3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 06

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Volume One: Homecoming

Chapter Three: Alexander & Elizabeth Part 2

Edited By: Todger65


Alexander quickly finished the dishes and cleaned up the mess from the water fight. Just as he was finishing his mom Elizabeth came back up from the basement, sweat running down her body.

“Hey mom, have a good ride,” Alex said as he looked his mom over. He couldn’t help but notice her breasts which where heaving up and down quickly as she breathed, exhausted from her workout, drops of sweat running down her body, her clothes where damp clinging to her skin. The front of her shirt was soaked with sweat.

“Yea,” Mom said as she went to the fridge and gave him a nice view of her sweat soaked gym pants as she bent over to get bottled water out of the fridge. “What happened to your shirt?” She said as she stood back up and looked at him and put the bottle to her lips.

“Me and Sis got into a little water fight…” Alex shrugged stopping in mid-sentence as he watched her chug the water. Some of it missed her lips and ran down her chin and neck dripping down onto her breasts and running between her cleavage. He felt frozen in place as he watched the small erotic waterfall run down his mother’s body. After downing half the bottle she finally stopped and took a deep breath. Mom took the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up to wipe the sweat and water from her face exposing her tits and bottom of her areolas for more than a few seconds; despite the fact that she breast fed in front of him he found he could never get tired of seeing her nice large tits.

“Thirsty?” He said with a smile, snapping back to reality.

“Just a little,” She replied using her shirt to pad the top of her breasts.

“Ow. Damn,” She said as she put an arm on the table and reached down and rubbed the back of her thigh.

“You okay?” He said quickly moving toward her.

“I got a cramp,” Mom said cringing. He took her arm helping support her as she walked to the table.

“Where at?” Alex asked.

“In my ass and thigh.” Mom said as rubbed her ass with one hand as she leaned on the table with the other.

“You got an ass cramp?” Alex laughed.

“Don’t laugh.” She said swinging at him playfully.

“I hate to ask but can you rub it please.” Mom said with a cringe across her face as she leaned to one side.

“Sure I guess.” Alex shrugged, which was down playing how he really felt about it. He walked around her. She bent over the kitchen table sticking her ass up in the air. Her pants hugged her crotch nicely displaying her vulva underneath; He took her ass in his left hand as he began to knead the soft tissue like soft dough. His left hand began to rub her thigh. “Here?”

“Mmm, Right there.” Mom moaned lightly as he pressed deeply. He could feel the tense muscle in her ass. The sight of her bent over the table was something he had only imagined in his wildest dreams, and they didn’t do it justice. Her ass was up, pussy out, boobs hanging beneath her, slung in her shirt. They wobbled slightly as he massaged her ass. If he stood at the right angle he could see the bottom sides of them up her shirt.

“Little harder baby it’s pretty deep in my butt.” She said closing her eyes.

It took all of Alex’s effort not to make a joke about his mom’s words. He could think of something he would like to be pretty deep in her butt that was getting harder by the second right now. He did as she said and his hand began to play at her soft ass squeezing it hard. He was quite enjoying playing with his mom’s nice round ass. Spreading his fingers out over the soft spandex of her pants and then squeezing it roughly rubbing at the tense muscle beneath. He just wanted to smack it and watch it jiggle. She leaned down on the table her breast pressing flat against the top as they spread out slowly, her ass rising higher as she did.

“Hope this isn’t to awkward for you.” She smiled over her shoulder.

“No but I feel like I should at least buy you dinner or something.” He teased.

“Careful I might hold you to that.” She said letting out a little laugh followed by a little moan.

“Little higher on the thigh baby.” She said.

“Okay.” He said as he ran his hand up higher being already close he went as close as he could without actually rubbing her crotch. He could feel his own crotch aching.

“Don’t think this gets you out of that massage you promised me later.” She said.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” He said as he looked up at her. As he did he felt his thumb brush her crotch. He stopped for a second but when she didn’t say anything he kept going and slid his thumb high along the inside of her thigh brushing against the outside of her vulva.

“Getting a little close there.” His mom said as she sat up a little looking back at him.

“Sorry.” He said as he moved his hand back down some.

“It’s okay I don’t mind baby, the seat on that machine isn’t as cushioned as I like.” She said smiling back at him. “It’s really rough on my lady bostancı escort parts.”

“You sure you don’t mind.” He said looking at her.

“No, it’s okay baby.” She smiled looking back down.

“Okay.” He let his hand slide up from her thigh to her crotch and slowly began to rub her pussy through her pants. He could feel the soft mounds of her vulva, the softness of her slit between. He couldn’t believe this; he was rubbing her cunt, the very place where he had come into the world and where a very swollen part of him wanted to return to.

“Right there in the middle.” She said as he rubbed the thickest part of her juicy pussy mounds.

“You have really good hands baby.” She mumbled. He wondered if she was getting aroused by all this or was he imaging it all. He wondered what anyone would say if they came down to see him rubbing his mother’s twat.

“Thanks.” He said feeling a little red in the face. He wanted to move his hand forward and focus on her clit, or even better reach inside the front of her pants. He even wondered if she would let him pull her pants down a little so he could “Massage” her better, not that he didn’t mind the feel of it through the spandex.

“Feel any better?” He asked. He wanted to go farther but he also didn’t want to do something he would regret.

“Yea. I think that is good for now.” She stood up slowly.

“Okay.” He replied slowly moving his hands away from the softness of her ass and crotch.

“Thanks baby.” She said as she gave him a peck on the lips that lasted a bit longer than usual.

“Try to take it easy.” He grinned. He gave her a little lead before he followed her into the living room enjoying the view of her ass twitching back and forth as she climbed the stairs, her pussy rubbing between her thick thighs. He gave his cock a little rub while her back was turned watching her ass. He went up after her and was about to go into Abbey’s room when he heard his sister Nicky call him from the end of the hallway. She was standing in moms door dressed only in a thin robe that clung to her wet body.

Summer 1999

Elizabeth waddled out to the yard where her sister was already laying out in her bikini. She couldn’t believe she had let Maggie talk her into sun tanning since she was a big as a whale with her pregnant belly. She swore her bottoms where too loose since her belly was pushing them down and her top was too tight around her swollen tits.

“Here you go sis.” Liz said handing a glass of iced sweet tea to her sister who was lying out in a bright blue string bikini. Maggie seemed to have to opposite problem with her bikini. Her breast where about average size but while Liz had the breasts; Maggie was all hips and Ass. Even when they were younger she was a big ass white girl; now add some middle age weight gain and she was every ass man’s wet dream. Though her daughters didn’t have asses as big as their moms Candice and Katherine still had more than a little junk in their trunk. Her bikini top was a little loose while her bottoms where snug as hell showing off her camel toe. She often had to buy two different tops and bottoms to find a size that fits.

“Feels nice out here today.” Maggie said taking a drink of her tea.

“Tell me about it.” Liz said as she sat down slowly trying not to kill herself on the lawn chair and pulled her shades down. “So any idea why Candy and Alex broke up?” She said picking up the conversation where they had left off.

“Not really, Candy was pretty vague but she said she had dumped him. I hope he is okay.” Maggie shrugged.

“He will be fine, I think it’s for the best, he is talking about going upstate with Joanna.” Liz smiled. She was glad he had finally decided to leave, not that she didn’t want him to stay. He was her only boy after all but she didn’t want him to have to stay and take care of his pregnant mom. She wanted him to go and see the world, meet new people, have a typical college experience, to enjoy life before he got a soul sucking job and a family of his own. And at least he would have Jo to keep him in trouble.

“Speaking of the devil.” Maggie said. Liz looked up to see Alex’s SUV pulling into the yard as he parked it over by her’s and Sis’s. He got out and walked over; he was still in his work pants but had ditched his work shirt for a tight tank top that showed off his nice muscular arms and part of his broad chest.

“Damn if I was twenty years younger and he wasn’t my nephew.” Maggie said as she drank a swig of her tea. She never hid the fact that she thought Alex was hot. She had caught all of her friends checking him out at least once but only Maggie would dare say anything. After the divorce she had asked Alex over more than a few times to help do chores around her new place, such as cutting the grass, helping her in her new garden, probably all just an excuse to get his shirt off.

“Hey Alex.” She said acting like she hadn’t just been eyeing him like a piece of meat.

“Hey Aunt Maggie, fatih escort Hey Mom.” He smiled.

“Alex sweetie, come make yourself useful and do me?” Maggie said as she picked up the lotion bottle.

“What?” Alex said as he stopped in his tracks.

“Rub some lotion on my back?” Maggie smiled as she began to shake the lotion bottle, making her breast jiggle as she did. “Why what you think I meant?” She grinned. Liz smiled at her knowing full well her sister was teasing the boy.

“Nothing.” Alex shrugged taking the lotion bottle.

“Um, huh.” Maggie smiled as she rolled onto her belly and winked at Liz, no doubt wanting to show Alex her best assets so to speak. Alex bent down and put a knee in the grass. He began to squirt the bottle as the cap came off and lotion went all over Liz’s back and ass.

“Uh, Alex. Maggie shot up looking back at Alex.

“Oh crap, sorry it just exploded ever where.” Alex said trying to rub it up her back as it trickled down her sides and some went south to the small gap of her ass cheeks.

“Don’t worry it happens to a lot of guys your age.” Maggie teased. “We can always cuddle.”

“Ha, ha.” Alex said. Alex worked on her back letting his hands glide over his aunts back. Liz couldn’t help but notice he spent more than a little time lingering around Maggie’s lower back while the ladies talked.

“Can you get the back of my legs too sweetie?” Liz smiled back.

“Yeah sure.” Alex said as he moved down to his aunt’s legs. He worked on her legs for a few seconds before Liz noticed him peeking over at her. It took her a second to realize that he was probably getting a glimpse of her pussy from her baggy bikini bottoms. She went to reach down to pull them up but stopped herself and spread her legs just a little. Why should Maggie be the only one to have a little fun? She caught him stealing even more little peeks. She didn’t know how much he could really see but she was getting a little turned on flashing a little bit of pussy to her son.

“Alex sweetie. You don’t mind if I get a little sun on the girls, I know we already talked about you being okay with me breastfeeding around the house when the baby comes.” Liz touched her chest.

“It’s okay with me.” He gave Liz his typical shoulder shrug but she noticed a smile.

“Giving the boy a little coming attraction sis.” Maggie teased.

“Maggie.” Liz gave a headshake as she sat up and untied her top. She pulled it off and felt her huge tits drop a little and rest on either side of her swollen belly before she laid back. She picked up the oil bottle and began to rub them. Alex was doing all but staring directly at them now as he did Maggie’s calf and then began to move up her other leg. Liz took her time making sure her breasts where well covered, as well as letting Alex see her play with them a little.

“Might need another bottle just for your tits, so they don’t get burned sis.” Maggie teased.

“You’re one to talk sis, might want to get Alex to rub some lotion on your ass as well before it burns.” Liz gave her sister’s ass a little slap.

“Well if Alex doesn’t mind.” Maggie grinned back at him.

“What?” Alex said a little stunned.

“You’re not scared of touching your Aunt’s butt are you Sugar.” Maggie began to shake her ass a little, though a little for her was more than enough to make it jiggle.

“No.” He shrugged.

“Might need to use both hands there Alex.” Liz leaned over and poured lotion across Maggie’s ass. Alex was a little hesitant as his hands began to touch her bottom rubbing the lotion over her ass. Liz was a little jealous but she didn’t think she could get away with letting her son rub her breasts for her.

“Careful Alex, that’s the most action your aunt has had in a while.” Liz teased as she began to rub her belly making sure to get up under her breasts as well making them move about a little as she did.

“It’s the only action I had.” Maggie huffed.

“So nothing from that guy you have been trying to sell that house to.” Liz smiled, she noticed Alex peeking back over at her crotch again. He couldn’t tell she knew because of her shades and she wasn’t about to say anything.

“No, and a girl can only pop so many buttons and still be decent.” Maggie joked.

“Maybe you need a shorter skirt.” Liz grinned as she looked at her sister and lifted her leg bending her knee as she began to rub lotion on her calf. She knew Alex probably had one hell of a view of her pussy now her thigh was out of the way. She felt so dirty, sitting there flashing her son like this but the way he was eyeing her pregnant body made her feel hot as hell.

“Oh Fuck, Alex.” Maggie shot up onto her arms looking back at Alex. Liz giggled as Alex hand had slid up under Maggie’s bikini bottoms.

“Sorry, my hand slipped.” Alex was actually blushing.

“You could at least buy me a drink first before you stick your thumb up my ass.” Maggie joked fixing her bottoms. Liz almost died laughing.

“I bağcılar escort am so sorry.” Alex apologized again. Apparently he was looking at his mom’s pussy a little too hard Liz thought.

“Don’t worry about it too much sweetie, it wouldn’t be the first time she has had a guy stick something up her ass.” Liz teased.

“Beth.” Maggie yelled at her blushing. Maggie actually liked anal sex and typically wasn’t shy about it but Liz found it funny to see her embarrassed by Alex finding out.

“I am going to wash my hands and jump in the shower.” Alex said, she could tell he was more than a little embarrassed himself.

“Okay sweetie.” Liz smiled. Alex quickly made his retreat inside the house. “You okay over there.” She turned toward Maggie who was rubbing between her ass cheeks.

“Just been a little while. Just enough to get me excited really.” Maggie licked her lips as she took a sip of her tea.

“You’re so bad.” Liz said picking her glass up and drinking it down.

“I think he was too busy looking at his mom’s big tits.” Maggie teased.

“Maggie.” Liz laughed covering her mouth as she almost spilt tea all over herself.

“What, you remember how he was always wanting to suck on us girls tits when he was a toddler. The boy’s first word was ninny.” Maggie said. That was true. As a toddler if there was a tit out he tried to suck on it and he let you know if he wanted some by saying Ninny.

“Not my fault you let him.” Liz teased; neither her sister Maggie nor her sister in law Vicky discouraged him.

“Hell even with the twins and Alex sucking I was producing way too much milk.” Maggie shrugged.

“Oh I am not looking forward to that again.” Liz said. That was the main reason she had let Alex suckle after having Abbey. She could breastfeed & pump and they be sore again a few hours later. Alex being older than Abbey meant he could drink more.

“You don’t think us ladies embarrassed the boy too much, do you.” Maggie smiled.

“Nah he will be fine.” Liz shook her head, imaging him upstairs taking a nice cold shower. “Fuck I got to piss again.” She said as she struggled a little to stand up out of the lawn chair. “Be right back.”

“Okay.” Maggie said. Elizabeth hurried across the yard holding her tits as they bounced about. If Alex was looking out the window he was getting quite the show as her tits flopped against her pregnant belly. She hurried for the down stairs bathroom and quickly opened the door but froze when she saw Alex standing there with his boxers down, cock in hand stroking himself quickly, his balls swinging underneath.

“Oh shit.” She said as she froze.

“Oh fuck mom.” He turned looking right at her as he stopped stroking, his cock pointing right at her tits as it exploded. Liz couldn’t only watch as a thick hot stick ribbon of jizz flew through the air and hit her from tit to belly, a second one hit her from belly to down her leg before Alex quickly wrestled his cock into his pants.

“I am sorry mom.” He said.

“It’s okay baby I should have knocked I just really had to piss.” Liz said looking down at her body, feeling his hot jizz on her.

“I thought I locked the door.” Alex said.

“It’s okay the lock is busted.” Liz smiled up at him; Abbey had walked in on her a few times now.

“Here let me help clean…” Alex grabbed some toilet paper and went to wipe her off.

“I got it babe. Like I said I really got to pee.” She said taking the tissue from his hand.

“Okay.” Alex smiled and left.

Liz smiled as Alex left, the boy couldn’t catch a break today and she wasn’t helping any. She quickly closed the door and sat down on the toilet as piss shot out of her so fast she thought she might lift off. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, her sons cum on her belly and tit. Liz smiled as she ran her fingers over her stomach and collected it. It had been too long since she had smelt that sweet strong pungent odor. And even longer since she had tasted it she thought.

Liz took her sons cum into her mouth tasting it. It tasted good, really damn good. After twenty plus years of sucking her husband’s cock she now missed the taste of her husband’s cum. She didn’t care if it was her sons cum, better than some strange mans. She sucked her finger clean and ran her hand along her leg and breasts wanting more. After she had gotten all she could she took a wad of toilet paper and wiped herself clean of cum, and then wiped her pussy. She dropped the toilet paper in the toilet and stood up and washed her hands. Liz headed back out to into the living room and finding her son nowhere in sight, she headed back outside.

“Okay I am back.” Liz said waddling back into her chair.

“Hey you got a little something.” Maggie reached over and flicked her finger across the bottom of her tit. Liz froze realizing she had missed some of her son’s jizz. “Holy shit Beth. This is cum.” Maggie grinned.

“Maggie I…” Liz stammered.

“What have you and Alex been doing you hussy?” Maggie took her finger to her mouth tasting her nephews cum as she licked it clean. Still a dirty slut as when she was younger. Liz took a deep breath and told her what had happened when she walked in on her son.

“So he just blew his load all over you.” Maggie laughed.

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