What a Great Work-Out Ch. 01

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“You can’t leave,” I exclaimed, “You’re the best thing about this place.”

“Thank you, that is really sweet,” Cathy replied leaning against the shoulder press machine I was sat at.

Cathy must have been in her mid 20’s, only about 5″ 2′ tall, with a slim body and, although hard to tell with the slightly baggy polo tops the staff had to wear, had a pert looking pair of breasts. She had an attractive, oval-shaped face but it was her chirpy, friendly nature which made her even more of a turn-on, along with the fact she often used to wear tight fitting leggings which, coupled with her narrow waist, really emphasized what a sexy, round backside she had.

She’d just told me that she was leaving the Health Club as she was now a fully trained sports physiotherapist and masseuse but there was hardly any call for those services here and so she was taking a job at a specialist clinic.

“Well, I’ve only just got here but you’ve already ruined my work-out,” I continued.

“Sorry,” she replied, with a sort-of ‘please forgive me look on her face’.

“I’m really going miss you around here but…,” I paused for a moment wondering if I was about to over-step the ‘mark’ but then continued, “…I guess I can tell you now that you’re leaving that when-ever you used to wear a certain pair of leggings around here it was very, umm……off-putting.”

“Really?” she said half quizzically but her smile indicating she’d probably guessed what I was getting at.

“Why’s that then?” she seemingly teased, tilting her head slightly.

“Well, as a 41 year-old, married man, I probably shouldn’t say this to a young, 20-year-old-something, but you must have the sexiest-looking arse I’ve ever seen.”

She was now staring straight at me, slightly grinning, but obviously wasn’t going to ‘help’ me by saying anything, so I continued; “and when you wear those tight leggings it….” I paused,”….often used to cause me a….problem.”

She grinned broadly.

“Not sure if I should really say, ‘sorry’,” she laughed, “but I’m actually going to say ‘thanks’ as I’m really very flattered.”

“Good, I didn’t want to offend you, it’s meant as a compliment.”

“Offend me!?” she did seem genuinely surprised at my comment. “What? That, a good-looking, athletic, mature man finds my backside attractive…!”

“Well, not just your backside…far from it actually…” I corrected her.

We looked straight at each other again for a few moments, neither saying anything and me unsure if I was just imagining the sexual tension.

Cathy’s eyes then dropped down and I suddenly became aware of the clear outline of my prick jutting upwards through my shorts.

Realizing it was too late to try to cover my erection I just sat there, waiting to see her reaction and was so relieved when I saw a definite grin appear once more on her face.

As she then looked back up at me, still grinning, I moved my hands up round onto my lap.

Cathy then leant in towards me, lightly touching my knee as she said, “Maybe I should give you a leaving present…wait there,” before walking away.

I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it, but I could have sworn she was provocatively wiggling her bum as she walked towards a door marked, ‘Staff Only’.

I just sat there for a while considering what she could have meant and then, half-heartedly, continued with my exercise until I saw her walk back into the main gym, a broad smile now on her face.

As she headed bedava bahis towards me I realized she now had ‘those’ leggings on and I smiled and slightly nodded my head to her as if in appreciation.

Cathy stopped at the machine about 5-6 feet in front of me and for a few moments we again just stared directly at each other.

She then slowly turned round and, keeping her legs together, bent over, appearing to anyone else who might have been watching that she was fiddling low down with the seat of that machine. The outline of a thong was clearly visible and she very, very slowly, started wiggling that cute arse of hers, first side to side, then up and down.

Her backside was indeed the sexiest I think I’ve ever seen and this view of it made my now rock-solid cock jerk in excitement. I would have given literally anything at that point to be sliding in and out of her from behind whilst firmly groping those round, perfect-looking bum cheeks and I let out a throaty, frustrated sigh at the thought.

Fortunately, at this time in the morning, there were only a couple of other people in the large gym so no-one would have been aware of my massive erection now thrusting upwards or of Cathy, having looked around, spreading her legs and then running her hands slowly all around her bum cheeks.

She then spread her legs further so that she could athletically bend right over, her dark, shoulder-length hair touching the floor as she smiled back at me through her legs.

“You cow,” I mouthed, slightly shaking my head and again holding my hands to my lap causing her to laugh.

Cathy then straightened up, turned round and sauntered over to me, smirking broadly.

Standing so close that I could breathe in her musky, sensuous perfume, she let her thigh brush against my leg as she raised an eyebrow;

“Any ‘problems’ at the moment then?” she asked knowingly.

I simply nodded up at her, not sure what to add.

Cathy had a look around and then, leaning in towards me, dropped her left hand down and pulled my hands apart to reveal the massive bulge in my shorts.

She raised her eyebrows and a pleased-looking grin appeared on her face as I clearly heard her murmur, “mmmm.”

For a moment or two, she just stared straight at my lap.

After checking again if anyone else was watching she looked me straight in the eyes.

I was breathing quite heavily now and then gulped as, although I hadn’t seen her move her hand, I felt her finger-tips lightly trail all along the length of my prick, causing it to jump and twitch in excitement and surprise at her touch!

“Now I’m really flattered,” she smiled, obviously enjoying her affect and control over me.

Her polo shirt had dropped forward slightly revealingly a glimpse of a white, lacy bra and surprisingly large looking breasts.

After a moment or two, as if allowing me time to enjoy the view, and after I’d raised my eyes back to hers, she continued; “Seems a real shame…,” pausing for a second as if hesitating about what she was about to say but then continuing; “…don’t you think, to let such a big ‘problem’ go to waste?”

The way she’d emphasized ‘big’ had sounded so good and I simply nodded back up at her, letting out a muffled sigh in agreement.

I then groaned quite loudly as I felt her finger-tips trail around my helmet and then, looking down, saw her gently tweak at it a couple of times before firmly saying; “Good…give me a moment bedava bonus and then follow.”

To be honest I think if she’d instructed me to strip off there and then I would have probably done so and for one awful moment I thought I was just going to simply shoot my load into my shorts. Fortunately I just about managed to control myself as I watched Cathy walk over to the room marked, ‘Physiotherapy’.

She had a quick glance around, opened the door and stepped inside.

I waited for a few seconds and then, attempting to hide my still prominent bulge as best I could, followed her.

She’d left the door slightly ajar, so I quickly pushed it open and stepped inside myself.

Cathy was standing right there and for literally a second or two we just stared at each other, both now breathing quite heavily.

As I started to move toward her Cathy quickly stepped forward and, in one movement, reached behind me to lock the door and pull me down onto her welcoming mouth.

I don’t think I’d ever had a woman kiss me in such a forceful, wanton way, and was surprised at her strength as she pushed me back against the wall, grinding her body against mine as she continued to devour my mouth.

We were like two desperate teenagers, moaning and grunting as we pulled at each clothes and pawed at each others bodies, my hands kneading her arse cheeks and then running up to cup her breasts as she firstly grabbed at, and then quite forcibly rubbed my prick.

“Come on….” she urged in-between kisses, “we don’t have….long….and I need you….inside me…I need you…to fuck me,” as she yanked my shorts and inner pants down in one go and I felt her cool, firm fingers grasp my bare cock.

I spun her round so that her back was now pinned against the wall and kissed and sucked at her exposed neck whilst I felt Cathy wank my foreskin several times.

I then fell back onto her welcoming mouth and urgently pushed my tongue to hers as I pressed her to the wall.

“Fuck me….fuck me….I need you….to…fuck me now,” she was now half pleading, half demanding as she yanked her leggings down.

I lowered my face down to her breasts and quickly kissed and sucked at her tits, pushing my hands up under her polo top and firmly groping at them, pushing them together and then running my thumbs and fingers inside her bra to rub and tweak at her erect nipples.

Cathy was really moaning at my touch and I was desperate to suckle on these full, heavy breasts but she now pulled herself upwards by my shoulders and my cock seemed to automatically find its way to her entrance.

As I helped support her by the waist I let out a long sigh as I felt my helmet first nuzzle against her slit and then, in one glorious swift motion, slide up into her tight, warm pussy.

Cathy let out a long, guttural groan when it felt like I was fully inside her and then an even louder one when I slightly relaxed my grip on her waist, causing her weight to push her further down.

She was now impaled on me to the hilt and for a moment or two we just stayed like that, both sighing and looking at each other, seeming to want to prolong that moment.

It felt to me like the whole of my prick was being held in a soft, yet very firm, almost vice-like grip.

I then moved my mouth to hers and Cathy pulled me onto her, forcibly kissing and tonguing me and starting to move her arse up and down as best she could, grunting and groaning all deneme bonusu the time.

I moved my hands down to support her by the bum and this way I could start banging up into her and she seemed to accept that I had to be in control of the motions as she ‘just’ urged; “fuck me…that’s it…fuck me…fuck me hard…fuck me hard.”

Although I was the one thrusting up into her it somehow felt like, with the tone of her virtual-commands, that she was the one fucking me.

“God your prick feels so good…right up me…that’s it…deep inside me…right up me…ohhhh, yeaa…ohhh, yeaaaa.” Her words drove me on and I was now quite frantically thrusting in and out of her, banging her against the wall, Cathy seemingly oblivious to any discomfort the position might have been causing her and it wasn’t long before she started muttering;

“Going to come…going to come…oh yea, don’t stop…going to come…oh, fuck, yea, yea, yea, yeeesssss.”

As Cathy’s orgasm obviously hit she initially stretched her head back and up, her eyes tightly shut, then lowered her face down again to mine, pulling me to her and sucking back and forth along my tongue as I could feel her juices flowing all around my cock.

“God, that was…good…so good,” she grinned, as I felt her tighten her pussy muscles around my shaft and then release them again.

Enjoying the look that brought to my face she did it time after time, encouraging me to; “Come…I want to feel you come…I want your cock to come right inside my tight…wet…young…pussy.”

The look on her face and her words drove me on, especially the way she emphasized ‘young’ and I was now really grunting as I rutted her firmly against the wall.

It wasn’t long before I felt I should warn her that I was about to come but I didn’t get the chance as my prick suddenly spurted what felt like a torrent-load of my spunk deep inside her, followed by several more, very distinctive pump-loads.

Cathy simply grinned down at me and then moved her face down to kiss me deeply and longingly as I felt her wiggling down to enjoy the last semblance of my erection.

“That was…very, very…nice,” she smiled. “And it feels as though your ‘problem’ is going away,” she laughed as she again flexed her fanny muscles against my now rapidly softening prick.

I just nodded and smiled at her, then kissed down at her breasts, saying; “Although with you…it wouldn’t take….very long at all…for me to have…a problem…again.”

I heard Cathy sigh as I’d moved my mouth from one breast to the other, then sucked at them as I moved my right hand up to massage her left tit.

“We can’t…I haven’t got time…now,” she seemingly reluctantly said. “I’ll be missed…oh, that’s good…I do love having my tits played with…oh, that’s nice.”

“No, we can’t,” she then more forcible said, as if snapping out of it and trying to subdue her obvious temptation to just let me carry on.

“I do need…ohhhhhhh,” she interrupted herself, wiggling once more down onto me as she presumably felt the stirrings of my cock starting to harden again whilst still inside her; “…a reference from this place, so I do need to get back.”

“How about,” I grinned, as a thought suddenly came to me; “if I book out a physio session?”

There was a distinct pause as I guessed Cathy was trying to think of any problems with my sudden master-plan, but she then smiled broadly, kissed me and asked, “Would sir like a 30 minute or one hour session?”

“I think it better be the full hour.”

“Right answer,” she grinned and, laughing, added; “I’m sure we can have several more ‘problems’ in that time!”

She then kissed me once more before saying,”I’ll go and sort it out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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