What I Would Do to You

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I find you lying in bed, preparing for a strenuous day of work tomorrow. You only have a sheet over you as I come in the room…..and do a little teasing strip show for you before pole-vaulting onto your bed beside you. Snuggling up close to you and reaching up to carefully remove your glasses and set your work aside and safely off the bed. My hands on your chest I lean forward and you can smell the jasmine vanilla faintly on my skin.

My lips touch your collarbone and my tongue licks the little indent there in your skin as I kiss it. Murmuring some incoherent words, my gentle kisses sear your skin as I make a trail of small kisses up your neck, alternately french kissing your neck and licking you, all the while my palms flat open on your chest and feeling you underneath my fingertips. Reaching my destination, I spend a few minutes on that spot, the one just behind your ear, kissing, licking, blowing and whispering the naughty things I am going to do to you tonight.

*whispering* “You have been working so hard, I want to make you feel good honey. *kiss, licks, blow* I am going to kiss my way down your sexy body yenimahalle escort and you are not to do anything…..just lay here sweetie, let me take care of you tonight.” Then, moving over to your lips, your beard brushing me, our tongues mingle and dance, moaning into one another… “mmmmmmmmmm.”

Beginning my descent, you watch the top of my auburn a soft, gentle kiss right there and you twitch. My head lowers and I look you dead in the eyes and you observe as I lick you from your sack, the underside of your cock, tongue tip teasing the spot where the head and shaft meet, where your skin gathers and there is a bundle of nerve endings…..then lick my lips.

So far, I haven’t used my hands but, can tell that you are indeed enjoying this as there is a glistening tear forming on your tip. With my index finger, I swirl it around and coat you with your precum before taking my finger and applying it to my lips like a favorite lip gloss and finally sucking on my finger. Leaning down, watching your eyes roll to the back of your head as I slowly, painstakingly slowly, encompassing eryaman escort you with my mouth. My hand circling, not able to fully grasp your girth yet moving down with my mouth as you disappear into the warmth, the wetness, and the depth of my mouth.

Slowly moving up and down on you, I suck on you like a straw with the upward motion, moaning on you and the vibrations rocking through your body. Repeating this motion with my mouth and hand, taking you deeper with each downward thrust on you, your hips buck to meet my mouth.

In response, I take my other hand off your leg and using my fingernail, scratch the inside of your thigh *gently* until you feel my fingernail on the cleft of your cheek. Alternating to the soft pad of my fingertip, I move it up, across your tight little pucker and use my entire hand to grasp your sack, my fingers massaging your jewels full and ready to explode. Grasping while I devour you, you lay back, your hips thrusting in an attempt to get more of you into my mouth. I moan and hum involuntarily, you feel so good and full in my mouth and those vibrations are like ankara escort little rockets soaring through your nerve endings.

Feeling you swell and jump in my mouth I increase the tempo…..faster, deeper, more of you in my mouth, hot, wet, tightening……your balls in my hand twitch as I rub them with my fingers. You are moaning, thrusting, writhing on the bed, handfuls of sheets, pillows, whatever you get your hands on and telling me that you are coming. I dive down deep and your cock hits the back of my throat just as you jet into me. Over and over, twitching, relieving yourself of your cum into my mouth, I suck you up eagerly, my lips wrapped tightly around your thickness as you empty into me.

Groaning, settling back down to earth, you are aware of me still on you, gently cleaning, licking, tasting you fully, kissing your spent cock and looking up at you, meeting your dreamy, lusty, sleep laden eyes. You fluff the pillow beside you, pat the bed and tell me to come up with you. Nuzzling your chest, kissing you there, your arms wrap around me as I lay my head upon you to hear the quick thud, thud, thud of your heart beating like a drum, knowing I had that effect on you. Your hands pet my hair, and rub my back, you tell me how good that felt and you are talking but, I drift off to sleep as do you shortly after, satiated and tired enough to get a good night’s sleep before your tough day tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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