We’re Over-dressed?

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They were lying next to each other on the cabin roof, sunning themselves. A radio played light classical music beside them. Joe and Ken were aft in the cockpit, chatting. Joe had hoisted the big genoa and the Kate had a bone in her teeth, the occasional splash of spray cooling the two women.



“Can I ask you a very personal question?”

Hazel Kominski turned her head to look at her friend. “You can ask, sure.”

“But you might not answer?” Sue Brady bit her lip. “Okay.” She took a breath. “Have you ever considered swinging?”

Hazel stared at her, then her lips quirked in a grin. “You mean swinging as in partner-swapping?”



“You have? Wow. Anybody I know?” Sue’s eyes were wide.

“You know them well.” Hazel grinned.

“Tell me,” said Sue, frustrated.

“You and Joe.”


“Yeah, you know, that guy back there with my husband.”

“Are you serious?”

“Actually, yes. Ken and I were talking in bed last Friday, before we came down to join you guys on the Kate. We had just had a real whoop-de-do fuck and were trying to get our breath back. Ken asked me if I ever fantasized. I do, of course, but I didn’t know what to say to him at first, and then he told me he sometimes fantasized about you.”

“Me? Wow.”

“Yeah. Anyway, once he’d said that I could admit I sometimes liked to imagine being in bed with Joe.”

“Just me and Joe, or do other couples sometimes get a look in?”

“It’s funny, we talked about that, too, but we agreed that you guys were the only couple we knew where we could imagine both being involved. Other couples, if Ken was turned on by the wife, the husband left me cold, and vice versa.” Hazel laughed. “Only you guys, Joe and Sue Brady, survived the cull.”

Sue laughed. “Thanks for that, I guess.” She paused. “Is it only a fantasy, or would you really do it?”

Hazel lay unspeaking for a long moment. “That’s what I asked Ken,” she said at last. “He said he would, but only if I was involved, too, and only if I was enjoying it. To be honest, Sue, I’m lying here with my pussy tingling just thinking about being fucked by your husband.”

Sue reached out and squeezed Hazel’s fingers. “That makes two of us,” she said softly. She laughed. “I’m thinking about your husband, of course.”

“Of course.” Hazel raised herself on one elbow and looked at her friend. “Shall we?”

Sue laughed. “Joe asked me to sound you out, because I know he’d love to try you for size. We thought Ken might, but unless the woman is willing these things don’t work.”

“I’ll need to bring Ken up to speed on this, first, of course.”

“There’s no rush, sweetie. We have two weeks. Joe says we should be at the island by tonight. There’s a lovely little lagoon to swim in, it’s uninhabited, and we should have the place to ourselves.”

Something on the radio caught Hazel’s attention and she turned the volume up slightly, so that they heard the announcer saying, ‘Remember, folks, for those of you on holiday where it’s warm, today is National Nude Day. Now, after a message from our sponsors, we’ll play you some Borodin.’

Hazel turned the radio down again and looked across at Sue, a smile playing about her lips. “I don’t know about you, but I could do with getting myself an all over tan.”

Sue chuckled. “We can start that anytime, so why not now.” She giggled. “Obviously, it’s the right day for it.”

Hazel wiggled her eyebrows. “Why not?” She glanced back at the cockpit. “See how long before either of the guys notice.” Like Sue, the bikini she was wearing was fastened with ties and with a little judicious tugging and a wriggle or two, she was naked. Beside her, Sue accomplished the same feat.

“Don’t get me wrong, gal, but I’m looking forward to seeing you standing-up naked,” said Sue with a grin. Hazel shuddered suddenly. “What caused that?” said Sue.

“Thinking of you maybe watching your husband fucking me, actually.” Hazel gave Sue a shaky smile.

“Now that is worth a shudder,” said Sue. “Have you ever had an audience?”

“Sort of,” said Hazel. “At college, my roommate and I fucked our boy friends in the same room, but it was dark.”

“I never managed that,” said Sue. “I guess I had shy boy friends. Were you excited, or inhibited?”

“I guess excited, because I had my first-ever prick-induced orgasm.”

Sue giggled. “Fun!”

“You bet.”

In the cockpit Ken suddenly whispered, “Holy shit!”

“What is it?” said Joe.

Ken looked at him, grinning. “Have you looked at our ladies recently?”

“No, I – ah, I see what you mean.” Joe stared forward.

“Which one are you looking at?” Ken said softly.

Joe flushed. “Hazel.”

“That’s okay, man, because I’m looking at what you go to bed with, nights.”

“From what I see, you got no cause for complaint, either.”

“No, I guess I haven’t.” Ken grinned at his friend. “We’re both lucky.”

Joe stared forward for a while, then, abruptly, “Ever thought of swapping?”

“Swinging-type swapping?”

Joe güvenilir bahis nodded, his eyes still on the women. “Yeah.”

“Hazel and I have talked about it, sure, but we’re not interested in random. For us it would have to be somebody we already knew and liked, and we’d both have to be happy about our partner.” Ken smiled. “It would have to be a couple like you and Sue, somebody on our wavelength, that we already like and share time with.”

Joe glanced at him, but Ken’s thoughts seemed to be miles away. “Ken?”


“If you did, swap I mean, would it be a once-only thing?”

Ken glanced at him. He grimaced. “Probably not, for me. I’d kind of want an occasional mistress, sort of, for a couple of nights, and then have Hazel back. Maybe three or four times a year, on fun occasions.”

“Interesting concept,” said Joe, nodding, “but I kind of like it.” His eye caught sight of something on the horizon. “Hey, Ken, look. I think that’s the island.”

“Great! When do you think we’ll reach it?”

“If the wind holds, maybe an hour or two before dusk. Plenty of time to anchor safely. If the wind drops, I’ll hold off.” Joe laughed. “Yeah, we have a motor, but this is a sailing boat.”

“Purist.” Ken raised his voice. “Hey, ladies?” Hazel and Sue looked over their shoulders at him. He pointed. “On the horizon. The island.” What happened next took his breath away for a moment, because Sue and Hazel stood, both of them totally naked, and stared towards the island.

“Oh, my god and wow,” said Joe beside him, in a hushed, almost reverent, voice. “What a view!”

“I love Hazel’s butt,” Ken said, “and now it has a mate in my visual pantheon of delectable derrieres.”


“Sue’s, definitely.”

“Yeah, I’m particularly fond of it myself.” Joe chuckled suddenly. “Maybe that’s why I like to fuck Sue doggy-style so much. Her beautiful butt.”

“Another pleasure in which we share an interest,” Ken said, laughing. He whistled, low. “Hey, we’re getting more.”

Indeed they were, because Hazel and Sue were gathering up their towels and lotions, discarded bikinis, and making no attempt to dress. The two women made their way back to the cockpit and stepped lightly down beside their husbands.

“Do you two know what day it is today? We just heard on the radio.” Hazel grinned at Ken and Joe, flushing slightly from the unmistakeable admiration in Joe’s eyes.

“The fourteenth,” said Ken, unable to stop himself looking at Sue, mentally comparing her with Hazel and realising that, overall, they were both gorgeous, it was just in the details that they were different, details such as Sue being about two inches bigger in the bust, and Hazel having the bigger nipples. Hazel being an inch or two taller, and brunette, whereas Sue was a honey blonde. Details.

“Yes, it’s the fourteenth,” said Sue, “but gentlemen,” a flourish, “today is National Nude Day. Hence your lady wives’ mode of dress.”

“You’re kidding me,” said Ken, a huge grin on his face.

Sue made a dramatic gesture. “Cross my heart an’ hope to die. National Nude Day.”

Ken grinned at Joe. “You know what they’re telling us, don’t you?”

Joe laughed. “We’re over-dressed?”

“Yes,” said Sue. “You are. So what are you going to do about it?”

Ken and Joe exchanged rueful looks. “This, I guess,” said Ken, stripping off his t-shirt and casting it aside, then loosening his shorts and pushing them off. He was barefoot and the action left him naked except for watch and dark glasses. Sue glanced down, licking her lips. Ken’s prick looked to be as delicious as her husband’s. Beside Ken, Joe was repeating the action, to Hazel’s fascination.

Hazel stepped up to Ken, hung her arms around his neck, and kissed him lightly. “I need to talk to you.”

“Ken? Hazel?” said Sue. “You guys take watch for a while while Joe and I make some sandwiches?”

“Sure thing, Sue. No problem.” Ken returned his attention to his wife. “Talk? What about?”

Sue glanced round, but they were alone in the cockpit. “Sue wants to know if we’re prepared to swap?”

Ken laughed softly. “Joe was sounding me out, too.”


“Up to you, baby, but I will say that the thought of sliding my prick into Sue is one I find very appealing.”

Giggling, Hazel looked down. “So I see!” She looked up. “I’d like to try Joe, too,” she said quietly.

“How long for? Once? I suggested to Joe that what I’d like is a swap for a couple of days, not just a night. Okay with you?”

“Sweetheart, I don’t know. We’ve never done this before. I like Joe and Sue, a lot, so yes, I’d like to try it your way.”

“Okay, baby. We’ll let them know when they bring the sandwiches.”

“If we reach the island today, I think I’d like to start tonight,” said Hazel. “Now the thought’s been planted, I’d like to do it before I chicken out.”

“Okay, baby.” Ken bent and kissed Hazel and she leaned against him, his arm around her shoulders, hers around his waist. They were still standing like that when Joe and Sue brought out sandwiches and türkçe bahis cold beers.

“Hey, Joe?” said Hazel.


“Which side of the bed do you sleep? I prefer the left.”

Joe grinned and Sue took Hazel’s hands. “Yes?” she said.

“Yes,” said Hazel, “starting tonight.”

“Mmm, good!” said Sue. “She turned to Ken and winked. “Hi, sexy,” she murmured, her voice low and throaty.

“Hi, yourself. Ready to spend a couple of nights with me?”

“Yeah, but hey! What about the days?”

Ken laughed. “I’m sure we’ll think of something.”

“If you don’t, I will.” Sue turned to her husband. “Joe?”

“Yeah, honey?”

“Will we reach the island by tonight?”

“We should. Any particular reason why you ask?”

Sue grinned. “I’d like to sleep on the beach.”

Joe nodded. “Sounds good.” He turned to Hazel. “Okay with you?”

“Yeah, should be fun.” She reached for a sandwich and passed it to Joe. “Better get your strength up, honey,” she said, fighting a giggle. He grinned, taking a big bite.

It was early evening when they dropped anchor in the lagoon. There was no sign of anyone around and the four of them were still naked as they packed food and drink into a cooler box and put it in the dinghy. Blankets, they reckoned, were all that was needed, and matches to make a fire on the beach with the driftwood.

When the stars began to show, they had finished their evening meal. The Kate was riding lightly at anchor, the reef breaking the force of the ocean swells. The fire had lost its early fierceness and settled to a deep bed of red coals, the occasional flame licking around it. Ken pushed a couple of pieces of thick driftwood on the fire and it flamed up again. He stood, reaching for a blanket.

He grinned at Sue. “How about a short walk, Mrs. Brady?”

“Certainly, Mr. Kominski.” Sue leaned across and gave Hazel a quick kiss. “Have fun, honey, while I exhaust your husband.” She stood, and took Ken’s arm. As they walked into the darkness, following the beach, he slipped his arm around her waist. She took his hand and lifted it to her breast. The nipple was hard, signal of her desire. Ken fondled her for a moment, enjoying the change, the bosom more full than his own slender Hazel. Sue stretched up and kissed his cheek as they moved.

He only took her about a hundred yards, to a little hollow he’d spotted earlier, out of any breeze, sandy grass in the bottom, scrub forming a windbreak. The moon was coming up, three-quarters full, and he could see well enough to spread the blanket on the ground. Sue was silver in the moonlight, curved, deep-dipping loveliness. He reached for her, and she came unhesitatingly into his arms, lifting her lips for his kiss. The kiss was gentle, a kiss between friends and as they broke it Sue let her head rest on Ken’s chest.

“Last chance to change your mind, sweetheart,” he murmured.

Her head came up and she smiled at him, shaking her head. “No, Ken, I want to do this. Remember this afternoon, when Hazel and I first stripped?”

“Yeah. Poetry in motion when the two of you stood.”

Sue chuckled. “We’d just been talking about having each other’s husband. I was wet then, Ken, and I’m wet now.” She took his hand and slid it between her legs. He could feel her heat and wetness. He slid his finger along her slit and then lifted it to his mouth, tasting her. He bent and picked her up, then knelt, awkward, to lay her gently on the blanket. She smiled up at him as he lay himself beside her, his left arm going under her neck, his right on her hip.

He bent over her and she offered her mouth as his lips descended. This time it was a lovers’ kiss, hot, wet, demanding, open mouth on open mouth, tongues duelling, heat and the moment taking them. Without breaking the kiss Sue took his hand and lifted it to her breast. He hefted the soft weight, enjoying the difference between Sue and Hazel, enjoying too the similarity, the eagerness with which his kisses were returned, the soft moans as his fingers explored her.

Gently, Ken broke the kiss, raining butterfly kisses on Sue’s eyelids, her cheeks, her neck. He kissed his way along her collarbone and let his lips trail back, moving down her chest, trailing tiny kisses down her breast until he took her nipple, her so very erect nipple, between his lips and sucked on it, then let his teeth close gently on it. Sue gasped and pulled his head to her, her fingers claws in his hair.

He let her nipple escape from his lips, and kissed down her belly, making her giggle as he poked his tongue into her navel, then kissed his way across her mons, letting his teeth play with the wisps of curl she had left there. His position was getting uncomfortable, and he eased his arm from under her, moving so that he knelt between her legs. Her smile was gentle, her blonde hair silver in the moonlight.

“Planning to eat me, I hope?”

“Thinking about it, sure. I like to test the flavour and wetness before I let my dong lose its head.”

Sue giggled. “That’s a new one.” She paused. “Ken, do you like eating güvenilir bahis siteleri pussy?”

Ken grinned. “Love it!”

“You and Joe both. Boy, I’m lucky, ‘cos I love being eaten by someone who appreciates me.”

“Oh, I appreciate you, Sue, don’t worry about that. Hazel tastes great, and that little sample you gave me on your finger just sharpened my appetite for you.”

“Oh, goody!”

“I’d better shut up, now. It’s rude to talk with one’s mouth full.” Ken grinned. “Feel free to make a running commentary if you want me to know what I’m doing right, and what I’m not.”

“Ken, honey, it’s all nice, it’s just that some of it is different. One of the things that’s making me wetter is wondering what you’re gonna do that’s different.”

“Nothing, probably. Time to eat!” Ken lowered his head and Sue pulled her legs up and wide, opening herself to him, anticipating, wondering what Ken would do first. What he did was to point his tongue and make a sweep up her slit from anus to clitoris, relishing the hot, salty-sweet tang of her on his tongue. The low moan of appreciation in Sue’s throat told him he was on the right track.

He kissed the inside of her thigh and then ran his tongue up her leg, making little kisses as he went, into the steamy jungle of her mons, her labia hair-free but her delta covered in honey-gold wisps. He smiled inwardly. Natural blonde! His tongue moved across and down the other thigh, with little kisses, butterfly-light, as he went. He breathed deeply of Sue’s aroma, rich, musky, stimulating. He pointed his tongue and moved in again, probing her depths, lapping at the folds of her labia, sucking softly at her, kissing, licking.

He made his movements erratic, so that Sue never knew what he would do next. It stimulated her, excited her. It was similar to what Joe did to her, but yet so different, the different texture of lips and tongue. He was getting to her, yes, oh, yes, but it was the situation, too, a new lover, while along the beach her husband was making love to her best friend. Perhaps, even now, Joe’s prick would be buried in Hazel’s pussy and they would be building to their own explosion.

Ken allowed himself to lick at her clitoris, gently, knowing how sensitive this centre of female sexuality could get. Sue moaned deep in her throat, guttural, almost a purr, nearly a roar. Feline, female, she filled his nostrils, swamped his tongue with her essence, her breathing fast, shallow. Nearer, nearer she came, trembling, the tension rising in her. Ken let his tongue flick across her clitoris and then took it between his lips, sucking, his tongue strumming as he slid two fingers into Sue’s soaking pussy.

With a howl, part-animal, part-human, wholly female, Sue came, her whole body shaking, the tendons in her neck like cord, her pussy clutching at his fingers as the storm of climax swept over her, her fingers tight in his hair. Slowly, she calmed and as she quieted he let his tongue lash over her clitoris again and another tidal wave of sensation hit her. Again he did it, and again, until she pushed him away, her smile radiant, but her head-shake saying ‘no.’ He moved up and took her in his arms and she clutched at him as the trembling slowly ceased.

His erection was hard between them and her hand took a gentle grip of him, her fingers light, caressing. “I have somewhere for him, Ken, somewhere where he’ll be so welcome.”

Ken kissed her lightly. “I know, and that’s where I want him, too. Can I take you from behind, Sue. You have such a beautiful ass.”

“Of course.” She stretched up and kissed him, then moved so that she was on her knees beside him, her ass in the air, her head pillowed on her forearms. She grinned sideways at him. “Climb aboard, Ken.” He moved round behind her, positioning himself, taking his hardness in his hand, rubbing it the length of her slit, then pushing forward until he was in her, an inch, maybe two. He stopped, his hands on her hips, then pushed slowly forward into her, her juices flowing so freely that he sank straight into her. He paused as he bottomed and simultaneously they sighed in pleasure.

“That feels fucking great, Ken,” Sue murmured, her pussy clutching at him.

“It sure does, baby.” He began to withdraw, slowly, letting the sensations flow, feeling her with his prick, until he almost left her, then pushed forward until he was deep inside her again. He established a rhythm, a rhythmic push and withdraw, in and out, ebb and flow, letting the sensations rise in him, slowly, slowly, wanting to maximise the moment for both of them, but she was exciting him, the forbidden element, despite his wife’s knowledge, but mostly it was the excitement of the first time with this woman, friend, but stranger to him in this role of lover, active sexual partner, urging him on with the soft moans and the tremors running through her body as he rode her.

She was pushing back at him as he pushed forward, both of them eager to please the other. and the moment was taking them, lifting them, the animalistic excitement coursing through them both. Despite her violent climax from Ken’s mouth, Sue could feel the heat rising in her again and as Ken thrust urgently into her she let one hand find its way to her pussy, her fingers gently caressing her clitoris as he rode her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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