A “Bad” Day: Day 04

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Greetings fans,

This chapter is a little darker than the past few have been. There is some violence and a few derogatory terms used for narrative. I apologize if their use offends anyone it was not my intention to offend but to offer a little bit more realism to my fictional world.

The themes are still Incest (light this time), Transsexual, Taboo, and a little bit of Lesbian tossed in. Everyone is at least eighteen years of age.

I woke up the next morning with butterflies in my stomach. Not only was I going to break things off with Josh but I was going to have my first private tutoring session with my teacher, Mrs. MacFarlane or Vanessa as I was now to call her. I smiled to myself when I called it a tutoring session. I really doubted that there would be any school work going on if our talk at her house was any indication.

I got out of bed and grabbed my robe. When I left to go to the bathroom, I paused when I opened the door. My run-in with my naked cum covered mother last night making me a bit cautious. Not seeing anyone, I walked to the bathroom to find the door closed and the shower running.

I knocked on the door, ” Mike you in there?”

” Yeah, be done in a minute,” I heard him call back.

I looked both ways down the hall, to see if mom was nearby. When I didn’t see her I went to open the door. It was locked!

“What the fuck, Mike,” I thought to myself.

I heard the shower turn off and a few minutes later the door opened. Mike stepped out wrapped in just a towel, he looked good but I was a little pissed at him for locking the door.

” OK, all yours… shit what did I do?” Mike asked when he saw the look on my face.

“Nothing, Nothing at all,” I said as I pushed past him and started to shut the door.

Mike stopped me, “OK I might not know a lot about women but I do know that “nothing” is code for ” you royally fucked up”, so what did I do?”

I glared at him, “you locked the door. I was going to slip in and maybe give you a ” thank you for being understanding” blowjob but you just had to lock the door.”

He sighed a little, not an exasperated sigh but one of relief, ” Big sis, if I had even thought of that I’d have left the damn door open.”

Before I could react he swept me up in his arms and gave me one of his toe-curling kisses.

When he broke the kiss I looked into his eyes, ” one of these days you are going to have to tell me where you learned to kiss like that.”

He chuckled, ” I would but you don’t want to know. Now get your sexy butt ready for school before mom comes up here and find us making out like horny teenagers.”

I kissed him again, just a quick kiss, “but Mike… we are horny teenagers.” we both started laughing as I pushed Mike out of the doorway and closed the door.

I came down to the kitchen a while later all ready for my day, well as ready as I can be for what the day held. I was a bit surprised when it was just mom and Mike sitting at the table.

“Where’s dad?” I asked while I was looking at the empty chair that he normally sat in.

Mom got up and got me my breakfast, ” he had to go in early. There was an early morning meeting with the clients for this job. They are an east coat company so they are a couple of hours ahead of us,” she set my plate in front of me, “He said to tell you to have a good day and we are going out for dinner tonight so be ready in something nice by the time he gets home.”

Mike and I both nodded, “Sure thing mom, I’ll let Mrs. MacFarlane know we’ll have to call it early tonight. I might have to make up the time next week though.” I said knowing full well that she would be more than happy to make me make up the time and then some.

Mike got up and bolted towards the door, ” Bye mom, got to run, team meeting before school. See you at lunch, sis. Love you both.”

Mom looked like she was going to laugh, “I wonder what got into him? He’s never said he loved us before and what are you seeing him at lunch for?”

I shrugged a little, “he’s going to hang around when I tell Josh that things are off, just as a precaution.”

Mom scowled a little, ” you think Josh might be dangerous?”

“No, no. I just want to be safe. It’s more for dad’s sake. He’s worried that Josh might get violent. He wanted me to tell Josh about me being Trans. Friday night just so he could deal with him if he did,” I studied the look on mom’s face as I told her this.

She smiled, “you father is a wonderful man and so clueless. Bringing a boy to meet your parents and dropping that bombshell on him in one night would have been a disaster. I can’t believe that you go to school with that boy and he doesn’t know.”

“I thought that too but you never know mom some people are clueless,” I giggled.

Mom started laughing. After a bit, she looked me with a serious face, ” Wendy, I am really sorry about last night.”

I rolled my eyes,” Mom for the last time, it’s OK. I’m not scarred for the rest of my days, I’m not freaked out. I’m fine,” I smiled at her. canlı bahis “You wouldn’t be this freaked out if I was born a girl. I am sure that by the time I got to my age I am sure that we would have seen each other naked plenty of times. Now when it comes you covered in dad’s stuff, it’s not the first time I have seen sperm as you might have noticed last night.”

Mom got up and came over to me and gave me a hug, “you are the best daughter I could have ever hoped for.”

She leaned in to kiss my cheek just as I turned to say something and our lips touched. I know I was caught off guard and it took a second at least for mom to notice what had happened. The look of shock coupled with the scarlet flush to her cheeks as the embarrassment set in made her look like she was going to pass out.

“Sweetie I am so sorry,” mom stammered out.

I rolled my eyes again and sighed, ” mom stop making big deal out of things. It was an accident.”

I got up and walked over to her, ” this is on purpose.” I cupped the side of her face and kissed her. My tongue parting her lips as she seemed to surrender to my kiss.

“Wendy… Wendy!” Mom said shaking my shoulder, “you need to get going or you’re going to be late.”

I blinked a couple of times, Mom was still blushing a little bit but I was still sitting at the table.

I got up and grabbed my purse and book bag, “S…sorry mom, see you tonight.”

I ran to my car and sat there for a few seconds to collect myself.

“What the fuck was that? Daydreaming about making out with my mother? This is getting out of hand,” I thought to myself on the drive to school.

I fell into the habit during classes not really thinking about anything till Senhora Francisca’s Portuguese I class, the class right before lunch. I was distracted thinking about what I was going to say to Josh. The more I thought the more nervous I got.

When the bell rang I gathered my stuff and ran into Mike in the hall.

Mike looked focused, ” you ready to do this?”

I nodded, not wanting to talk and show how nervous I was.

In the lunchroom, I went up to Josh, “Hey can I speak to you alone?”

He looked at me, “Hey Wendy, sure,” He looked at his buddies, ” keep my spot.”

I swear that the look on his face was smug.

I led Josh to a semi-deserted hallway, one that Mike and I had agreed on.

Josh looked around, never making eye contact with me, ” so what’s with all the secrecy?”

I took a deep breath, “Josh I heard something about you and I really think that I might have been hasty in inviting you to dinner. So I am uninviting you.”

Josh’s face took on a dark look, ” What the fuck did you hear, and who the fuck told you?”

I pulled back a little, “it’s doesn’t matter who told me about as for what I was told and got confirmed, you are a user. You use women till you get tired of them and then you throw them away like trash. I refuse to be trash.”

Josh moved towards me backing me against the wall, ” your tranny ass should be happy that I was going to use you like I did the other bitches in this shit hole school. No one else here would give you the time of fucking day let alone date you.” Josh grabbed my arm.” How about you and I forget all this happened and we go to my car and I get what you owe me.”

Josh started to pull me along with him when a hand grabbed him and someone stepped in front of him. I gathered my wits into time see not just Mike, who had stepped in front of Josh, but Rubén had his arm.

” Let my sister go you fuck,” Mike said.

I could hear some of the students around is talking and I am sure someone ran off for a teacher.

Josh looked at Mike and then Rubén. ” hey guys, Wendy and I were just going out to my car for some private time.”

” Yeah I heard what you planned you piece of shit,” Mike growled. “Now let her go and walk away.”

” Hey Wendy, tell then everything is OK,” Josh’s grip on my arm tightened for a second before his hand went loose and he grunted like he was in pain.

I was gently pushed away from Josh by Rubén as he stepped between us, ” I think it is time for you to walk away and leave the lady alone.”

By this time a small crowd had formed around us. I was looking around feeling really self-conscious as the crowd seemed to be looking at me. I was wondering where Josh’s friends were. We weren’t that far from the lunchroom. They had to have seen the gathering crowd by now.

Josh was getting a little louder now, I saw that Rubén had let go of his arm once I was free of him. I felt some hands on my shoulders that pulled me off to the side away from any action that might happen.

“Why are you protecting that… that… tranny? It’s not even a real woman. It’s just some dirty little faggot in a dress playing dress up,” I heard Josh half scream to Rubén.

I looked at Mike, he looked ready to kill Josh, his fists were balled up tight and there was hate in his eyes. I had to do something to stop this or he might do something that would be very very bahis siteleri bad.

I broke free of the hands trying to hold me back and crossed the short distance, ” Mike, Rubén,
this needs to end before…” and then I felt pain and saw stars.

I heard a collective gasp from the crowd and the shouting of Principle Evanson, I couldn’t make out what they were all saying but it was loud and angry sounding.
I heard Mike’s voice, it was really close to me. I tried to look around but things weren’t focusing very well.

“Mike? My head hurts,” I said when words started to make sense.

” Wendy, you’re going to be OK but you are going to have a bruise, can you see me?” I heard him ask

I opened my eyes and things were a bit blurry in my right eye and it hurt like hell, ” sort of, right eye is all blurry and it hurts to open it.”

I felt someone pick me up and I could see we were moving down the hall. When we passed the lunchroom I saw some of Mike’s teammates standing in front of Josh’s friends. I looked with my good eye and saw Mike carrying me. I think we were going towards the nurse’s office.

” What happened?” I asked him.

“When you tried to stop things from going to shit you walked right into Josh’s elbow as he was drawing back to punch Rubén. Principle Evanson got there right at that moment so she saw you hit the floor. She had a couple of the male teachers take Josh to her office and Mr. Bulle took Rubén to his office to keep them apart.” I saw him look at me. ” why did you try to stop us? We had it planned. Josh was going to throw the first punch and get caught.”

“You’d have killed him, I saw it in your eyes. Couldn’t let you get in trouble for my bad choices,” I half sobbed out.

I saw him crack a smile, “you silly girl a brothers job is to bail his sister out of trouble when she does dumb shit or worse when she likes dumb shit heads.”

I saw where Mike was taking me, the nurse’s office. The door was open already and the nurse was ready for us.

I could see a little better by this time and I noticed that instead of old nurse Swanson we had a good-looking young man. He was at least six-foot and looked like he worked out. His short brown hair and matching brown eyes made him look pretty hot.

“Lay her on the bed,” I heard the nurse say.

Mike gently set me down on the bed and then backed up to let the nurse have room.

“My name is Ben Eliot, can you tell me your name and age please?” he asked as he shined a light in my right eye.

” Wendy Peyton, and you shouldn’t ask a woman her age, it isn’t polite,” I tried to smile when I said that but moving my mouth to smile hurt.

I saw him pause and look at Mike, ” if she’s giving you shit she’s OK.” I heard him chuckle.

“Mike, you’re an asshole,” I said trying to sound mad. I am sure I failed at it.

Nurse Eliot went and got something and handed it to me when he returned, “put that on your eye. It will help with the swelling. You are going to have one heck of a black eye but there doesn’t seem to be any real damage.”

I was relieved, I could live with a black eye. I could hear Mike out in the hall talking to someone.

“Everything is fine, just a black eye. No, if you come down here it will only make things worse,” there was a long pause before he spoke again. ” Damn it, mom, just listen to me, OK? She is fine. There is nothing you can do. The police have been called. Let them handle it. Yes I know dad is calling you, I talked to him first. Love you too.”

Nurse Eliot looked at me a slight smile on his face, ” sounds like your mother is a force of nature.”

I smiled back as best I could, ” you have no idea. Be thankful you have Principle Evanson to run interference for you, mom has her own castrating scissors,” I chuckled.

I saw a worried look come over his face, ” that’s your mother? I thought those stories where fake to scare the new guy.”

Changing the subject he asked, “where did this bruise on your arm come from?” He was looking at the arm Josh had been gripping.

I looked at my arm. I saw definite fingerprints on my arm. ” When Josh was trying to drag me off to his car that’s where he grabbed me.”

Nurse Eliot sat next to me and started to ask me a ton of questions, the whole time writing my responses down.

I was answering the last of his questions when I heard Mike say, “Shit!”

I caught the look on his face,” is it, mom?”

“Worse, Abby,” he said with a tone that was deadly serious.

I saw him close the door, I was a little concerned at first but then I could hear them talking. Well, I could hear Abby mostly, since she was yelling.

Nurse Eliot looked at me, “sister?”

I smiled, “Worse, best friend. You’re safe.”

He smiled as the door opened and Abby and Mike walked in.

The look on Abby’s face was one of anger and sadness, “My poor baby, I promise I will cut that fuckers tiny dick off and force feed it to him. Are you OK?”

Nurse Eliot chimed in, ” she should be fine.”

Abby bahis şirketleri turned and glared at him, “did I ask you Mr. sexy guy? No, so why don’t you just shush.”

I started laughing at the look on his face. I doubt anyone had ever talked to him like that before at least not a woman.

“Abs, I’m fine, just a black eye and some bruises. Nothing that won’t heal. It was my own fault anyway I walked into his elbow.” I took her hand in mine, ” how did you find out?”

” Your mom called me,” she glared at Mike, ” said your dad and Mike wouldn’t let her come here to check up on you.”

I laughed, really laughed, “Babe you know that she just used you to do exactly what she would be doing if they had.” She looked at me kind of dumbfounded and I didn’t let up, “Now apologize to Mike, he’s been the one with a level head and he was right.”

She started to reply, “but…”

“No buts, unless it is my butt and mine in on this bed. Do it.” I admonished her.

” Yes dear,” she grumbled at me, ” Hey shit for brains… I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

“It’s OK you reject from the Twilight books.” he fired back, the first time I have ever seen him talk back to her.

About this time is when Principle Evanson walked in with who I assumed was a police officer.

“Oh Ms. Beverly, I wasn’t expecting to see you here.” She seemed a bit shocked.

Abby smiled, “I’m standing in for Wendy’s mom since she was told not to come by some people that won’t be named.”

“Ms. Peyton, this is Detective Jones. He’s here to take your statement.” Principle Evanson motion to the officer.

Detective Jones looked to be in his fifties, his salt and pepper hair was slightly balding. He looked like someones grandfather more than a police detective.

By the time I was done writing out my statement and answering questions the day was almost over. I sent Abby home with a promise that she could meet me at home after my tutoring session. I wasn’t really feeling all that sexy but at least I should let Vanessa know that I was still interested.

I wandered into her classroom right after the final bell had rung. She was helping another student so she didn’t see me walk in. I stood at the back of the room till the student left. I made sure the door was closed and made my way to her desk. She met me about half way taking me into her arms.

“I heard what happened and I wanted to run to you but I knew I couldn’t, Are you OK?” She was almost sobbing.

I caressed her cheek, ” I’m fine Vanessa. Just some bruises. I hope you understand that I’m not really in the mood for a tutoring session today.”

“I’d wonder what kind of weirdo you were if you had been,” she chuckled.

I gave her a soft kiss. It wasn’t meant to be sexy, just comforting. When our lips met it was like a jolt went to my girl cock. I pulled her to me tighter and let my tongue tease her lips before she parted them for me. Her hands slid down to my ass and gripped my cheeks firmly in her hands.

I broke our kiss, “Vanessa, I guess I’m in more of a mood than I thought.”

She smiled at me, “good.”

She slipped out of my arms and let me to her desk. She sat me in her chair and then sat on the desk right in front of me. She pulled the hem of her skirt up to expose her black, very sheer panties. I could see every detail of her practically exposed pussy.

“You left something unattended last night lover and I think you owe her a kiss,” Vanessa smiled down at me.

I blushed a little as I looked into her eyes, ” You know that I haven’t done this before, right?”

She took my face into her hands being very gentle with the right side of my face, ” I know lover, just try your best and we can work this out together. It’s not like I have had my pussy eaten before,” Then she leaned in and kissed me.

When we broke the kiss I looked at her again and smiled. Much like giving blowjobs everything I knew about eating pussy was gotten from porn. I admit I didn’t really pay attention to those parts as much as I had the blowjob scenes but until a couple of days ago I never thought I’d be with a woman.

I reached up and pulled her panties to the side and leaned my head in. I let my tongue touch her lips. The taste wasn’t bad. I then ran my tongue up and down between her outer lips. My nose was filled with the musky smell of her pussy.

I felt Vanessa put her hand on my head, ” yes lover that feels good.”

I continued to lick. Then I remembered from my Sex ed class that there was something called the clitoris. I pulled back, ” Vanessa, help me find your clitoris.”

She giggled at this. Then she put her hand between her legs and used her finger to point at a spot towards the top of her pussy, ” right here lover.”

I moved in again and started to lick the spot she had pointed out. At first, I think I missed it, because she wasn’t really reacting all that different, and then I found it. Suddenly her legs clamped tight around my head and I could hear the muffled moans. I thought I was doing something right so I kept licking that spot.

I’m not how long it was but she started to shake and then my face got wet. My face was trapped between her legs and I was sure now that she peed on me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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