Welcome to the School

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“Daisy!” called the grandmotherly secretary from the front office. “If you’re going back to your classroom, will you take this benefits packet to room 136?”

“You’ve hired a new English teacher?” asked the petite brunette. At the secretary’s nod, Daisy smiled and took the thick packet. “I’ll swing this by on my way to class before heading home.”

“Thanks,” said the secretary and Daisy swished out, hips swinging and causing the pink multi print tulip skirt to sway two inches above her knees, her legs lithesome and smooth after yesterday’s waxing, her 2 inch sandals clicking against the linoleum and her brown ponytail bouncing with each step.

“Knock, knock,” Daisy sang through the partially opened door of the classroom. “I’ve come to bring you your benefits package and officially welcome you to the school How was your first day of class?”

A tall, broad shouldered man in a green sports coat and black pants pushed himself away from his desk and stood up, reaching out a hand. “I’m Joe. And the first day wasn’t so bad, of course, I have to wade underneath all this junk on this desk and in this room and get organized.”

“Daisy, music teacher,” said the brunette, bahis firmaları sliding her small hand into his bigger hand and giving it a firm shake. “My quick organization tip is to sweep it all off the desk and into the trash bin and start afresh.” She surveyed the desk, piled high with papers, , file folders, binders, and other teaching supplies.

His gaze surveyed the small brunette, her shiny high ponytail, clean skin, pink blouse with the top button undone at the neck, big breasts, small waist, smooth shapely legs and his eyes rested again on her full breasts. Her eyes lit up with a smile and he blushed. “Sorry,” he looked down at his desk and sat back down.

“Don’t be,” she said, leaning her rounded butt against the desk. She flattened her palms against the wood under a pile of papers and slid onto the desk, crossing a smooth leg over her thigh and toying with a paperclip. “So, where are you from?”

“Oregon,” he answered.

“Been teaching long?”

“This is my tenth year. You?” A flush crept up his neck as she traced her lips with the silver paperclip.

“Sixth,” she replied lazily and the paperclip traveled down her collar bone and kaçak iddaa made a silver swirl around a nipple. Her nipples tightened and pressed against the pink blouse, and he felt himself stir. His eyes followed the paper clip’s trail. “I’m sorry, did you need this paperclip?” she asked innocently. He swallowed and shook his head.

She slowly, lackadaisically toyed with the top button of her blouse, maintaining eye contact as she undid 2 buttons, giving him a view of full breasts and a deep valley of cleavage. She kicked off a shoe and ran a bare foot up his knee and into his crotch, feeling the heat and strength of his erection against her toes. He took a shaky breath and her foot retreated. She uncrossed her legs and he focused on her white thighs for a brief moment, feeling an ache as his cock strained against his dress pants.

Daisy slid off the desk and melted to her knees, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants, freeing his hard cock from a cotton prison. She kissed the head of it, a wet kiss, with tongue trailing in hot circles along his glistening cock. She licked at the pre cum and then enveloped his cock in her velvet mouth, stroking the shaft with her kaçak bahis tongue, her mouth, and her teeth. One dainty hand reached to her skirt and flipped it up, and his eyes traveled from her mouth on his cock to her rounded, white ass, bisected by a pink thong and resting on her heels. As she suckled and kissed, that dainty hand reached under her skirt and she started to rub her clit.

He groaned, trying to decide where to look. Up at the ceiling in ecstasy. Down at his cock in her mouth or down at the ground where her sweet ass rested on heels or over at the door to make sure no one came in.

As he felt near the brink of explosion, she stood up and swept an arm across his desk, sending files and papers and paperclips to the floor in a loud shatter of chaos. She leaned over the desk, exposing those two perfectly rounded cheeks and a wet pink thong. He entered her from behind, his pulsating cock ramming into her hot, tight cunt and being surrounded by juices. With several quick thrusts, he grunted and gasped as he came inside of her, a wet spurt of hot liquid shooting deep inside of her cunt. She looked at him over her shoulder and grinned. Sitting up, she straightened her skirt and re-buttoned her blouse. She licked her lips and fixed her ponytail, arms up and breasts straining against pink fabric. “Welcome to the school,” she said over her shoulder as she bounced out of the classroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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