Wild Night

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My name is Helen. To summarize myself, I’m a 26-year old married secretary in Manhattan. And I don’t mean to brag, but if you saw me, you wouldn’t think I’m sexy – you’d know it!

I keep my dark brown hair trimmed straight at the top of my shoulders. I have long, silky legs attached to a thin waist. I have pretty big breasts and a flawless face with full lips, sharp cheekbones, and cat-like green eyes. In fact, different agencies from around the US have offered me modeling jobs, but I’d rather stay home in New York.

My husband Harry is a hot, hunky heartthrob who I met in college. He keeps his dark blonde hair neatly cut, and he’s very muscular with big hands and a manly, handsome face I love. He speaks with a strong, macho Austrian accent [which is where he’s from] and always reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, sometimes I tease him and call him Arnold.

Anyhow, to get to my story, we’ve always had good relationship and definitely a spicy sex life. But the other night, things got hotter than ever.

Harry and I were up late-night, since we always stay up on Saturdays. It was about 1:35 in the morning, and we were in the bedroom, sharing popcorn while watching a rented action flick. Suddenly, a kissing scene came on, and the whole room was quiet. Harry looked at me. “When was the last time we just sat somewhere to make out?”

I shrugged. “I can’t even remember. Probably back in college.” Then I added with a smile, “Why do you ask?”

Harry looked at me slyly. “C’mon. I kinda miss frenching on the büyükesat escort couch in your dorm while your roommate was partying.” He laughed. “It was fun and romantic and childish. Let’s do it again.” Harry looked at me with those baby blue eyes he knew I couldn’t resist.

I didn’t hesitate. I laid back and he practically jumped on me, unbuttoning the top of my shirt, revealing my red bra. “For old time’s sake.” He whispered in my ear.

We kissed slowly at first, barely parting our lips. Then Harry opened his mouth and ran his wet tongue over my lips and I let out my tongue to reach his. Soon our tongues were in each others’ mouths ,feeling over our teeth and making slapping noises every time they parted. Harry’s tongue was practically wrapping itself around my tonsils, so I dug mine deep into his throat,as far as it would reach. We lay there, Harry on top of me, for a few minutes, kissing like we were teens again.

“Harry.” I whispered, running my slender fingers through his hair. “Let’s start a family.”

“What?” he said.

“You know. Kids. Let’s have a baby.”


“But what?” I said. “Doesn’t this seem like the perfect opportunity? I mean we’re in the mood, by ourselves with nothing to do. And I really want a child. Badly. I really really want a child, Harry. Wouldn’t you like to be a daddy?”

Harry looked at me with that devilish grin he only gets when he feels very naughty.

Suddenly he got up, turned off the T.V., and sat back down next to me on the bed. çankaya escort The room was very dark, with the only light coming in through the window from the city and the moon.

He didn’t unbutton his shirt-he tore it open with amazing strength, revealing his big, muscular chest. Harry knew his muscles turned me on. So in return, I decided to give him his turn on.

I sat up, and took off the rest of my shirt, slowly. His eyes trained on me as I unhooked my red bra, and let my beautiful breasts spill out in front of him. I knew Harry loved my big pink nipples. The way they were always so soft and pink and perky, and he loved to nurse from me and drink the small amounts of sweet milk they held. I could see the anxiousness in his eyes.

He began unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans, throwing them onto the floor and crawling onto me. Harry positioned himself, his chest on my crotch, until I realized something. We still had clothes on. That was a big no-no when we were having sex.

“Harry!” I said. “Take off your underwear first.”

Hurriedly, he pulled down his Calvins. I saw his big penis was red and as straight as a flagpole. He had started to ejaculate, and I so badly wanted it inside of me.

Harry climbed on top of me, ripping off my skirt and then my panties. Then he laid down on my stomach again, with his nipple playing with my pubic area.

“Do you have any milk for me today, baby?” he whispered. “Why don’t you suck and find out?” He placed his lips on my right nipple. easing ankara escort it with his tongue and kissing the areola. He sucked on the pink nipple and bit down on it. I moaned and told him to bite harder. He bit harder, and played with it in his teeth. I knew it was red by the time he stopped. Then he sucked, looking for some milk. None came out.

“It’s empty” he grumbled.

“Try the other one.” I urged.

He began sucking the left nipple and soon drops of milk came out. “Mmmmm.” he moaned. “I wish you could taste some, honey. This is so sweet.”

I did wish I could have some. But then I realized we had work to do. “Alright, Harry. Time for you to fuck me.”

He sat up, licking his mouth. “Gladly.” he replied.

I was beyond horny. I wanted him to penetrate me like never before. I sat up too, since I hate lying down while he does all the work. I wrapped my legs around his waist and put my arms on his muscular neck. He placed his rough hands on my back and his legs under mine.

“Fuck me hard, Harry. I need you to put your dick deep in me and let out loads of cum so we can have babies. Hard. Hard.”

Without saying a word, he slid his big hard penis in my wet pussy. He rocked me in rhythm, slowly.

“Oh yes.” I whispered. “Like that.” I could feel the giant stick in me.

It was so big. I wanted it to stay in me.

Suddenly, Harry rocked harder. Faster and harder.

“Oh my god! Fuck me, fuck me!”

I was having the biggest climax ever. My juice spilled out on him and covered my thighs.

I felt the truckload of sperm dump into me, so hot and so good. His dick let out more and more cum, until where I couldn’t hold all of it. It spilled out onto both of us ,so hot and sticky.

Finally, he pulled out of me and we both collapsed on the bed.

What a wild night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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