moving and paused to enjoy the feeling. It was better than I had imagined and I wanted to fully appreciate the wet, warm sensation.

Just as I was taking in the moment I was shocked as I felt Nicky’s hips move back and her pussy muscles flinch.

“Go on then. What are you waiting for? If you’re going to fuck me then fuck me,” she said.

Surprised but delighted by her apparent willingness to ‘seal the deal’ I began to thrust.

Slowly at first then picking up pace I thrust my dick in and out of Nicky’s ever mostioning pussy.

To my glee she began to softly moan with pleasure and I picked up the pace. The sound of her juices was now audible and I pounded harder and faster. Then suddenly her pussy muscles contracted and squeezed tightly around my shaft as she orgasmed.

Pussy juice flowed over my dick and out of her lips dripping onto the floor. I was thrilled that I had made her orgasm and I was not far off cumming myself but there was one last thing I wanted first.

I slid my dick out of her soaked pussy as Nicky continued to moan in post-orgasm pleasure. My dick twitched as if to protest at its removal from her pussy. I put my hand on the small of the dance teacher’s back and pushed her gently down a bit. Then I positioned my dick at her butt hole and pushed its tip inside.

Seemingly over her orgasm and for the first time apparently reluctant to let me do as I wanted Nicky said “no.”

Disappointed, I was about to pull out when Nicky spoke again, “Sorry. A bet’s a bet. I set to rules of our game and you won. Go on. Do it.”

Not needing a second invitation I pushed the tip of my dick deeper into Nicky’s butt hole and slipped my shaft, still soaked in her juices, down into her anus.

Again I paused to take in the feeling. It was even tighter and warmer than her pussy had been and my dick twitched one final time. I thrust my hips forwards and pumped my dick in and out of her ass hole. Giving herself totally to me Nicky groaned as I pounded her butt.

I could feel the cum making its way up my shaft and I thrust quicker until it was time. With one last thrust I plunged my dick into her as far as it would go and as my balls smacked against her butt cheeks I came.

Cum spurted out of my dick like never before. It fired out and kept cumming. I yelped in ecstasy as my creamy cum shot into her ass filling it with my juices.

Nicky squealed loudly, “You fucking came in my ass!” Her reprimand startled me but just as I was about to apologise she sighed playfully and said, “You certainly collect on your bets.”

I pulled my dick out of her and as it left, my thick, white cum started dripping out of her now gapped but still tight looking anus. Some of my cum joined her juices in a growing puddle on the floor while some trickled down her butt cheeks and onto her legs.

Still admiring the sight in front of me I pulled up my underwear and shorts. Standing up and heading towards her kit bag Nicky smiled at me and said: “Thanks for the game.”

This time it was my turn to chuckle as I replied, “My pleasure.” She pulled a towel from her bag and began wiping off her pussy, butt and legs.

Regaining my composure I said, “See you when I drop my daughter off for class next week.”

I made for the door when Nicky called me back. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Turning around I saw her, still naked, holding my daughter’s sweater.

“Oh yes,” I replied. “I got distracted and forgot.”

She chuckled and handed it to me. “Bye then,” she said with a smile.

“See you next week,” I responded with an even bigger grin and with that I headed off from the studio.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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