What Made Me A Cuck

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This is the story of my wife Sunitha, an incident that happened years before our marriage. She was my friend Vivek’s Girl friend then.

Vivek and myself were thick friends. He was there for me on every crisis and financed me during my college days for my booz and movies. His girl friend Sunitha was a stunner with an hour glass figure (36C-30-36) and skin soft as butter. Vivek and myself were in our final year engineering and Sunitha was in her first year.

I always had a hard on for Sunitha and controlled myself because she is my best friend’s girl friend. I used to masturbate daily thinking of fucking her hard. Since Vivek didn’t have a car and also didn’t know driving, they had no other way than use my car and my services as driver whenever they bunked classes and roamed around in the city. I fortunately had a good rear view mirror which helped me see Vivek kissing her, squeezing her boobs and I have even seen him inserting his fingers inside her skirt. Later I found that he gets excited more when he makes out with her while I watch. He spilled this out during one of our drinking sessions. I utilized the opportunity to request him to make me watch him fucking Sunitha once. From the stories he had told me before, she is really wild in bed and is one of the best fucks a man can get. Well, it is very difficult to get such an appreciation from Vivek, as he has fucked more than 25 girls before and never have I heard him praising any girl so much.

Vivek was happy to agree to my request and we made a plan. Two weeks later was my cousin’s wedding and my parents left to our native. I was alone at home for 5 days and that cebeci escort was the moment me and Vivek has picked to work our plan out. We both went to Sunitha’s hostel in my car and picked her up. She was wearing a white shirt and tight blue jeans. I had a hard on the moment I saw her huge boobs bulging out to break free from her shirt. She got into the back seat and Vivek shifted himself from the front side seat to back. Once he settled behind, she sat on his lap. His hands were around her waist and they kissed frantically. Though I was driving, my eyes were fixed on the rear view mirror. I was him pressing her huge boobs over the shirt. She was complaining that her shirt will get spoiled. The kept on smooching till we reached my house.

Once we were in, I served them drinks. Me and Vivek were having Beer and Sunitha was having Vodka. She preferred her Smirnoff with half lime squeezed in it and 30 ml of soda in it. I liked the way she was drinking. By the time we finished 2 bottles of Beer, she had 7 rounds of 30ml Vodka shots. I could see that she was feeling dizzy. Vivek got up and took her to the bed room. He was holding her close to his body and was sucking on her lips while they walked to the bed.

“Take off your blouse.” I heard him ordering her. As planned before, he only closed the door half and I could see clearly what was happening inside. Her fingers trembled as she moved to the top button, fumbling as if she had never opened a button before. It finally opened, her fingers moving down to the next. She stared at vivek’s face, her face turning red with passion as she began to undress. The çukurambar escort next button revealed a bit of her bra, the blouse pulling back, the tension released by the straining button. She fumbled with the next buttons, moving faster now, her eyes still glued to Vivek’s eyes. She pulled the blouse from her Jeans, pulling it back to the side.. She slid it down her shoulders and arms, falling down at her side.

He was gazing at her Bra. He made her strip her jeans too. She was standing on her knees in the bed. He was caressing her naked waist and kissed her naval. She was moaning. He unzipped her bra and removed it. Her huge melons popped out and I couldn’t believe the sight of such gorgeous boobs. Though my view was from the side, I got enough view to get a huge hard on. He slowly started kissing her nipples and licking them. She had her eyes closed. He pulled her panty down and squeezed her ass. With his hands all over her ass, he was sucking her breasts one after the other. She was moaning with pleasure and was massaging his hair.

Vivek moved up kissing and nipping her neck. His hands squeezed her breasts, tugging on her hardened nipples. Sunitha’s back arched of its own accord. His touch brought her much pleasure. He set her on the bed, his hips in between her legs. Unbuttoning his fly, he pulled out his engorged cock and rubbed it against her wet pussy.

“Oh that’s it. Give me your cum. I want you inside me.” Sunitha said as she wrapped her legs around his waist. I never thought she is such a slut and never expected such horny words from her.

He moved down. His fingers ankara escort played with her shaved softness as his lips and tongue found her clit. His tongue flicked rapidly against her pulsing clit as his finger slightly penetrated her pussy. She was soaking wet.

Sunitha squealed in ecstasy when he began sucking on her clit. He had his hands squeezing her boobs. Sunitha’s body shuddered against his mouth as he lapped up her juices.

He didn’t give her much time to recover before he made his way up her body, pausing to nip at her breasts, then taking her mouth with his, letting her taste herself on his tongue.

Sunitha wrapped her legs around him as he brought his cock to her drenched opening. Slowly, he entered her, allowing her to adjust to his size, knowing it hurt.

Finally reaching her barrier, he held her face in his hands and stared into her eyes.

They both gasped as he buried himself to the hilt.

Sunitha placed her feet over his shoulders and gasped at the sensation. He was so deep. “Oh, yeah. Fuck me. That feels so good.”

Vivek rammed his hard cock deep inside her over and over again. Deeper. Harder. Faster.

Sunitha screamed as another orgasm washed over her. Then another. He ramped her fast and filled her with hot cum. After 3 minutes, he withdrew and I could see his cum flowing out of her pussy.

After a while, Sunitha lightly grasped his semi-hard cock, she slowly took it into her mouth. Vivek’s hands buried themselves in her long hair as it fell across his stomach and thighs. There was nothing more erotic than watching Sunitha’s mouth swallowing his hard cock. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying watching her. I fell in love with Sunitha that very moment and that was the moment I realized that I am cuckold. I also developed a huge urge in myself to marry her.

3 years later, my dream got full filled. She walked into my life as my beloved wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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