A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 04

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Note: This story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

The A Baby Girl Is Born series is dedicated to my daddy…the man who knows me best, whose words make my hips wiggle, and who this baby girl was created for. For him I think and plan.

A Baby Girl Is Born: Breastfeeding Daddy

He was a local author and business owner, powerful, intelligent, and looking for a young woman to share his life and his bed. He had met hundreds of women and none of them were the right fit. He had a taste for the taboo daddy/daughter type relationship, but the modern emancipated women he’d met were not willing to play that role. They didn’t want to give over any power in a relationship. Until one day…

Previously in daddy’s bedroom…

His voice sensual and silky smooth, “Tell me again what you said when I told you I wanted to make your breasts full of milk so you could let daddy suck on those beautiful nipples while I bounced you on my cock. And asked you if you wanted that too?”

“I nodded my head yes daddy.” her pussy was heating up again.

He began teaching his baby girl what her daddy craved, “Let’s get you pregnant baby girl. I want your little pussy always full of daddy’s seed. And we are going to start practicing you feeding daddy with those luscious breasts daily. Daddy is very hungry and will need to feast on those sweet nipples several times a day for an extended period of time. And you will visit daddy at work every day for lunch to make sure he doesn’t miss a feeding. And daddy may have to feed on your sweet swollen bell too (as his thick fingers swirled around her aching clit) so it’ll be best if you just wear a wrap dress and nothing else. Do you understand me baby girl?”

“Yes daddy!” Her mind was swimming and her pussy was aching. My pussy is always going to be full of hot daddy cum and he’s going to be sucking on my breasts several times a day! She imagined herself sitting on his lap in an office while he sucked and tugged on her nipples and her lying back on his desk before him as he feasted on her little kitty.

He wants me pregnant and lactating for his hungry mouth. I’m going to be that baby girl in the book! “What if I don’t get pregnant daddy…what will we do?”

“Well, I’ve already thought about that too. There is a condition that happens with extended continuous stimulation to a woman’s nipples and areolas…it’s called induced lactation. This is a great way for us to have a deeper bond…to create more intimacy in our relationship. I love the thought of cuddling with my daughter while gently suckling on her sweet rosy nipples. So while we are waiting for daddy’s seed to take root in that tight sweet cunny of yours, we can start inducing your milk for daddy.” he purred in her ear as he began doing just that.

He pulled a pillow just under his head and positioned himself so he could lazily suckle on her breast. She looked into his eyes as he first kissed all over her breasts and then licked and played with her nipples till they became swollen sensitive nubs. Then he enveloped her entire areola and nipple deep into his mouth and began suckling gently.

She could feel that pull on her nipples and mewed, “Oh daddy…that feels so good.” She stroked his face with the pads of her warm pink fingers and sank her other hand into his hair securing his position.

He responded by groaning against her breast making her feel the vibrations from his deep vocal cords. “Ooooo daddy, you’re making my pussy tingle.” she cooed.

“Ummmm-hmmmmmmmmmm,” he mewed again with a devilish but satisfied glint in his in soft brown eyes as he continued to moan and groan his lust for her swollen nub.

This is still all so new to her and she can feel an orgasms coming on quickly just from his sucking on her nipples, “Daddy my pussy is dripping again and I think I’m gonna cum! OOOO…you’re gonna make me cum!”

“MMMMMMMMMMM” he groaned (almost growled) louder, latching on more firmly, making the vibrations tickle and tease her nipple all the more. All the while flicking, pulling, and squeezing her other nipple.

“Oh daddy…your mouth is soooooo hot!” he caught the nipple between his teeth and gently nibbled, “Ooooo…OH…OH YES! YES DAAAADDYYYYY!” Her body arched against his mouth as she came, shaking and quivering, her clit swollen and creamy wet, rubbing between her flushed pussy lips.

He continues to latch on to her breast as she rides out her orgasm, slowly and reluctantly releasing it from his hungry insistent mouth once her body calms down. “Oh baby girl…I love seeing you cum and daddy is so very pleased that he can make you cum just from playing with your nipples.” Grinning devilishly as a thought occurred to him, “I’m going to have so much fun making you cum when we’re out.” nuzzling and kissing her wet swollen nipple and winking at her.

“Soon you’ll be just like that daughter in the passage I had you read…bouncing up and down on daddy’s cock while feeding his hungry mouth. Mmm…I’m going to make you squirt so much baby girl.” he whispered bahis firmaları against her neck as he sat up and pulled her into his arms again.

“In time you won’t be cumming every time I suckle on you.” he continued brushing her hair away from her flushed face and behind her ear. “These times will be our quiet time together…where we let the intimacy of our breast feeding sessions wash over us both (he paused as if thinking about the future). Mmmmm…all that time, cuddling, nuzzling, skin-to-skin, me latched onto your luscious breasts, breathing in your scent, looking deep into your beautiful eyes, while you stroke my face and play with my hair…all with my daughter…my baby girl…my princess.”

“Oh daddy,” she kisses his lips gently, “you make it sound so relaxing and so sensual. It is intimate…extremely intimate. I’ve never thought about breastfeeding anyone but a baby, but how you describe it I can’t wait to see how it makes me feel.” she blushes.

“I think you’ll love it baby girl and I know it will bring us that much closer together.” he kisses her deeply and their weekend begins.

He pulls her up from the bed (now covered in several puddles of mixed juices) and leads her to the shower. He takes his time soaping her up, running his large hands over her breasts and nipples, and down her belly. He pulls her to himself so he can soap her ass, making sure to massage between her full cheeks and teasingly rubs her tingling rosebud asshole. Her breath is getting a little ragged as she can feel his hard cock sliding over her belly.

He reaches for her hands and gently coaxes her to wash his body. “Baby girl…wash your daddy. Help daddy get clean. I want to feel my daughter’s soft little hands touching me everywhere.”

As if in slow motion she feels him squirt the sandalwood scented soap into her hands and she timidly begins soaping up his chest and belly. With his hands gliding up and down her arms, she becomes emboldened by the sounds he’s making and reaches her hands around him to squeeze and massage his strong thighs and ass cheeks then up his back. She reached for his hardened cock and he spun her around in his arms and slipped a big hand between her thighs. He slathered the soap over her abused pussy, making sure to lather every fold and crevice. She was bucking and mewing on his hand with her head arched back on his shoulder. The water falls over them and washes away the sweat and cum from their flushed bodies.

He turns off the water and wrapped a thick fuzzy towel around her, drying her and then had her do the same to him. He takes his time, planting little kisses over each body part as he dries her and she does the same to him, becoming more aware of how much she wants to nibble and bite him all over. She blushes at the thought even though they’ve already done so much together and he sees it and pulls her naked body against his.

“Never stop blushing my sweet. I love this most about you. You have a naughty hunger and desire for your daddy and it shows on your face. In this you will always be my innocent baby girl and I love you for it.” He kisses her forehead and says, “Now let’s get you and me fed so we’ll be ready for round two!” he teased.

They walked to the huge kitchen still naked and he helped her up onto a stool pulled up to the large wooden butcher’s table. He began grabbing all kinds of delicious items from the fridge and the walk-in pantry and made them a plate of goodies to fuel their next passionate round. He carried the food into the living room which afforded them the same beautiful view of the woods and creek she had seen from the bedroom. He pulled her onto his lap in a big leather chair near a roaring fire and they ate from the same plate as he discussed the details about the nursing.

“We’ll have to get some vitamins and herbs that will help your body prepare to lactate. They’re safe, but kind of fool your body into thinking it’s already pregnant until daddy’s seed takes hold deep inside that sweet little pussy of yours. Meanwhile we are going to start you on a breastfeeding schedule to get you used to me suckling these sensitive nipples, and don’t be surprised if you cum again just from me sucking on your nipples…it’s natural and an added bonus of our breast feeding.” She blushed as he used a raspberry from their plate to circle her nipple then purposely sucked it between his lips.

“I’ll buy you a breast pump and when I am not sucking on those sweet rosy nipples, you can either pump each breast every 2 to 3 hours for 15 to 20 minutes or just lightly massage your nipples and areolas. It’s normal to breastfeed 8-12 times a day for the first several weeks. This means I will want you breastfeeding me or pumping or playing every 2-3 hours, including several times at night.” His eyes were searching hers for approval.

“Okay daddy (she blushed). I may have to set up a reminder on my phone so I don’t miss any ‘pumping or play time’ sessions.” she blushed looking at him shyly. “I’ve never used a breast pump before, I hope I do it right. What if it’s not big enough to cover my areolas kaçak iddaa daddy?”

“I will help you learn how to use it baby girl.” he grinned at her innocence, set their plate aside, picked up another raspberry, placed it between his lips and offered it to her just before kissing her. She opened her mouth and pulled at the berry with her tongue but was met with his tongue in a gentle battle for the treat. The kiss deepened and once they parted he continued, “You can use the pump if we can’t get together for a feeding. Throughout the day I want you to stroke your breasts lightly with your fingertips (he demonstrated with his own, gently circling her nipples). This will relax you and can stimulate your milk-ejection reflex. I will do this whenever we’re together too.” he began rolling his fingers around and around her areolas, making sure to tease her nipples too.

“Once you start producing milk I will have you lean forward and lightly jiggle your breasts for me. Gravity will help draw your sweet milk into your delicious nipples and (he grinned) seeing you do that will make your daddy hungrier for those sweet milky tits. And the stronger your daddy latches onto your nipples, the more milk you will produce. Your nipples will always be marked by your daddy.” He declared as he suckled one impudent nipple into his mouth making her let out a small gasp.

“Now stand up in front of me and let daddy see you jiggle those sweet breasts. Make me hungry baby girl.”

She stood up before him, placed her hands on the arms of the chair, leaned over and wiggled her hips and shoulders making her breasts jiggle and sway before his face, blushing the entire time. He smiled at her with a deep hunger and desire as he reached out to tease her erect nipples. “Mmmmm…you are making me hungry baby girl.” he growled as he quickly grabbed her up and sat her on the long wooden butcher’s table in the kitchen.

His hands pushed her tits together until he could easily move his hungry mouth from one nipple to the other. Her hands sank into his thick dark hair holding him to her as he devoured her aching flesh. “Now it’s time for dessert!” he cooed. “First I want you to show daddy how you play with these sweet nipples.”

She brought her hands to her breasts and squeezed them first before concentrating on her areola’s and nipples drawing lazy circles with her fingers around and around taking the time to tease her nipples specifically. Her soft gasps and mews warned him of her building desire as he noticed her wiggling and grinding her hips again. He leaned in closer to her and with a ravenous look in his eyes he whispered, “Lay back baby and let daddy see how you touch yourself.”

Oh how his eyes and how he looked at her always made her blush. She lay back, placing her feet on the table top and opened her legs wide so he could see every naughty thing she was going to do to herself. “That’s right baby…nice and wide for daddy (he started lightly stroking his thick cock). And don’t forget that daddy loves to hear his baby girl say all the naughty things that you’d say if you were alone. I want you to use your words baby.” the other hand gently stroking her from her toes and up her inner thigh.

“Oh fuck daddy…” she started out closing her eyes and laying her head back, ready to play the part of daddy’s naughty baby girl. Her hand started squeezing her large tits while the other ran down across her chubby belly and between her thighs to brush over her full mound, groaning and gasping, “Oh daddy! You’re not supposed to be touching me there!” She bucked her hips and squeezed her aching breasts pretending to push her ‘daddy’s’ hands from her hungry body all the while slipping two fingers deep into her dripping wet snatch.

“No daddy! You can’t play with my little peach! It’s naughty!” she started sliding her fingers in and out of her tight wet hole. “Oooooooo! Oh fuck daddy please…s-stop!” she cried her fake protest.

He could hear her wetness and his eyes grew darker with desire making his hand move a little faster and rougher up and down his thick shaft, “That’s it baby…keep going! Tell daddy why it’s so naughty” he was almost panting his encouragement.

She could see the sweet daddy juice was starting to drip from his thick daddy cock as he stood between her open thighs feasting on her luscious body and it spurred her on to tease him into action. Her body was crying for her daddy to fuck her hard and fast so she brought her other hand down and pulled her pretty pink petals apart to tease her swollen wet clit while still plunging her fingers in and out of that sweet tight cunt, “Daddies aren’t supposed to fuck their daughters…it’s incest, and it’s naughty daddy….it’s….ooooo…it’s naughty daddy…OH DADDY!”

She started cumming and he couldn’t take anymore and pulled her hips to the end of the table, wrapping her legs behind him and plunged balls deep into her creamy cunt. He felt her spasm around him, pulling and clinging onto her daddy’s incestuous cock and then she clamped down hard and squirted her lust over them both, “DADDY! FUUUUUCK! I’M kaçak bahis CUMMMMMMING!”

He pumped her hard through her orgasm, hitting her sweet spot again and again, making her squirt again. Her body was in a constant state of euphoric climax, shaking and trembling so much she could barely speak, “I gotta breathe daddy…please…” she panted.

He stopped pounding her and slowly pulled his dripping wet cock from its velvety home to bend down and openly kiss and suck her swollen wet bell into his hungry mouth. “Mmmmmmmm” he growled and moaned against her sensitive clit. He could feel her building up to another scorching orgasm and used her slippery juices to squeeze two fingers into her tightest rosebud asshole while pressing his thumb past her pretty pink pussy lips. Then he began rocking his hand so she constantly had something sliding in one hot hole while the other was sliding out. He continued sucking her hard wet bell in and out of his hot mouth making her buck and moan finally making her squirt again into his hungry eager mouth.

“DAAAAADDYYYYYYYY! OOOOOHHHH FUUUUCK!” holding a death grip on his head she sobbed as her sweet peach fed her daddy its even sweeter nectar.

He slowed down to finally give her a break. She lay on the table still panting and beautifully flushed as he pushed himself up to lovingly gazed down at her ravaged body. He had been pushing her sweet body to the limit, had been fed by her sweet pink little peach and was now ready to feed her. She looked at his face, flushed and smiling, seeing his chin wet with her cum and knew just what he needed…just what she needed. She held her hands out to him and he helped her up. She patted the table with a naughty gleam in her eye, “It’s your turn daddy. You had your cream to go with the raspberries now baby girl wants her cream.”

He loved every word that came out of her perfectly pink pouty mouth. “Anything for my daughter…you know daddy wants to please you baby girl” he grinned as he lay back in the warm puddle of her squirt.

She leaned over his throbbing hard cock and looking up at his smiling face she placed a small kiss right on the tip. When she pulled away he could see his daddy juice glistening on her lips which she slowly gathered with little pink tongue. “Mmmmmm…daddy taste’s so sweet.” she mewed at him.

“Let’s see if your baby girl can make you just as wet as you made her.” she bit her lower lip, did a sexy little lick and began kissing the tip of his throbbing cock.

He groaned and panted while she tickled and teased his little hole with the tip of her tongue, looking up at her daddy’s beautiful passion filled eyes. She ran her little wet pink tongue up and down his throbbing shaft, taking some time to wiggle that wet tongue tip under his crown, kissing and sucking on the ridge then trying to fit that swollen crown into her hot mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, sucking her tongue against it till she tasted his dripping hot daddy cream. She made sure to take the time to kiss, lick, and suck her daddy’s swollen balls into her hot little mouth and that made him gasp, “OH…fuck baby girl! Ooooo…you’re gonna make daddy cum!”

“I want your cream daddy! Show your baby girl your hot creamy daddy seed!” she started pumping her daddy’s shaft while she licked and sucked on his swelling head, trying to take more of him in her little mouth. “Cum for me daddy!”

Her other hand started massaging her daddy’s cum heavy balls until he swelled and jerked and exploded in her mouth. “OOOOOHHHH FUUUUUUUCK! BABY GIRL!” he cried, but she kept sucking and teasing his exploding cock until he had to pull her off of him because his cock had gotten so sensitive.

She stood in front of him between his legs, flushed face, desire in her eyes and cum and saliva wetting her chin. He realized she had swallowed his entire frothing load with the exception of the little dribble on her chin. He sat up and moved off the table, pulling her into his arms, “You missed this little bit baby.” He licked the dribble of cum from her chin and kissed her, sliding his cream covered tongue into her mouth where she sucked the cream from him, swallowed and nipped at his lower lip.

“Do you think we can take a nap daddy?” she yawned feeling the effects of their sexual explorations.

“I think that’s a good idea.” he replied stifling a yawn himself. “Let’s get cleaned up a little and then we can nap in front of the fire in the living room.”

Realizing how tired she really looked he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the shower. He turned on the water and slid her body down his under the falling water. She tilted her head back arching her neck to allow the warm water to wash away the sweat and cum once again. He grabbed the soap again and after filling both their hands he gently ran his soapy hands all over her soft flesh and she did the same for him washing away the evidence of their playtime. He turned off the water and wrapped a huge soft towel around her. He did the same and led her to the soft rug in front of the fireplace in the living room. Once there he pulled the towels from their bodies after getting them situated on the soft pillows he covered them with a blanket. There was a nice warm heat emanating from the lit fire she had noticed earlier.

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