Who Seduced Who?

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Dad put me on the bus and I felt like I had just lost my best friend. I was old enough to understand this was the best thing for me and it also was a way for my dad to relax and hopefully recover from his illness.

I was going to stay with my Mother’s sister my Aunt Wilda. My mother had passed away some years ago and I had only met my Aunt Wilda Raven once when I was a child. Dad had called and told Aunt Wilda that I wanted to go to college at Oil City State and asked if I could stay with her in her home since it was near by. She said she would be happy to have me and since her house was so big she would welcome the company.

The only picture I had seen of my Aunt Wilda was over thirty years old and it was an old black and white with my mother. But even so I could see Aunt Wilda was a knock out and sexy as all hell. I wondered if after being married for a number of years and now a widow would have changed her much. It had and only for the better.

My name is Leroy and I just turned nineteen a few months earlier. I was kind of excited when the bus pulled into the diner that doubled as a bus station for this small town. There across the street was a dark brown Jaguar sedan with a round face blonde with a great set of knockers leaning on a front fender. I know that fender would be smiling if it could, that was one beautiful ass resting on its shinny surface.

She did not move until I had picked up my bag and was within a few steps of the car. The trunk popped and she pointed, I dropped the bag in and took a seat next to this older but most beautiful blonde I had ever seen. Well for her age any way. She had a wide mouth, a tight sweater that showed off a great pair of tits and even sitting down I could tell she had a small waist above a wide set of hips but I could also tell there was little fat on this old broad. I was going to look forward to getting to know my dear old aunt… Hell yes I was thinking of getting to know her real well.

She was talkative on the way to her house. The house was two story and big as any old home in the neighborhood.

A long drive up the side divided her property from her neighbors and a hedge row accented the property line. The lawn in front was small and well maintained. She parked the Jaguar around back and we went in through the kitchen.

The back yard was larger and there was a garage but it looked like she did not use it much. Wilda; as I was supposed to call her and not include the Aunt. She called me Leroy and not Guy like many of my friends. The name Guy had been with me so long I thought it was my name but Wilda liked Leroy better.

Wilda went up the stairs ahead of me and stopped without opening the screen door. She bent over and the loose thin material of her slacks tightened around her ass and pulled up between two of the sweetest cheeks I had ever seen. Not only that but she had what my friends and I call head space. In other words her thighs did not touch and there was about three inches of “head space. ” I could see her fucking puffy pussy as clear as if she was naked. I swear there was a wet spot right on the seam and I thought “Holy shit what a cunt she must have.”

I let out a sound that was unmistakable as a sound of approval of what was before me. She froze for a moment and looked back over her shoulder but continued to stay bent over until she had peeled back the door mat and retrieved a key. “That’s were it lives so you know.” She said unlocking the kitchen door.

I found my room all clean and ready for me. I had my own bath and had the whole second floor to my self. Wilda used a bedroom on the first floor. She said she did not like to go up and down the stairs any more.

My Aunt Wilda, sorry Wilda may have been sixty one but she sure did not look it or act it. Needless to say I had a hard on and kept it thru out the evening when she took us out to dinner. She drove us to the Clarion river diner but when the guy saw us he escorted us to a table out on a side porch where you can see the river below. I was not asked for proof of age when we ordered drinks.

Wilda was happy to tell me about something she and my mother did in their youth. They did a lot of dating and even sneaked out once in a while to see boys. Wilda did not say so in plan words but I got the idea that both Wilda and my Mom enjoyed the boys and what they could give these two sexy girls.

Two drinks and a meal let us both relax. A band started and so I asked my aunt to dance. She was smooth on her feet and moved well to the beat of the music.

I held her close and she seemed to enjoy the closeness so at the proper moment I pressed forward ramming my erection right up between her legs. She pulled back slowly very slowly and then moved to the side so my erection rubbed her thigh. I let my hand slip down low on her back and she looked up at me smiling with that red wide mouth. I smiled back and let a finger pressed deeply into the very top of her firm twin cheeks. She smiled wider and when she smiled again marsbahis güvenilirmi the wide generous mouth open and she cooed. She let the tip of her tongue run around her lips and my cock jump up so high it hit her on the belly.

“My Leroy you’re an active young man. I don’t what you to get any ideas so we better go sit down and take a timeout to eat.”

I pulled out her chair and before she could sit down I pressed my hard-on right up between those firm round cheeks. She froze and pushed back into me. She wiggled her ass and looked over her shoulder like this morning on the porch. When she sat and was up close to the table I said “I hope you take this as a compliment but I have to say you got a beautiful ass.”

“Thank you Leroy. I can see you have also got some fine manly features.” She said in a low seductive voice.

She downed another drink and then we both just went though the motions of relaxing. I wanted to get her the hell out of there and let her see what I had to offer my dear old aunt. Wilda drank another drink while enjoying the music so when it came time to leave I asked her it she wanted me to drive.

She looked at me and said “My darling Leroy what makes you think you can drive any better than I?”

That was a consideration so I asked her if I should call a taxi. She said she had a better idea and taking me by the hand pulled me thorough the lobby to the motel desk. She told the man there to give her a key. He smiled and handed her a key. No registration, no talk just a smile. It was on the first floor so we staggered to the end of the hall and she managed to open the door to room 113.

The door closed behind us and she turned to me. No talk, no words were needed. I took her in my arms and we melted together as if we had done this a hundred times. I walked her backwards to the edge of the bed. There I peeled her dress down to her hips and worked my magic fingers to unhook her six hook bra. She had my shirt open and off my shoulders her bare tits met my bare chest and all hell broke loose in room 113.

I up ended her in the bed pulling her dress off leaving her in only thin silky panties. I stood so she could see me unveil what was about to be her play toy for the next few hours. I dropped my pants and she said “Oh, my god.”

My cock is not as long as some but few are as thick and the head is very long and pointed. Like a spear ready to do some serious damage. She held up a hand as if to welcome me into her charms but I had other ideas. I pulled her to a sitting position where my cock was bouncing to my heart beat right in front of her pretty face. She looked up at me and asked “Leroy what do you want of me?”

“My dear Wilda I want you to take my cock in your sexy mouth and suck it. You are a cock-sucker aren’t’ you?” I said in a deep manly voice of authority.

“Oh; what you must think of your dear old aunt.” She was teasing me as she leaned close. I watched as the head of my cock disappeared from sight.

“I knew you were a cock-sucker the first time I saw your mouth up close. I know a cock-sucker when I see one. And you’re a good one.”

I was being harsh and raunchy with my words but some how I knew she liked this kind of talk so I called her a cock-sucker a few more times before I said “How would you like this cock up your ass?”

“Leroy not tonight, okay, please it is not that I don’t like a good old ass fucking but your cock is so thick it may take a lot of K-Y jelly before you can get it in.” Wilda said her words shook with a tremble like she was thinking ahead.

So I pushed her back and spread her legs and came down between them with my mouth on her wet pussy. I tongued her clitoris and fingered her pussy for only a few seconds before she let out a scream and shivered to the bone while spurted a thick sweet fluid into my mouth. I had heard about the nectar of the gods but had never experienced it until this moment. Her juices were sweeter than honey and I welcomed it licking it up as a man thirsting to death would for water.

I was so excited I was near a climax myself so I moved up while she was still shaking and rolling from side to side. I pushed down between her legs and my cock head found her pussy wet, hot and ready. I pushed hard and my cock went into the hilt as Wilda moaned and her eyes popped open and her mouth let out an ungodly sound. I was not about to wait for her so I pumped as fast as I could drive it into her.

She rolled her head from side to side moaning and all the while lifting her ass up off the bed. She was meeting my every downward thrust as we banged together.

I felt it start way down in side of me and work its way up to the surface. That little space between my ass and balls was hurting like some one had grabbed me with a pair of pliers. My ass puckered so tight it hurt and I thought I was going to explode if I did not bust a nut. The she screamed “Fuck me, Oh, God fuck me.”

I did. She did and we screamed the praises of one marsbahis yeni giriş another for the next twenty minutes. When I rolled over on my back I’ll never know. When Wilda went down and sucked the juices off my slowly dying cock that I remember. She sucked my limp cock into her mouth and there rolled it around with her tongue and let it get sucked back into her throat. I was not soft long not long at all. Wilda loved to suck my cock, any cock was more to the truth. Any way she sucked me hard. Once she was pleased with what she had accomplished she sat up to straddle me taking my cock deep in her well fucked cunt.

I asked “You do love to fuck and suck don’t you?”

She leaned back and laughed and squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles until I worshiped her desires and needs. Wilda was my kind of girl an old girl but still one hell of a piece of ass.

Wilda rocked, bounced up and down a few times and then climaxed again. I was not far behind but not as active as the first time. Wilda slipped off and roll off to sit on the edge of the bed. Wilda stood on wobbly legs and wandered toward the bathroom.

I don’t remember her coming back to bed. When I woke it was early in the morning. The clock radio told me it was four minutes after three o’clock. Wilda was resting next to me with a sheet over her round body. She was on her side and in the low light the curve of her hips showed and I wanted to fuck her all over again. But it was time to think of going home. I woke her by kissing her neck and rubbing her ass. She smiled and asked “Time to go right?”

She drove and we made it home safely and I made it up to my room with out any more arousing thoughts. Well almost…

It was after seven when I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in my flannel robe I went down to the kitchen to smell coffee already made.

Wilda stood with her back to the counter holding a cup of coffee and smiling she nodded toward the coffee maker a cup sitting waiting there for me.

“How did you sleep? ” She asked.

“In the motel it was deep without dreams. Here it was restful with dreams that were as strange as any I have ever had.” I said.

“Oh I love to hear about dreams what did you dream about?” she asked.

“It was strange that is for sure. I dreamed I was with you and my Mom in a large bed and while one of you sucked my cock the other would be kissing me. I thought my mother was a very pretty sexy women but I never had a chance to do any thing with her like we did. I know one of my buddies that fucks his mother and he said she is the best he ever had. But after last night I have to believe there is no one out there any where near as good as you in bed. I’ll bet you have given a lot of guys a lot of pleasure.” I said as I moved up close and gave her a light kiss on the cheek.

My darling Aunt’s hand slipped between the folds on my robe so her fingers could caress my humble hanging soft cock. “Hummm, how nice and soft he is now. Is he asleep?” Wilda asked as she slipped her hand down under to take my balls in her palm.

“He is waiting for you to awaken him with a loving morning kiss. Would you like to suck him awake and then drink from his fountain of youth? I have heard that women that suck off young men live to be very sexy older ladies. I have also heard that women that suck cum also have bigger tits. But your tits are already so big you must have sucked a gallon of hot cum in your time.” I said in a near whisper.

Wilda had fabulous hands and she was happy to show me she knew her way around a cock. With two fingers she peeled back the little lips at the end of my cock while circling the head with her hand. It felt almost like it was in her mouth and she was licking the tiny lips with the tip of her tongue.

My hands found her heavy tits and fondled them as I opened her robe. Wilda’s belly was soft and round but not overly fat. I let a finger tip slip down into her thin veil of brush. There I found a small parturition that was her clitoris. When I applied a little pressure she wiggled and sighed noticeably. She tilted her face up and was about to say something when I kissed her.

My beautiful Aunt was a great kisser with great tits and one hell of a fantastic cock-sucker to say nothing about her fucking style which was outstanding. Wilda was just one very good fucking machine.

“You know what I want this morning dear Wilda?” I asked her and knew she already knew what I wanted for breakfast.

Looking me straight in the eye she said “I do believe that my nephew wants to fuck his aunt in the ass with his great big thick cock. Is that what you want dear Leroy?” Wilda was already opening her robe wider and reaching for a tube of K-Y Jelly that was on the counter.

Wilda must have been a mind reader or she simply knew me much better than I knew myself.

Both robes were on the floor when she turned around and rested her head and shoulders on the counter with her fine ass aimed at me. I took the marsbahis giriş tube of K-Y and applied a generous amount to her ass and worked a finger full up inside her ass. She let me know that my finger wiggling in her ass felt pretty good to her. Wilda ass was firm and slightly wider than her waist. The cheeks were round yet split so I could easily see my desired target. I added a hand full of K-Y to my cock and was milking my cock while working two fingers into her ass hole to get her ready for my not so long but very thick cock.

Spreading the cheek wider with one hand while I took my slippery cock in the other hand and placed the head flat against the dark puckered little hole.

If you have never had this moment in your memories then let me tell you that you have not lived. Watching your cock head press tight against the tender sweet ass hole of some one that wants you to really fuck her in the ass is as experience that is so erotic that it will make a man explode right there and then. I felt Wilda relax and at that moment that tiny puckered hole open up to let my cock head disappear before my very eyes. I was in Wilda’s ass and she was pushing back ever so slowly. I was letting her take over and work just as much or as little of my cock as she wanted in her. I knew that once she was comfortable with the feel and size she would take it all and let me know she was ready for me to fuck her. Moving back and forth slowly until she is ready for me to ram this cock up her tiny ass giving her the same excitement I was feeling.

Taking her by the hips I pulled then pushed working my cock deeper and deeper up her choice ass. Watching my cock slide easily in and out of her ass sent shivers through me and my balls tightened up under my rock solid cock.

I did not have to say anything Wilda knew when I was ready and she screamed out loud. “Leroy, fuck my ass. Fuck it hard, fill my ass with cum. Fuck me now.” Wilda words faded as I shot the first of several spurts of hot sperm up her ass. I cum and cum then I cum some more. Wilda was screaming for more and then she cried out she was cumming. I moved faster pumping up her ass as fast as I could and then I started to cum again joining her as she let go with a long flow of juices that ran out of her cunt and down her legs from her unused cunt.

There was a sucking sound as my cock withdrew from her hot tight ass. I staggered back and had to rest my ass on the table to keep my legs under me.

Wilda turned and headed for her bedroom and I went back up stairs.

It was after nine o’clock before I came back down stairs again this time fully dressed. Wilda was out in the back yard standing inside the back fence talking to a pretty lady. With sandy hair and a wide smiling face. She looked to be much younger than Wilda but still older than me. My guess in her late thirties.

Wilda had on tight soft shorts that were pulled up the crack of her fine ass. As I walked toward the two ladies my cock swelled and I could feel it once again in Wilda’s fine ass.

As I got closer Wilda turned and introduced me to Cindy Sue Blue a neighbor. Also a widow a very young widow but still a widow and one very sexy broad. My cock only got harder thinking of this younger widow and her fine tight body.

How I managed to stand there for fifteen minutes with out busting a nut watching these two lovely women and thinking how I wanted to fuck each in the mouth. I could tell Cindy was a cock-sucker like my dear Aunt. As they talked it was plan to see they had gone out together more than once. I could also see that they had more going than just a night out with the girls. I bet these two had double dated and did some serious fucking together.

By the time Wilda and I walked back toward the house it had been arranged that Cindy would join us for dinner at the Hill Top lounge. Another lounge that was high up on a hill that over looked the Allegany River.

That afternoon Wilda took me for a ride to show me the beautiful Cooks Forest and the many wonders of this once heavily farmed country. As we drove through the forest Wilda pulled up into a parking area.

We were the only car any where around. She got out and I followed her up a narrow trail through large boulders to a small grassy area not much bigger than her back yard. There she came into my arms and kissed me.

I let her fumble with my belt and dug into my jeans to fine the treasure she wanted. Once she had my cock out it was hard as hell. Wilda squatted down and slowly, deliberately sucking my cock with tender loving care until I busted nut filling her mouth with a warm thick load of young male sperm.

“God Wilda I love the way you suck my cock. Gees you must have sucked a hundred cock in your day.” My voice was shay and low but she heard every word.

“Leroy my young lover, I’ll tell you this and I hope you’ll not mind if I include your mother in my statement. But my sister and I sucked every cock that ever went up our pussies. Your mother was even a better cock-sucker than me many of the boys said so.” Wilda said as she wiped her mouth with her hand.

I did not mind and it some how made me proud that my mother had been loved by many of the boys. I did not ask if they worked as a duo after my Mom married my Dad.

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