Young Visitor Sparks Excitement Ch. 06

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There was that moment waking up, when I wasn’t sure if I’d had the worlds best wet dream ever. But then I saw Patricia lay there, cover pushed off the bed, morning sun just creeping through the blinds, with a blissful beaming smile of content still spread across her face.

That really happy “just been properly fucked” look. I let my hands caress her breasts and I rolled over towards her, starting my soft morning kisses on her shoulders and along her neck, letting my mouth brush her hair and ear lobe.

“Morning handsome. I assume you’ve got a massive smile on your face too?”

As she rolled over, we had a gentle loving embrace. There was something so calming and reassuring about hugging and holding Patricia. She could convey a thousand words in a loving squeeze.

“Yeah…well…errrr…yeah…that was a pleasant series of surprises I suppose.”

My words were enough for Patricia to open her dazy eyes, kiss me softly on the lips, and break the ice.

“I’m not sure if I’ll let you get away with surprise darling. Not only have I known you too long to fall for that, but we both know that little Cassie has been a fantasy of yours for ages, and we’ve talked lots about the idea of having fun with others. It’s just that we had enough beer and courage last night to experiment with it. And I for one, really enjoyed myself. You?”

I gave her my answer with a kiss and a long embrace.

“You’re amazing, you know that. An incredibly hot body, and a smoking hot attitude to live life by. And as if I didn’t think you could get any hotter, watching you and Cassie go at it was better than anything I’d fantasized about.”

“Well darling. Watching your cock pound her ass whilst her juices dribbled into my mouth, was also the hottest sight I’ve ever experienced. So we both won there didn’t we?”

“My head is a wee bit sore. I’m gonna go make us a coffee. Do you want yours in bed?”

“Nope. My head hurts too, so I’m going to drop in the pool and hope the shock sorts me out. It’s too nice a day to waste.”

Patrica stood carefully. I wasn’t sure if it was a hangover, or the wobbling after effects and so much sex and cumming so hard, but she definitely wasn’t 100%. As she rounded the bed, something felt different. A confidence. More assured. Not arrogant, but entirely comfortable. Then it hit me, as she walked past her nightgown on the hook, and towards the door.

“But what about if…”

I didn’t even get to to finish. She looked at me with a glint in her eye and put me firmly in my place.

“What if what? What is Dave and Cassie are out there? Dan, a few hours ago we got to see and experience and awful lot, so I think we’re past that stage now honey. Now go make me a coffee or risk losing me forever you sexy beast.” Her wink said it all.

Dave and Cassie were in the kitchen trying to quietly make breakfast, and looking fresh as a daisy. Bloody kids and their ability to recover. How I remember those days.

Their collective jaws were aghast as Patricia strolled past, with a gentle utter of “morning” and out of the patio door towards the pool. Dave watched her peachy butt cheeks waggle as she made her way across the terrace.

“Anyone for a coffee? I’m making.”

Neither Cassie or Dave knew what to do with their eyes. A glance down at my soft cock and balls swaying between my legs, or up at my cheeky face. They opted to alternate between the two.

“Hey Mr K. Ermmm yeah, I’d love a coffee. Cassie too, right?”

Cassie went from confused to happy. Her smile returned and the cheekiness could be seen deep in her eyes. Her mind was already racing.

“Sure. I haven’t got a shift til a lot later so was just gonna bake in my apartment. I think a coffee and swim here is a definite upgrade. I’ll be back in 5. You guys are OK to make the drinks right?”

I was already assembling the coffee and milk machine, when something deep in my mind told me to look around. Cassie had her right hand firmly grabbing Dave’s ass cheeks through his shorts, and planting a forceful kiss on his lips. He looked stunned, confused, and happy, all in one. Poor lad. He’d clearly never spent time with anyone as sexually experienced and confident as Cassie. In fact, I wasn’t sure I had either, and I had a good few years on him!

As she broke the kiss, her arms reached under her t-shirt and lifted it off over her head, shaking her hair loose. She placed it on the kitchen side, and slowly started strolling away from us. Her hands reached around and she unclasped her bra in one swift move. That fell to the floor. It was quickly joined by her denim shorts. She was down to her knickers as she reached the door, and just slid them down past her tender soft thighs, giving a gentle bum wiggle. I could feel my cock swelling involuntarily. She span around towards us.

“Maybe bring the coffees out when you’ve made them. I fancy a splash too.”

Without hesitation, she dived into the pool, and moments later her wet dark hair emerged as she bobbed in the water.

Dave balgat escort turned to me, as if looking for guidance or advice. Hoping almost, that I had some wisdom that could explain this and make it all seem normal. Then his glance lowered.

“Sorry about that. Just happened.”

Yes, I was apologising to our young house guest, because not only was I naked making coffee, but I was now fully erect.

“Don’t worry. I think we’re both sorry, and both admiring the same thing.”

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter as my glance lowered to see the tent in Dave’s shorts. Thankfully he chuckled too. Turns out Cassie had cast the same spell on both of us.

The rest of the day seemed uneventful after the escapades of night before, but in truth it just continued to be as bizzare. There was naked swimming. Patricia and Cassie bonded whilst they made breakfast for us, and we all sat outside enjoying the sun and relaxation. I’d read a newspaper, swam a few lengths in the pool, and even managed an afternoon nap. It was just 4 naked people hanging out, and there was no sexual tension, flirting, or smut, whatsoever.

Things started to change again at about 3pm. The girls had gone inside and were deep in conversation, when I decided I needed some sun lotion on my back. I did the typical bloke thing and fumbled for a bit trying to do it myself, when Dave interjected. “Seriously Mr K, I can help. You’ll break your arm trying to do that.”

I was about to protest, when I felt the shade of his body over mine, and I realised any resistance was futile. Dave started with my shoulders, which in theory were already coated, but I didn’t complain. He had soft firm hands, and after a day of splashing and baking, it felt nice. Almost like a massage, but not quite. I know I let out a few murmurs as it really did feel good. He worked down my back, and circled up my sides to my arm pit. Then slowly along my arm. I was relaxing more and more.

“You gotta be extra careful with the bits that don’t see the sun Dave. Get right in there.”

It was the encouragement from my wife that wasn’t required, but also wasn’t misplaced. I’m sun bathed naked a few times, but with Australian sun, you really had to be careful.

Dave coated his hands in cream, and started kneading my ass. Starting along my hips, and then moving inwards. I was clenching a first, but after a while, I relaxed and he was deep massaging SPF50 into my ass. My cock was rock hard by this stage, and I was immersed in the experience. I found having a lean and toned young man stroking my body, very arousing, and it wasn’t something I’d expected. But it felt great and I wasn’t going to fight it.

Just as I thought he’d finished, he squeezed some more out of the bottle, and started on the back of my legs. He was sensible and kind enough to cover the back of my knees, and then he worked back up my legs along my inner thigh. My body went into auto pilot, and I arched slightly as he worked his way up the leg. As he did the second motion, I arched again, a little further, and his hands grazed my balls and then along my ass crack, sending electric shocks through my entire body. I was tingling from head to toe.

“Let me just rub this last bit in.”

I lay still, not knowing where the last bit was going to be. Then a rush of adrenaline and excitement shot through my body, as Dave’s index finger rubbed up and down my ass crack, stopping and hovering just over my twitching rose bud, and pressed softly against it. I was so close to cumming in that very moment, holding my breath as I felt an orgasm rushing through my body. As I exhaled, I just managed to hold it together.

“I think that’s you covered.”

I tilted my head to say “thank you” and got a glimpse of his swaying semi erect penis. It really was a beautiful cock and I found it mesmerizing.

I lay thinking about his cock. His amazing body. The shockwaves that went through my body when he’d rubbed my ass crack. My mind and body were in a frenzy which I was snapped out of by a loud ‘POP’ sound.

“Cassie has had her shift cancelled, so we’re having a champagne. You boys need a drink?”

As I stirred and rolled over, I was met with an amazing sight, with Dave lay prone next to be on a sun lounger, his hard cock lay flat on his 6 pack pointing up at his belly button. His body was an even brown colour, and the sweat was starting to build and glisten on his perfect torso. He was sleeping. I instinctively grabbed a jug of ice water and emptied it over him proclaiming “wake up sleepy head”.

He lept up, part startled and part defensive, and went to tackle me. We playfully wrestled, our cocks inadvertnetly rubbing together, and he span me around and grabbed me tight. His cock was pressing between my lubed up ass, as he held me in a body lock. I could feel the cold water on his tight torso against my back. I wasn’t fighting back, but I was wriggling.

We both fell into the pool, Dave still gripping me from behind. The freshness ankara escort of the water was the perfect wake up and instantly felt amazing. We both came up for air at the same time, chuckling and no longer fighting, facing each other and splashing water.

Dave leaned forward, and without any consciousness, we kissed. We were stood in the pool. Face to face. And he kissed me. A soft kiss to the lips, and my mouth opened to let his tongue in. My hands instinctively reached for his hips and I pulled him closer. My eyes were closed, and every single sense in my body was focused on my lips as we embraced.

“Thanks for everything Dan. I really am having the most amazing time.”

He winked, smiled, and turned to climb out of the pool. I watched the water wash off his perfect ass. His cock was hard again. He really was perfect, and I didn’t blink as the previous shy retiring boy strolled with confidence and mojo over to the two amazing naked ladies who were pouring champagne.

I decided not to think or analyse. It was pointless. I’d never experienced a guy and never really thought about it much. Both me and Patricia loved ass play, and she really knew how to work a strap on and peg me occasionally, but that’s as far as it had gone. It was what it was.

We drank. We ate. We chatted. Everything was good, sat out on the terrace, sharing a few drinks and laughing a lot. Cassie was sharing stories of being raised in a conservative and strict household, sneaking out to meet boys, and getting caught by her parents losing her virginity. Dave had us all in stitches with stories of the farm, growing up in the country, and the sheer shortage of women at the annual country dance. And me and Patricia reminisced about our younger years, how we met, and the adventures we’d had along the way.

“We’ll tidy up and wash up. You two can relax.”

Cassie and Dave were up, cleared the table, and we’re off in the kitchen. Patricia came and sat on my lap.

“I’ve been watching you and admiring you all day, and you’re a very handsome, sexy, generous, and wonderful man.”

She kissed me passionately. My hands reached for her head as we embraced and our tongues danced in each others mouths.

“And watching you kiss Dave before made me very, very, wet.”

I took my hands from her head, and as we started kissing again, I reached between her legs to feel the start of a Patricia waterfall. That wonderful sweet nectar was starting to flow. And my cock was starting to grow.

“Let’s go inside.”

We joined the energetic young ones, who’d splashed each other whilst washing up, and squirted cream on each other in a pathetic attempt to make dessert.

Cassie brought me a wine over and enquired. “Can I tempt you with some dessert gorgeous young host?”

Her flirting was A grade, and I was falling for it, hook line and sinker. I took a large swig of wine, and only just then realised how tipsy I was. I wasn’t sure if I was drunk on wine, or the sight or thick squirty cream on Cassie’s tits.

“Yes, I’ll up for a portion. And before you ask, yes, I like cream.”

I sipped some more wine and looked lovingly over at my wife. We did ‘cheers’ from a distance with our glasses, almost as an acknowledgement that nothing was off limits. There was a definite look of mischief on her face. Like she had insider knowledge. Or she’d hatched a plan.

It all became more clear when Cassie and Dave returned from the kitchen holding hands. Cassie brought Dave over to my seat, almost presenting him. His cock was hard, but he seemed a bit sheepish. Cassie took the can of cream and squirted a nice long line of it along the length of Dave’s cock.

She looked me firmly in the eyes and said “ENJOY”, and strolled back across the room towards Patricia. Before I had a chance to work out what was happening or weigh up my options, I heard another squirt and saw Cassie drop to her knees and starting licking a line of cream off my wife’s soft pink cunt. Patricia had her head back, legs spread across the arms of the chair to give Cassie full access.

I instinctly edged forward on my seat, declining eye contact with Dave. I was about to cross a major boundary, and I wasn’t ready for guilt or doubt…just pure joy. My right hand reached up, cupping his big soft balls and then forming an ‘O’ around the base of his cock. I made my tongue firm and used the tip to glide along the top, spreading the cream and taking some into my mouth. I lifted his cock up, and repeated the action along the underside of his long thick shaft. It was rigid and the veins were popping. He didn’t need to speak to let me know he was enjoying this.

I repositioned his throbbing meat right in front of my mouth, took a deep breath and I sucked my first cock, slowly taking his big bulbous head in my mouth, circling my tongue around it and then guiding about half of it inside my mouth. It was big, but it felt amazing.

I started a motion of stroking from the base up, and meeting half way with my lips wrapped beşevler escort around his girth. I wanted to take it all the way and be a pro, but each time the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat, I gagged, causing my eyes to water.

I withdrew his cock from my mouth, continuing to use my spit as lube to stroke it, and I lifted it upright so my mouth could envelop his balls, which was now tightening up. I felt him tremble as my tongue danced around his ball sack.

Dave reached down to take my hand off his cock, and then span around, planting his hands on the coffee table, and presenting the most perfect ass right in front of me. A tanned and firmer version of Cassie’s ass, and I couldn’t wait. No word were shared. I could hear the ladies moaning as they licked each other in a 69 position on the floor, and Patricia momentarily looked up. Seeing my about to feast on Dave’s virgin ass was too much as she started to cum. Dave was watching them, bent over in front of me. I was hooked on the sight as Patricia’s juices started to flow, and as she wailed, it sent Cassie off on her own screaming orgasm. Spinning to take a look, Cassie had a glistening face covered in juices, but smiled even more when they saw Dave in position. Both ladies slowly got up off the floor and came and sat either side of me on the couch, wanting a close up view.

I used my hands to part Dave’s cheeks, and I repeated the pattern I’d used on Cassie. Starting on the outside of the cheeks like he’d done with the lotion, and working my way in. Lapping up and down the length of his ass crack with my soft tongue, and then tensing it to press the tip of my tongue against his rosebud. He tasted amazing, and he started to grind against my tongue. I got my hands further in and spread him so my tongue could push into his sweet virgin hole, and it started darting in and out in a fast pace.

Shaking, Dave started to wriggle and pant, his voice going from hushed murmurs to a tirade of “oh fuck, fuck, fuck” and more panting. Cassie leaned down and engulfed my hard cock with her mouth. I was close to cumming as she spat on my cock and stroked it.

Patricia leaned in and kissed my neck and ear. Her hand stroking my inner thigh. Her mouth reached my ear and she whispered “Fuck that virgin ass. Now.” It was soft, but direct.

I eased a wet winger into Dave’s ass and he pushed back on it hard. It was easy to get a second in, but he gripped me tight for a moment, adjusting to the intrusion. Cassie was still working my cock, and I was desperate not to cum yet, so I quickly wet a third finger and stretched Dave’s ass for the first time. His panting was getting deeper, and he’d adjusted his stance to spread his legs. The time was now.

I stood up, positioning my soaking wet cock towards his shiny tight ass. Patricia reach over and placed her hands on his butt cheeks to spread them. Cassie was sat back furiously rubbing her clit. I gently held the tip of my cock against his entrance for just a moment, taking in everything I was experiencing. An amazingly hot, toned, athletic, straight, young lad, was bent over in front of me. I’d never fucked a guy and I think he’d never been fucked by one. Here goes!

As I pressed the tip, Dave tensed. It wasn’t going to go in. I waited as he took a few deep breaths, and then as I felt him relax, I pressed again, and the first few inches of my cock eased into his amazing tight hole. His ass was stretched around my girth, and I could feel his butt twitching and adjusting to my cock. As he did, I slowly slid out and then back again, never taking my cock fully out, and training him to take my meat.

With each slide, I got a bit further in, and then with one deep breath, he relaxed and I felt his ass suck me all the way in, deep into his bowels. It felt amazing. My cock was on fire with passion and desire as my balls slapped on his ass. Undistinguished noises were coming from Dave, as I eased my cock out and held it, just with the tip inside him. Then I ploughed him, hard and deep. I was overcome with animal desire as I thrust deep into his ass, his grip tightening on my cock with each fuck.

On my withdrawal motion, I felt Cassie reach up, fondling my balls and rubbing my ass, which sent me into a state of ecstacy. Before I could say anything, she’d adjusted her position, give my ass a massive lick and started fingering my butt, 2 fingers instantly in there. I felt the pain first, her fingers feeling too big for me and nearly causing me to yelp. But my ass instantly adjusted, and accommodated for her fingers as she thrust them in and out brushing my prostate.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”.

“Fill my ass. NOW.”

As Dave gripped me and my balls slapped on his ass, I held my position and Cassie’s fingers massaged my prostate, causing an orgasm that started with my toes curling and legs shaking, and culminated in big thick shots of cum leaving my cock and fill Dave’s ass.

I could barely stand. Panting. Shaking. Twitching. I slowly slid my cock out of Dave’s ass as it softened. He stood up right, span around and said “thank you soooooo much” as he leaned in to kiss me. He looked like he was in a trance. His cock was still hard between his legs. His body covered in sweat. Heart pounding.

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