Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 67

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Chapter 67

WWC Meeting

Val tried not to think about Bernie and her husband, preferring to concentrate on that nights meeting. It was too soon to bring in Jay, who would fellate himself, and so she wondered what might serve to get the women warmed up on such short notice? She knew she had only herself to blame. She had wasted the week trying to develop ideas on her own, and only thought of hiring the private detective a few days ago. But then she had accomplished so much since then, hadn’t she?

Then it occurred to her that she had gotten the girls going with her pregnancy story. That was followed by a couple of the others telling stories of their own. That would have to do, she told herself, and then had another thought. She decided to call everyone who had been at the meeting except Bernie, who would not be attending anyway. No, Val thought, she’ll be fucking Joe in his hideaway.

Val had called her friends and told each there were many women in Wilmington who felt the same way they did. She urged each of them to find and bring one of those women to the meeting. To Val’s surprise, each of the members agreed it was a good idea, and would try to find someone who would fit in. Only Laura had reservations, and those were with her own ability to produce another member so soon.


Val was happily surprised at the turnout. Katy brought two women, Deidre, an attractive, brunette in her mid-thirties, who appeared to be a bit on the shy side and worked as a saleswoman at Talbot’s; and Ceilia, who worked with the Department of Maritime Affairs, a plain-looking women in her early twenties (actually 23) who adhered to a manish style of dress that with her short, blonde hair gave her a pixyish look that Val found very attractive. . Val decided that until proven otherwise, she would consider both lesbians. Not that it mattered in the least as far as the club membership was concerned. She would learn that they were not lesbians, but bi-sexual and were Katy’s neighbors in Wrightsville Beach.

Natalie presented a lithe, brunette Named Stacy, who worked at the law firm with her. Stacy was 32 years old, raven-haired, like Val, and very outgoing. She had smallish breasts and nice legs, although she was pigeon-toed and wore black, horned-rim glasses. Everyone took to her from the outset of the meeting.

A petite, waif with curly auburn tresses was introduced by Janet as Ursula Smith, a Second-Grade teacher. Ursula had a winning smile and great ass, and did not wear a bra to the meeting.

And, in a complete change of character, Laura proudly presented Glenda Rogers, a natural blonde who had recently moved to Wilmington and had filled a position at the library and worked alongside Laura.

The women sat down to a seafood dinner, courtesy of Val Marcolina, and then Val called the meeting to order.

“We’re not a formal group. I don’t want it that way and I don’t think you want it either. I want to welcome all the newcomers and want to let you know we’re all newcomers in that this is the first official meeting of the Wilmington Women’s Club. We’re not a bunch of do-gooders. We’re not fundraisers, and … well, we’re not what anyone would consider a … shall I say, normal functioning type club.

“For those of you not here that night, I told a story about the night I became pregnant with my daughter, Caroline, who incidentally will be five next week.”

There was a moment of scattered applause and then everyone was applauding. Val was deeply touched, but held up her hands and when the group was quiet continued.

“Anyway, I asked those present what they thought of my story. Everyone had something to say. It appeared most everyone there had something, a story, if you will, that they wanted to share. Unfortunately we didn’t have time for everyone. But we’ll make time for that this evening … after you all have a few more martini’s or vodka and tequila shots.”

That got a round of laughter and Val sensed the group leaning toward her.

“The club is tentatively named The Wilmington Women’s Club. But we don’t need to be so formal. Someone suggested we call it the WWC and I think that has certain … shadowy mysteriousness to it that we like.

“Someone else, I think it was Janet. Was it you dear?”

“Was it me, what, Val?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. This presiding over a meeting is new to me. I should be more specific, shouldn’t I?”

“It would help move things along,” Katy said with a broad smile. Val shrugged her shoulders as she nodded agreement.

“And so I shall. I think Janet suggested … no, she asked what the purpose of the club would be. The main purpose, anyway. And I said we’ll use it to embellish our sex lives.”

The women cheered, and another round of drinks was ordered.

“I was hoping to have several of the Chippendale Dancers here to… entertain us. Unfortunately, they don’t have a group that works in our neck of the woods.”

“Fly them in from Michigan, we don’t care!” Ceilia maltepe escort shouted.

Val laughed with the rest and after things quieted down, said, “Good idea, but I found something closer. Unfortunately, they can’t be here this evening. They will, however, be here next week. And, I’ll tell you this much. They may not be Chippendale Dancers, but they are United States Marines from the Fayetteville area, and probably more man than any of the Chippendale’s.” The women roared their approval.

“In weeks to come, I have several other surprises in store for you. And now I want to add one more thing and then I’ll shut up. If any of you have ideas or suggestions, let me hear them. If we can afford it, and we can afford a lot believe me, as long as it’s legal, we’ll go for it.

“Now for tonight, I propose we pick up where we left off last week. And that is each of us telling the hottest story we can about our personal experiences.”

Glenda, the Assistant Librarian, had her hand in the air as soon as Val finished, and Val acknowledged her. Glenda stood up and faced the others.

“Um, this happened when I was in college. Um, Val I should tell you that Laura told me your pregnancy story, um, maybe three times this week. I have to confess that I spent a lot of time in the Ladies Room at the Library… anyway….”

All the women, including Val were beside themselves with laughter. Glenda stopped and smiled out at her already captive audience. Val stood and motioned to get Glenda’s attention. “I’m sorry for interrupting you, especially this early in your story. But it sounds like a really good one and I think I should order a couple rounds before you get too far along.”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, thank you, Val.”

Val gestured to the server, placed the order and Glenda resumed her story.

“I think I woke up that Sunday at about two in the afternoon. My roomie was laughing and welcomed me back to the living.

“What time did you get in?” she asked.

“I didn’t know, but recalled that the sun was shining, and told her so.”

“You and what’s-his-name must have had real fun then,” she said and giggled knowingly.

“I laughed and told her that he was a real sweetie, and a change from the stupid jocks I’d been dating.

“That was the thing, see… the football players think because you’re a cheerleader you’re fair game. I mean, that group was so narcissistic they thought if they showed up at the door you’d have your legs spread in waiting for their sperm donation.”

Glenda now had her audience in the palm of her hand.

Val grinned happily. This was going better than expected. Glenda had a natural ability to tell a good story. Val thought back to how she had rehearsed her story, trying to anticipate the group’s reaction, working on her timing, and here was this young Glenda reeling off a story like a pro.

Glenda nodded at the others, “Yeah, well I’ll tell you that gets real old, real fast. Anyway, this guy, his name’s James by the way, he was a keeper. Well, at least for the next couple weeks.

“I recall saying to my roomie, I wish I could figure out what it is exactly that triggers male hormones.”

My roomie came back with something like: “I don’t think its boobs, hair, or short skirts. I think it’s them. They’re all walking around in a constant state of arousal. I mean, I can wear the baggiest sweats, pull my hair back with a scrunchie, and still detect the lust in their eyes when I’m sitting in the library.

I told her she was right, and added, “At least for now I don’t have to do any more fishing at the frog pond.”

“Was it your third time out with him?” Katy asked with a smirk.

“Yeah, three’s the charm in my book.”

“Of course my roomie wanted to know the exquisite details of the diner date, so I opened up.

“He took me up to a really nice restaurant in the park; one with carriage rides and all. I really wanted to look nice, so I spent extra time putting my hair up into a French braid; it keeps it off my shoulders and more importantly, I wouldn’t sit there and play with it while I was talking to him. I decided to wear a navy blue mini with a scoop neckline. The dress wasn’t all that revealing. Only five inches above my knees, and heck, I even wore a bra so while there was some flesh showing, it wasn’t as suggestive as you might think.

“We decided to have chocolate mousse for dessert and was it ever yummy. I can still taste it. He had a little speck of chocolate on the side of his mouth, and I wiped it off onto my finger. He told me that he didn’t want to waste that little taste, and took my index finger into his mouth and gently sucked on it, sliding his tongue all around. Of course feeling that delicate pull on my finger was enough to get me started. You know how it is when guys start to suck on body parts.”

Glenda paused, looked around, and said, “At least I hope you know how it is.”

That drew an appreciative roar of laughter from the mamak escort other women.

“Indeed I do,” Katy sighed, eliciting even more laughter among the group.

Glenda resumed her story.

“I managed to get myself under control and suggested a walk in the park before heading back to his place. That got an interesting reaction from him and with a few glasses of wine already warming my loins; I slipped my hand under the table to see what he was feeling.”

Natalie exclaimed, “You didn’t!”

“Hey, we were against the wall and nobody could really see,” Glenda shot back. “Don’t tell me you’ve never been curious to see if you’ve gotten a rise out of a guy in a public place. And he was rock hard.”

Natalie said nothing, more embarrassed by her uncharacteristic outburst than anything Glenda said in response to her comment.

But Laura answered for the rest of them, saying quietly, “Well, there was this one time….”

“The waiter brought us a couple of Irish coffees. I had a little dribble of coffee on my upper lip, and James smiled at me, telling me that turn about was fair play. So I slipped his finger into my mouth, and gently sucked on it until it was clean. Well, that was all it took. The next thing I knew our lips were locked, tongues darting back and forth between our mouths. I was fumbling with his zipper about the same time his hand was sliding up my thigh when the waiter approached and politely asked if we wanted desert. That cooled us off for the moment. James asked for the check and we left without desert.”

“Which you’re about to tell us came a little later,” Katy chirped happily.

“Don’t get ahead of me,” Glenda said with a big smile. We arrived at his apartment. His roomie was out, probably under orders from James as this was our third date … time for me to put out according to the unwritten rules of engagement.

“Anyway, he was surely dripping as much as I was oozing, and it wasn’t long before our clothes marked a narrow trail to the bedroom. We hit the sheets, a tangle of arms and legs, tongues slipping over skin, fingers stroking and pulling. He was on top of me and I reached down to guide him into me, when he told me to wait, he wasn’t quite ready yet. Well I’ll tell you, I sure thought he was ready, the damn thing was certainly big enough for my cunny to grab onto!

“Val couldn’t contain herself and blurted, “Imagine that, a guy who has some patience!”

Katy chirped, “I’ve heard that even apes find it hard to believe they’ve descended from man.”

Glenda laughed, and said, “Patience my eye! What he wanted was to dip his tongue into my honey pot!

At least three of the women gasped the same words: “Oh, my!”

“Uh-huh! Jamesie Boy gave me a final kiss before sliding down my body, licking his way south.”

“Tell it girl!” That from Ursula Smith, the Second-Grade teacher, who was pumping her arm it the air at the same time she was yelling her supportive comment.

“I will, girl, I will. Let me tell you, you wouldn’t believe what that did to my nippies. I mean James meant to take his sweet time with me. And that was a newbie for me. He was my fourth guy. The others were strictly wham, bam, and thank you ma’am. Maybe you could leave off the thank you’s’ too. But back to James.”

“An American hero!” Ursula yelled too much laughter by the others.

“He really was, you know?” Glenda said happily.

“How were those nippies doing?” Katy inquired, trying to sound innocent, but failing badly.

“Glad you asked,” Glenda replied. “He had this way of pinching them between his tongue and teeth, flicking ’em back and forth. No guy had ever done this to me before. It was great, both the soft sensation of his tongue, and the hard edge of his teeth. He had my boobs cupped together and was going back and forth from one nipple to the other. I swear to God, if he kept that up I would have gone over the edge pretty quick. Evidently, some unknown, but wonderful older woman had given my Jamesie some positive instruction on what a woman really likes. Anyway, he sensed how close I was getting and left my boobs to resume his downward trajectory towards my slippery cunny, leaving a nice trail of warm spittle along the way.

“He was such a tease, delicately sliding his tongue over my nether lips with the faintest pressure. God, I was starting to heat up!”

“Me too!” Exclaimed Ceilia, who rubbed her breasts in an obscene manner to the approval of the others present.

“Anyway,” Glenda went on, Jamesie paid some attention to my inner thighs with both his tongue and fingernails. Of course, I was already trying to grind myself into his face.”

That line met a boisterous roar of approval from Katy and Laura.

“Well, my Jamesie got the message right away, and moved back up my thighs to the juicy juncture that was really in need of attention.

Janet opined, “Ummm, when they get that first taste of honey, baby, nothing can stop them!”

“Here, here!” Val yelled ankara escort as loudly as any of the others had. Apparently, the women were all excitedly engrossed in Glenda’s sexual titillations.

“Exactly! They can’t stop themselves. And of course, neither can we, right?”

“RIGHT!” the others roared.

And when his magical tongue hit my magical button … I let him know he was on target with as loud a groan as you’ve ever heard. He went to town on my ‘O’ button with quick sucks and twangs of his tongue, and I started to cum. But what really got me going was his having the presence of mind to attack my nippies while worrying my ‘O’ button.

“Was it a really big one?” Katy asked.

“Um, do you mean my orgasm, or his cock?”

Janet peed her pants laughing. It’s possible that someone else did too, but only Janet admitted as much later.

Glenda looked to Val to determine if she should bother to continue. Val waved her on, and Glenda waited for the group to settle down, then said, “I’ll leave that to your imaginations, girls, but with another lick and pinch I was over the edge. Hell, I was a goner.

“It was the most intense thrill I’ve ever experienced. Thank you Jamesie, wherever the fuck you are. If I knew your whereabouts, or phone number, I’d sell the damn thing to these ladies writhing in front of me. And that’s MY story, and I’m sticking to it!”

“Tell us,” Laura asked, obviously heated up herself, “did he fuck you after?”

“You had to ask? Of course he did. And that was the second best ‘O’ ever.”

The women had another round and were quite drunk when Ceilia the twenty-something, ran a hand through her short, blonde hair and stood up.

“I’ve got one too,” she said on unsteady legs. “Maybe more than one.”

“You go girl,” Katy crowed, proud that her invitee was up in front of the group. Subconsciously, she hoped that Ceilia would reveal a penchant for pussy that Katy could capitalize on, although she was already involved with teaching Natalie the finer points of woman-on-woman

“Of course I wasn’t as drunk as I am right now,” Ceilia chirped, “but I was bombed for sure. Was at the beach at Fort Fisher. My boyfriend that day drove his pickup onto the beach; I had a few more beers than perhaps I should have, and got it on in the back of the pickup while a few scattered fishermen watched us.”

“Oh, yeah, nothing beats a drunken fuck!’ Janet yelled.

“Plenty of things beat a drunken fuck,” Natalie countered.

“Name one!” Katy challenged, and true to form, Natalie withdrew into herself.

“Another time, I was baring my tits on a New Orleans balcony, when this guy, Mike hiked my mini up, found I’d gone commando that day, and gave it to me on Bourbon Street with hundreds of people watching and camera’s flashing while I waved to them as I came.”

“Five points for fucking while drunk,” Laura called out, only to be hooted at by the others who were still laughing at Ceilia’s antics. But a moment later, Natalie confided to Val that Ceilia was most likely a slut.

“Sluts are good,” Val replied, leaving Natalie confused and befuddled.

Natalie remained that way even when her protégé, Stacy stood up.

“Hi, I’m Stacy in case you ‘all forgot. Um, how to start…? I guess I’ll just say that I’m a cock watcher. I can’t help it. To me it’s the same as guys looking at my boobs. And to be honest, on a weekend I try to wear sexy clothes to get the guys all hot and bothered. I mean, I love it when I give a guy a boner. I even imagine what it would look like if he took it out and showed it to me. You know, is it curved, thick, long, or cut.”

“I think we all do that to some extent,” Val said, making the others titter and laugh.

Stacy waited for quiet and said, “All that was to let you know I’m not a lesbian, because what follows is certainly that.”

Katy’s mouth went dry. Was Stacy actually telling them she was gay? She did a quick assessment of Stacy’s attributes and found them well within her preferred boundaries.

“I was young, about nineteen when this happened. It was mid-summer and I was at my Aunt’s place, visiting her neighbor, who I’ll call Vera. Vera was about thirty-five and never married. She suggested a martini, and I, naive as most girls that age, thought nothing of the fact that in short order I was working on my third. As you can see, today I’m still on my first.”

The women smiled, and Stacy resumed her story.

“We had something to eat, probably a salad, with a glass or two of iced tea. Food and tea notwithstanding, I was really drunk for the first time in my life. Vera excused herself for a moment and came back into the room with her dress hiked up and wearing what I came to know as a strap-on. At the time all I saw was the penis attached to the harness. But that was enough to start my arousal. If I recollect correctly, I thought she was showing me a gift she’d gotten at a bridal shower … you know, where they give naughty presents and the like, to the bride. Usually it’s all very fun.

I got a little antsy when Vera waved the huge penis at me, and biting her lip, asked in a quaking voice: “Would you … I mean, do you think it would be weird of me, uh, if I wanted you to put it up my rear?”

I was too astonished to reply.

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