Weekend Fun with Kim , Monique

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I’ve mentioned in a previous story how Kim had incredible sexual energy and how she opened me up to a wide variety of new experiences. Monique was one of her friends who added to one of the many dimensions of our relationship. Let me tell you what happened.

Monique lived in the Southwest and was having some challenges in her life. Kim was one of those friends she called to vent to, and perhaps get some sound advice. After several conversations over a few weeks, Kim persuaded Monique to come and visit and bring her son for the trip. Kim and Monique had sons who were close in age and the idea was that some adult and kid interaction would be good for everyone. Sounded like a good idea.

And over the next couple of weeks plane tickets were purchased and plans were made. Monique and her son would stay at Kim’s house and Kim would take a few days off from work so they could all spend time together. Certainly, Kim wanted to spend some time alone with Monique and so Kim asked, or better said, “persuaded me,” to be with the kids on one or two evenings while they went out. Knowing how giving Kim could be “very giving,” I agreed and also pushed to see if perhaps a threesome might be a possibility. Kim smiled and said she would think about it and talk to Monique.

Conversations continued. I’m not sure what was said, but I had a sense that Kim was setting the stage for something when Monique was in town. I knew not to ask. I put it out there. Kim knew what I wanted, and it didn’t need to be said again. Perhaps Kim was interested in the idea too and so I let things evolve.

One evening, a few days before Monique arrived, they were talking on the phone (speaker phone) while I was at Kim’s home, and I heard Kim tell Monique how much she loves my cock. Monique said, “Let me see.”

Kim said, “Hold on and I’ll take a photo for you.”

Kim called illegal bahis me over and told me to take out my cock because she wanted to send Monique a photo. I complied, but I wasn’t hard. And Kim told Monique as much.

“Suck his dick now.” She said. And so right then, Kim started taking direction from Monique.

“Lick his balls.” She said. “Make him hard and let me see what you’ve been fucking every night.”

Quickly I was hard. I removed Kim’s shirt (she wasn’t wearing a bra.) And I put my cock between Kim’s glorious 36DD tits. She took a photo and sent it to Monique.

“Nice tits” was the first thing Monique said. “I’d love to feel those and suck on them, while getting fucked by that dick.”

For the next 20-30 minutes, Monique directed us (I completely lost track of time and space.) She had me sucking on Kim’s tits and licking her cunt for most of the call. I fucked Kim while Monique told me to pound her harder. Eventually, after Kim came, Monique told me to stand over Kim’s face and jerk off until I came. Kim was holding my balls with one hand and had her phone in the other hand to take a picture of me stroking while holding my balls. I blew all over Kim’s face and she sent a few more pictures to Monique.

I asked if we would be able to do more in person when she arrived. “Maybe.” She said. At least I knew the possibility existed. I asked Monique to send us a photo. She did, after some persuading. Topless only. Monique had a few extra pounds and wasn’t too comfortable about it, but Kim told her how much I love big tits and so Monique sent a shot of her natural 38DDs. Kim said that each of us would suck on one of them when she arrived. Monique loved the idea as she had never done that before.

Monique excused herself and said she was going to get herself off while thinking about what just happened on the phone. None of us had illegal bahis siteleri done anything like that before. We all had something to consider as Monique and her son would be there in just a few short days. For days my mind raced with all the possibilities of what might occur.

Monique and her son arrived a few days later. We all hung out and had dinner. I excused myself and let them all be for the next few days. Saturday afternoon came and it was my turn to step up. I spent all afternoon and evening with the boys while the girls did their thing. A spa day. Dinner. Dancing. Drinking. They got home around 1am. The boys had been in bed and asleep since 10. I fell asleep on the couch wondering when the girls might come home and what might happen. I was hard on and off all evening thinking about the possibilities. My balls started to ache, and I needed to have a release, but was going to wait and see what would happen when they came home.

When the girls finally came home, they looked stunning. Still all dolled up and both of them showing off their tits. They were a little buzzed and judging by the way they were touching each other, they were up for some fun. I joined in and started feeling Monique’s tits. Kim stared to unbutton my jeans and take them off. There we all were, standing in Kim’s dark living room with only the tv on to light the room. My hands on Monique’s tits. Gently removing them from her dress to be able to take one in my mouth. Me standing there half naked with cock at full attention and Kim stroking me while Monique watched.

“We have to be quiet.” Kim said. “We don’t want the boys waking up and seeing this.” Obviously, we all agreed, but were horny as fuck and needed to cum soon.

Kim made me sit back down and whispered something into Monique’s ear. The next thing I saw was both of then on their knees in front canlı bahis siteleri of me with the front of their dresses open. Four glorious tits for me to feel. And then four hands and two hot mouths on my cock and balls.

For at least 10 minutes they alternated sucking my cock and my nuts, taking turns. Eventually I couldn’t hold it anymore and told them I was close. Kim got her phone and told me to jerk off and blow all over Monique’s tits and that she would take a picture. I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. It was so wet from having them suck me off. Kim told Monique to get a good grip on my balls and squeeze until I came. My nuts had already been aching for hours and this was going to take it to another level.

The sensation of pain from Monique’s fist around my delicate balls and my hand pumping my wet cock was overwhelming and I quickly covered her tits in cum. Monique didn’t release my nuts until Kim pulled her hand away. The pain and pleasure was fucking amazing. Kim got some photos and started to rub cum all over Monique’s chest and suck her nipples. It was fucking hot seeing this and I wanted so much more, but it wasn’t meant to be that night.

The girls went to bed. The same bed. I found out in the morning that they played with each other and had their own experiences. Kim said she would tell me about it someday.

It was an evening to remember for all of us. I was hoping to get another shot with Monique before she left to fly back home. It never happened, but I have amazing memories of that trip.

Kim and Monique never shared any of those photos with me. I only have those amazing memories.

Long after Kim and I broke up, I connected with Monique on social media. We exchanged some notes and she admitted how much she loved my cock and cumming all over her tits. She told me that if she ever came out to my city again without her son, that we could spend the entire weekend in bed doing anything I wanted.

That hasn’t happened yet but is good to know for some future memorable encounter. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing Monique, I wish you well.

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