Your Letter Came Today

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I started my bath at about 11. I put on some soft symphony music and lit the candles. Ready for a nice long bubble bath in some steaming water.

I stepped into the claw-footed tub and slid into heaven. I began to relax in the steamy, bubbly water and all the silly problems of the day started to float away. And then your e-mail began to replay in my empty mind. You said you’d be here by nine.

With the music, the candles and your questions – I forgot where or who I was. All I could think of was having your hands on my wet shoulders massaging the day away.

***You kept putting more bubbles on them to make then slick for your hands to rub me. The suds began to get too much for my shoulders to hold and then began to slide down my back and also, on to my chest.

I laid my head on the back of the tub and brought my left knee up put my arms on the sides of the tub and let my hands slowly dangle in the hot water. The water line was below my breasts and the sensation of the hot water on most of my body and the cool night air coming through the window on my still-wet breast and arms sent tingling through my entire body.

*** The thought of you and I making passionate love against the wall began to play in my head. Snippets of visuals popped in. When you unzipped my skirt. Then me tearing at your shirt buttons. The sight of you when your red bikinis came off and them falling onto the mixed pile of our clothes. Finally getting to taste you. I could see myself insatiable. I couldn’t get enough of you.

I heard a noise in the hall and came back to reality. I opened my eyes and my hands had moved and I hadn’t even realized it. At some point I’d begun emek escort to caress my breasts with my right hand. My left hand had slipped below the water line. The noise disappeared down the hall and I realized that my sight was hazy. Everything looked softer now. My blinking was getting that slow, soft feel. I was completely relaxed. I kept slowly rubbing my fingers and the palm of my hand over my hard nipples. Mmmm, it was beginning to feel so nice. I knew that I couldn’t stop myself. My left hand seemed to have a mind of its own. It kept sliding down my stomach more and more till I could feel the patch of hair that separated my hand from my inner self.

I drew the heel of my left foot a little closer to bottom and bent my right knee. There, I could feel myself better. Your pictures kept flashing through my mind.

***I was slowly licking you and tasting every inch of you. I reached behind you and squeezed your cheeks. I could feel my nails lightly scratch your behind. I couldn’t take it any more I had to have your hard dick in my mouth. I pulled you against me quickly. You gasped for air.

I was arching my back in the tub trying to push my breasts against my forearm and elbow harder and I had my first three fingers in my mouth running my tongue all over them. My left hand had reached its destination. I was rubbing myself slowly and rhythmically. I reached farther back and inserted first one finger, then two. Mmmm … there, that was much better. I could feel the butt of my hand pressing against my clit. And the more I entered myself, the harder I would push against it.

***You were standing against the wall and had your hand on eryaman escort the back of my head. Your hand was quivering from the excitement. I could hear your breathing get shallower and quicker. God I wanted you to cum in my mouth so desperately. I began to run my nails over your sac and felt everything draw up a bit. I reached even farther back to run my now wet fingers down your crack and again across your sac. You arched your back and were pressing harder against my head. You were trying not to press too hard but wanted to be in me as deep as possible. I obliged you and thrust against your pelvic. You were in my throat and all you could do was shiver a bit and gasp for more air. You were rubbing the back of my head and pulling at my hair a bit.

I shivered in the tub from the excitement of thinking about you in my mouth. You’re taste, your size, your smell, the feel of your hair against my lips, your hand pulling at my hair and then rubbing it again. I slipped my middle finger out of me and let it go back even farther. There – just barely touching my ass. As I pushed my two fingers in and out I could feel my middle finger lightly rub against it. Mmmm … that was where it had to be. The butt of my hand still rubbing my clit. My head was rolling slowly from side to side and I was pulling at my cold, wet, hard nipples. They felt like I had been rubbing ice on them. And so sensitive. I had only been in the tub for ten minutes. And already I was about to explode.

***You reached down for me and lifted me up. We turned around and you leaned me against the cool wall. As you kissed your way down to my bikinis, I felt your hands probing every ankara escort inch of me, feeling and memorizing my reaction to your touch. I knew you would find those places again. And knowing that just made me want you more. The anticipation of having your tongue in me, your lips rubbing against me, and your hot breath blowing across me was driving me wild. All I wanted to do was grab your head as you had mine and bury your face between my legs. God! I needed to feel you explore my pussy as deep and wild as you could. Then you finally pressed your mouth to me through my panties. Oh God! Yes, yes, Dave, please, yes, touch me. Get closer. Please, Dave, get closer. The heat of your mouth and the pressure of your tongue even through the satin makes me quiver.

I felt the shiver again and again that is when I felt myself needing to cum. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I arched my back and pressed my probing fingers in even. My wrist was holding my clit from moving at all. It was jutting out and so very hard. My middle finger had slipped from where I needed it to be. I moved it back to my ass and pressed the tip of it centered. I pressed so hard as I came as I entered. Oh God! I convulsed there in the tub.

My breasts were hard. My nipples, cold and hard, needed your mouth. I couldn’t stop convulsing. I came so hard that I splashed water from the tub onto the floor. As I lay there exhausted in the now warm water I could only breathe rapidly and softly smile. I was so exhausted that I slipped under the water a bit more and lifted my feet over the edge of the tub so I could get my breasts under the warm water. I felt as if I was floating. After a few minutes of ecstasy I began to wash myself. When I got to my upper thighs I realized that I was soaked. Not from the water but from my own thick juices. I chuckled some and continued my bath.

And then you tapped gently on the bathroom door and pushed it open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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