Wendy , Daddy Have a Secret Now!

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Wendy was nineteen, she’d moved out of her parents two years before but her financial situation had made it hard to live on her own. Her parents Frank and Kathleen had agreed to let her move back, if she got worked and saved her money. She also had to buy her own groceries and pay them rent. For barely one fifty, she got what she paying three hundred for.

Her weekend routine was always hard, she’d been working part time as a waitress in the mornings and moonlighting as a dancer at Fancy Franny’s. She liked dancing, it made her feel sexy and sometimes she got laid after work. She hadn’t been getting laid much because of her living situation.

It was Friday evening, she had to work the midnight shift at Fancy’s and she had a new outfit. It was a police officer’s uniform but it came with a jet black wig. She liked to wear wigs, it made sex feel exotic to her. Her police badge said Officer Cumslut. She grinned thinking about what her night was going to be like.

Halfway through her shift, Wendy had to do Officer Cumslut. She put the uniform on with high heeled boots and lace knee highs. She put on a pair of sunglasses and danced her way through the curtain. Her outfit was a hit! The men crowded the stage and her garter could barely hold her cash. By the looks of the horny older man who was shoving fiftys in her panties, she had some new fans too.

Back in her dressing area, Wendy counted her money. She had twelve fifty dollar bills, all from that man. He’d paid her six hundred dollars just to take off her clothes for him. She’d take it any night of the week! She sat there in a thong, not bothering to dress or cover up. She looked up and saw Rascal. He was the night security to the dressing area door.

“Excuse me Miss Wendy! We have a man at the door looking to talk to the sweet, young Officer Cumslut!”

She grinned, the best part of her job. Men would want to meet her and hook up after she got off. She always got a few hundred dollars to get her nut off. She loved her job! “Rascal, tell him she’ll be right out.”

She hurried back into her costume and scampered to the door just as Rascal informed the man she’d be out. She leaned against the door as an older man of about fifty approached her. “Hello sweet thing,” he smiled, “How’d you like to accompany an old man to breakfast after you get off?”

She smiled, “It depends, will it be worth my time?”

He laughed, “I think it will, I have a friend who’d like to meet you too.”

She grinned, “That should really make it worth my while then. I’ll meet you at the front door at three.”

She danced a few more dances in costume, she even wore another wig to shake things up. Her spirits were high, the man who tipped her six hundred dollars for dancing wanted to meet up. She could only imagine the payout.

Showering before slipping back into her Cumslut outfit, Wendy hurried to meet her date. She strutted out and he stood and took her arm. Leading her outside, he helped her into the back of a waiting car and slipped in next to her. His hand resting on her leg, he handed her a glass of champagne. She sipped it and watched as they made their way to the next town over to onwin giriş the luxurious hotel suites of the Camelot.

They made their way to the fifteen floor and down to a huge suite with a room overlooking the ocean. He led her into a lounge area and offered her more champagne. He slipped his jacket off and called out to the friend, “Hey Frankie, you’re going to love what I found for us tonight.”

He left the room and reentered with another man. Wendy’s jaw slipped open and she quickly shut it as she realized that Frankie was her father! She knew he’d told her mother he was away on business this weekend, he’d left this morning. Here he was in a hotel in the next town with another man, picking up strippers to fuck!

His eyes trailed their way up her body, his comments loud and obnoxious. “Damn Big Al, you found a good one tonight. Her ass is nice. Those tits are fuckable!” His words stopped when his eyes met hers and he realized the woman he was ready to rip her clothes off and fuck, was none other than his own daughter.

Al chose that moment to announce he was taking a steamy shower and he’d rejoin them in a moment. Frank made his way across the room and into her face. “What the hell are you doing here? Don’t tell me you’re a hooker?”

She laughed, “A hooker dad? Really? I’m a dancer.”

His face red with anger, “A dancer? Then how did you end up with Albert Manchino? My boss?”

She grinned, “Oh dad’s out fucking hookers in hotel rooms with his boss? Does mom know this is where you are?”

His anger grew, “Damn it Wendy! I asked how you ended up here?”

She smiled, “I’m a stripper daddy! I’m here to fuck your boss, and apparantly you too daddy!”

He growled, “You’re not fucking anyone! Get the fuck out of here, he’s a pervert! You don’t need to be around him!”

“Oh daddy, I plan to fuck your boss and if he wants me to fuck you too, you better just get hard and let me. I’m making the money this old fucker wants to pay me. With or without you! I need this! Besides, you don’t want your boss to know your daughter’s a slutty stripper do you?”

Before he could answer, Al was back. He came over and led Wendy to the couch. They relaxed together, her teasing him with her fake baton. She ran it up and down his leg, feeling his erection grow with every touch.

Soon he had her on her knees between his legs, his cock out and hard. She was licking the tip, teasing him while her own father looked on. Al pushed her down on his cock, she had her mouth full and wasn’t protesting. As her head bobbed up and down, Al called over to her father, “Frankie, get over here and enjoy what I’m paying for. She’s up for anything, so do what you’d like.”

Frank wasn’t sure what to do, he didn’t want his boss to know his daughter did this for a living, but he didn’t want to fuck his own daughter either. He figured if he just touched her a little, he could get out of sex. So, he came over behind her on the floor. Her tiny outfit showed half her ass, a pretty nice ass at that. He began rubbing her back, his hand dipping below her skirt and touching her bare thigh.

She felt her fathers hands on her ass, then her thigh. onwin yeni giriş She pushed back into his hand. His fingers slid across her bare pussy. He could feel she was wet, his hand had been on his daughter’s bare cunt.

Soon Al was starting to moan, but he wasn’t through having fun yet. He wanted to eat her pussy. He grabbed her by the nape of her neck in a handful of hair. He pulled her off his cock and led her over to the coffee table in the center of the sitting area. As she lay back on the table, her tits came together perfectly for titty fucking. Al spoke up, “Frankie, I’m about to tear her pussy apart with my tongue. Why don’t you test out those perfect tits?”

Frank stuttered back, “I was just thinking the same thing.” His nervous grin at Al was a good cover up, but he didn’t need one. Al had already buried his face in Frank’s daughter’s snatch. She was groaning and pushing her tits together. She’d popped open the buttons on her top and her perfect round tits were bouncing. She was playing with her nipples and her head was tipped back with her eyes closed.

He took off his pants and boxers and threw them over the chair. Straddling his own flesh and blood, his cock was hard and he moved up over her face, letting her wet his dick with her mouth. She opened her eyes and they met across their naked bodies. She grinned before slurping his cock into her mouth. Watching his daughter’s lips move around his cock, feeling her tongue almost made him cum right there.

Before he exploded, he pulled his cock out and went back to straddling her below the chest. He grabbed her tits with his big hands and massaged the nipples, gently tugging on them. She pushed them together and he slipped his dripping cock between them. As he pumped back and forth between her perky tits, their eyes met again. She began to cum for Al’s tongue and she arched her back. He couldn’t believe he was titty fucking his daughter and wishing he was fucking her too!

Al stopped eating her cunt and stood. He grinned and announced, “Let’s get the fucking underway!”

They relocated to the overstuffed couch, Al sat at an angle and allowed her to sit down on his cock. Her back against his chest, his cock pounding in and out of her. She enticed Frank over with her finger and he stood before her. She slipped his cock into her mouth. As she sucked, she looked up and saw her father watching her. Their eyes locked and he about came in her mouth. He stepped back to gain composure and she came again on Al’s dick.

Al begged from under her, “Let me fuck your ass? Please!”

She grinned up and her father who’s face said Hell No!

“Of course Big Al, you can fuck me in any hole you want. As she stood and let Al tongue her asshole, Frank tried to think of something to stop this. He was too late as Al quickly slipped his cock deep into Wendy’s asshole. She groaned and then pulled him over to them.

As she leaned back against Al, she begged Frank, “Come on Frankie, join us! I have an empty hole that needs your cock inside it!”

This was where Frank had planned to draw the line. He was about to retreat to the other room when Al chimed in, “Come on onwin güvenilirmi Frankie, she’s a pleasure to fuck! I’d hate for you to miss this. Besides, your dick and my dick with make for a pleasurable orgasm for us all!”

Frank couldn’t stop himself, not only were they pressuring him, his cock was hard and needed relief. He preferred sex over jacking off. So what if it was his daughter? She was an adult and so was he.

He came over to the couch and slowly entered her pussy. He knelt between their legs, pounding his daughter’s pussy. She wiggled and squirmed. They could feel her around their dicks. She was hot and she knew how to use that to make men happy. Hell, he couldn’t figure out where she’d learned to be so good at sex. She was better than her mother and naughtier too!

As he buried himself in her, she pulled his head down and locked lips with him. As their lips met and their bodies touched, she came. They rocked back and forth, her groans escaping their locked lips. Al reached his hands down and gripped her waist, unleashing his cum inside her ass.

She released her father and he pulled out of her. She slipped off Al’s dick and he excused himself to freshen up.

Her father stood near the couch, his erection still large and ready to explode. She took the three steps over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He stiffened, but his hard on touched against her belly. She leaned up on her tip toes and whispered into his ear, “Come on daddy, finish me off! I can see you’re still hard and I’m in need of coming again!”

She lay back on the couch, pulling him down with her, “This isn’t right. We have to stop. I only did it because Al was here and he’s my boss.”

She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him down and let him enter her. She groaned, “Fuck me daddy! Or I’m gonna go tell Big Al our secret.”

He couldn’t resist her sweet mouth saying such dirty things. He couldn’t risk his boss finding this secret out. He had to do it. He kissed her down her neck, across her breasts and down her stomach. He found her sweet pussy lips and spread them. His tongue massaged her swollen pink clit and he teased her til he felt her juices dribble down his chin.

They could here Al in the other room, but they only focused on each other. He pulled her off the couch into his lap, she spread her legs wide and his cock went deep inside her. She wiggled her hips and her tits bounced against his chest. As she came closer to exploding, he pushed her back against the couch and slipped his fingers down to tease and rub her clit.

His fingers found her sweet spot and she exploded around them. He slowed down and let her absorb her orgasm. As she stopped shaking, he helped her off his lap and instructed her onto her knees. His favorite position, doggystyle. He slipped between her legs and entered her again. Reaching up he grabbed her hair and pulled tight. He pounded her harder and harder until he exploded deep inside his own daughter.

When he finished, he rubbed her pussy once more, giving her another orgasm. As they lay naked on the floor beside the couch, she teased him with a french kiss. He cupped her breasts and she cradled his limp cock. Before getting up, she whispered into his ear, “Hope you enjoyed yourself daddy! I’ll see you later tonight!”

Al paid her two thousand dollars for the few hours she spent fucking them. She hoped to make more next time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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