50 Shades of Sharon Pt. 01

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It was an average Monday morning for Ms. Williamson, droning over the PA system that day’s lunch menu, reminding students and staff of upcoming school events and calling students down to the office to pick up late slips. She worked in the high school office as a form of glorified secretary, the work was monotonous and tedious, often times lacking the level of excitement, such as breaking up fights, she needed to break up the mind numbing day-to-day drudgery.

Her life seemed dull and sorrowful. Lacking any spice. She craved something different, the only problem was that she grew comfortable with her average lifestyle of living in the backwoods of northern Michigan. She wanted so badly to get out of her comfort zone but no longer had the required motivation. She woke up the same way every morning, pulling herself out of bed before sunrise, groggy with lower back pain, she’d shower long enough to wake up, and she would apply generous amounts of make-up and dress herself ‘Catholic Nun’ appropriate, then head out in her SUV, in most cases skipping breakfast.

She would drive the thirty-five minutes it took to get to the high school, and unlock the office doors for herself and the principal. After setting up her desk and booting up her work station computer, she would walk down to the teacher’s lounge and would start a fresh pot of coffee for the staff of the school. This would help her liven up just enough more to start her day and get her most of the way through it. She usually packed a lunch for herself the night before, it was always something depressingly lacking any color or real flavor packed in a bright insulated lunch bag.

This Monday was just like all the rest. Clock in, clock out. Nothing to set it apart from the rest. The morning went by as slow as always, answering the phone and accomplishing nothing of any real purpose. Lunch was just as uneventful. The afternoon was just as impressive as morning and noon. That evening was the change of it all, however.

She got all of her work done for the day after the three-fifteen school bell and watched with a dull smile as the children sped from their classrooms to their lockers and from there to either the shuttle buses or to their after school activities. After waving goodbye to everyone that passed by the office she returned to it, and walked back to her desk to sit down, when she heard someone clear their throat from the doorway. It was a feminine voice, a familiar one. She turned quickly, startled, to face who it was, she hadn’t seen anyone come in to her office while she was outside it. When she realized who it was her worry turned into happier feelings, it was one of the math teachers… Ms. Choponis.

Ms. Choponis was a very popular teacher amongst the students. She was very young in her mid to late twenties, had an amazing figure, with long beautiful brown hair and doe eyes to match. She was very slim with an amazing behind and even better breasts. Ms. Choponis was always in a good mood and was nice to everyone at the school, a role model of sorts. She had the highest levels of attendance by students in her classes and rarely had a substitute for sick days.

“Emily, bahis firmaları I didn’t see you come in.” Ms. Williamson proclaimed.

“I came in through the principal’s office, so you wouldn’t know until you came back in.” replied Ms. Choponis.

This puzzled Ms. Williamson. She pondered for a moment why this was, before asking Ms. Choponis herself.

Ms. Choponis said nothing in response, she instead turned to face the closed doorway, locking it, then closing all of the blinds on the office windows.

“Um… Ms. Chopo-”

Ms. Choponis put a finger to her lips and signaled a silent hush to Ms. Williamson. Then walked up to her and aggressively pressed her lips against Ms. Williamson’s. Ms. Williamson panicked in a sudden state of shock and stumbled backwards into the desk.

“Emily, what the fuck was that?!” Ms. Williamson bellowed in a disgusted manner.

“Come on, Sharon, we both knew this was going to happen sooner or later, don’t play koi with me. I see the way you watch me. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you checking me out in the halls.” Replied Ms. Choponis with a sense of excitement behind her voice.

“No, you’re mistaken. I’m just being polite, I smile at everyone in the halls.”

“That’s not what I got out of it, Ms. Williamson” Ms. Choponis responded.

“Well then you’re sadly mistaken. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to make it home in time to watch my recordings of ‘Desperate Housewives of Uganda’.” Ms. Williamson said, annoyed by Ms. Choponis’ straight forward way of doing things.

She then quickly gathered her belongings and headed for the door to the office.

“Wait, Ms. Williamson, before you go I’d like to let you know that sooner or later you’ll given in to me. When you do, call me.”

Ms. Williamson didn’t reply she simply rolled her eyes and slammed the office door behind her. She got in her car and drove home. The rest of the night was uneventful, television recordings, dinner with her cats and ‘alone time’ with her shower head. The whole night she tried getting that afternoon’s events out of her head the best she could but couldn’t manage to. It was the only thing in her mind and it took her attention off of things she needed to get done at home. Preparing a lunch for the next day, feeding her cats, setting her TV to record her favorite shows, the confrontation with Ms. Choponis got to her and changed her deep inside. The more she dwelled on it, the more she realized how alive it made her feel. It was definitely something that broke up her boring work life.

The next few days she tried to avoid Ms. Choponis at the school, but whenever she saw her she noticed Ms. Choponis grinning at her with intent. This would be from across the busy halls or from the other side of the teacher’s lounge during a lunch break. She was losing sleep over it too. It started to affect her work. She’d be more tired than usual and would often forget her lunch. She was a mess and it began to show. The following Monday the principal came into Ms. Williamson’s office to talk to her.

“Sharon, the other teachers and myself have noticed you have not been yourself lately, is there something kaçak iddaa you might want to talk about?” asked the principal.

Sharon had bags under her eyes that were larger than usual and her hair was a mess. She looked over to the principal without turning her head.

“No, I’m fine, I’ve just been losing sleep lately, neighbors have been keeping me awake with loud music.” She said, her voice was groggy, “I’ll tell them to keep it down when I get home.”

“Good, we’ve been getting a lot of missed calls from people and file forms haven’t been properly finished or faxed lately. We’d hate to let you go, you’ve been here a long time, you’re like family, but if you can’t serve your function I’ll have to let you go.” With that the principal left her office to return to his.

Ms. Williamson did not want to admit it, but she knew what she had to do.

At three O’clock that afternoon she got on the school’s PA system and with a loud mechanical static,

“Would Emily Choponis please come to the front office. Emily Choponis front office, thank you.” Click.

Within just a moment’s time the door swung open and Ms. Choponis entered in strides.

“You called?” Ms. Choponis said with a wide smile spread across her face.

Ms. Williamson sighed deeply then pushed a fake smile, “Meet me back here, after the school clears out.”

Ms. Choponis’ smile couldn’t have gotten bigger, she flipped her hair when she turned and left the office. Ms. Williamson sighed again, but knew deep down that this is what she had to do to. The school bell rang at three-fifteen and it wasn’t until around five when all of the teachers and staff had left the school to go home, all except Ms. Williamson, Ms. Choponis, and a handful of janitorial staff members.

At five-thirty, on the nose, Ms. Choponis burst through the doors to Ms. Williamson’s office, she was wearing a low cut shirt and exceedingly tight grey slacks with a pair of high heels. She reached behind herself and let down her hair while walking up to Ms. Williamson, her hair fell to her shoulders as she reached for Ms. Williamson’s blouse.

“Ok I just have a couple of ground rules before we get star-“, Ms. Williamson was cut off by Ms. Choponis firmly pressing her lips against Ms. Williamson’s, passionately she kissed her.

Ms. Williamson was tense and Ms. Choponis could feel her resistance, so she pushed her tongue into Ms. Williamson’s mouth and used it to massage her tongue and gums. Ms. Williamson was still hesitating. Ms. Choponis removed her tongue and lips from Ms. Williamson’s.

“You need to relax now, give in to your desire for me.” Said Ms. Choponis as seductively as possible. She then turned her back to Ms. Williamson while unbuttoning her low cut shirt. She let it drop to the floor and looked back at Ms. Williamson, “Would you mind undoing my bra?”

Ms. Williamson stepped forward and reached her hands up to Ms. Choponis’ back, then unclasped her bra. It fell down passed her arms, the straps momentarily hanging off her elbows before falling to the floor. Ms. Choponis turned to face Ms. Williamson, exposing her amazing pair of breasts. This aroused kaçak bahis Ms. Williamson, seeing a coworker half naked in front of her. She approached Ms. Choponis with an embrace, this time she took control and began once again making out with her.

This went on for a few moments before Emily pushed Sharon back against the desk, Sharon sat up on the desk and opened her legs for Emily. Ms. Choponis smiled and got down on one knee between Sharon’s legs, then she slowly slid her hands up Ms. Williamson’s long skirt. She gently caressed her inner thighs as she made her way up to Sharon’s panties. All the while Ms. Williamson let out a series of shortened gasps and moans.

Then after a moment Sharon let out a small yelp, for Emily had reached her destination. Sharon’s lace panties were already soaked. Emily looked up at Sharon with a smile and proceeded to rub Sharon’s wet mound through the fabric, Ms. Williamson was extremely turned on and was already so close to release. This was the first sexual encounter she’d had in over a year. Ms. Choponis was rubbing at a steadied pace and rhythmically sped up to match Sharon’s short breaths.

After a few more short moments Sharon was at the peak just before her orgasm, Emily sensed this and immediately stopped rubbing, she withdrew her hands while pulling Sharon’s panties down along with her hands. Sharon sat up for a moment so the under garment would be free from under her rear. Then Emily got right back to work with her hands. After getting back into the rhythm of things Emily leaned in and gently kissed Sharon’s inner thigh, this sent shivers up her spine.

She trailed the kisses up her thigh, leading up to her sopping and spread pussy. Emily seemed to be expert at pleasing other women orally. Ms. Williamson was a very experienced woman, having been around in her college days, yet this being the first encounter she’d had in a while she was still very much on edge. Although it had only just begun, Ms. Williamson was already reaching her peak, like a teenage boy for the first time. With one last exasperated moan she let loose a torrential flood of cum, squirting like a fountain all over Ms. Choponis’ face. Her back was arched and her thighs clenched around Emily’s head.

Emily pulled her head up from between Sharon’s cum drenched inner thighs. It looked as though Emily had been sweating profusely with the amount of juice coating her face. Ms. Choponis was grinning ear to ear.

“How was that? Relieving?” Emily chuckled.

Sharon was too out of breath for words at this point. She just fell backwards sprawling out on the desk. Emily recomposed herself, standing up and straightening out her slacks. She bent over, picking up her bra and shirt, only putting on her blouse, then walked to the office door.

“I’ll be in touch, Sharon. If you need me again, which I know you will, call me. Anytime.” With that Ms. Choponis left the office.

Sharon stayed laying on the cold desk, in order to catch her breath. After a long break period she peeled her sweaty back off the plastic top of the desk, and picked up her panties, pulled up her skirt, then put the soaked panties in her purse before cleaning up and locking the office doors. She was a bit relieved she had been brought to sweet release, especially by her coworker. Though part of her was still on edge about what would happen in the coming days.

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