When it Came Through the Door Pt. 07

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Looking in the mirror, I appear fitter and more toned, though considering the number of times I’ve gone ‘jogging’, I should have no fat at all.

We still have sex, but it has waned somewhat. Sometimes when I visit the toilets, I come back extra horny, and after a shower, I’m climbing all over my wife. She can be a bit moody, so sometimes she’s responsive, and at other times she tells me where to go.

On those occasions where she’s sexually uninterested, I’ll make an excuse to go to the toilet guilt free. Well, relatively feeling less of it anyway.

So it was that Sunday afternoon, after a leisurely brunch with close friends, which included my long-time friend Vivek and his wife, I was feeling a little restless and initiated sex.

“Handsome…I’m just feeling tired today. Sorry, is that okay?” she asked, one hand on the remote, and another absently stroking the back of my neck.

“Sure.” I remember a time when such rejections meant I’d awkwardly disappear to the office for a discrete tug.

But instead, “I might go for a run.”

“You’re looking really fit!” she said appreciatingly and with a nod, but still more focused on Netflix than her fit husband.

I changed into my running shorts, put my joggers on and beelined for the local park. That Sunday, I had felt a little frustration, not necessarily from my wife’s rebuff, but from the work week, so I did two laps of my local park first.

It was quite cool, so even though I built up quite a sweat, I didn’t feel that I would have an odour.

That familiar excitement when I saw the toilet block and immediately scanned the area and adjacent carpark, always made my heart jackhammer. I slowed, and walked towards it casually, having learned to act indifferent as I strolled in.

That panicked shuffle when I walked through the doorway, then turned left and the urinal came into view, was more than just a little suspicious.

A man had turned to face the urinal real fast, and I just saw someone disappear from view towards the cubicle, and a second later, a cubicle door slammed.

Trying to be as unintrusive as I could, feeling like I’d just crashed a party that I wasn’t sure I was invited to, I slowed right down and turned to the cubicles, intending to go hide in there and take stock.

But as I started to turn, I caught the side of the man’s face at the urinal, and I stopped.

It was Jackson.

He turned to me, a grin spreading on his handsome face.

I approached, but stayed at the other end of the long urinal, still feeling like I’d just robbed whoever he’d been playing with of their moment.

But Jackson angled towards me, his smile turning to an intent gaze down at my shorts, and scanned my body, as though appreciating the efforts of my jogging.

His dick was stiff, and he wanked slowly at the bahis firmaları urinal, looking back towards the cubicle, at whoever had fled when I’d walked in.

I couldn’t see the cracks in the door to the cubicle, which meant whoever had gone in there couldn’t see me, but they would easily see Jackson, as he turned to openly wank at the urinal.

I’d forgotten how huge his dick was, and how much foreskin the guy had, and also how muscular and toned he was. Standing at the urinal, I was incredibly turned on.

He motioned for whoever it was to come out of the cubicle with a hand, while motioning to me and my growing boner.

We both heard the latch of the cubicle click, and the door opened with a soft groan.

Still feeling like an intruder, I faced the urinal, pulled my dick out and slowly wanked it, being careful to keep my right hand extended so it was mostly obstructed.

Just in case.

The guy who’d fled into the cubicle pulled up alongside me and between Jackson and me. From the corner of my eye, I saw his dick come out and so I turned to get a good look at it.

It was a great thick dick, dark-skinned, with weirdly shaved pubic hairs around the base.

Beyond him, seemingly unfazed that his play had become a threesome, Jackson shifted closer to the guy and bent to suck him.

As he did that, I looked up for the first time to check out the guy he was sucking.

It was one of my best friends — Vivek.

We’d met during university and become firm friends by our final year. His girlfriend, who he later married, introduced me to the woman I married, and their friendship helped to cement our friendship. While none of us had thought about children yet, I know Vivek’s wife, and my wife had been joking with other women in our group that they would need to plan it, so we’d all remain on similar paths and have children at the same time. Vivek and I had given one another stricken looks.

Vivek and I didn’t share secrets per se, but we laughed easily, could talk tech for hours, Marvel characters and frustrations of being husbands.

But standing in a public toilet next to Vivek, while Jackson sucked him off, was a secret I’m not sure I can cope with.

Due to immobility more than anything, I could not move.

Vivek had turned to look up at me as Jackson had gone down onto his modestly sized cock.

I watched as Vivek’s face turned to horror when he recognised me, even as Jackson’s lips slid from the top of his cock right down to his balls and my friend’s cock disappeared into that expert throat.

There was a second there where all the world’s conflict appeared in his eyes. I could see our friendship being questioned, his urge to flee, but also the sensation as some guy sucked his dick, which inevitably rooted him to the spot. It was also easy to kaçak iddaa see that his eyes softened when he realised that I was standing next to him with my hard dick out at the urinal.

We were there for the same reason, which is what stopped him from fleeing.

His eyes became fixated on my cock.

I’m going to guess for him, psychologically, fixing his stare on my dick was what saved his sanity. If he focused on my dick, then he was no longer standing next to one of his friends, and his secret was safe.

I read all of his turmoil like a book because I felt precisely the same emotions and fears.

The larger percentage of me that wanted to flee, was overcome by the smaller percent of me that was fucking excited by Jackson sucking Vivek’s cock.

Having exchanged an awkward half-smile in greeting, and various other facial expressions, we returned to being horny men in a public toilet, furtively scanning the door and keeping our ears open for intruders.

Jackson reached beyond Vivek for my cock, and so Vivek shifted back slightly to accommodate us. He wanked Vivek, then sucked my dick, which was slightly bigger than Vivek’s.

As Jackson sucked my dick at the urinal, I put an arm around Vivek. I did this to calm him, because his eyes were wild, like an animal trapped and ready to escape. But it also served to calm me.

After all, we were friends, and I hoped good enough to survive this.

When I put my arm around Vivek, Jackson must have sensed his fear, because his hand wanked my cock and he returned to sucking Vivek’s.

Perhaps it was my arm reassuring him, or Jackson’s mouth sucking his dick, but Vivek did seem to relax a bit, though he avoided my gaze, which was okay with me.

With a gentle hand, I pushed Vivek’s bum towards Jackson, who had a mouth like a Hoover. And he had plenty of saliva going, which seemed to keep Vivek pretty happy.

That’s when everything went to the next level.

I’m talking, epic levels.

Jackson sucked Vivek’s dick, while I embraced him sideways and calmed him and reassured him.

But then Jackson stopped, stood close to Vivek, and kissed him on the lips in a familiar manner.

I realised then two things.

The first was, that I was very jealous.

And the second was, they’d been kissing before I’d come in.

But then the shock came.

Jackson’s smirk, as he turned Vivek towards me, pulled his pants down and brought his cock into his arse, watching me the whole time, as though wanting to see my reaction.

Again, as Vivek was forced towards me, and bent over, I caught his eyes, and it was clear that this was a side of him that he didn’t want me to see.

It happened so quickly that I don’t think either of us had a chance to think about it too much.

Resuming all the things they’d been kaçak bahis doing before I’d come in and interrupted them, Jackson bent Vivek over, his pants around his thighs, and slid his huge dick back inside my friend’s arse.

Vivek’s eyes bulged, but not in pain exactly. It was easy to see that this was something he’d been longing for. Perhaps something he’d been doing for a while. How was I to know the extent of Vivek’s experience?

Things got weirder, as my hard dick was right in Vivek’s face, while he held my hips for balance, so he sucked it.

He just put my dick in his mouth, while Jackson fucked him, and sucked me.

I turned to the doorway, realising that this position would be incredibly difficult to break away from should someone walk in, so I began praying that nobody would.

The momentum of Jackson’s thrusts pushed Vivek’s mouth deeper onto my cock.

He gagged on it, and I could feel the tightness of his throat as the tip of my dick stretched his limits.

Jackson grunted like a bear, muscular arms grabbing Vivek’s arse with a ferocity that coupled with Vivek’s warm mouth, brought me close.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one.

Jackson huffed in a way I’d heard before. He was a very vocal man, who it seemed could not be quiet.

He half-roared, half grunted, as he bucked his huge dick into Vivek’s arse and forced Vivek to swallow me to the base. My balls smacked Vivek’s chin hard, and I wanted to warn him that I was about to nut.

Something hot and wet hit my leg, as Jackson brought his hips harder into Vivek’s arse, and I felt myself explode in Vivek’s mouth.

Between us, Jackson and I had filled Vivek at both ends, but then I realised that Vivek had squirted at the same time. His juice was still jetting across the toilet floor, and across my joggers and my legs. Some even onto my shorts.

He came a lot. I bet Jackson had jizzed buckets.

One more surprise waited for me.

Vivek swallowed my jizz.

He stood, awkwardly pulled his pants up, buttoned up, turned to give Jackson a nod of appreciation, and then tapped me on the shoulder, he mumbled something, and rushed out of the toilet.

I started to put my dick away, looking at all the stickiness on the floor.

When I looked up at Jackson, he was tucking himself back together, and smirking at me.

“You didn’t message me.” It was a question with a smirk, that left me awkwardly shifting from one foot to the other.

“Um…” I started, but moved to the taps to wash my hands and rinse my cock.

He did the same from the other sink, then used some toilet paper to dry up.

I felt too awkward, and I was spent, so I left the toilet, assuming I’d see Jackson again at some point.

When I exited the carpark and walked to the main path, someone came up behind me.

I turned to see Jackson had caught up with me, and apparently he was going to walk with me for a while.

“If you’re not interested, just say so,” he asked me, watching me intently.

I had no idea what to say.

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