69 On a Sailboat

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She only thought to ask if he’d ever sailed once she’d unroped the boat from the dock, and wondered briefly if it was too late to ask anyway.

“Have you done this before?”

“Have I ever sailed? Uh, no. I’ve been on a sailboat, but I haven’t, you know…” he motioned toward the riggers and ropes.

“That’s alright, I can do everything. You just enjoy the water.”

The air was light with salt and breeze. The shoreline meandered by as Isla maneuvered little boat, adjusting the sails. Alex sat cross legged on the small deck, facing her.

“Thanks for coming along, by the way,” she started, after a few moments of quiet, dotted by seagull calls. “I love it here, but it gets a little lonely.”

“I’m happy to be here. Thanks for the ride. You grew up on the island, did you?”

“Yeah, hence the name.”

He laughed and leaned back on his elbows. “Island girl through and through.”

“That’s right.”

The water pawed at the side of the boat. Isla, one forearm against the mast, watched as Alex leaned to drag his fingers through the ocean. He’d been walking alongside a rented bicycle on the road by the beach when Isla first saw him first. He’d asked about things to do on Cranberry Island, and Isla gave the answer she always did: ‘There’s the beach and there’s the water. Anything further inland isn’t worth your time’. Alex had laughed and popped the kickstand down on his bicycle. As he did, Isla noted that one of his front teeth leaned on the other. Parentheses marked his cheeks. He looked young, maybe 23, and quite slender under his I <3 Maine t-shirt, but his angular calves and sinewy forearms made her curious about his shoulders, his stomach, his thighs. 'I'm going out for a sail, you're welcome to come with,' she'd offered. He'd stuck out his hand ('Alex.' 'Isla.') and they were off to the docks, abandoning his bike in a bush. “Sorry I’m just in a bathing suit,” she said, feeling the need to address her exposed skin. “I wasn’t expecting to see anyone out here, much less find a sailing buddy.” “Hey, as long as you’re comfortable, I’m comfortable,” Alex said without looking up from his fingers dragging through the light waves. “But I’ll take my shirt off too, to make it even. This sun is amazing. It’s so mild out here. We don’t get that in Indiana.” Alex slipped his shirt over his head. There was the body Isla had wondered about. He was slim, but his belly, under his little muscles, pushed out a little like a baby’s. One vertical trough ran from his belly button to his chest, where his ribs showed at his sternum, then were concealed by a fistful of muscle under each nipple. “Check it out. I have literally one chest hair.” Alex tapped his pectoral muscle with one ocean-salted finger. Isla traced one vein from his hang up to his bicep and noted his narrow but strong shoulders. Alex didn’t look like a gym rat, but Isla thought he must hike, climb, run. A ribbon of muscle ran from each hip into his shorts. That didn’t just happen like that. She laughed. “Do you ever shave it? For special occasions?” “Only the special-est,” he said, leaning back on the deck of the boat and closing his eyes. Isla sat down next to him gingerly and looked up at the sails. “I guess we can just cruise. We have nowhere we need to be.” “A joyride.” “That’s right.” The boat swayed. Alex propped back up on his elbows. “Hey, is there a little cove or something? It might be nice to get out of the wind.” “This too windy for you?” Isla joked. “We are sailing after all.” “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” “No, you are. Let’s find somewhere calmer.” Isla stood and adjusted the sails. In no time, they were in Doll Cove. White sands sank into clear water. Seaweed bobbed on the surface. She sat down next to Alex again. “Oh yeah, I see it,” Isla said. “Just one chest hair. Must have been exciting when that guy grew in.” “Yup. High school. I felt like a real man.” He rubbed the one blond, barely visible hair. “Hey, say so if you’re uncomfortable, but I’d really love to get some sun. Is it ok if I take my shorts off?” “Yeah, go for it.” Alex lifted his hips and bahis firmaları slipped his shorts off. His thighs were slender and a shade lighter than his sharp calves. He wore short boxer-briefs over his small hips.

“SmartWool. Love this stuff. Dries so quickly.”

“Wool? Isn’t that itchy?” Isla asked before realizing she sounded flirtatious without meaning to.

“Nah, it’s nice and soft. See, touch.”

He was gentle and unassuming and Isla was comfortable. But she couldn’t help but feel a rush when she reached over and patted his upper thigh.

“Hmm. You’re right. That’s nice,” she said.

She noticed a small jump in his underwear. She looked up at Alex’s face. He wasn’t smiling like she’d expected, but instead was looking earnestly, gently, and slightly apologetically at her.

Isla’s mind raced. What should she do? She thought of running her hands over his chest and rubbing his nipples, grabbing his hard, small shoulders, pulling him closer to her and kissing his soft, gentle mouth. But she couldn’t tell if he was thinking it, too.

She moved closer and rested a hand on his knee, watching her arm move toward him and place each finger delicately on him.

He reached his hand to the back of her neck and slid it under her ponytail.

Isla looked straight in his eyes, leaned toward him, and ever-so-carefully let her lips meet his. She pulled his legs toward her and he put an arm around her waist. They were still both leaning on their sides, so Alex took her hand from his knee and placed it on the other side of him, laying down. Isla placed her knees on either side of him, pushed back his hair, and started kissing him again. She slowly lowered her until her hips were on his pelvis, her knees on the boat’s deck and her elbows on either side of his head.

“Hey,” Alex said, looking Isla in the eye, “are you ok with this?”

“Oh yeah, this is great. I mean, I wasn’t expecting…” she said.

“Oh, me neither.”

“Yeah. I’m enjoying myself, though.”

“Me too.” He smiled and his sweet, slightly crooked teeth showed again.

Isla sank back into kissing Alex. His hand stroked her thigh up and down. He reached to grab her ass and pulled her closer to his pelvis. Isla felt his cock alive with excitement and energy. It pulsed under her. She ran a hand up his rocky stomach, over his chest, and held the side of his face as she kissed him. She opened her mouth slightly and let her tongue flick into his mouth. She slid her hand under his head and pulled his face up toward her neck. This was a move she always tried, and this time she was pleased with the results – Alex kissed her neck and bit her gently.

Isla felt Alex get harder. She grinded into his cock with her own pelvis. Hardly meaning to, she let out a soft, breathy noise. Alex sucked her neck, looked up at her to make sure she liked it, and went back to it. Isla put her hands on both of Alex’s shoulders, gently pushing and pulling to rock her body against his. She took one hand and slid her fingers down the length of his torso. She felt for the ridge where his muscle disappeared into the crest of his underwear, and followed it. Alex’s lips left her neck for a moment and let out a small breath. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the deck of the boat. His hair fell and created a halo around his head.

Isla felt the tip of his cock, velvety and hard. She moved her thumb along the tip and felt a bead of moisture. Then she slid her thumb down his penis, feeling the plush edge where the tip met the shaft, then the ribbed length, down into a patch of sparse, soft hair. She slid her thumb up and down his cock, at first watching his underwear rise and fall as she stroked him, then looking at his face, in utter pleasure, eyes closed to the sun, mouth slightly open.

Isla put both her hands on Alex’s stomach and placed her knees between his legs. She hooked her fingers under the band of his underwear. He lifted his hips to allow her to slide them off. She watched as a neat, blond tuft appeared, then as Alex’s cock was freed from his underwear and bounced up toward his belly button. She tossed Alex’s underwear aside and slipped her bathing kaçak iddaa suit top over her head. Looking back at Alex, she saw his eyes were open and one arm propped his head up toward her.


Isla felt sexy. She took her nipples between her fingers and rubbed, closing her eyes and looking upward. She arched her back and let out a small moan. She looked so sexy, she just knew it.

All she wanted now was Alex’s cock in her mouth. She bent slowly toward his body, stopping to look at him for permission and seeing him nod. She closed her eyes.

She slid her tongue from the base of his cock slowly, slowly to the top. She wiggled the tip of her tongue at that especially hard spot under the tip of his cock. She took the whole thing in her hand and felt its weight and the softness of the skin. Her nose was nearly touching his belly button when she took the tip of his cock in her mouth and gently sucked, flicking her tongue over the top of his penis. Alex’s breathing got slightly louder, mixing in with the salty breeze of the bay. He put a hand in her hair and gently guided her head up and down. Isla bobbed and sucked, allowing Alex’s whole cock to glide and rub against the roof of her mouth.

“Oh my god,” she heard Alex say.

She took Alex’s balls in her hand and massaged them, sucking the tip of his cock again. She tasted the moisture from his penis, felt his hand in her hair, and allowed their bodies to rock together to the bobbing of her head and the sway of the ocean.

Alex sat up on one elbow and slipped a hand down into Isla’s bathing suit bottoms. He grabbed her ass hard, pushing his fingers into her flesh and pulling her body up toward him. Isla sat up and let Alex pull her bathing suit over one leg, then over the other, and then they were both naked, gazing at each other’s bodies, both of them sparkling in the water’s reflections.

“You are so sexy, Isla,” Alex said quietly, staring at her soft stomach, then up at her breasts, and her nipples hardened against the sea air and the pure ecstasy of having had his cock in her mouth. Isla saw Alex watch his own movements as he put a hand on her leg while she straddled him. His hand moved slowly up toward her vulva. Isla closed her eyes.

Alex’s fingers gently felt Isla’s labia. She was sitting over him on her knees, Alex’s cock stretching up between them and one arm reaching to her warm folds. He pushed his middle finger down the crest of her labia. Isla knew he felt how wet she was. His finger glided between her clit and her vagina, spreading Isla’s wetness around. He hooked his finger under the bit of skin to feel her swollen clit. Isla let out a breath and arched her back. With the tiniest movements, Alex massaged Isla’s clit. He moved his finger back and forth in small motions, almost tickling Isla, but she didn’t laugh, only focused on the intense sensation that Alex was creating. He slid the one finger down between her labia and entered her vagina. Isla took in a breath of salty air and bit her lip.

“Ok?” Alex asked.


Alex hooked his finger and rubbed the top of Isla’s vagina. She wanted more of him inside her. She didn’t just want the first knuckle of his finger, she wanted the whole thing, until his hand was up against her body, then she wanted two fingers, and she wanted him to stroke the ridges inside her. She enjoyed as Alex slowly pushed his fingers further inside her, then added another finger. He circled his thumb around her clit and pushed his two fingers against her walls. Isla didn’t just feel sexy anymore, she felt electric.

Alex wrapped an arm around Isla’s back and lay her on the boat’s deck. He slid his hands down her arms and held both hands, placing his mouth on one of her nipples. He flicked his tongue across the hard protrusion just as she had done to the tip of his cock. Then he took her nipple in his teeth and sucked gently.

He kissed a trail down her breast and to her belly button. He took Isla’s hips in his hands and grabbed her hard. He scooted her down, crouching between her legs, and kissed the crest of her labia, slipping his tongue under and around her clit. He pushed hard with his tongue, flicking kaçak bahis and circling and licking. Then he paused for a moment, placed his lips around her clit, and looked up at her.

“Come on, Alex, come on…”

Alex’s lips sank into Isla and she felt his tongue rest against her. Then he sucked gently, and Isla felt her clit swell in Alex’s lips and beg for more. He sucked and licked, slipping his tongue down the length of her labia and letting it enter her vagina. He pushed his tongue into her, pulling her closer with his hands.

“Come on, Alex, fuck me with your tongue.”

He reached up and grabbed her breast hard, making five divots. His tongue moved swiftly and vigorously in and out of her. His nose pushed against her clit.

Isla didn’t think about how she looked or what Alex thought. She only squeezed her eyes shut and imagined his tongue inside her, swirling around, and her juices glistening on his chin.

Alex slipped a finger under his tongue and inside Isla. She moaned and squealed. He pushed and twiddled his fingers into her, moving his face to her leg and wiping her wetness off his chin, cheeks, and nose.

He slipped a hand around Isla’s back and turned her on her side, facing him. He slid his hand between her ass cheeks and turned around on his side so his throbbing cock was at Isla’s head and his face was between her legs. Isla had never 69ed before, but she was infinitely turned on by the thought of having a cock in her mouth and her pussy licked at the same time.

Isla pushed the entirety of Alex’s penis past her lips, across her tongue, until it was straining at the back of her throat. Alex moaned loudly and buried his face in Isla’s pussy, licking and sucking passionately. The two of them felt so much pleasure from each other’s grabbing, moaning, and sucking that they grabbed more, moaned louder, and sucked harder, only elevating the experience. Isla felt that she was at the very precipice of an orgasm, and while she wanted to come badly, she also couldn’t bear to let this experience end. The thrill of having her nose bump against Alex’s balls, the choking feeling of a hard cock in her throat, the hotness of her clit that Alex’s tongue fluttered against and his lips encircled, and a finger thrusting in and out of her, in and out, in and out…

“Alex, I’m gonna come,” Isla suddenly called out, grabbing the back of Alex’s thighs and letting his cock drop from her mouth.

“Good, me too,” he responded, and Isla heard the juiciness on his lips.

Isla opened her mouth wide and thrusted Alex’s cock back in her mouth, and Alex sucked Isla’s clit hard. Both of them on their sides on the deck of the boat, they rocked to the rhythm of each other’s bodies and the water and the breeze that swept over the secluded cove.

A rush of blood like a warm bucket of water rushed over Isla’s head, down to her fingertips, and into her pussy, which she swore had its own heartbeat. She propped on her elbows, taking Alex’s cock in her hand and rubbing the underside of the shaft with her thumb. She watched as his chin glided against her clit, and she saw how red and swollen she was, and the moisture that was dripping onto her legs. Alex’s tongue thrusted into Isla and he grabbed her ass with both hands and pressed his chin against her clit. The warmth grew and grew, and Isla had to remind herself to pay attention to the orgasm that was overcoming her lest she let it pass by without enjoying it. She moaned loudly without meaning to, and it almost sounded like a cry of pain but was really full of ecstasy. Her pussy pulsed and her legs quivered, her toes curled and her face stretched toward the sky, eyes closed and mouth open, calling out sounds of pleasure. All the while, she stroked Alex’s cock, on it the moisture of her mouth, and just as the greatest wave washed over her, Alex’s moans vibrated into her pussy and his cock pumped thick white cum into her hand and onto her tits, and she thrust it back into her mouth, sucking out all the cum she could. She swallowed hard and felt his cum run down the back of her throat.

Isla collapsed onto her back and Alex rolled onto his.

They breathed heavily and the boat calmed, released from the frenzy of their motions.



They lay there, naked, salty, sweaty, shining, in that still cove, letting rushes of the memories of the past moments run through their minds.

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