Writer’s Block

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I was feeling like escaping away from it all, I haven’t written a word for 2 weeks and my publisher will start pulling her hair if I don’t write something soon. Can you believe it you write one novel and they expect five more? So I’m sitting at the computer waiting for that idea to hit me. Then I’m getting up wandering my office thinking and thinking and still the idea doesn’t come. After chain smoking through 40 cigarettes and drinking a few bottles of wine, I decide to go out for a walk, somewhere quiet where no one knows where you are, somewhere where the wind blows in whispers to wake you somewhere where the sun is cool but warm making you feel sane. So here I am walking along a dirt track finding that place which makes me feel good, along a path and down a steep slope to a hill and a valley deep in the south downs of Sussex. All that walking and the sun make’s wish there was a bar where I can sit and take in the view and sip a cool beer. But no this is the middle of nowhere, this is my place.

I sit down on the warm dew covered grass and let my eyes wander this landscape the light picturesque valley and the fields of poppies that I remember since I was a child. And even when I was older ready for killing myself and making my blood run into the red poppies so I could never be found till the end of the summer when the red of the poppies ceases to be. As I sit, I can hear a noise, which is really strange because I know that know one comes up here but me. I look but don’t see anything. I keep listening and I hear that noise again, crying, a female crying. You can tell easily the difference between a female crying and man crying in the length of the sobs and the drones of the wail. I get up and look over a bush that I am sitting next to, I don’t see a thing. I don’t want to be seen as this is my place that no one knows I come to. I creep round a little further and still don’t see anyone. The crying stops suddenly like they have been disturbed by something, movement. I realise it’s me; I should have trod more carefully. She speaks “who’s there?”

“Sorry to disturb you, but I was quietly enjoying the peacefulness gaziosmanpaşa escort of this spot when I heard crying”

“I’m just a bit upset, my parents don’t give a shit about me, and my boyfriend wants me to have sex and I don’t want sex with him, because I’m worried that I won’t please him”

“Can I help at all, I mean do you need someone to talk to, you must be in a bit of a state to be speaking to a total stranger?”

She gets up and I see her face at the other side of the bush, she looks towards me, she must be about 18, her eyes are all puffy and red from the crying and there are dry tear marks on her face. I get out a tissue from my pocket and motion to come round and hand her the tissue. I look into her eyes and stare at this untouched female body as I walk round the bush. She has what I call see through blue eyes, deep and cool looking, eyes you can get lost in. Her mouth is small, and her nose, a little cute button. Still has a childhood features. But she’s also, a woman. She is wearing a tight skinny t-shirt and a short skirt. Her breasts are not big, but still nice to look at with the nipples sticking out easily visible through her top and showing also the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Here’s a tissue”

“Thank you; sorry I didn’t catch your name”

“Joe, what’s yours?”

She doesn’t take the tissue but lets me put my hand to her face and wipe away the dry salty tear marks, tempting now to lick and kiss her face and taste the salt and touch those lips, but I must resist.

“My name is saffron”

“What a beautiful name”

“Thank you”

I keep wiping the dry tears from her face and notice her staring at me in the eyes then moving her glare to my crotch, this situation is getting hard now, and so am I, I feel a bulge rising in my trousers. I can’t take advantage of her it wouldn’t be right. I’ll have to go.

“Er! Joe, thank you for the tissue. Can you please help me with something; help me with one of my problems”

“I don’t know what is the problem….”

And with that she pulls her face haymana escort to hers and kisses me, I don’t move, I’m frozen there, I don’t know whether to return the kiss or pull away. She suddenly stops

“What’s wrong, Joe, don’t you like me”

And then that was that, I can’t help myself I grab her in my arms and kiss her back tasting the dry salt from her tears which have fallen onto her lips and the taste of her fresh young mouth, and now all I can think of that fresh untamed pussy and the bulge in my trousers that needs to escape.

I move a hand down in between her legs under her skirt and feel an unmistakable damp spot on her panties, I start running my fingers along her crack and she starts squirming on my hand, and I’m thinking this young woman who hasn’t had sex before is getting very horny. Still kissing me I notice that she is undoing the buttons on my jeans and has grabbed the bulge of my cock and is it rubbing it really slowly knowing not really what to with it, she just keeps rubbing. I grab the top of trousers and pull them down with boxers and let my cock become free to warm south winds she looks down at it, then up into my eyes. I push her down in between my legs and she puts her hands on my cock running her fingers up and down.

“Kiss it” I say

And she does, giving her the taste of cock of her lips she moves her lips around my member and starts to suck, first she keeps nipping with my teeth and I tell her to be gentle and then she gets it just right, and I can feel that feeling when you know your going to blow and then I come deep into her mouth nearly gagging her, but she recovers quickly and swallows the lot to my amazement and starts licking the remaining cum off my cock. I then decide this is my turn I take of my t-shirt and remove hers to reveal her pert young breasts I grab them in my hand and start sucking on her nipples she moves her hand this time to her pussy and with the other is rubbing her fingers along my cock. I remove her skirt and panties and lay her down on the warm dew covered grass which suddenly sends shivers up her body ankara escort and makes uncontrollably come for no apparent reason. I’m shocked.

I put my hands on her pussy and rub her clit, really slowly. I position myself over her pussy in a sixty nine position and start to devout her pussy, and it tastes so good, really good. Tasting how wet she is with joy and the feeling I’m getting in my cock as she is sucking for England. I need to stick my cock into her pussy before she drains me of all the cum I have. I keep her on her back and lay directly on top of her and position my cock just on her pussy lips, and knowing she’s a virgin take it really slowly entering her, another inch and I’m in she starts to have tears in her eyes and I ask whether she wants me to stop and she says no, and grabs my ass and pushes my cock deep inside of her. And then she screams out faster go faster. An order’s an order and I start pounding her pussy till she explodes I roll her over so she is on top and she sits up still with my cock deep in her pussy and she starts to ride me, grabbing her breasts with her hands on my hands she rides and I see the sweat dripping down her body. I then turn her back round on her back and lick the sweat off her breasts and down her stomach and then I push myself as hard as I can into her tight pussy and I move in and out, pounding and riding her, making come over and over again, and then I explode deep into her pussy. And I feel the cum seep out her pussy down the base of my cock. I pull myself out and she puts her hand down to her pussy and starts rubbing away. As if she needs that ecstasy she then sits up and grabs my cock with her other hand and pulls her mouth towards it and licks all out juices off it. I get up and say I have to go.

“Why can’t you stay Joe?”

“I’m writer saffron and you’ve just given me an idea for a story”

“can I come with you, if I’ve given you an idea for a story, doesn’t that make me your muse, If I come back with you I can help give you more inspiration can’t I”

“Ok, saffron, but you can’t stay long I’ve really got to finish this story.”

After dressing and continued feeling and touching of each other and the constant kissing, we slowly walk back to my house. I tell her to sit down and I go and make a cup of tea. When I get back, she is sitting there completely naked, rubbing her pussy.

Oh god, when am I going to get this story finished?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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