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I want to kiss you, my lips touching ours lightly at first, feeling their way tenderly across yours, my tongue gently meeting yours, the slight rasp of your tongue on my lips sending shivers down my spine, our kiss becoming urgent as our passion awakens from its slumber.

I want to pull you close to me, to have you wrap me in your arms as my hands press into you through your clothes, hurried fingers pulling your shirt from your waistband in an urgency of need, the need to feel your flesh under my finger tips.

I want you to respond, your fingers pulling a my clothing as your need for me sends unconscious signals through your body, your fingers touching my flesh making you pull me closer, as if our clothes could just melt away with the heat of our bodies.

I want to fumble with your buttons, trying to undo your shirt as we still kiss, our hunger driving us on as I eventually manage to bare your flesh to my hands and I can feel the hardening of your nipples as I run my palms over them, teasing them slightly with my fingers.

I want to feel your hands tugging on my shirt, pulling it up and making you break the kiss as you slide it over my head, discarding it on the floor quickly and returning your hands to my now-bared torso, only the lace of my bra between your fingers and my own hard nipples.

I want to hear your breath quicken as you revel in the sensation of my hands on you, your skin prickling under my touch, as if my fingers were electric, to match the sensations you send through me, my skin feeling the heat of your desire through your fingertips as you pull my bra aside to gently stroke them over my nipple.

I want you to kiss me again, harder, urgently as you become more aroused, pressing your body against me, pulling me to you with your hand on my back, trapping your other hand on my breast, pressing my hands into your chest as you pull me closer, feeling my hands still manage to slide, one moving over your nipple, the other sliding down towards your waist.

I want to slide my fingers into your waistband, to touch the hardness trapped within, moving them so I can unbutton you, unzip you, give myself more room to wrap my fingers around you and feel your kiss electrify as you feel my fingers wrapping round the core of your desire.

I want you to enjoy the sensation of my fingers wrapped round you, stroking you, fingertips exploring every inch of the thick hardness under them, as I enjoy the feel of your velvety skin in my hand, contrasting with the solid core that lies under it, the velvet skin sliding over it under the pressure of my had as I run my fingers up and down the length of you.

I want to drive you wild with the feeling of my hand on you and have you want me, desire me, as I want and desire you, my hand urging us both on, our kisses hot and passionate as you run your hand up my back to undo my bra, separating us briefly as you slide it off me.

I want to stand there, half naked in front of you, looking canlı bahis into your eyes, feeling the heat of your lust in your gaze as it travels over me, making me tingle, making me want you, making me move towards you, peeling the last of your clothes from you and baring you naked to me.

I want you to slowly undress me, trailing kisses down my stomach as you slide my trousers off me, peeling my underwear with them, kissing what you have revealed as you kneel before me, easing my clothing off each foot in turn, sliding your tongue over my skin, teeth nipping gently at my belly button, then slowly lowering your mouth to kiss the mound of flesh below.

I want you to slowly lower me to the floor, your hands on my hips pressing me gently, urging me to kneel before you, your kisses trailing up my body as I sink to my knees before you, your hard prick brushing against my skin as I slide lower.

I want to kneel before you, bringing my mouth to yours once more, as your arms circle my waist, pulling me against you, trapping your hardness between our bodies, my hands reaching round your neck, my fingers stroking your hair as your hands run up and down my spine, one hand straying lower to cup my buttocks and pull me harder against you.

I want to break our kiss just to move my mouth to your ear, nibbling on it gently as you trail kisses down my neck, dragging your teeth over my skin in the way you know I like, softly, but enough pressure to make my breath quicken, making me arch my back, almost pulling away from you, but keeping your mouth on my neck as you lean in to me.

I want to slowly move you till you and I slide to the floor, moving you so that I can lie on top of you, trapping your hardness between us again as I draw you into another kiss, moving my hips to grind myself against you, teasing your hardness, then moving myself to slide up your hard prick with my wetness.

I want you to feel then how much you are turning me on as I slick your hardness with my desire, my hot wetness surprising you as I slide it over you, kissing your lips again, wrapping my tongue around you, surprising you with my urgency, my passion, my desire and having you respond with your own.

I want you to start exploring me with your hands, feeling me, feeling the heat of me sliding your fingers all over me, reaching down to the swell of my buttocks, pulling me against you again, then releasing as I slide myself down your body, trailing kisses as you did to me, pausing to nibble your belly button while your hardness rests between my breasts and I move slightly to rub against you.

I want to move lower, your fingers trailing over my shoulders and neck as I dip my head, my tongue snaking out to taste you, a brief touch against the head of your prick, but enough to make your breath catch as my tongue fleetingly rasps gently over the sensitive skin, then making your fingers tighten, twining in my hair as I dip my head further then drag my tongue up the entire length bahis siteleri of your prick, kissing the tip of it, licking it, then sliding it between my lips.

I want to wrap my tongue over your prick, tasting the slight salt of your desire, while you lie back, savouring the feel of me sucking you, my tongue wrapping round, then flicking gently at the hardness of the tip, teeth nibbling, dragging over the smooth skin then gently puling on the loose, velvet of your foreskin, sliding my tongue over it, pulling ever so gently on it with my teeth then using my hand, sliding it down your shaft to tighten the skin over the head so I can lick round the rim.

I want to make you close your eyes with the ecstasy of having my mouth wrapped round you, to make you sigh with the pleasure of feeling me sucking you, licking you, nibbling you, teasing you, feeling you become even harder in my mouth.

I want to slide from between your legs where I have been nestled while sucking you, still with your prick in my mouth, sliding over to lie with my arm over your thighs, my hand still wrapped around the base of your hardness, little finger straying to stroke the tightening skin of your balls, moving so you can reach out and touch me, your hand running over the skin of my belly, your fingers playing over the softness they encounter, straying lower to slide over the soft hair on my mound, lower still, my legs parting as you move your fingers between them.

I want you to side your finger over my clit as I suck you, making me gasp, the cold air rushing over the head of your prick as I do sending shivers over you as it contrasts with the heat of my tongue.

I want you to tease me as I suck, rubbing my clit, circling it, pinching it gently, sliding lower to the rim of my wetness, slicking your finger then sliding it over my clit again, the wetness lubricating your movement, making it more delicious.

I want you to slide your fingers over me as I move my hips in time with your movements, my mouth continuing its exploration of your prick, lapping at the head as you circle my clit, lips tightening under the head and sucking as you pinch gently, mouth sliding to take more of you in as your finger slides down to my wetness again, taking as much as I can as your finger probes into me, deeper, then sliding out as I slide my mouth back up your hardness.

I want you to pull me towards you with the hand that is teasing me, making me move, pulling me gently, guiding me till I straddle you and your tongue can slide from your mouth, sliding out to lick my clit, a swift, teasing lick, as I did to you making me sigh with the pleasure.

I want you to take my clit in your mouth, teasing it with your tongue as I continue to suck you, licking at it, nibbling it gently with your teeth, wrapping your tongue round it and licking it slowly, gently, then harder, your tongue pressing against it.

I want you to take your finger from my wetness, sliding your tongue from my clit bahis şirketleri to where your finger was, sliding it into me, inside me, tasting me, feeling the muscles as they tighten as the sensation of you licking, sucking, nibbling, teasing makes me tighten in anticipation of pleasure.

I want to lick and suck you as you are doing to me till I can take no more of the need to feel you inside me, filling me, and move from you, turning, kissing you, tasting my own wetness on your tongue as we kiss deeply and I move to sit over you, pressing my wetness against your prick again, sliding over it as we kiss hungrily, sliding up to the very tip, feeling the soft folds of my skin surrounding you as your prick slides to the rim of my wet hole, and you press against it.

I want to feel the head of your prick slide inside me, my skin stretching around you, folding over you, muscles tightening around you as I lower myself onto you till you fill me, your whole length inside me, your hands on my hips pulling me onto you as I kiss you deeply, our tongues wrapped once more in a dance of desire as you fill me with your hardness.

I want to savour the feeling of you inside me for a moment, my muscles contracting and releasing around you as you lie surrounded by me.

I want to stay that way for a moment before sliding up the length of you, almost till you come out then sliding back down you again, easing you in slowly, teasing you with every inch I lower myself, feeling you pressing up into me as the slow sinking of me onto you teases you.

I want to grind against you, feel you doing the same back, then slide you in and out of me, your hips moving rhythmically in time with mine to thrust yourself deep within me, withdrawing only to plunge deep inside me once more, feeling the small nub of flesh deep within my core flick against your prick every time you push deep inside me.

I want to feel your orgasm build, making you bigger, harder, thicker as your movements become more urgent then before you can release your desire, I want to stop.

I want to sit still on top of you, kissing you, waiting for your need for release to subside again so I can take you to the edge again, sliding myself up and down your length slowly once more, your arousal heightened by having almost released your desire into me.

I want you to feel my orgasm building deep within me, my muscles tightening as you thrust into me again and again and I want you to push me over the edge into ecstasy, my orgasm pulsing on your prick making you come, your prick twitching deep within me as you thrust yourself deep into me, releasing your pent-up desire deep into my core.

I want to lie on top of you, spent, happy, contented, fulfilled, holding you close to me as you wrap your arms around me once more, kissing me softer than before, your release softening the edge of your lust, our lovemaking becoming the softness of contentedness, the urgency gone to be replaced with a tenderness that makes us smile at one another, our eyes shining with our spent lust, reading in each other’s faces the sweet pleasure of having known the feel of each other, and the knowing look that says that it won’t be the last time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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