Widow and Nephew

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Staying over at Aunt Tori’s was always fun for her nephew Jimmy who would come out to visit for a month or so during his summer vacation. This though would be his last summer visiting his Aunt since he graduated high school and will be going off to college in the winter. It will be a little different, but the day would come everyone always knew. Jimmy always enjoyed it because it was a little beach house that she owns now after his uncle had passed away. She had money left for her, so she went far away from her hometown and has been living in the beach house ever since. The year after she had moved her sister, Miranda, suggested if she would like some company and for Jimmy to go down for a few weeks to actually have a real summer vacation and trip. She agreed and kind of looked forward to it. It does get pretty lonely in a town where no one really knows you and it doesn’t help when you don’t get out much.

With the hot and humid weather that comes around she is accustomed to wearing next to nothing to keep cool and rarely ever goes out to the beach and spends her time either on the deck, sometimes night walks on the beach, or just inside her little cozy house. She talks to family on the phone sometimes and usually being her blood family. She was only thirty-eight and was a widow already. She knows she should get on with life and not mope as much. But a loss is a loss and it hit her hard.

The first time Jimmy came to visit it had been a long time since she had anyone over, especially family, and she wasn’t used to it. They were watching a movie and she came into the living room, excited for once, for having to look forward to seeing someone she knows in her living room. She plopped down on his lap and she wrapped her arms around him and smiled wide. She was happy, she missed her family, and this was just what she needed.

With the sudden excitement, Jimmy didn’t really hold back as well as he had hoped and she felt something under her and casually got off and was a little embarrassed, not so much on her side, but his. It was kind of funny but wrong. Nothing was said, and hopefully she didn’t think he thought that was why she got off his lap. That was then and this is now, few years and summer visits have gone by.

“Aunt Tori, I’m here!” Jimmy was outside her front door holding his suitcases as he was looking in through the door windows. He saw her body shape in the back of the house as he kept looking through the window and before he knew it he was seeing the million dollar smile of his Aunt Tori.

“Jimmy!” She opened the door up and practically dragged him inside out of excitement. “How many years have you been coming here now? You don’t have to knock boy, it is always open to you. Your house too, you know.”

“Yeah, I just don’t like walking in. . . like so and all that.” He kind of stammered as he was walking through and saw her in a button up dress shirt and bikini bottoms.

Her legs were fleshy, smooth, and soft looking, especially when her upper thighs would jiggle a little when she walked. The back of the bikini bottoms would ride up a little and show off the lower parts of her butt cheeks and the way her office shirt fit around her body and especially hips made it a wonderful sight to take in. He has always had thoughts of his Aunt like this ever since he could remember. But since he started staying here during summers it became stronger. It seems they have gotten closer now than they ever have before. The both of them look forward to summer vacation now and can’t wait for the time to come when he gets to visit.

Tori sometimes volunteers or finds a charity event to go to and help out so she isn’t always stuck inside the house. Financially she is fine, but she can never go without doing some kind of work and she knows she can’t allow herself to be consumed in becoming a hermit. At least Jimmy breathes a new life in her and he is more than happy to be here for a month. He watched her sit down and she went to cross her legs while they sat at the kitchen bar on the stools. He looked between her legs as she was crossing to see the middle of her legs, the exposed bikini and how full it looked being tightly fit around her plump pussy. Her legs looking all the more delicious being crossed and on top of one another. Leading down to her calves, they were formed well, slender and very beautiful and full. Her skin was radiant and mildly tanned. She always has a different hairstyle it seems each year he comes to visit and now she had grown it out and made it slightly curly. Long hair that went past her shoulders, naturally black with a little brown, heredity there, he knew for his mum has it as well. They sat there and talked, catching up with each others lives while drinking tea she had prepared for his arrival.

“I’m sorry if it is a little hot in here. The central air is broken and is supposed to be fixed tomorrow or the day after.” She noticed he started to sweat a little and was on his third glass since they had started talking.

“I thought it was a little hotter than normal here.” He noticed marsbahis güvenilirmi now why she was wearing what she was wearing.

“Yeah, I was just wearing my bikini and then saw you come up and threw a shirt on to look halfway decent.” She chuckled.

“Oh please, it isn’t like I haven’t seen you in a bikini before. Why hide your body in front of me.” He caught the last sentence he said and took another drink of tea hoping it’d go away by time he was done.

Tori blushed and got up from her seat and went to look at the thermostat. “Goodness! It is boiling in here. You want to go outside, it seems cooler there than in here.” She asked with a smile.

Grabbing a hair band and pulling her soft hair back to put into a ponytail to keep from burning herself up with her heavy hair covering her like a blanket on her shoulders and back. They went onto the deck that overlooked the ocean and took a seat in the chairs and resumed their conversation.

“Aunt Tori, seriously, if you want to you can take your shirt off so you don’t have to be uncomfortable and hot on my account.” He noticed she kept shifting in her shirt trying to get it to stop sticking to her.

“I don’t know. I am fine, thank you.” She smiled over at him. “Besides, look at you wearing your pants out here you crazy boy!”

“Yeah, but you keep shifting around and I know it is uncomfortable for you. I promise I won’t look or take peeks.” He joked trying to break the tension and get her nervousness down some.

“Ok, look, I grabbed a shirt because I was just going around in my bikini bottoms, beyond that, I have nothing on under this shirt. I thought you weren’t due for another forty-five minutes or so.” She confessed and told him why she was going around in a button up shirt.

“Oh.” Was all he could say and took a hard swallow.

A few moments went by awkwardly silent and Jimmy kept looking over cautiously to see her breasts under the shirt. Well so she is, he thought, seeing the way her breasts were looking now under the shirt. Completely braless and no support holding them up. God she looks radiant! He kept looking at her and taking her beauty. She was only about five-six, but she was a very beautiful woman.

“What?” She caught him admiring her and he snapped his head to the ocean the minute she heard her voice, she laughed at that.

“It’s just you are hot and why be uncomfortable just because I am here. Oh, that sounded bad.” He quieted down at whatever it is that is having him saying such awkward things to her.

“Here, how about this. I unbutton it and open it a little so I won’t be so hot. Is that ok?” She smiled at his courtesy of putting her needs in mind.

“Um, ok.” He thought she would just walk in and get a top but this was even better.

Unbuttoning the shirt and pulling it open until it met her full breasts Jimmy watched on as she was unbuttoning and then saw both sides of the shirt fall to the sides. He could make out a side of a uncovered breast on her. Pushing the fabric out and a glistening a little from her being sweaty. He is glad he was wearing pants now because he just felt his dick start to grow slowly in his pants. He felt each throb and twitch his dick made and was hoping his Aunt didn’t look over and see his pants move. Barely noticeable, he crossed his legs and squeezed his dick hoping to get it down. But it was only making it harder with the constant pressure and rubbing. Bad idea, he told himself.

Tori looked over and saw he looked a little stiff and frozen. “You ok, honey?”

“Uh, yeah, just enjoying the scenery.” He scanned around him and saw the ocean using it as his alibi.

“Ok. Thought it was because I am halfway topless and you couldn’t handle seeing my nearly exposed tits or something.” She put him on the spot big time and laughed at his sudden response. He looked over, down, back up to her face and back in front of him again squeezing his legs even tighter wanting his dick to go back down. “Hah! You should see your face now! Oh god, it is so red. C’mon I am just messing around with you!” She reached over and grabbed his knee following a warm rub.

“Yeah. Uh, yup.” He looked at her hand on his knee and was thinking of his dick between his legs being squeezed and kept down from popping up.

“You look a little uncomfortable too now.” She saw his breaths were a little short and his face red, not just from embarrassment, but from being hot as well. “You want to get your trunks and go for a swim and cool off or what?”

“No, I am fine, thank you.” I could go for a swim and cool my dick off, though, he thought to himself looking back over and seeing her shirt opens up a little more and more with each movement.

There was a lot of space between her breast and stomach. Tori was quite top heavy up there and the shirt was hanging off her breasts really, barely touching her stomach, or anything else unless she leans back or sitting up and the bottom is touching top of her legs. Her bikini covered up from the bottom of the shirt being bunched up and marsbahis yeni giriş on her legs as she was sitting up being amused by her nephew’s shyness and blushing.

“Come on.” Tori stood up and buttoned one button over her breasts to keep her shirt from coming undone. “Let’s go inside and get some more tea. I really am sorry about the mechanical problems and hopefully tomorrow it will be fixed.” He followed behind her slowly as they walked inside, once again, watching her lower butt cheeks with each step she was taking. He kept his hands down in front as natural as he can make it look.

Taking her seat at a stool at the bar he watched as she got the tea back out and put the pitcher on the countertop with two glasses. The tea helped quite a bit and he was feeling his erection slowly go down. Tori pretty much knew what she did to him when she unbuttoned her shirt and didn’t think she would have that strong of an effect on the poor boy. It did feel kind of good, she thought about it, seeing she still had a body to turn a male on. Taking a quick look at herself and didn’t think a office shirt and bikini bottoms would do anything at all. Let alone someone of Jimmy’s age.

Jimmy finally felt his erection go down enough for him to actually sit comfortably and move around with his hands in front of his crotch. Taking notice of Jimmy’s newfound comfort, she wanted to keep him like he was, it was funny and also kind of made her feel better. Nice seeing a man get flustered over her, she amused herself.

“Be right back, I am going to go and get a top for the shirt so I can be comfortable.” She got up and went to her bedroom.

“Ok.” He poured himself another glass of tea.

Moments later Tori came back in and still had her shirt on but wasn’t worried anymore about exposing too much. She had on a yellow, white trimmed top under her white button shirt. Her breasts being held firm by the fabric but also being shown off in such a seductive manner. They were pushed up from the top close together, creating a luscious line of soft flesh in the middle, where her two heavy breasts touch together. He was lost in time and did not notice his own staring, all he could think of is what it would feel like to push his fingers between those two soft fleshy mounds and feel them engulf his fingers. What it would feel like to let his tongue lick between that line of cleavage and feel the softness of her tits on his tongue and rubbing against his face.

Tori couldn’t believe this, the top is making him more crazy than her going basically topless. She felt her body shiver from excitement and nervousness as well. Nothing technically wrong was being done and it isn’t like he hasn’t seen her in a bikini top before anyways.

“Hey, buddy, you know my eyes are up here.” She called him on the spot again and he looked up with a red face and wide eyes. She busted out laughing unable to hold it back and grabbed his shoulder. “Oh my, you are a funny one. You should see your face again.”

“Umm, uh, yeah. Yup.” He stammered again and tried to catch his words before turning towards his tea. Taking quick sips, trying to avoid eye contact and talking for the time being.

“What you so flustered about? Not like you never seen me in a bikini before!” Enjoying this and wanting to see how far he will go before he wants to stop.

“Yeah, but, I- I, I don’t know. Sorry.” He said, forcing himself to look in her eyes.

She grabbed her tits and gave them a nice squeeze and laughed to get his full attention. “Oh stop being so modest! My goodness, it natural to look at a woman, especially these!” She pushed them up and rubbed them little bit more before letting them go. That was hotter than she anticipated, her body was silently shaking and her excitement was through the roof now. Jimmy felt his dick get hard in record time as he watched her play with her tits like that. That had to of been one of his most erotic moments ever.

“See? Geez, when you become a prude?” She teased him and gave him a playful push.

She grabbed her hair and tossed it back around to her back and took a drink from her glass. She felt she should slow down before something happened or whatever and he feels uncomfortable or situation just gets out of hand.

“At least it is mid-afternoon and soon the heat won’t be so unbearable.” Tori quickly changed the subject around to try and ease the tension. She figure she would give him time to process everything and get back to normal, and get calmed down as well. Looking at his legs and how he has them crossed again.

The afternoon went along fine and without anymore teasing as well. Not to say there weren’t thoughts roaming through their minds now. It was tame. She asked how he enjoyed his last year of high school and if he feels any different being nineteen now and just catching up in general. They both went back out to the deck until the sun started to set and came in to start dinner. During dinner it wasn’t so bad with the sun being down and not as hot as it was. She fixed him a nice dinner marsbahis giriş and they both decided to eat in the living room and see what movies was on television. They talked a little bit more while eating and watching some movie they just turned on and pretty much ignored. It was a nice evening it’s just laidback and relaxing.

After dinner they put the dishes in the dishwasher and went back to finish the rest of the movie they were both lost out on.

“Do you even know what is happening in this movie?” Tori looked over curled up in the corner of the couch.

“Nope, we kept talking and missed out on the beginning.” He tried to make sense of what the people are talking about in the movie. “Oh well, I need to go get a bath and wash this sweat and grime off.”

“Well you know where the bathroom is.” She turned looking at the hallway where the bathroom is.

Jimmy sat his suitcase down on the bed he needed his nightclothes out of and went off to take his bath. His Aunt’s bathtub was so cool, had all this neat stuff on it and felt good as well, he rarely takes showers here just so he can relax and all in the tub.

Slowly sinking into the hot water Jimmy let out a sigh and felt the hot water burn his legs as he was inching more and more into the tub. Finally making it all the way in, he felt his skin tingle from the hot water, following him dipping his head into the water. He quickly came back up and figure that to of been a not so great idea. Taking his time before actually bathing he was just sitting there in the tub feeling the hot water and the jets going off all around him. What an awesome tub this is, he thought, feeling the jet cycle going on.

“Jimmy?” He heard a knock at the door and looked over, opening his eyes, and hearing Aunt Tori’s voice on the other side.

“Yeah, Aunt Tori, what is it?”

“Umm, can I come in real quick?” She asked slowly and with a bit of hesitation.

Holy shit! he thought, what she want in here for? His mind racing and he wondered what he would do about covering up. He kept thinking of what ifs and the door started to open anyways. “Come on in.” He said despite her already coming in.

“I was wondering, since this your probably last time you staying here for a summer and all that, if I could maybe wash you like I used to. Be a nice trip down memory lane.” She shyly asked him and saw him sinking into the tub to try and keep himself covered.

“What?!” He was shocked by this, turned on, and speechless. She wants to wash me? “I, umm, I-” He looked up at her and saw a look in her eyes that was saying please and something else. “I guess, if you really want to.”

She had changed clothes and was wearing a white undershirt tank top, blue shorts, and socks. Her hair was done up in a rushed bun with her bangs hanging on each side of her face. She looked great for this natural look. Better than any model he ever seen that went through hours of makeup and preparations for photos. Tori was kneeling at the side of the tub and noticed Jimmy quickly moving his hands to his crotch to keep covered.

“It’s ok, Jimmy, don’t worry. Just let me wash you and get you clean.” She smiled at his shyness.

Reaching over for the showerhead, she placed a hand on his wet shoulder, soft to the touch as she was rinsing his sandy blonde hair with the water. Her eyes were wondering around on his thin body as he was a little frozen. He just kept staring in front of him as his hands were over his dick. Upon her touching him, she noticed his hands moving a little to accommodate his now growing dick. Tori was now leaning forward to reach for the shampoo bottle on the other side of the wide tub and top of her tits dipping into the water. Jimmy was looking over a little and was looking down her undershirt at the freely hanging breasts. They jiggled as she was fumbling around trying to get hold of the shampoo bottle. She could have simply asked him for it but she was doing this for his benefit, she finally got it and went straight again. Now her white shirt transparent and Jimmy’s eyes were as wide as her visible nipples.

“Aunt Tori?” He tore his eyes away from her wet shirt and to her face. “What’s going on?”

“I’m washing you.” She simply said. Running her fingers through his hair lathering up the shampoo. Her eyes occasionally wondering down to his hands to see if she can get a peek.

“Ok, well, ok then, I was wondering then if,” he stopped himself from finishing. Afraid it might not actually be what he thinks it is and ruin it and make her feel bad.

“What?” She as rinsing his head off now. Without thinking, he naturally rubbed his eyes and left his hard dick exposed now and in view. Her eyes immediately darted to it and she saw the hard cock. It was about six or so inches and thick. His pubic hair trimmed and it made it look longer than it really was. It was a nice sight. Tori kept rinsing his head to keep his eyes closed and his hands rubbing his eyes so she could keep looking.

Tori finally let up and stopped rinsing his hair so he wouldn’t maybe catch on or figure out what she was doing. He stopped rubbing his eyes and got them clear of water and shampoo, still not noticing his hands are no longer covering himself, he looked up at Aunt Tori. “Your shirt is all wet. Probably uncomfortable.” He pointed out what they both knew.

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