Weekend Whispers

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(this is a follow-up to weekend camping. Her husband never knew what a sex machine his wife had become because all he ever did was ignore her! She made the mistake of telling me what she desired!)

…And as I walked off, I said that I will see you next month in the big city!

You wondered how I meant that, but you also hoped it meant there was more of the past weekends experiences to come. It was your first time traveling to Seattle alone and you couldn’t wait to get there! You definitely had the art of being a tourist mastered overseas, but this was only one state away and just about 200 miles from home! You had to convince him it was a just a women’s gathering!

The month took forever to pass but finally came that long awaited for call on your cell phone. (You knew that voice!)

It told you….”I want to meet you at 8pm tonight…and I want you to not expect to be back too early, so make your excuses and plans accordingly!”

The rest of that day, you were wet with anticipation. You wrote down the address and had your excuses all made, everything looked perfect. Even your pussy was freshly shaven, and you had to make yourself cum when you finished, just to reduce the anticipation stress that you were loving! It made you smile when you thought about what you knew was going to happen! You never knew what to expect from this man you knew for years…but didn’t really “know” until recently!

Then you arrived at the hotel and looked around expecting to see him. You didn’t, but the desk clerk said he believed he had something for you! You were given an envelope and you took out a key and a note! The note inside told you to go to room 1225, and to enter and not turn on any lights. You read that your glass of wine would be in the bathroom, in the sink and a small night light showed you the way. You grabbed that glass, feeling how large and ice cold it was and sat on the bed drinking from it.

You were wearing a sleeveless shirt which really showed massive cleavage that always drives men crazy, and then your button up favorite shirt over your shoulders, just as you like…showing off your titties! You felt a presence in the room and asked “is anyone else in here?”

A voice whispered…”Yes. Reach out your hand!” As you did, you felt a very warm cock touch your wrist and then settled in your hand. illegal bahis You quickly guided it to your waiting mouth and started sucking real hard on the head. You were so ready!

Reaching out and grasping his butt cheeks tightly in your hands, you pulled this cock to you and pulled the body to the bed. You were smacking your lips as you sucked hard on it as it was popping it in and out! At the same time, his hands were pulling at your shirt and letting your tits free! You leaned over and squeezed them around that wet cock and started titty fucking it. You loved hearing the moans and you freed a hand to help drop your pants to the floor. You had that cock so hard and wanted to climb right on it.

But you were being guided to the bed, and as that cock slid along your tits and down over your smooth clit, it was quickly replaced by lips that went right to your clit. The tongue was darting in and out of you and the juices were flowing heavily all over! Then you felt his movement on the bed as that cock was pressing along your face, looking for a tight entrance! You helped guide it in your mouth as you now felt your pussy being invaded by fingers and a tongue.

The wetness naturally had your ass soaked, and the fingers playing slid down it and circled you several times. It made you start moaning, deep guttural sounds emanating from within you as you started to grind on the bed. It was vibrating that cock and you didn’t realize just how close you were to swallowing your first load of hot sticky cum!

But the cock was pulled away from you and you were being guided to lay on your stomach with your hips over the edge of the bed. You felt the cock sliding along your ass, teasing you and also sliding down to your pussy! You wanted it in you soon and started thrusting back to feel it.

Never one to be denied, you felt the head slide in with ease, as the combined juices had everything so slick. And then you felt your ass being penetrated along with it. The moans were very loud as you were being double filled. The little butt plug felt just perfect as that cock made its way into your pussy! Long slow agonizing strokes overtook your body. The deeper the thrust, the more the butt plug would be moved and the combined feeling was close to sending you over the edge.

Just as you felt that you were about to explode…he removed illegal bahis siteleri the cock from you and helped guide you into rolling over again. This time you were on your back in the middle of the bed and your ankles were lifted up to his shoulders. That butt plug stayed in place and even those movements came close to making you cum! You heard the voice whispering again…”How do you want to cum first?”

You said…”Slam fuck me!….take that cock and rapidly fuck me until I explode!”

The whisper said…”as you command,” and suddenly your body was overcome by the feeling as that cock entered you, sliding fast through that smooth entrance and slamming deep inside of you! You felt so tight with your ass being filled up and that cock that was ramming you so hard!

Your lips were covered in kisses and your nipples were being held onto and pulled gently as you moaned out that you were about to cum! Suddenly, with your ass up high and ankles up in the air, the butt plug was removed and in one single stroke, the cock took it’s place, still sliding fast into you, but this time deep in your ass!

You screamed out in surprise and delight as the sudden change in pussy pounding became deep ass fucking. Just as you love it! Your body was shaking with delight as the waves of orgasm overtook your body! You were thrashing about moaning deeply and yelling out…”yes..Fuck my ass! Make me cum!!!!”

You were shaking uncontrollably as you went through a rapid orgasm and before you knew it….the cock was sliding out of your ass…

MMM, you stated, “I love being fucked like that!… I would love more of that real soon!”

The whisper responded, “the night is young!” and you moaned with approval! Then you were told to stay right where you were and to drink your wine. Soon, you heard the shower running and then you were joined on the bed again. This time there were kisses planted all over your face, your neck and all over your sensitive nipples.

They had you so wet and you wanted to taste the cum that you knew this cock was building up for you! Fingers massaged your clit and the smoothness that you presented. Your ass, still wet from the solid pounding was still tingling. But then you felt him moving around and you were moved to laying on your side with one leg up towards your chest. From this angle canlı bahis siteleri you loved feeling your pussy being entered!

His hands were on your hips…pulling you onto his cock as he attacked you from behind. Holding your pillow tight, you bit into it muffling your moans of passion. He was sliding deeply into you, making your whole body know that pleasure was the major plan for this evening! You squeezed your legs tightly making it even tighter on his cock as the head was popping out and re-entering you! You could feel his cock getting thicker, knowing he was very close to shooting, so you grabbed him with your hand…sliding him out and lay on your back as you stroked him.

Your hand was now as wet as your pussy and you moved so his cock was hitting your nipple with each stroke. Then suddenly you heard him moaning as your tits were quickly covered in a shower of hot cum! You quickly moved closer so by the third stream shooting out, you were able to suck it and swallow it right down! He was cumming so deeply in your mouth…you just kept pumping him until it stopped flowing. You smacked your lips as you cleaned your fingers and then you felt his fingers sliding over your clit, entering you again! This guy just wouldn’t quit! (you were in heaven!)

You lay back on the bed holding your knees to your chest as he rubbed you into another explosive orgasm while also probing your pussy and ass with his tongue. You came so hard he was sucking the juices out of you and going for more. You didn’t know that you could cum that hard… but you certainly were!

Soon you both were laying on the bed…trying to catch your breath and not even talking! The aftermath caused you to briefly fall asleep, but the sound of a door closing made you stir. You turned on a light to find you were all alone in a room with no ones clothes, suitcase, books…nothing. It was just you, your wine and a well messed up bed with several wet spots.

You took advantage of the shower and loved feeling the water beading off your body as you washed yourself. Soon you found yourself experimenting with the shower massager unit and when it found your clit, it was almost an instantaneous orgasm! You could not remember a night where you had cum so often and so hard in such a short amount of time!

You finished your wine and made your way out the lobby! When I saw you I said…”Rebecca, there you are! I have been looking all over for you and was getting worried!”

You looked at me with bright questioning eyes… and said..”Do I have a story to tell you! But first…whisper for me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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