1980 May Ch. 01

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This starts it all. Our marriage and relationships for the past 38+ years. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we’ve enjoyed living them.

This past summer we lost a dear friend of ours. If our life was a TV show, Millie would be credited as a frequent guest star. She was there at the beginning and although we all went our separate ways she did show up frequently through the years. She had a couple of final requests. One was that we tell her story from her diaries, the other you’ll read about later. This is the beginning of our tribute to her.

Fall 1980

The scene in front of me weaved it’s way into my brain fiber by fiber. As I leaned against the doorway, I saw my girlfriend Millie slowly running her nails up and down my boyfriend Ron’s legs. Upper thighs to ankles, over and over. Front, sides and when he’d lift his knees she’d go to the back sensitive areas. Every time she’d hit them his cock would quiver. He was moaning with his eyes closed and I smiled when she leaned over and licked his swelling cock head. It was soon glistening both from his juices and her saliva. After a few of these tantalizing swirls, she opened her lips and took the head into her mouth. Her nails moved up to his shoulder and chest area as she slowly bobbed her head on his shaft. His fingers entwined into her hair. Not in a controlling way but to give her the same attention she was giving him. His nails on her scalp, neck and behind her ears. Her’s on his chest, occasionally tweaking a nipple as she continued her slow sensual sucking.

Suddenly Millie moved her arms under his knees and lifted his legs over her shoulders. It raised his bulging ball sac to lip level and she was tonguing it lovingly. The hair was getting matted as she took not one but both in to her mouth. I could see them moving in her mouth as her cheek puffed out. I could see her tongue licking them as she pushed them from her mouth. She raised his legs higher, further elevating him until she was able to glide her tongue underneath his balls to his asshole. Swirling it around the rim and down his crack she would lick from there to his balls and back. Over and over until she stopped and jabbed her tongue into him. Bobbing her head like she was on his cock, I could see the tip of her tongue enter him. It was then that I noticed that he had started jerking his cock. Not fast but sensual.

Feeling the movement, she slid back releasing his legs and raised up to her knees. She smiled in his direction she inched toward him, her knees on the outside of his. I watched as my best friend replaced Ron’s hand with her own on his cock. I saw the fire in her eyes as she rubbed the head against her slit. She leaned forward and placed the lips that had less than two minutes ago been wrapped around his balls, against his and kissed him very passionately. When his tongue licked her lips and then slid between them, she allowed his cock to slide between her lower lips.

It was then that I turned and walked away from the door.

I had met this man months earlier and after playing hard to get for a little while had accepted him into my life. He was older than me but we could work with that. Ok I’ll admit it, I fell for him almost immediately but was warned by coworkers that he was a typical G.I. charmer. He’d wine and dine, take you back to his place, give you the fuck of your life and never call! I steered clear. I wasn’t to long out of a worthless marriage and later a controlling boyfriend and didn’t need either again for a long time. I was a waitress in a small club and he was the D.J. The place only had about 25 tables so two girls could cover it. On busy nights we’d have another come in and we’d rotate covering the door. It was one of those times that I was working the door when he came over and sat with me. We talked during every one of his breaks. On nights we had a band he only had to do about 15-20 minutes an hour. So most of his night was with me. It was that night that I fell in love with him. His looks, his humor and just the way he carried himself won me over. We ended that night with a kiss on the dance floor as the band covered The Bellamy Brother’s “Sugar Daddy”.

May 1980

I saw Millie at the waitress station when my eyes finally adjusted to the semi darkness of the club. I, at 22, was the youngest of the three bakırköy escort waitresses who worked there. Millie was the oldest and had just turned 27. Both of us were brunettes but that’s where the comparisons stopped. She was a good head taller at 5’6″ and had a thin body style that everyone adored. Me? I was 4’11” and had my mom and dad’s kind of stocky build. My one shining feature, well two actually, was my chest. And yes, I’d heard it all at one time or another.

“That girl will never drown.”

“Her kids won’t starve, that’s for sure!”

Having grown up with two brothers that would protect their little sister to their deaths, I flaunted my best assets. Sometimes getting me in a little over my head. Tonight it was an elastic tube top.

She’d come in on the afternoon shift and would work till it was manageable for one gal. I was there for my 6 to closing gig and stopped by the juke box and dropped in 4 quarters. I played 3 of the 12 songs and went over to the bar.

“Hey Mary.” Carole, the owner, said as she poured me a coke.

“Hey Carole.” I said as the four note bass guitar and that slide guitar signaled the start of my new favorite song.

“Damn girl, you’re gonna wear that thing out!” Carole exclaimed as I glanced at Millie and she just smiled.

“That’s their song.” Millie smiled bigger as those rich bass vocals spoke of diamond rings and caddy’s.

“Better watch out for him,” Carole added “You won’t be the first I’ve heard about him lovin’ and forgettin’ about!”

“No, but I think she intends to be the last.” She smiled at me and with that proclamation, Millie left us at the bar and turned her attention to the boys in the poolroom. Neither of us had any idea how much our lives would be intertwined for years to come.

Tables weren’t really divvied up this early so while she took care of the pool players I managed with the early folks that came in for Ron’s show which started at 7. He did two hours before the band started at nine.

The club we worked in was located in a smallish town outside of Fort Rucker, Alabama. So we not only had the country lovin’ Alabama folks showing up, we had the mixture of the Army guys and couples and what they loved to hear. Ron was up to the task. He tried his best to have theme sets but often just had to give it up and go with Willie, The Beatles, Elvis and the occasional disco flashback to back to back!

Ron walked in the door at his normal fifteen minute prior to work schedule. He had on his burnt orange leisure suit he’d had tailor made in Korea and his platform disco era shoes. He was looking fine! He took the records and tapes he’d taken home up to the booth and turned on some his lights and equipment. The juke box was going and I noticed it still had some songs on it but was getting to the end of those already punched. Ron came to the bar and got his normal Jack and Seven and chatted with John the bartender for a few minutes. Millie showed up with an order and walked over to give Ron a hug. He smiled and made his way to the jukebox and punched two buttons. He went to the booth.

The familiar bass beats and slide guitar chimed through the building as he was picking out two albums to put on the turntables. He knew he had 3:31 to get ready and as soon as he was set up he came down to the floor. Taking my tray and placing it on a table, he took my hand and led me to the floor. Hugging me closely we glided alone on the floor. He was singing softly in my ear and kissing it occasionally.

“I’ll put your pedestal up so high, they won’t dare to look down.” he sang into my ear. Two lines before the chorus and the song was over he hugged me again and led me to my tray then took off for the booth.

I smiled as I picked it up knowing that this was his way of saying to the ladies in the club that he was taking himself off the market.

After adding some dim lights to his booth he beautifully mixed the drum beat of our song with “Kiss you all over” by Exile. I looked to the booth seeing him looking at me and lip syncing the song to me. The dance floor filled up some with the early couples that were there and I knew that soon song requests and drinks would be making their way to the booth. Before the two hours were up he had plenty of both. A escort bakırköy secret I didn’t know until later was that only 1 in 5 drinks contained alcohol while he was working. The rest were put on his tab as paid for so he never had to pay for drinks.

Before I knew it the band was sauntering in and from there the next thing I knew it was last call. As the last of the mostly happy customers made their way to the door Ron came up and collapsed at the bar. We’d managed to get a few dances in and of course there were the persistent ones that insisted he dance with them. I can’t blame them. If I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t let him go that easy either. Word had gotten around about our dance earlier in the night and I got more than a few frowns that night.

It was only a few minutes of catching up on the night and counting money until Ron asked me to breakfast. So we all took our tired bodies and piled into cars and it was off to the Awful Waffle. I wasn’t sure what to expect afterward. I still lived at home with my parents and it was a long way out in the country.

We were off the next day since the local laws still didn’t allow bars to open on Sunday. Breakfast was uneventful as we all had taken over one end of the restaurant. Laughs about some of the folks we’d had at the club and basically just ate and unwound from the night.

Finally everyone was done and the moment of truth came. As we got in the car nothing was said. I still didn’t know where I was spending the night but I knew where I wanted to! As he pulled out of the parking lot he turned left which could lead to either place. About a mile up the highway, Ron pulled over, looked at me and asked where I wanted to go. No other man I’d ever known would have done that. I leaned over and took his head in my hands. Pressing my lips to his we really kissed for the first time. We made out in the front seat of that car for what seemed like forever! Clothes were loosened, zippers going every which a way and all kinds of flesh was being exposed. I was loving this but not in a car. I raised up and whispered, “Lets go home.”

Up until that moment I didn’t know that a Mazda RX7 would travel at the speed of light. Ron’s did. He was pulling up to his apartment before I could get my clothes on. He came around and opened my door and I thought fuck it. I went in topless. I think he was holding his pants up with his hand because I almost caught a glimpse of his fine ass as he unlocked the door.

We went in and practically fell onto his sofa. I moved close to him and he held me. We sat there in silence until he kissed me again. Calmer this time.

I enjoyed the quiet of his place and his touches. Something told my heart that I was home. Home in his arms.

After a few minutes, he got up to make a pot of coffee. While it was brewing he said he was going to take a shower. I got up and turned on his amp and hit the switch on a reel to reel tape deck.

Soothing jazz sounds filled the room from speakers nearly as tall as I was. Had to watch the volume since it was so late but I hoped my screams later would wake everyone up!

I went into the bedroom and shed what little I still had on and got one of his fatigue shirts and put it on and went into the bathroom. I stood in front of him with it wide open. His skin glistened from the water running off him. He reached for the jacket and slid it off my shoulders as he helped me into the shower.

Embracing me, he kissed me deeply as his hands roamed and caressed my body. I was self conscious since I didn’t fit the mold of the woman he’s normally attracted to. But his hands didn’t seem to be having a problem finding all the right spots to hit. His lips were doing a fine job also on my nipples that were about to poke out his tonsils they were so hard.

His hands weren’t the only ones roaming. While not muscular in the gym rat kind of way, he was very toned. I took no time at all finding his waist and around to his firm ass. Grasping that fine ass in both hands and pulling it to me only caused another slight problem for me. Due to our height difference, his rock hard cock was firmly against my stomach. I knelt just enough to surround it with my breasts. The soap on both our bodies was perfect for what I had in mind and I brought bakırköy escort bayan my hands to the sides of my breasts and wrapped them around him. The moans I heard from above told me I’d hit the jackpot for the time being. The water was hitting me in the back so I turned just a little where it was now aimed toward my breasts and it did the job I needed done. Soon I had a soap free gloriously hard cock head peeking above my tits as he thrust between them.

Since we’d raced from first date to about fifth date protocols might as well go for broke! My tongue started flicking the head every time it showed itself to me. My lips followed as they took it in sucking lightly and slowly my tongue circled the ridge of his circumcised head. His fingers entwined in my hair but he was only holding on. Not forcing the action. I was clearly in control here.

His thrusts became quicker and more of him was entering my mouth every time. Rather than increasing my pace, I pulled him closer to me. Two hands on the ass will do that if applied properly! He slid into my mouth about halfway. The tip was barely at my throat and I still had some to go. My tongue was working overtime on every centimeter of his hard cock. I released my breasts and started working on getting it all in my mouth. I brought my left hand to this balls gently caressing that full sac as my right hand urged him into thrusting again. He took the hint and soon he was again sliding into me.

I knew he wasn’t gonna last much longer as I felt his ass tightening. I opened my throat and swallowed on his next thrust and he was in. I held him there continuously moving my tongue around him. Gentle thrusts and my tongue licking his base and onto his balls brought him to the edge. He grunted and I nodded.

One more entrance into my throat did him in and I felt his was sweetness hit the back of my throat. I pulled off but kept his head in my mouth licking all around. I managed to not lose a drop since his initial spurt was in my tummy. I licked and sucked and cleaned as best I could. He took a step back and left my mouth after 30 seconds or so. He leaned against the wall of the shower as I slid up his body and kissed him deeply. We finished round one of the night and dried off and went to bed.

Man that coffee was gonna be strong in the morning!

We held each other just chatted for awhile. He was very open about his failed marriage and I shared some details on mine. I told him about another ex that I’d run off to California with last year but spared the details off most of that train wreck. He told me he’d dated a gal locally that got somewhat serious but had broken off with the help of a ‘friend’. His ex still lived in the area, mine was in Ohio. We both had young sons that lived with the exes. If all this info sharing on a first date didn’t run one of us off it’d be a miracle.

We had a marvelous Saturday night and Sunday together. We made love and rested. Listened to music, made love and rested. Ate, straightened the apartment some, made love and rested. You get the idea.

I heard music I’d never been exposed to. Ron’s tenderness in bed was again, something I’d never been exposed to. That weekend was the first time I’d ever had an orgasm first… or second… and once third, before my partner!

But weekends end. Monday always comes. And for Ron, it meant back on duty and talking to aircraft again. We’d been together nonstop for two days. It had been two of the best days of my life. One of my biggest surprises though was when he woke me up Monday to take him to work. He let me keep the car both Monday and Tuesday and took me home Tuesday night.

This was all before social media or cell phones and the next two days were very long for me. I understood him not wanting to get on the parents bad side with long phone calls so I just waited till Friday. My parents planned a night out and just dropped me off at the club around 5:30. He made his way to our car just as my Mom opened her door. She handed him a small over night bag and chuckled as she told him, “If you’re gonna keep her for four days, she needs a change of clothes.” I introduced everyone and Ron hugged her and shook Dad’s hand before taking the bag to his car. I could tell that he’d just won them over. Three minutes and he’d passed the parent test. I guess sometimes they just know!


Thanks for reading Chapter 1. Hope you enjoyed it. Next we’ll finish up in Alabama (with a side trip to Ga to meet a judge on a Saturday) and then migrate to the beaches of Panama City Fl.

Stick with us, it’s gonna be a helluva ride.

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