2nd Weekend with Cary while Camping

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2nd Weekend with Cary

I was 19 and a senior in high school and Cary was 18. Suzy and Sally were also 19 and seniors too.

When my parents came back from their trip and saw the house was as they left it, they were pleased and said they feel comfortable leaving me again and possibly for a longer period of time. I told them I really enjoyed the solitude and wondered if they were planning another trip any time soon. They said possibly in November. I told them that was cool and if they wanted to go somewhere even earlier, I’d game just staying here. They looked at me suspiciously but said nothing else.

Cary and I in the mean time continued our after school talks like we always did. She told me she and Howie broke up as he was angry with her for not wanting to have more sex after their first time. I asked her if she were upset to which she said no. She was going to break up with him anyways as he couldn’t compare to me. Which got me grinning like a Cheshire cat. She also said she didn’t want to take us public so quickly after breaking up with Howie and I had no problem with that. I was perfectly fine keeping it just between us.

Cary was only here until their house sold as they were moving to Phoenix. We both knew we had a very limited time to be together. Even though we talked daily, we wanted more time to be with each other. That amazing weekend we had a few weeks ago was constantly in both our minds.

Even though our conversations were mild on the phone, we were worried that family members would pick up another line and listen in. That was very common in those days. Private calls were only that if you were the only one in the house at that time. But everyone once in a while, we could get personal or mention a certain brief part of that memorable weekend which would lead to multiple masturbation sessions for us both in the middle of the night as it was impossible to think of anything else.

Gradually I came up with an idea. I asked her if her parents would let her go camping with her girlfriends? She asked them and they said yes. So we planned a weekend in Vermont over Columbus Day weekend starting Friday night and coming home Monday afternoon or evening.

We planned on me to pick her up at her house. She told her parents that I was loaning her a tent and camping supplies as I camped once in a while. I was to “show” her how to put up the tent, etc. I told my parents I was heading to the Coolidge State Park in Plymouth, Vermont to camp with friends that I was meeting up there. The same friends I camped with every June up there. Slight lies for us both, but it worked and most thankfully, my parents let me take the station wagon for the weekend.

Friday afternoon came and I packed the car and headed to Cary’s house where I picked her up. Thankfully her parents were not home to see the car stuffed with weekend stuff. Northbound we went. Somewhere not far from the Vermont line, all traffic came to a stop. It had to be an accident I said. So we just sat in the car and very slowly moved every once in a while.

Cary yawned and unbuckled her seat belt and laid down on her side. (this was a bench seat in a Chevy wagon. (very common back then). She had her head in my lap, looking up at me. I kept one hand on the wheel and the other gently stroked her face and hair.

She moved a little and slid the edge of my shorts up so that a little of my dick was sticking out. I fidgeted a bit so she could push the shorts up a little higher. She then reached out with her hand and wrapped it around my dick and I let out a moan. I remember saying to be careful so I don’t drive off the road. That got a giggle out of her.

I rolled the window down further to let some more air in. Cary was licking the tip every now and then. I think just to see me jump each time. She then scooched a little closer and took the head in my mouth. Geezus, I wasn’t going to last long. It was at this time I noticed a car beside us on the left with two pretty blond girls in it. They looked like twins. Exact duplicates of each other. They had their window closest to me rolled down and the one on the right was staring at me and the other took looks while watching the road too.

Cary increased her licking and sucking and I came. Clenching my teeth and pushing back into the seat and sweating and a long moan came out of my lips. The girls in the next car started freaking out thinking I was having a heart attack or something. I started to relax and Cary giggled while still in my lap. I started breathing better again but the girls next to us kept asking me what was wrong, what happened, was I OK?

It was at this time that Cary popped up, licking her lips and noticed the girls and smiled at them and said hi and introduced us. The girls went quiet, then recovered and said their names were Suzy and Sally. The one on the right then asked Cary if she just gave me a blowjob?

Geeze, I had enough of a hard time talking about with Cary. Yet here was a stranger asking Cary if she just blew canlı bahis şirketleri me. Girls! Cary said yes, that she just gave me a little blow job. I was beet red and all three of the girls were laughing at my modesty. I mentioned we should stop and use the restrooms at the upcoming rest stop. The girls said they would too and would like to stop and chat with us a bit more and would that be okay? Cary said yes, most certainly. Before I could even process the thought.

We stopped, used the facilities and went back to our cars. I had parked way in the back with the girls next to us. I was backed in to the spot. So I lowered the tailgate on the wagon and we all sat on it and made introductions again. Somehow Cary had figured out which was which and thought it amusing that I had no clue what so ever which was which. Suzy and Sally said that was normal. The girls did say they had 2 physical differences and dared me to find them.

I had them stand up before us. I looked them over. They were wearing sun dresses. I looked at the dresses, thinking there was some marking on them. Then at their bodies. Then it started to rain a little and I said we should go as setting up a tent in the rain is not fun. But all 3 girls told me to relax and make room in the back of the wagon so we could all crawl in. So with some moving around, putting stuff in the front seats, I made a tight area barely large enough for the 4 of us to lay in the back of the car and not get wet while it rained. And we pulled the wagon hatch closed. The girls were giggling as I had missed something again.

Suzy and Sally started talking blowjobs with Cary, then started talking about sex with their boy friends and how they were brutes and hurt them and had very quick sex. They hated it as it was so un-enjoyable. Then they said they experimented on each other and enjoyed the touch of girls vs boys. They all looked at me, and I was red faced again.

Cary decided to shift us around putting Suzy on one side of me and Sally on the other and she was on the other side of the sister on my left. She took I think it was Sally’s hand and placed it on my dick, which was hard instantly. I looked at Cary and asked what she was doing. She told me to relax and enjoy myself. That I needed to expand my interaction as she was leaving soon and wanted to make sure I had worthwhile friends. I was like “what?” But sat back and watched, trying not to come in my shorts.

Sally had her hand on my shorts. Suzy was watching and then put her hand on Suzy’s. Cary reached up and undid my shorts and moved the girls hands. Cary stuck her hand down my shorts and pulled out my dick. I’m not big, maybe 5 inches or a little more. The girls then said that their boyfriends were huge and hurt them when they had sex.

Cary then took Sally’s hand again and placed it on my dick. Suzy then placed hers on Sally’s hand. They just held me, not doing anything. Cary then moved between my legs with her head near my dick. She bent down and give me a good lick, which generated a moan from me. The girls both moved down, letting go of me. Cary grabbed my dick and pointed it first at one, then the other sister. Each took a lick. Cary then engulfed the head, came up and explained what she did and told each one to take a turn. They each did and I squeaked out I was not going to last much longer.

One of them pulled up and grabbed me with their hand and rubbed the top of my dick with their thumb and I came. They thought it was funny and took turns licking up the mess and me and then tucked me away. Then much to my surprise, Cary gave each one a long kiss which got my dick hard again. But it was tucked away for now.

We got to talking again about the differences between them and Suzy said her boobs were slightly larger than her sisters. I said I wanted to see. So Cary unbuttoned the backs of each sisters dress and pulled it down to their wastes. Then she undid their bras. Then their arms came up over their boobs. To which Cary gently took each one and laid it beside them. I scootched up onto my knees so I could see each one. I had them slide together so I could look more closely. I reached out to Sally and cupped, gently squeezed and fondled her very cute and perfectly shaped tits. She and Suzy both said the boys hated their tits saying they were useless and ugly. I told them they were perfect and beautiful. Any more than a handful is a complete waste (with apologies to Cary, but she knew I loved little titties).

I was drawing circles around each tit and dragging my fingernail across the nipple. Cary was transfixed watching and gradually Sally started turning red, sucked in a breath and froze. Cary stated that Sally just came and Suzy agreed. I bent my head down and licked both of Sally’s breasts. Sally eventually said that was amazing and that she had never had that happen to her before and didn’t even know she could come just by some one touching her boobs.

I then started doing the same to Suzy. I noticed her tits were just slightly canlı kaçak iddaa larger, but still absolutely perfect and fit in my hand and stated the same thing I told her sister. They were perfect and I did the same touching and found it interesting when she did the same thing and said the same thing as her sister. When I bent down to lick her sister then did the same to the other one.

So I said that’s one difference, what is the other? Both girls then reached down and took off their underwear and handed it to Cary, who sniffed them and smiled. The girls then pulled their dresses up and looked at Cary and me. My eyebrows went up and Cary who said I know. I looked at her quizzically.

Cary took Suzy’s legs and pulled them up and over her head and told Suzy to hold them. I noticed her pussy was just like Cary’s. Smooth with just a few wisps of hair. And the lips together so there was just the slit down the center. I bent down and gave a long lick which got a squeal of approval from Suzy.

I then gently took each lip in each hand and gently separated. Inside was another fold and I pulled them apart and gave another lick. Both Suzy and Sally said they were going to come soon. So I bent down and took Suzy’s clit in my mouth and sucked on it. That was all and she started thrashing about. Then to my surprise, Cary leaned down and duplicated what I did and had Suzy thrashing around again. We put Suzy’s legs down and she said she was so grateful we all stopped at this rest area.

Cary and I then did the same to Sally. We noticed immediately that Sally was different. She had skin sticking out from her outer lips. I stuck my tongue out and licked it. Cary then bent down and did the same. We took turns doing that. Then I reached out and separated those lips and let Cary swoop in and do some licking and Sally soon came. Cary came up and I went at it and Sally started to come again. She was one wet girl too. Soon she was begging us to stop.

Cary found a towel and wiped off hers and my face. The girls seemed to think together and asked if they could come visit us at our camp site early Sunday and spend the day with them. Cary and I said certainly. I then gave them directions. Cary then gave them our addresses and phone numbers and we took theirs. We would definitely stay in touch. But Sunday was going to be nice!

About 1½ hours later we arrived at the Coolidge State Park. Our campsite was near the top of the hill, near the bathrooms. I had brought our family’s big tent, some air mattresses, sleeping bags with spare blankets. Even though the weekend was supposed to be warm, the nights could be very chilly up there as I’ve camped there in June and it’s been cold at night. We set up camp in the dark using flashlights. Thankfully we had stopped on the way up for a very quick dinner.

Cary had never camped and was a bit nervous asking about bears and wolves. I told her we never bring food into the tent as that is what will bring the animals in. We always close food up tight and keep the cooler in the car locked up. She was cool with that.

I was yawning already. It was only 10 pm, but between school, the drive and the week leading up to the trip. I was finally relaxed. But we made a small camp fire and sat by it snuggling and just enjoying each others company. The temperatures were dropping and the fire kept us warm until it started to go out. I made sure it was completely out and explained about fire safety and we slipped in to the tent.

Cary asked me what I was wearing to bed to which I replied what would you like me to wear to bed? She asked me if we were going to be warm enough and guaranteed her we would. I had learned my lesson years ago on how being cold at night could ruin a weekend and make it very hard to get warm again for a long time. I decide to wear t-shirt and underwear and she decided on a long t-shirt. We slipped in and cozied up to each other. She was curled into my arm with one arm of hers across my chest and her head near mine. The forest was pretty quiet except for an occasional noise which caused her to jump and get even closer. Eventually she decided to just lay on top of me. She asked me to take off my t-shirt so she could get even closer to me. She got off me for a moment and I pulled mine off then she laid back down on me and I realized she had removed hers too. It was nice and I told her so. She then placed those warm lips on mine and we started kissing. My dick had been super hard already which she knew and could feel but ignored it for now. Right now the soft lips and tongue were incredible and amazing. We both took a breath and agreed we missed that so much these past few weeks and then started kissing even more so with more intensity.

I held on to her and rolled her over so I was on top of her. I left her lips and kissed her chin, blew in her ear and stuck my tongue in and that made her shiver. I kissed and licked down her neck to her giant boobs. I paid a lot of attention to them kissing and feeling around them until my lips canlı kaçak bahis hit her nipple. I licked around first the right one and blew on it and dragged my teeth across the top of the nipple. That got a moan out of her, which caused me to do so again and then switch to the other one and repeat. She was moaning pretty heavily and I placed a hand across her mouth and whispered I was going to stop if she couldn’t keep quiet, We had other tenters in the next site about 40 feet from us.

Under my hand, she moaned noo, don’t stop and started licking my fingers. I removed my hand and went to work on those breasts again and in no time she clasped her hand over her mouth and let out this long, loud moan and her body flopped around a bit. Finally she stopped. She was sweating a bit and shivering as the cool night air hit her. I covered her up and under the blankets continued my travels down her body kissing her belly, swirling around her belly button and getting to her pubic hair.

I reached up and played with her boobs a bit and them grabbed some pubic hair with my lips and pulled a bit which causes her to giggle. She reached to my head to push me lower and lower I went. I got to her pussy and just put a gentle kiss at the top. I then gently spread her lips and gave her clit a wet lick. She then spread her legs real wide in anticipation. So I went to work on the soft parts of her thigh. First kissing, then licking and a little ticking and a little nibbling and went down one leg doing that. All the way to her feet and toes.

I took each toe in my mouth and swirled my mouth around it which made her squirm and then did the same for the other foot and started working my way up her to her thigh. My hope was to make her crazy with desire. Finally I returned to her pussy which was quite wet. I started licking the outside of the lips, then down the center. Then slowly opened her up with a lip in each hand and kissed and licked with my tongue. She started shaking and came. But I wasn’t done and continued my kissing and licking, but not touching her clit. I heard her say please lick it, but I went back to her thighs which I loved. Gradually I got back to her pussy and repeated what I had done earlier.

Cary was practically whimpering with desire, so I started to swirl my tongue, getting closer and closer to her clit each time. Finally I licked the sides of it and across the top. Her legs shot up, her hands came down to my head and pulled me in close, he legs pushing me closer to her. I then removed my tongue and sucked on her clit and that did it. She let out a long moan, muffled by the blanket I think she stuffed over her mouth with the hand she took off my head.

I kept on sucking and she kept on bucking until finally her legs came down, her body stopped shaking and she was breathing hard. I crawled back up her and held her close. She was crying gently and I started apologizing thinking I had hurt her.

She said no, no. It was so good, so intense, so prolonged she was crying with happiness. I held her close and she was shivering again as her sweat started to cool off a lot in the cool night air. She kissed me and licked my face saying I tasted like her. We snuggled and her heart rate slowed as I could feel it beating so hard originally. Soon there after she started snoring, which made me chuckle. I fell asleep, warm and toasty with Cary in my arms.

I felt her get up, but I needed more sleep. She later told me she put on her shirt, a jacket and grabbed the spare blanket and went to the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later and stripped down and slid in next to me, my arms going around her again making her warm and toasty.

She asked if I was awake and I mumbled something. Then I felt her hand reach down and grab my dick. I guess it was more awake than the rest of me as it became instantly hard, which she liked. She slowly rubbed the head with her thumb, making it slippery with precum. Then she started stroking me a bit and must have decided that wasn’t good enough as she slid down, under the covers and starting licking me. First the very top and then just the head. Then slid the head into her mouth, which was very wet feeling. She then start bobbing up and down on just the head part. I think she knew I wasn’t going to last very long at all as she licked the head while it was inside her mouth and then I was coming. I tried to push deeper into her mouth but she held me in place and swallowed what I let out. Finally I was done, but she wasn’t.

Cary started rubbing my balls and stroking me again and I became hard again. She then threw back the covers and slid my dick into her hot pussy. Then using her legs started going up and down on me. These huge boobs flopping around and a big smile on her face.

Every time she went up, she came all the way down. I felt like I was so deep in her. All too quickly I felt like I was going to come. She noticed and whispered come in me. And I did. Seemingly at the same time she said it.

She then reached down to grab the blankets and fell down on top of me. Our bodies still attached, nice and warm again. Me still inside of her. I fell asleep instantly as she later told me. She put her head on my chest and said she listened to my heart beat and gradually fell asleep.

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