2010 Mustang

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When I travel I really don’t worry too much about the rent car, I generally choose a certain size and just let car gods at the rental agency decide which car I get. I sometimes call it rent car roulette and it’s not until I’m handed the keys and given the parking space number that I find out if I am a winner or not. Sure I could look at the key tag, but it’s so much more fun to walk out looking for M-9 or D-83 while pressing the unlock button on the key fob. That way you find out what you are driving as the car introduces itself to you with its flashing lights.

During one of my trips I did get a bit of a surprise. Perhaps I should have suspected something when I got the car space C-69, but other than a slight giggle at the parking number I didn’t get too excited. Now when I got out to space C-50 or so I noticed a bright blue car in the distance. This bright blue car looked sporty from that distance, so when it winked its headlights at me as I pushed the unlock button on my key fob I was impressed.

When I reached the car and popped the trunk, I confirmed that I would be driving a bright blue, brand spanking new Ford Mustang. Now back in the day I was never really a Ford fan. Sure the Mustang was a hell of a power car, but I was enamored with the ’68 Camero or the ’67 Vette, but now, as you see a lot of those old power cars reworked into the new models, I do admit I do like the new Mustang.

Okay, it was a bitch climbing into the vehicle as I had to twist my head and bend my back just to fit into the driver’s seat, but once I was in it did feel comfortable. Anyway, after a few adjustments of the mirrors, the driver’s seat and the AC vents, I started up the car. The engine rumbled to life and though it didn’t exude the sheer power those power cars did years ago, it was obviously more powerful than the Malibus or Camrys I’d been driving lately.

I eased out of the rental parking lot, then slowly moved into the traffic circling the airport. Working my way to the outside lane, I headed toward 528 and Cocoa Beach. Now the car accelerated smoothly up to the speed limit and I merged into traffic, all traveling about 70. I resisted the urge to floor it until we got to the toll booth, when I slowed, gave the attendant my buck fifty and then got my receipt. I looked up and saw the toll light go green and realized cars in two other lanes beside me were heading out to merge into the same lane.

Here was my chance to see what the car had. I hit the accelerator, felt my body pressed back in my seat and hung on as best I could as the car growled out of the toll booth. The car screamed its way from zero to sixty in mere seconds and I blasted past a family in a mini-van on their way to Disney World and past an old man and his wife heading to church. They were far behind me as I merged into the entrance lane and then into the main traffic lanes on the way to the beach.

I did calm down for the rest of the ride, not wanting to get a ticket and really it wasn’t about the racing of the car, it was all simply the knowledge that I could if I wanted to, that was all it took. I drove the speed limit all the way into Cocoa Beach, where I rolled down my windows and headed down A1A toward the Hilton. It was a lot of fun as I turned the heads number of girls cruising down past Ron-Jon’s in that bright blue Mustang. Yeah, had I not been old enough to be those girls’ father, I might have even had a chance.

When I reached the Hilton, I pulled into the entrance way, unloaded my baggage and then went inside to check in. After taking the luggage up to my room, I headed back down to move my car back out into the crowded parking lot. Apparently there was some big reception going on and the parking lot was pretty full.

As I walked out to my car I noticed an attractive woman looking into the driver’s side window of the bahis firmaları Mustang. I moved up near the door and said, “Excuse me.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I was just admiring your car. Is it the 2010 model?”

“I think so,” I replied, “I’m renting it so I’m not exactly sure. Wait a minute,” I looked at the key tag and answered, “yes, it is the 2010.”

“Wow, it is beautiful, and so blue.”

“It turns a lot of heads.”

“I bet it does a lot more than that,” the woman said, moving away from the car door as she trailed her hand behind her, running it over the side fender and onto the trunk. “The lines are so stunning, just like back in the sixties, wow, those were cars.”

Looking at the woman I could see she was a little tipsy, but certainly not flat out drunk. She must have been really something back in the sixties because she was pretty hot now. Even though she had to be in her fifties, I couldn’t help but notice her tight ass, relatively slender waist and nice breasts. Out of the blue I suddenly asked, “Would you like to go for a ride?”

Her head immediately shot up as she stared at me and I thought she might be about to slap me, but instead, she said, “I’d love to.”

I quickly unlocked the doors, walked over to the passenger side and opened the door for her. She brushed against me as she moved to sit in the seat, and as close as we were, I couldn’t help but peek down at her cleavage as she pulled on her seatbelt. I carefully closed the door and moved around the car, adjusting my growing erection as I did. Climbing in on the driver’s side, I bumped my head a bit, but was able to get in and start the car.

Pulling out of the Hilton parking lot, I headed south, knowing the buildings would thin out as we drove. As I drove I asked, “Well how do you like it?”

She kind of wiggled in her seat and said, “Oh it feels wonderful, just like it did back then.” She then looked at me and said, “You bumped your head getting in, let me look at it.”

I leaned my head toward her and said, “It’s not bad, I think I hit the soft weather stripping.”

“You have a little red spot here,” she said running her fingers along my hairline. I slowed the car to stop at a traffic light as she continued to look at my head. She then looked down into my eyes and leaned closer. I turned my head slightly and leaned to her, just as our lips touched we heard a car horn honk and we both jumped. I looked up and saw the light was green, so I drove forward.

The woman giggled, “Just like when I was a kid. My name’s Marion by the way.”

“My name’s Dan. I’d shake your hand but we’ve already kissed, so,” I said that as I was pulling up to another red light so I simply leaned back over to her. This time our lips touched for a moment, then I let my tongue slide out to touch her lips. Her lips parted and out tongues touched lightly, then we pulled apart as the light turned green.

As I continued driving I noticed Marion moving in her seat, sliding her arms against the seat fabric. She had slipped off her shoes and her feet were also sliding on the carpeted floorboard. Her breathing seemed to get faster, and though we paused to kiss each other at each stop we made, she seemed to want more. Now her hand, that had rested against my thigh for a while, now was on top of it, slowly sliding to my inner thigh.

We had been driving in silence for a few miles when she asked, “Would you mind if I took off my blouse? I want to feel the seat against my skin.”

“If you want to, but hey, I could drive us back to the Hotel. We could go up to my…”

“No, I’d like to stay in the car.”

“Okay,” I replied, a bit disappointed, thinking I had been turned down.

Marion picked up on my reaction and said, “What I meant to say was, I’d like to do what you planned to do in the room, but I’d like to kaçak iddaa do it in the car.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll look for a place to pull over,” I replied.

“Up ahead there is a park with some parking areas where we can see the beach. They should be fairly empty this time of night since there’s school tomorrow.”

“School tomorrow, we are acting like a couple of school kids.”

“Yes, isn’t it exciting,” she replied, pulling off her blouse and running her shoulders back and forth over the seat fabric. “I lost my virginity in a Mustang,” Marion continued, “I was eighteen… no, it was my nineteenth birthday.”

I continued driving, which was difficult to do considering Marion was now working on removing her bra. Finally I spotted a sign and asked, “Is this the park?”

“Yes, turn in here, and then take two more lefts and then one right. Yeah over there, that’s a good place.”

I pulled into a parking lot and turned off the engine. The view was magnificent with the moonlight reflecting off the ocean, the whitecaps of the waves shining in the muted light, but my attention immediately turned to Marion who had removed her bra. Her breasts were very nice, soft and firm and in the moonlight they were simply too enticing. I leaned over and immediately buried my face in them, letting her nipples harden against my face.

As I kissed and sucked on her nipples, Marion had unfastened her skirt an worked her way out of it. I moved up to kiss her lips as she slipped out of her panties. While she responded to my touch, she was moving oddly, as if to rub herself against the car. As I moved down to kiss her left breast, she turned so her right breast rubbed against the her seat. I looked down and saw her running her thigh up against the padded glove compartment and down on the center console.

She started to unbutton my shirt, so I sat back in my seat to work on pulling off my clothes. Instead of just waiting and watching me, she moved up to kneel on her seat and as I unbuckled my pants, she put her knees on both sides of the gear shift and ran her pussy back and forth over the hand hold. She moaned as her lips spread and she coated the knob in her juices.

I had worked my pants down and then said, “Do you want me to move to the back seat, or onto yours?”

“No, stay where you’re at.”

“But the steering wheel…”

“Reach on the side, raise it up as high as it will go and then slide your seat all the way back.” When I did that she smiled gleefully and said, “I want to feel the steering wheel on the back of my head.”

Before I could figure out exactly what she meant, she climbed over on top of me as she moved her head down between my legs and she moved her left leg over my face and rested it on my seat, straddling me. All I could see now was her pussy, glistening from the juices she had worked up rubbing herself on the gearshift. I could feel her take hold of my cock, so I simply dove in, pushing my tongue between her lips and deep into her wet opening.

Her tart, earthy taste excited me and the feel of her mouth closing in over my cock nearly drove me over the edge, but I let myself peek out over her ass cheeks and looked at the moonlit ocean, I counted the waves until I could get my cock back under control. Then I concentrated on Marion, on her beautiful pussy as it opened to me. I let my tongue circle around inside her for a while, then I moved down to her clit. First I circled it with my tongue, then I sucked it in between my lips.

Even though my cock was deep in her mouth, I could hear her moan as I sucked wetly on her clit and as her hips began to press forward, pressing her pussy lips against me I knew I was pleasing her. I simply continued sucking on her clit as I moved my tongue over the tiny nub. When she quickened her thrusts against my face, I sucked and licked kaçak bahis her faster and faster, until she pulled her head away from my cock and cried, out, “Oh yes, that’s it.”

I quickly moved my hand up to her pussy and slipped two fingers inside her. She thrust herself against my face two more times then held herself hard against me as her body shuddered. I could feel her pussy squeezing my fingers again and again as I finally pulled my mouth from her clit and took a deep breath. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I held her tight, resting my face down onto her pussy.

After just a moment or two I felt her mouth close in over my cock and immediately noticed an incredible change in the intensity. While she had been distracted earlier as I brought her to orgasm, she was now free to concentrate on my cock. I guess her climax was good because she began to suck and lick my cock like I had never felt before and in just a minute or two, I lifted my hips trying to push deeper into her mouth as I got closer and closer to coming. I could feel her head bang lightly against the steering wheel as I arched my back and came, spurting my cum into her mouth in spurt after spurt.

She kept her mouth on me as my cock began to shrink, continuing to suck the last drop of my come before finally pulling her head away. Then I helped her climb back over to her seat. Instead of sitting back down, she kneeled up on the center console again and pressed her breasts against me, as she straddled the gear shift knob again.

Whispering, “That was so good, just like when I was young,” she slowly stroked my cock as she moved her hips back and forth. Feeling her breasts rubbing against me and watching her rub her clit and pussy over the gear knob, my cock began to harden some. I knew it would be some time before I’d be able to come again, but her gentle stroking was so loving and soft I simply sat back and enjoyed it.

In a few minutes I felt her hand squeezing my cock a bit harder, her breathing quickened and she slid her pussy back and forth on the gear knob faster and faster. Finally she moaned loudly, pressed her breast hard against me and squeezed my cock hard. I quickly wrapped my arms around her the best I could and held her while she came again.

She finally pulled away and sat back in her seat. “I’m a little embarrassed,” she said, “doing that in front of you. I just, I just needed it I think. I’m sorry.”

“No, no, I really enjoyed it, watching you. It was a turn on.”

“You don’t mind then?”

“Oh no, you want to do it again?”

“I don’t know if my body can take another, but you’ve been so good to me.”

“Marion, the feeling is certainly mutual, I’ve never experienced anything like that before. Thank you for an incredible evening.”

“I’d like to stay out here with you and maybe watch the sunrise like I used to so many years ago, but my husband will be looking for me.”

“Your husband?”

“Yes, he is a good man and I love him, I really do, but he drives a Cadillac and it’s just not the same. Not the same as a hot Mustang, you know what I mean.”

“Yes Marion, I believe I do.”

We both pulled our clothes on, paused for one last long kiss and then I started up the car. I backed out of the parking space and slowly drove through the park back out to A1A. I rolled down the windows, pulled out onto the roadway and let the engine growl up to the speed limit and then we cruised back to the hotel. I kept my hand on the still damp gearshift knob as Marion rested her hand on top of mine as we headed north.

When pulled back into the Hilton I parked under the Porte Couchre worked my body out of the driver’s seat and opened the door for Marion. She climbed out of the car, brushed her hand on my cheek and said, “Thank you for the ride Dan, I enjoyed it.” I stood at car door as she walked through the automatic doors and disappeared into the hotel lobby. Only then did I climb back into the blue Mustang, started up the engine, slid my hand onto the damp gear shift knob and then slipped it into drive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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