When They Became Roommates

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Their parents had died in a car wreck two years before, shortly after she had gotten married and he had gone off to college. Toni was twenty when it happened, and Mike just eighteen. When all was settled, he went back to campus and she returned to her husband, and life went on.

And now she was alone again.

Her husband, Steve, had left her for another woman. After only two years? She was devastated, and doubted he had ever loved her in the first place. Thank God they hadn’t yet started a family (and since it was Steve that had always insisted they wait, she now wondered if he hadn’t been planning on leaving her from the start) so she didn’t have that complication to make a bad situation worse, but now she had no one. No husband, no child, no parents, just her brother.

And now it seemed that circumstance was campaigning to destroy her even further. Steve had taken her to another city when they wed, and when her parents died they had yet to make a will, so the court considered the house abandoned and had it sold to pay off debts. Their life insurance barely covered the funeral costs. As a stipulation in the divorce, since Toni and Steve had been together so short a time and had no children or real property, no alimony was assigned. It was more of a delayed annulment than a divorce. Consequently, she couldn’t afford the apartment she and Steve had shared, so Toni found herself not only alone but homeless.

Instead of trying to go back to her home town (what was there for her now anyway?) she took a smaller place in the town where Mike went to school. That way, she could be reasonably close to the only family she had left. She found a job as secretary in a lawyer’s office, and made some new friends but was afraid to let any of them get too close. The only person she really was interested in seeing was her brother.

Mike lived in a dorm on campus, and that was required for the first two years, but his sophomore year was nearly up. He spent as much time with Toni as possible, mostly on weekends, and they talked about him moving in with her at the end of the spring semester. He had a part-time job at the college library, so he’d be able to pay something toward the rent and food. She told him money wasn’t the consideration, she just wanted to be near him as much as possible. A week after the end of classes, Mike moved his paltry belongings into her apartment.

It was a three-room walk-up. The main room served as den and kitchen (the appliances and sink hidden behind a drape) and off that was a small bathroom (no tub, just a shower enclosure, toilet, and sink) and a single bedroom. Toni, of course, kept the bedroom. Mike slept on a fold-out couch.

They became inseparable. When not working, they went swimming together at the lake, or went shopping, and would spend Friday nights at one of the taverns near the college, listening to music, drinking, sometimes dancing. Seeing them together, no one would know they were brother and sister, and so anyone who otherwise might have approached one or the other didn’t bother. The few hard cases that tried were quickly rebuffed. All Toni and Mike wanted right then was each other.

They took turns cooking and cleaning, and by the time the fall semester started had developed a comfortable domestic routine. Neither had ever been so care-free in their lives. They had no parents telling them what messes they were making of their lives, no spouses with egos to stroke, no cadre of friends trying to point them in this or that direction. It was just the two of them, and life could not have been better.

But then, one cold October night, everything changed.

The weather had taken a sudden wintry dip. Temperatures plummeted, and the predicted rain now fell as a frozen sleet, coating trees and streets in a fine glossy sheen of ice. Mike just barely made it home as the roads started to get bad, and he called Toni at her office to warn her about the conditions. But, before the phone at the other end rang she came in the door. Her boss had sent all the secretaries home early.

She was drenched, however, and went straight to her bedroom to grab some warm clothes. She asked Mike to make some tea while she showered and changed. As the kettle heated up and while he listened to the sound of her under the water, he figured he might as well start supper. Casually, he went toward the bathroom to ask her what her preference was, and saw that in her haste to get under some hot water she had left the bathroom door halfway opened. He could see the frosted glass of the shower stall, with clouds of steam rising above it, and just inside, the hazy form of his sister, naked, arms up as she worked a glob of shampoo into her hair.

His first instinct was to turn away as quickly as possible. With the two of them living together in such close quarters there had been a few times they had accidentally caught each other in various states of undress. That sort of thing had happened even when they were children growing up in their parents’ house. But this was the first time he’d ultrabet yeni giriş seen her totally naked, and even though the view was distorted by the pebbled glass door he could see what an amazing body she had. Mike stood transfixed for a long time, watching as she turned about and rinsed the white foam off her head. It wasn’t until she shut off the water that he realized he better move or be caught staring at her. He snapped back to the kitchenette, where the kettle was already screaming its head off.

As he readied the tea he listened to her towel off and dress. She emerged a minute later in an oversized gray sweatshirt and baggy blue sweatpants, with a white turban on her head and soft wool socks on her feet. She came up behind him, and placed a hand palm-first on the middle of his back as she leaned over his shoulder and inhaled the aroma of the dark oriental brew.

“Delightful,” she declared, and kissed his cheek briefly.

He gave her a cup and she sipped the hot tea carefully, smiling with her eyes closed as the warm liquid burned a path down her body. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, and yet he wasn’t really seeing her the way she was, he was seeing her the way she had been in the shower, naked, her smooth skin glistening, her breasts peaked skyward as she lifted her arms overhead to shampoo.

He shook his head and came back to reality.

“What would you like for supper?” he asked. “I’ll cook.”

“Nothing right away,” she said. Outside, a gust of wind slapped waves of sleet against the windows and walls, making her shrink a little. “Maybe some soup later. Come on, I just want to relax for a while.”

She guided him to the couch and they sat down. Using a remote, she flicked on the stereo and easy music began to fill the room, pushing back the sounds of the early winter storm. Mike sat at one end of the couch, his feet up on the coffee table, and Toni curled up in a ball at his side, her head on his chest, her feet tucked in beneath her. She sighed as she settled into him.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost the electricity,” she said.

As if on cue, everything went dark, and the music stopped.

“It’s your fault,” he told her playfully. “You had to go and say that.”

She play-punched his belly and sat up. “I’ll get some candles,” she said, and left the couch to gather a few stout scented candles from her bedroom. She lit them with one of the long matches they used to light the gas stove and placed them around the room so the entire area and everything in it was bathed in a soft yellow light. She came back to the couch and resumed her position beside him, snuggling in closer to ward off the sounds of the wind-driven ice which were no longer held back by piano and violin.

As they sat quietly together, sipping their tea, Mike could not get the image of his naked sister out of his mind. Every time she moved he imagined her being naked now, her breasts gently rubbing his ribs, her hips so close to his own, her long legs folded under her round bottom. He couldn’t understand why he’d be having such thoughts about her. He never had before.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true.

He remembered when they were younger and living at home, the first time she came home from a date and had gotten laid. He could smell it on her. He knew what she had done, and when he went to bed that night he imagined what she must have looked like while fucking whoever she had been out with. He was fifteen, she was seventeen, and he masturbated picturing his sister having her first cock. When he came, however, it was no longer some anonymous cock he imagined she was fucking, but his.

After that, he used her occasionally for his masturbation fantasies, when he wasn’t currently enamored of some girl at school or any one of the constantly changing posse of young movie starlets. That pretty much stopped in about a year, when Toni announced her intention to get married.

And then, the very weekend after he had moved in with her into their tiny apartment, he woke up in the darkness to the sounds of her giving herself an orgasm. He lay still in bed, listening to her, picturing what she was doing. Before he knew it he had a massive erection, and he contemplated jerking off as well, but what if she came out to use the bathroom and caught him playing with himself? Indeed, when she finished he heard her bedroom door open and followed her footsteps as she padded barefoot to the bathroom to wash up, then back again as quietly as possible to her own bed.

Had she been naked, then? Had his sister just walked by him twice nude?

Sleep eluded him for a long time that night.

And now, here she was, as close to him as if they were lovers, as comfortable together as any man and woman might be, and he suddenly found that the front of his jeans were rising as he began to get an erection.

Jesus, what if she notices? But there was no way to hide it without giving away what his problem was. He tried thinking of other things, distracting himself with the noise of ultrabet giriş the storm or concerns about his new classes and how hard some of them were. It started to work, too. His jeans receded nicely.

By then Toni had finished her tea, and she leaned to put her empty cup on the table. In doing so, her face hovered ever so briefly but ever so tantalizingly over his crotch. Could she smell the desire he had been feeling? When she came back, that hand, still warm from the cup, settled on his belly.

His erection came back, and there was no way to stop it. Nor was there any way she couldn’t notice it, with her head on his chest. Terrified of her reaction when she did see it, he waited in the semi-dark for some sort of deliverance.

The hand left his belly.

Maybe she had realized what was happening and took it away to try and make things better. He started to relax a little, but then watched as that hand moved down and settled once again, this time directly over his cock.

“It’s been a log time for me, too,” she said softly against his chest.

Mike moved her hand off him and slid out from beneath her, heading for the kitchenette. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I don’t know what’s the matter with me. How about that soup now?”

She called him gently back to the couch, and he reluctantly sat beside her again, expecting a big-sister lecture. Instead, she took his hand in hers and assured him he had nothing to apologize for.

“It’s my fault,” she said. “I guess I’ve taken to using you as a substitute lover, always being close to you, pretending as best I could that you weren’t my brother any more but a handsome young man I’d taken in to live with. You were bound to react sooner or later. If anyone should be sorry, it’s me.”

He moved closer to her and told her that was all nonsense.

“You were married,” he said. “You got used to being with a man all the time. It’s understandable that you would miss that closeness so much. What’s my excuse? I mean, I’ve dated, and I’ve been with a couple of girls, but it’s not like I have anything to really miss…”

He was rambling, and she quieted him with a single finger across his lips.

“It’s okay,” she said, and she pulled the turban off her head, letting her hair fall in still-wet clumps about her shoulders. “You aren’t the only one that’s been having…thoughts.”

She moved in closer to him, and that finger floated down, away from his mouth.

“I’ve been thinking about this almost from the first day you moved in,” she said. Their legs were touching now, and she placed a hand on his chest. “I hated myself for thinking about you this way,” she said. “I was so afraid of losing you if you found out. Mike, you’re all I have left. I couldn’t stand it if you left me, too, but how could we live together with me thinking about you the way I do? I’ve been so scared of this, of you discovering.”

She leaned into him, pressing that hand into his chest, and she lifted her face up and kissed his lips as gently as a butterfly settling on a flower.

“I guess you’ve been thinking the same about me?” she asked, and the sheer terror of what his answer might be showed in every syllable.

His reply was to place an arm about her shoulders and draw her in to him, and he kissed her in a definitely un-brotherly way.

She tasted incredibly good, or was it just that she was the ultimate forbidden fruit? The kiss lingered, then intensified, and she teased his jaws open with her tongue and playfully inserted hers into his mouth. He sucked on her tongue, and then followed hers with his into her mouth.

Her hand drifted down his chest to his belly, and then once again found his bulging jeans. She held his throbbing cock down, feeling it pulse under her hand. He placed one of his hands on her sweatshirt, feeling the soft round breast beneath, and she took her hand away from his cock just long enough to lift the shirt up and give him access to her unfettered chest. That hand went back to his crotch and blindly found the talon to open his jeans. With some maneuvering she had his cock out in the open while he massaged her breasts under her shirt.

She moved her hand up and down his shaft. He was like a thick rope, hard and strong. She inhaled the scent of his lust pouring off it and couldn’t wait to see how it tasted.

She kissed down his throat, and his chest atop his flannel shirt. He knew where she was going and leaned back and put his feet up on the coffee table again. He stretched his free arm down to leave his empty teacup on the floor beside the couch, and then that hand joined the other under her sweatshirt, where they encased her ribs and settled on her naked back as she lowered her face over his crotch.

She closely studied the swollen head of his cock, as if never having seen one before. She kissed the head, and licked it once, and it pulsed in her hand. As he stroked soft circles around her back she put her lips to his purple swollen head, held it there for a while, and then opened her mouth and guided his ultrabet güvenilirmi cock inside.

Her mouth was hot and soft around him, and he leaned his head back, eyes closed, and moaned as she engulfed him, taking him all the way in. He placed one hand on the back of her head, and as she began to move up and down the length of him, that hand guided her, pushing when he wanted her to take him in deeper, letting her up when she wanted only the head in her mouth, with her tongue flicking around the base.

He didn’t want to cum yet, and so when he found he was enjoying her too much he lifted her up so she sat beside him. She looked terrified that he was rejecting her, that he had come to his senses and would put an end to all this, but then he took the bottom of her sweatshirt and lifted it up and she knew everything was all right. She obediently put her arms overhead and let him slip the shirt off her altogether. Abandoning it, he leaned down and cupped her breasts, studied the large, dark nipples, and then kissed them each in turn.

She stretched her head as far back as it could go and closed her eyes, inviting him to savage her breasts as much as he wanted. He bit her nipples gently, held them in his teeth and flicked his tongue across them until the were as erect as fingertips, and then he sucked on them like a baby, cradling the nipple with a curved tongue, taking as much breast into his mouth as he could.

She blindly unbuttoned his shirt and he pulled away from her just long enough to remove it. They embraced then, and kissed hard and long, grinding their faces together. Her breasts were mashed into his chest, her hard nipples poking just below his own.

They got up, then, and each carrying a candle, went into her bedroom.

As she walked, she tugged her sweatpants down and after placing her candle on the nightstand sat on the edge of the bed to take them and her heavy socks off. Naked, she motioned for Mike to come to her, which he did, still holding his candle. His cock protruded from the front of his jeans, and the head still glistened with the fine coating of her saliva. As he stood there she opened the rest of his jeans and tugged them down along with his boxers. She took his candle and while he finished stripping placed it beside her own. She slid back across the mattress and welcomed him as he lay down beside her.

With the change of venue, the mood had changed as well. They spent a long time gently touching and exploring each other’s bodies. Gone was the fiery passion that could have consumed them both too quickly had they stayed where they’d been. Now, they were new lovers, at that stage of discovery that is the miracle of desire. Without a word, they moved over each other, pleasing, teasing, smiling, kissing whatever places they wished to taste.

He couldn’t believe how marvelous her body was. Steve must have been crazy to give her up. She was firm, strong, yet so smooth and yielding. Her breasts were perfect sized for her body, her waist small, her hips wide. Her buttocks formed two perfectly round globes, and the skin where they folded to become the backs of her legs was like silk. Her belly was flat, her navel a shallow recess. She kept her pubes trimmed to a soft velvety triangle just above her clitoral hood. When he went there, her legs parted for him on their own, and she swooned as his fingers searched the soft moist folds of her pussy.

She used her hands on his muscular chest, and down across his tight abdomen, to his thick cock and large balls hanging beneath. Her fingers probed his anus, and he lifted up off the covers to let her do whatever she wanted there. After playing a while, she lay back.

He moved over her, kissing a path of heat down between her breasts, across her belly, flicking his tongue into the soft well of her navel, and then his lips moved down to uncover her clit. He faced her feet, and she guided his knees as he straddled her shoulders, and when his mouth settled over her clit to suck on it he felt her own mouth search out the head of his cock.

He licked her harshly, making her body jump, and then she spread her legs for him and lifted her knees, tilting her pelvis to bring her pussy up. He kissed her there, and rammed his tongue up inside her while she took his entire cock into her mouth, so far that her lips met his balls.

Her hands grasped his ass, her nails digging into his hard cheeks as she moved him over her, drawing his cock in and out of her mouth. When he gained the rhythm she desired she left one hand there to keep him steady and with the other again teased his asshole. She felt him tense, and then relax, and she slid a finger inside his ass, just up to the first joint.

He began to eat her furiously, and to pump his cock faster and deeper into her mouth. She knew he was on the verge of cumming, and rather than try to prolong him she laid back and released her own orgasm, which had been building like water behind a dam since they’d started on the couch.

His tongue shoved inside her pussy. She had had cocks that didn’t feel so good in there. The hand she had left guiding his ass now went below. Using two fingers she spread her labia wide for him, and with the heel of her palm over her clit she rubbed herself. Her other hand impaled his asshole as he fucked her face.

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