Who Needs The Patch

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Female Ejaculation

This is the next part of the story that began with “Brother and Sister” and introduced the characters of Suzie and Stephen. While it is not necessary to read that part to enjoy this story. It will give you the background on the characters. Enjoy!!


“God that was great, sis.” Stephen sat up on the bed, reached over to grab a cigarette from the night stand, lit it and inhaled deeply.

“The pleasure was all mine bro, believe me,” Suzie giggled.

It was a few weeks since they shared a shower and they were still discovering new ways to pleasure each other. Suzie discovered Stephen loved to hear her talk dirty. Sometimes she would just call his cellphone and leave a nasty message. Stephen found his sister loved to watch him masturbate and he was glad to give in to her voyeuristic side. Neither of them dated much anymore. Why bother when they had the perfect sexmate in the next room.

“I wish you would stop smoking, Stephen.”

“Oh come on sis. Not that again.”

“Really. I would do anything to get you to stop smoking.”

Stephen smiled and crawled next to her. “You already do everything sis.” He kissed her and smiled.

“I’m serious bro. What would it take for you to stop?”

Stephen thought about this for a moment and then got an idea. “How about your friend Marcy?”

“What about her,” Suzie asked.

“I want to fuck her. Actually, I want to fuck both of you.”

“Marcy?!?” Suzie tried to sound shocked but inside her heart skipped a beat and she felt a tingle between her legs. Marcy was a friend of Suzie’s from college. They took Sexual Psychology in the Twentieth Century together and she stopped by the house occasionally to study. Marcy was 5’6″ tall with short strawberry-blonde hair. She had small but pert tits and an impish smile that always promised more. Suzie thought about what it would be like to watch her brother fuck her friend. To see her brother’s cock buried in Marcy’s mouth. Her pussy. Her ass. She had seen the way Marcy eyed her brother the last time she was over the house and rather then feeling jealous she found herself turned on. This could be fun, she thought. “Okay, little brother. You stop smoking and I’ll make sure Marcy and I give you the night of you life. Two conditions though. One, you have to quit smoking for a whole month.”

“And the second,” Stephen asked.

“I want to watch you fuck Marcy before I join in. Deal?”

“Deal.” They kissed on it.

Three and a half weeks later Stephen and Suzie were out having dinner. Suzie commented on how proud she was that Stephen hadn’t even tried to sneak a smoke.

“Marcy’s coming over to study Saturday evening,” she said around a mouthful of salad. “That’ll be one month bro. You ready?”

“Bring it on sis. I can’t wait.”

“You won’t have to,” Suzie replied. “I’ll give you a preview tonight.

“Oh shit Stephen your cock feels so good!” Suzie was slowly grinding her pussy forward and back on her brother’s cock. Her arms we folded behind her head and her hands her mussing her hair. “Oh, fuck me.”

Stephen was looking at beautiful sister. Her tan skin and taut tummy. Her delicious breasts swaying slowly as she was rocking away on his cock. Her wet pussy was wrapped around marsbahis güvenilirmi his cock and massaging it slowly. “Oh god, sis. Yes just like that, I’m gonna cum. Make me cum sis. Make me cum.”

Suzie quickened her pace and started to buck more forcibly on her brother’s cock. “Cum for me bro. Fill you slut sister’s pussy. Give me your cum. Fill me up.”

Stephen groaned and started to cum inside Suzie’s pussy. His sister never relented her bucking while he was filling her with his cum. After his last spasm Suzie fell over on his chest and kissed him sweetly. “I love you, Stephen.”

Saturday night Marcy and Suzie walked into the living room. Stephen was sitting on the couch watching an old movie on AMC. Marcy was dressed in a denim skirt and white halter top. Her perpetual smile reached her eyes as she said hello.

“Hi Marcy. You look fantastic.” Stephen was already thinking of Marcy’s straw-blonde hair bobbing as she took his cock deep in her mouth.

“Hey sexy. Thank you.” Marcy sat on the couch next to Stephen, her naked thigh brushing against his shorts. She put her hand on his knee and left it there.

Suzie walked around to the other side of the couch and whispered into her brother’s ear. “I told Marcy I would leave you two alone for some quality time. Enjoy.” She quickly nipped his earlobe. Standing, Suzie announced, “I’m going upstairs to take a shower. I feel disgusting. I’ll be back down soon.” She left the room but instead of going upstairs she doubled back to the kitchen. She peeked out of the shutters that separated the two rooms.

Stephen leaned in and parted Marcy’s lips with his tongue. She accepted him into her mouth and started to gently suck on the tip of his tongue. Stephen ran his hand up March’s thigh and under her skirt. There was an sharp intake of breath when his fingers brushed her public hair and felt her moist pussy lips. She was not wearing panties!

“Your sister told me of your deal if you stopped smoking,” she giggled.

“What did she tell you,” Stephen asked.

“She said you wanted to fuck me if you quit for a month. Congratulations.” Marcy climbed on top of Stephen and kissed him full and hard on the lips. Her hand started to rub his cock through his shorts. After a few minutes of kissing and rubbing his cock Marcy stopped. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for awhile now, so I was cool with it.” She unbuttoned her shirt and revealed her breasts encased in a simple white bra. She reached behind and unhooked it letting it drop to the floor. Marcy’s breasts were small but firm with pink nipples against her fair freckled skin. “Besides, wouldn’t you rather suck on these than a Marlboro?”

Suzie watched as her brother’s mouth found it’s way to Marcy’s tits. He was sucking firmly but gently and Marcy was emitting low moans of pleasure. Suzie’s hands massaged her own tits and pinched her nipples as she watched. Her shirt was unbuttoned halfway down. Her brother was teasing her best friend’s tits with his teeth and tongue and she loved watching it. Stephen was kissing down Marcy’s stomach, making his way towards her denim skirt. Suzie saw Marcy lift her hips and wriggle out the skirt. Stephen was now kneeling in front of Marcy and reached up to grab her hips. He buried his face in marsbahis yeni giriş Marcy’s crotch and Suzie saw her breasts rise and fall quickly. “He has his tongue in her pussy,” she thought. Suzie reached down between her legs and started to rub her pussy through her jeans. “Not good enough,” she whispered to herself. “I need to feel my pussy.” She unzipped her jeans and quickly got out of them, taking her now wet panties off at the same time. Suzie was rubbing her clit as she watched her brother tongue fuck Marcy. Marcy was squirming. Her waist grinding against Stephen’s mouth. Her tits were rising and falling quickly and her breathing started to become ragged. “Oh god, she’s about to cum. Marcy is going to cum in my little brother’s mouth. Oh fuck.” Suzie jammed two fingers in her cunt and started to fuck herself hard. She watched as Marcy hips pressed hard against her brother’s mouth and her head rolled back. “Yes. Oh God yes.”

Stephen got up and kissed Marcy. She tasted her cum on his lips and sucked every drop. “God I want your cock,” she said. “Get up here now.” Stephen got up and sat on the couch. Marcy positioned herself between his legs, still on the couch, ass in the air. Marcy flicked her tongue playfully at Stephen’s cock head and smiled up at him her green eyes dancing.

He watched as the pale freckled face took his cock head in her mouth and started to suck. Just like she has sucked the tip of his tongue earlier. She lowered her mouth and coated his shaft with saliva. Removing her mouth, she replaced it with her hand and started to jerk him.

“Suzie tells me you like filthy whores who talk dirty.” She smiled at him again. “Do you want me to talk dirty to you? Do you want to hear all the nasty things I’m going to do to you?” She continued to stroke his cock while talking. The sight of her emerald green eyes sparkling while she spoke and her hand on his cock was almost too much, but he held on. “Do you like to have you cock jerked or sucked Stephen?”

“Sucked,” Stephen said softly.

“Well then, I’ll suck your cock dry. And I take every drop of your cum down my throat.” She lowered her mouth back down on Stephen’s cock and started to suck. He watched her head bob up and down on the shaft. She removed her mouth again.

“Do you like to hear sluts slurp on your dick?” She lowered her mouth and started slurping loudly.

Stephen was watching this pale skin skin vixen devour his cock. He never thought he could find a partner as sexy as his sister, but Marcy was driving him crazy. He saw his sister enter the room and lean over the arm of the couch. She was inches from Marcy’s ass. She winked and blew him a kiss. Suzie leaned closer and licked Marcy’s glistening pussy. Marcy groaned over Stephen’s cock.

She removed her mouth from Stephen’s cock, glanced back and saw Suzie licking her ass. “God yes, Suze. Eat my pussy. Eat my fucking pussy while drink your brother’s cum.”

“You’re a nasty little bitch, Marcy. Aren’t you?” Suzie started softly chewing Marcy’s clit.

“Fuck that feels great.” Marcy lowered her mouth on Stephen’s cock and started sucking wildly. He started to moan and buck hard against Marcy’s face. “Oh god, I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop Marcy, don’t stop. Make me cum.”

Suzie now had marsbahis giriş two fingers in Marcy’s pussy. “Suck him, bitch,” she said. “Make my little brother cum.”

“Shit.” Stephen shot his cum in Marcy’s mouth.

“Did you like the feeling of my little brother cumming in mouth,” Suzie asked. “Let me taste it.” She got up and walked around to Marcy and kissed her. Stephen watched as these two sexy girls shared his cum. Cum was running down both of their chins and dripping on their tits.

“Eat my pussy, you slut,” Suzie said as they broke their kiss.

Stephen laid back on the coach, his dick in a semi-hard state. Suzie and Marcy were standing now and exploring each others mouth, neck and tits with their mouths and tongues. Suzie was grabbing Marcy’s ass while Marcy was rubbing her pussy.

“Fuck my pussy, bitch,” Suzie said. “Fuck my pussy with your tongue.

Marcy knelt and started to lick and nibble Suzie’s pussy. “Mmmm. You taste so sweet Suzie.”

“Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Ah, fuck. That feels good. Did this little slut’s mouth feels as good on your cock as it does on my pussy, bro?

“Oh yeah. She great.” Stephen could feel his cock getting hard again watching his sister being eaten out by her friend. He got up and walked behind Marcy.

Marcy switched from kneeling in front of Suzie to being on her hands and knees without removing her tongue from Suzie’s clit. Stephen was about to enter her pussy when his sister said, “You know, bro. Marcy likes it up the ass.”

“Yes. Fuck my ass. Please. Bury your cock in my tight hole.”

Stephen pressed his cock against Marcy’s anus. He rubbed his cock head back and forth from her anus to her clit.

“Oh shit, Stephen. Please fuck my ass,” Marcy moaned into Suzie’s pussy.

“Fuck this little slut’s ass, bro,” Suzie encouraged.

Stephen slid his cock slowly and deeply into Marcy’s pussy. He stroked a few times until his cock was coated with her juice and then returned to her asshole. He slowly slid his cock deep in her ass. His strokes went from slow and gentle to hard and rough and he was now banging Marcy’s tight ass. He went balls deep and pulled out until he could see the tip of his cock and then thrust back in. Over and over.

As Stephen’s cock filled Marcy’s ass she would lick and suck harder on Suzie’s pussy.

“Oh god,” Suzie cried. “Yes. Suck my bitch-whore pussy you slut. Make me cum.”

Marcy was rubbing her clit as Stephen continued to fuck her ass. Suzie was bucking her hips hard against Marcy’s mouth.

“Shit. I’m going to cum. Swallow my cum you filthy whore. Swallow my cum while my little brother fucks your ass.” Suzie exploded in Marcy’s mouth. “Lap up my cum,” Suzie instructed.

Stephen couldn’t hold back any longer. “Ah shit. I’m going to cum, Marcy. I’m going to fill your ass with my cum.”

“Shoot your cum inside my ass. Fill it deep so you sweet sister can suck it out.”

Stephen didn’t need anymore coaxing. He shot load after load of his cum into Marcy’s ass. It was dripping out of her anus. Suzie came around and knelt down by her brother.

“Let me clean your cock, bro.” She took his cock in her mouth and cleaned him off, then she turned her attention to her friend’s ass. She stuck her tongue in deep in her asshole and tasted her brother’s cum.

“Oh yeah,” Marcy said. “Suck your brother’s cum out of my ass.”

Stephen walked around and kissed Marcy open mouth while his sister ate his cum from her ass. He wondered what Suzie would give him once he quit for two months.

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