Yes! Yes! Yes!

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“Fuck me! Harder, oh God, harder! Right there, yeah baby.”

“Oh, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“There they go again,” I thought, “while I’m here alone on another Friday night.” I was sure my next-door neighbor, Jenna, was now passed out on her bed while her latest triumph smoked a cigarette beside her. I had heard Jenna’s sexual escapades for many a weekend. So many Friday and Saturday nights, the last words I heard before going to sleep were Jenna screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The best thing about hearing those particular words was that then I knew I could truly sleep. I had sat alone so many times wishing that it was me screaming, “Fuck me!” I wanted a man to touch me, to inspire moaning and screaming. But I just didn’t have Jenna’s “something,” that thing that draws men to you. I fantasized about a cock being pressed against my pussy, ready to be drawn into my wet, waiting hole. I dreamt about a man who would tug gently at my nipples with his lips until my back arched.

Jenna and I were friends and she often asked me to escort her to the newest local hot spot. I had gone a few times but with Jenna in the room, any other woman just fades away. However, she was a great shopping buddy and loads of fun so no matter how much I would like to say I hated her, I just can’t. She’s the kind of person who seemed truly in my corner. Either that or she pitied me. Jenna had never endured a boring weekend. I could vouch for that.

What I usually got each weekend, and had experienced again that night, was some good Chinese food (Yes, the restaurant owner knows I’m always alone. So sad.), another DVD (I didn’t even have the nerve to rent porn.) and because I was “lucky,” a ringside seat to another orgasmic Friday evening vicariously experienced through Jenna. Knowing that the activities next door had completely transpired, I nodded off to sleep.

I awoke early on Saturday morning. Not the gentle, stretching, easy way to wake up. No, I awoke to the sound of the garbage truck lifting the dumpster (that just happened to sit right outside my apartment window) and dumping it into the truck. Startled, I drug myself out of bed and into the bathroom. I looked a mess. Knowing I should get into the shower and get my day started, I reached for the water nozzle.

“Nope, coffee first!” I convinced myself.

After three cups of coffee, a valiant attempt to read the paper and a quick glance at the television, I finally made it to the shower. I turned on the water, nice and hot. I slipped off my gown and stepped into the shower, the steam and wetness suddenly helping me to wake up.

I began to lather the soap and wash myself from head to toe. As my hand slipped between my legs to wash, my fingers lingered at my clit, which had suddenly become more swollen and hard. I began to run my middle finger over my clit, eventually letting it slip up into my pussy.

I reached out of the shower and into a basket sitting on the shelf. Rifling through the basket, my hand finally found what it was searching for, my vibrator. As my finger found its way in and out of my pussy, I let the vibrator work its magic on my clit. As the sensation became more intense, I had to lean my shoulder against the side of the shower stall for support.

I felt my thighs begin to tremble and then sensed a tightening in my groin as I released and came, juices running down my legs. I reached down and tweaked at my clit a little more. The sensations heightened and I felt myself cum again.

After the shower, I quickly finished getting ready, dressing in jeans and a bright blue tank top. I needed to head to the bookstore to pick up some research books I needed to study for my next story. Grabbing my purse, keys and my fourth cup of coffee, I headed out the door.

I jumped in my car and rolled down my window, enjoying the cool spring breeze blowing against my arms and eryaman escort through my hair. After a good masturbation session, everything seems more intense and I could just feel an air of confidence surround me. This would be a good morning. And after last night, I needed some cheering up. Maybe I’d head round to the shoe store to treat myself before heading home this afternoon. It just seemed like that type of day.

I got out of the car and headed into Barnes & Nobles for the books I needed. I opened the door and upon entering, pushed my sunglasses up, pulling my long blonde hair back away from my face. Shaking my head a little and readjusting to the change in light, I looked up straight into the eyes of the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen.

He stood at the New Releases shelf and had been reading the back of the latest John Grisham novel. He had sandy blonde, wavy hair, a little on the long side of what I usually liked. He was wearing an Old Navy t-shirt and baggy, old, worn-in jeans. But it was his eyes that seemed to paralyze me. They were the most beautiful shade of hazel, almost brown but with a touch of green. Upon eye contact, the corners of his mouth turned up into a charming smile showing his slightly crooked yet charming teeth.

I also quickly allowed myself a glance toward his zipper checking out what he may have packaged beneath the denim.

Suddenly, feeling I’d stared too long, I broke eye contact and turned to head to the section of the store I had originally planned. His words made me freeze again.

“Liz, Liz Harper, is that you?”

“Could this fine specimen really know me?” I thought. I looked his way again, frantically searching for where I had seen this man before and needing to know how I could’ve forgotten him.

“Yes, hi. I’m sorry. Have we met?”

“Well, not actually, I do some freelance writing for the paper you work for. I just know you from your byline picture.”

“Oh, I didn’t really think I’d forget someone like you.” I immediately blushed, embarrassed that I’d let my attraction become so obvious.

He let out a small laugh, blushing along with me. “Well, I just wanted to say that I enjoy your writing. I’ve always wanted to meet you. You’ve just never been in your office when I had the opportunity to come through.”

My head was spinning. “This guy? This guy had always wanted to meet ME?”

“Well, I’m Liz. I suppose you know that already. And you are?” I stretched my hand out for a shake.

“Todd Reynolds. I did the piece on the recycling woes in the city.”

“Oh, yes. I remember that. Did you do all your own research?”

“Yes, I always try to. Is that why you’re here today? Research?”

“You got it. What else could get me up this early on a Saturday?” I laughed. I was thinking to myself that I wish he were keeping me in on a Saturday morning.

“Well, I don’t want to keep you from your research. It was really nice to finally meet you. We’ll have to get together for coffee sometime.”

“Sounds great.” I managed to say. “Damn, this guy is so smart and so hot.” I thought, “I wish I could think of something fabulous to say.” “Let me know, we’ll get together.” was all I managed.

After another mutual smile, I headed off down the aisle, trying not to skip. I had just gotten my nose into a book on the history of jazz when I heard a familiar voice say, “Hey, what are you doing tonight?”

I turned to look at Todd and said, “No major plans, how about you?”

“Wanna change that coffee to dinner and go tonight?

“Sure. That would be great.” My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much.

“Okay, how about we head to the new Chinese place on 4th and Jones? Shall I pick you up?”

“Sure, I’m at the Red Oak Apartments on Cherry St. It’s apartment 12. Say, 7:00?”

“I’ll see you then Liz. I can’t wait.”

I smiled. I couldn’t esat escort wait either. I waited for him to get to his car and leave before I ran out of the bookstore and headed to my favorite clothing store, just had to have new clothes for this date.

At 6:54, I heard the knock at my door. I was wearing a black mini-skirt and a hot pink tank. Underneath, I had worn a hot pink bra and thong to match. And to lift my confidence level a bit I’d completed the outfit with black high heels. I opened the door and he was breathtaking in black pants and a bright blue shirt. I could see a bit of his chest hair at the top of his shirt and had to keep myself from trying to touch.

Dinner was a lovely mix of laughter and conversation. But the reality was, I wanted this man and I wanted him bad. Each time he shared a story, I touched his arm as I let my head lean back in laughter. I sent all the signals but I wasn’t sure they were working.

We headed to the car after eating. As he opened my door, I sat down in the car. My skirt slipped up and was showing quite a bit of my long, bronze legs, but instead of pulling it down, I looked up at Todd. He had noticed my skirt and was staring right at my thighs. Ever so subtly I let my legs ease apart a bit, sending him the signal that he had the go ahead for physical activity tonight. As he closed the door, I swore I saw some movement in his pants.

He headed around to the driver’s side of the car. As he sat down, I could plainly see that he was hard. Feeling confident and quite nervy for my normal personality, I reached over and took his hand. I put it on my thigh, his fingers sliding between my legs. I easily led his hand down further and underneath my skirt. When his fingers grazed my thong, he reached over and kissed me.

It was a good first kiss. It wasn’t too forceful but it was definitely urgent. I was first to break our lips with a tongue. Our tongues met and danced together as his hand rubbed against the fabric of my panties. On the other side of that fabric, my pussy was on fire. It was already running with my juices. As I felt his finger slide underneath the fabric, I was unable to hide my excitement.

Upon Todd feeling the dampness there, both our eyes opened for a second and we both smiled. I reached out for his cock. I had been correct before, it was massive and it was hard. Through the fabric of his pants, I could feel the groove where his head met the shaft. As I rubbed, he responded even more.

“We have to get out of here.” Todd said. “Where to? Your place? I have roommates.”

“That’s fine, just get there fast okay?”

“ Oh believe me, it’ll be fast.”

As he drove, he let his right hand stay buried in my panties, his finger rubbing against my lips, causing me to get even wetter. And I kept a constant hold on his prick, just imagining what it would feel like inside me.

As I opened the door to my apartment, we were already intertwined, our bodies, our tongues and our hands. As I turned to close the door, I felt his hands grasp my ass and pull me closer to him. Then his hands moved to the top of my blouse and slip it over my head. I turned around and he unzipped the skirt. It fell into a puddle on the floor.

There I was standing in a hot pink bra and thong and black high heels. I felt like the sexiest woman alive. My breasts were perky and the nipples hard. He sat down on the couch and began to take off his shoes. I walked toward him, unbuttoned his shirt and laid it over the back of the couch.

He stood, took off his pants and looked at me. I reached over, put my fingers inside the top of his underwear, my hair grazing his cock as I took them all the way to the floor. He sat down again, his massive dick standing straight up. I reached back and unfastened my bra. I bent down and slipped off my thong. As I was about to take off my shoes, Todd said, “Leave ankara escort them on, they’re sexy.”

He motioned for me to come toward him. “How do you feel about 69?” he said.

“I have never done it but I hear it’s great.”

He took one of my legs motioning for me to sit down close to his face. As I did, I felt his tongue brush against my pussy lips, causing my back to arch and a small moan to come out of my mouth. He reached up with his fingers and began to play with my clit. He followed this with long, warm penetrations of my pussy by his tongue.

As I writhed in pleasure, I leaned down and began to lick around the head of his penis. Taking only the head in my mouth at first, I wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft and began to pump it, quickly then slowly and quickly again.

As I felt his tongue enter me more deeply each time, I began to take more and more of his cock into my mouth. I could taste his precum and knew he was enjoying it.

His tongue flicked in and out of my pussy, all the while his finger flicking at my clit. As I began to suck more eagerly at his cock and play with his balls, I felt a finger slowly and gently enter my ass. “Aaaaahhhh,” I said as the sensation was heightened.

His tongue darting more and more quickly into my pussy, I began to take him faster and faster in and out of my mouth. I could feel myself close to climax and began to squeeze lightly on his balls. I felt his body tighten as he filled my mouth with his warm juice.

At the same time, my back arched and I felt myself cum, his tongue lapping up every drop. I swallowed everything his dick had to offer and turned over to face this man who’d made me cum harder than I ever had before.

Todd smiled and I smiled back. “Maybe I should see your bedroom now,” he said breaking the silence.

“Right this way sir.”

He held my hand as I led him into the bedroom. I could feel his gaze go from my neck to my ass and back.

“Okay, Liz, what do you want me to do to you?” Todd said.

Not used to asking for what I want, I replied, “Whatever you want to do to me.”

“No, you have to tell me.”

“Okay,” I said gathering up my nerve. “I want you to fuck me.” I said in an almost inaudible voice.

“What Liz? I couldn’t hear you.”

“I want you to fuck me.” I said again in an undecipherable voice.

“Liz, I want to do this but you’re going to have to tell me.”

Something inside of me broke out. I said, (well, actually screamed was more like it) “Fuck me Todd. I want you to fuck me.”

“That’s more like it.”

He stepped forward and guided me toward the bed. He turned me over on my stomach, touched my hips and began to pull them upward. I could tell what he was looking for so I obliged. I got up onto all fours and looked back at him. His cock was hard again and aimed directly at my pussy.

As he entered me, my head leaned back. I could feel the tip of his dick hitting the front of my body from the inside. I felt his balls hit against my clit. Again, I felt him enter my asshole with a finger and then two. As our rhythm became one, I could feel my wetness running down my legs. He reached down and touched and then made sure I saw him lick his fingers.

He began to thrust faster and I knew we were both close to cumming again. I was completely into our rhythm and was ready to burst when I heard a voice that I now know was mine screaming, “Fuck me! Harder, oh God, harder! Right there, yeah baby.”

“Oh Liz, I’m cumming.” I felt his warmth ooze into my pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I found myself screaming as I joined him in his ecstasy.

We fell into a ball of two bodies, exhausted from our activities and fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to find myself enveloped in Todd’s arms. Smiling I decided to get up to make us some breakfast and have a quick read of the paper before Todd woke up.

As I opened my front door to collect the paper, I ran into Jenna walking down the hall.

“Hey, Liz. Sounded like a good night in there.” She winked.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I said, masking my blush with a smile.

I headed back inside for breakfast and a Sunday morning fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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