Wanda’s Story Ch. 21

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Wanda Catron needed to cum. She needed to cum badly. The dildo in her pussy was buzzing away at high speed. The slim jim vibrator in her ass was going, too. And the pussy on her face was cumming, its delicious flow smothering Wanda and upping her desires.

But she could not cum yet. Her Mistress, Anne Franklin, had not said the word that would let Wanda Catron cum. She knew, when that word was said, that she would flow buckets. And she would love it, too.

It was Friday of Spring Break. Wanda had been at Anne’s home in Provo, Utah, since very early Sunday morning. When she arrived, she was taken to the dungeon and given a severe beating. since that time, however, Anne had been training Wanda to cum on command. She had given her a special word, and Wanda could only cum when the word was spoken.

The pussy on her face belonged to Anne. She was naked as well, giving Wanda the best orgasm she could give the 19-year-old slave. Anne, 33 herself, had a shapely body. Her 36c breasts were still firm, although they were currently bouncing up and down as she fucked Wanda’s face. Her pussy was shaved.

She earned her living as a school teacher, and had first met Wanda at school. When she bumped into Wanda at Wanda’s then-work after graduation, she invited Wanda home. The rumors that Wanda was a lesbian had turned out to be true, and Anne seduced Wanda that night. Later, she made Wanda her slave.

Right now, though, she was torturing her slave. Wanda was whimpering, her need to cum overwhelming the girl. Her 28c breasts were topped with rock-hard nipples currently, and her tongue was doing things inside Anne that only Wanda could do. She was a much better pussy-licker than Anne’s other slave, Amber Anderson.

Amber was not at home. Wanda didn’t know Amber was Anne’s other slave, nor did she know that Amber was 7 months pregnant. All Wanda knew, at the moment, was the need to cum.

Sated herself, Anne rolled off Wanda and watched as she let out many whimpers. As a slave, Wanda was not allowed to express her needs. But this need was very evident on Wanda’s face. The need to cum overwhelmed her entire being.

Finally, Anne relented. She pulled the dildo from Wanda’s pussy, put her face close to it, and said “Benign.”

That was Wanda’s word. She reveled in the release Anne gave her. she came hard, squirting out her first two shots of womanly cum juice. anne licked and sucked deeply, drinking in what Wanda needed to give to her.

Soon Wanda’s orgasm faded. Anne took the slim jim from Wanda’s ass, then whispered, “Benign.” Wanda happily came again, her second orgasm more of a lasting flow than a squirt. But just as much came from wanda in orgasm two as in orgasm one.

Anne drank until she was happy, then lifted her face. She crawled on top of Wanda and kissed her, mixing the cum on her lips with the cum on Wanda’s. Both women wrapped the other in their arms. Both women were in love.

The training had gone on all week. Today was going to be the final test of that training. After the women rested a bit, Anne said, “Let’s take a shower. I want to go shopping.”

The woman led her slave to the bathroom. Wanda turned the water on and got the temperature right. Anne stepped in, then beckoned Wanda to join her. The teen gratefully joined her Mistress in the shower.

“Soap me, my pet,” Anne instructed. Wanda took the body soap and lathered her own body up. Then she grabbed her Mistress and rubber her soapy body all over Anne’s, soaping her body as well. Anne moaned in joy as the teen’s nude body aroused Anne’s own. All too soon, Anne was as soaped up as Wanda.

“Loofa, my pet.” Wanda then got the foamy scrubber and started cleaning off her Mistress’ body. She scrubbed from her neck to the bottom of her feet, until Anne was squeaky clean. Then, to prove all the soap was off, Wanda licked her Mistress from foot to head, ending at Anne’s mouth in a hungry kiss.

“Backside, pet.” Wanda got behind Anne, soaped her own body again and rubbed her body on Anne’s back. This time Anne could not hold back the feeling of Wanda’s 38c breasts rubbing on her back. the nipples were stiff, and scraped at Anne’s back, causing he older woman to get excited.

“”Loofa, pet.” Again Wanda scrubbed her Mistress’ backside, cleaning it. The cleansing ended when Wanda pushed Anne’s back, bending her at the waist. Wanda then spread Anne’s ass cheeks and thrust her tongue against Anne’s now-clean anal passage.

Anne was in a sexual state of excitement now. She gave the command she occasionally gave during showers, “Lick, pet.” This was Wanda’s signal to lick at the ass opening, down the perineum, and on the pussy. Wanda’s tongue darted all over the most sensitive spot on Anne’s body. The woman held on to the hand-holds she had installed in the shower (for this exact purpose), giving her a perch as Wanda made love to her orally.

Anne wiggled her ass in time with Wanda’s lickings. She moaned and whimpered as Wanda brought her to the edge, then backed off a bahis firmaları minute, then resumed her licking. This time, her tongue started at the pussy. A loud moan came from Anne as Wanda’s tongue scraped at the perineum, then a deeper, throatier moan came when Wanda licked at the puckered asshole. When Wanda pulled the opening apart and thrust her tongue in (something Wanda only did in the shower), Anne shuddered and came. Her pussy leaked its fluids as Wanda’s tongue was inside her ass.

The orgasm subsided, and Wanda removed her tongue from her Mistress’ ass. she lowered down and licked the cum from Anne’s inner thighs and outer pussy lips. when her Mistress was clean again, Wanda stood, turned Anne around and kissed her, the signal the cleaning was complete for Anne. The older woman stood in a corner of the shower, watching in love and lust, as Wanda quickly soaped and cleansed her own body.

When she was done, Wanda turned off the water and hopped from the shower. When Anne stepped from the shower, the still-wet Wanda had Anne’s towel waiting. Wanda dried her Mistress from head to foot, making sure no part of Anne was wet. When she was done, she wrapped the towel around Anne, grabbed a second, smaller towel, and dried her Mistress’ hair. This towel wrapped around Anne’s head. Only then could Wanda dry herself, while Anne walked into the bedroom and dressed.

When Wanda emerged from the bathroom, her own clothes had been laid on a chair in the bedroom. Anne had chosen a short top, baring Wanda’s midriff, jeans with plenty of holes in them, and sandals. there was no underwear for Wanda to put on. Wanda dressed quickly and waited for her Mistress to finish. When Anne emerged, dressed resplendently in a tailored pantsuit, she said, “Come, pet. Let’s go shopping.” They went to the car and drove towards the store.


At that same moment, 1000 miles west in Palm Springs, California, Wanda’s roommate, Astrid Martin, was also in the shower. She was also not alone. Wanda’s brother, Roger Catron, was in the same shower as Astrid. Like Wanda’s mistress, Astrid was bent over at the waist. The main difference was that, instead of a tongue, it was Roger’s cock that was steadily pumping in and out of Astrid’s pussy.

Astrid and Roger had been making love together for a week now. They had gotten together on the first day of Spring Break. Astrid, a freshman at Boise State University, had been the first woman to make love with Roger, a senior at Independence High in Provo, Utah. Despite the grade difference, both were 18 and both were in love with the other one.

Astrid had found the doggy position to be her favorite with Roger. His 11-inch cock, taken from behind, was scraping at her G-Spot with a force and feeling unequalled by a dildo. Astrid knew the difference. During the past several months, she had been making love with Roger’s sister at school.

Still, it was Roger’s cock she craved, and Roger’s cock she was getting. The feel of the water spraying on her back added to her pleasure as Roger plowed his cock through her outer labia and into her vagina. He pumped hard, stimulating Astrid to greater and greater heights of lust.

finally, unable to hold back any longer, Astrid came. Her pussy flooded with her juices, and roger felt them flow over his cock. The flow added even more lubrication to the 11 inches inside Astrid’s body, so Roger sped up his motions. Astrid screamed in pleasure and came once more, and then a third time. As she came, she marveled at Roger’s ability to hold off his orgasm. The first time they had made love, Roger came quickly. But by now, five days and about 20 sessions later, the man could hold off for quite a while.

But he couldn’t hold off forever. He whimpered that he was ready to cum, and Astrid heard the words. She pulled off of Roger’s cock and turned around. She took him in her mouth, tasting his pre-orgasmic cum leaking from his cock, and also tasting her pussy juices on him as well. she took him deep in her throat and sucked hard. She pulled back, letting her tongue wrap around the shaft for Roger’s added enjoyment. When she took him deep again, she used her fingernails to massage the back of Roger’s balls sac.

Roger started to cum. His first load drove straight down the back of Astrid’s throat. then she pulled back her head and started pumping his cock. The remainder of his seed spurted onto her face, her hair, and her 38c breasts. When he was finished cumming, she spread the cum around her breasts and bent her head to lick it off. Then she turned her face to the shower spray and rinsed her face off. Clean enough, she kissed her lover passionately, letting him know without words how happy she was. And through the kiss, she could tell how happy he was, too.

They got out of the shower together and dried off. Then they went back into the bedroom. Roger lay on the bed, and Astrid started sucking on his cock. The couple had found that Roger was good to go at least twice per lovemaking session, kaçak iddaa and since this was the last day they would be together for a while, Astrid wanted as much of Roger’s cock as she could get.

Soon he was hard again. He rolled both of them over, and slipped up Astrid’s body. His cock found the valley between her breasts, and used it like a pussy, fucking her soft pillowy mounds hard. He liked the feel of his cock sliding between her breasts, and she loved the chance to lick his cock any chance she could get. They both knew that soon, his cock would be in Astrid’s pussy, but for now, the breasts were fine enough.

This lovemaking session ended over an hour later, with both of them so tired and sweat-drenched from their sexual experience that they needed yet another shower. Giggling like the school kids they were, Roger and Astrid jumped back into the shower to clean off. And once there, the urge to fuck came over them, and they found a way to make love a third time. Astrid knew they would now have to speed to get back to the airport in Ontario, 100 miles away, but she didn’t mind. the more time with Roger, she thought, the better. That thought was quickly wiped away, however, by an orgasm, then a second orgasm, and then yet another orgasm, followed by the now-familiar feeling of Roger’s cock spurting is cum into her body, this time into her pussy.


At the Wal-Mart where Wanda used to work, the teen and Anne shopped together. They bought food, and school supplies, and clothes for Wanda. But Anne had not chosen Wal-Mart for its low prices. She had something else entirely in mind; a final test of Wanda’s learning for the past week.

The women were in the dressing room area, with Wanda trying on jeans. Anne walked up to the dressing door and said “Wanda, honey?”

“Yes, Mistress?” came the reply from behind the door.


Anne stood on one side of the dressing room door and listened. A cry burst forth from Wanda. “Oh, Mistress … Mistress. I’m … oh God .. . I’m … CCCCCUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!”

And Orgasm Wanda did. She didn’t care that she was in public. she didn’t care that she had on new jeans that hadn’t been paid for yet. All she knew was that when Anne spoke that magic word, her pussy flowed, her mind shifted, and Wanda had an orgasm, as she had been trained to do.

Anne smiled. The phone operator, a little old lady whose station was at the entrance to the changing room, came over. “Is anything the matter? I heard screaming,” she said.

Anne and Wanda answered simultaneously. “No, nothing’s wrong.”

“OK,” said the old woman. She wobbled back to the phones then, as both Anne and Wanda burst into giggles. When Wanda came out a minute later, she had the jeans in her hand. The crotch was wet with Wanda’s orgasmic fluids. They went to the operator and handed her the jeans.

“We’ve decided not to take these,” Anne said. “They’re a little to small.” The women hurried away as the old woman took the jeans. When she started to hang them up, she saw the wet spot. She tried to call the Wanda and Anne back, but they had ducked between the clothes racks and were out of sight. Over by the frozen foods, the two stopped and had a most excellent laugh.

“I’ll bet that old woman hasn’t had a good orgasm in 50 years,” Wanda said between bursts of laughter.

“60, or I’m a man,” replied Anne. both women laughed and laughed. Then they resumed their shopping.

As they entered the checkout stand, they saw one of Wanda’s friends from high school She had taken a job at Wal-Mart the same time as Wanda had, and the two women started speaking of old times again. But the conversation was cut short when Anne slipped behind Wanda and whispered into her ear, “Benign.”

wanda stopped in mid-sentence. Her friend, Bernadette, saw Wanda’s face screw up in intense concentration. She watched Wanda whimper, then moan, then moan even louder. Soon Wanda was holding on to the check-writing table for support. Bernadette was about to call for help when she heard Wanda whimper, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Bernadette then turned a bright red from embarrassment. she blushed again after wanda straightened and Bernadette saw the wet spot on the jeans Wanda wore.

Bernadette finished bagging and cashed out Wanda and Anne. The couple headed for the door, and had just stepped outside when they heard Bernadette behind them. They turned and she held out a bag for them.

“You forgot this,” the cashier said. She handed Wanda the bag, and Wanda also felt a piece of paper pass with the bag. Bernadette hurried back into the store as wanda shared the note with Anne.

The note said “I want to cum like that. Please show me how. I’m off work at 6 pm. My number is 555-6902. Berna.” Both women smiled.

“Let’s invite her over tonight, my pet,” Anne said.

“Yes, Mistress, let’s.” Wanda replied. They hurried home and started making plans for later that night. It would kaçak bahis be a busy night, because Wanda had to go pick up Astrid at the airport in Salt Lake City at midnight.

Wanda called Berna at 6:30 pm, and the woman arrived at the Franklin-Catron home at 7. She was 19, like Wanda, with long black hair that flowed to her waist, 34b breasts, and a large ass. She was wearing the clothes she had worn to work, a smiley-face t-shirt and a pair of beige slacks. The three women sat down to a dinner of chicken, wild rice and green beans, and Wanda and Berna continued their small-talk from the store.

Anne waited patiently until dinner was complete, then cleared her throat. “Yes, Ma’am?” Wanda said, her focus instantly on her Mistress. Berna also quieted, wondering what was up.

“Berna, your note said you wanted to learn how to cum like my Wanda came in the store,” Anne said. “Was that correct?”

“Oh, yes, Ms. Franklin, I do,” Berna said. She still thought of Anne as her teacher from high school. “I could tell that was no “When Harry Met Sally” fake orgasm, because of the wetness that spread on Wanda’s pants.

“I’ve never been able to do that, not with anyone I’ve ever slept with. And to do it, clean out of the blue, was just amazing. Yes, I want to learn.”

“Orgasms are not taught, young lady, they are experienced,” Anne lectured. “A proper orgasm comes from several factors. Stimulus os one factor. Care and control from your partner is another. And then there’s the knowledge that you have experienced such an orgasm before, and can experience it again.”

“Then, Ms. Franklin, whatever it takes, I want to experience it.”

“Then tell me about your past sexual experiences. Pet, pleasure me while she speaks.”

Berna was a bit confused by the last part of the sentence Anne had spoken, until wanda dropped to her knees under the table, crawled to Anne, and gently started licking at her pussy. Berna saw Anne lift a leg over Wanda’s back, giving the teen more angles to cover as she licked. Berna swallowed hard and started talking again.

“I’ve had three lovers in my life,” the girl started. “The first was very quick, each time we made love. It was like he went in me, and he came. The second lasted longer, but he never knew where to start. He was in a hurry to put his thing inside me, and by the time I started getting comfortable with him in me, I mean really lubed up, he came. The last, and the current, wants to pleasure me. He tries to lick my pussy, but I’m not sure he’s doing it right. Then he fucks me, and I think I cum, but I’ve never cum like Wanda did.”

“We can help,” Anne said. She was truly in schoolteacher mode now. “Let’s go down to the playroom and start. Pet, lead the way.”

Wanda got up and silently walked down the hallway. Berna followed, with Anne at the rear, watching Berna’s ass shake as she walked. A new play toy, Anne thought. How fun.

Down the stairs the trio went. When Wanda flipped the light switch, Berna stopped and stared. This room had so much in it, she couldn’t take it all in. She saw the bed against one wall. Near it was gymnastic equipment. There was a large wooden X against another wall, and a torture rack, too. There were chains dangling from the ceiling. There was a school classroom. there was a steel jail cell. And so many toys, lining the walls. Along with the toys, Berna also saw the whips, floggers, crops and bamboo cane. Truly, anything anyone can imagine was here in this room.

“Class time, my pet,” Anne said. As Berna looked over at Wanda after Anne spoke, she noticed that the teen had shed all her clothes while Bernadette had looked around the room. This was a requirement of Anne’s, one Berna didn’t know about. Anne strode to the teacher’s desk and sat atop it. Wanda sat in one of the chairs. Berna sat in the chair next to Wanda.

“The first thing we need to go over is lubrication,” Anne said. “It’s obvious you have never had your pussy licked expertly. This licking gets the juices in your pussy flowing. It then allows things (Anne refused, at home, to mention the word “cock” while speaking about a man) to enter your body easily.

“Allow us to show you. Pussy, my pet.”

Silently Wanda got up. She dropped to her knees at Anne’s feet. Anne spread her legs, showing Berna she wore no panties. As Berna got up and watched, Wanda’s tongue gently started gliding over Anne’s pussy. It started at the bottom of the slit, and worked upwards. When it reached the top, it teased by licking several times. Berna knew she was licking the clit, although it wasn’t visible.

Wanda repeated her licks several times, eventually drawing out the shy clit. When the clit was exposed, Wanda sucked on it as her fingers slid into Anne’s pussy, spreading the inner labia open. Then Wanda’s tongue drove deep into Anne, licking inside her body. Anne moaned softly, then whispered, “Stop.” Wanda obeyed instantly.

“Do you see?” Anne said. “Feel me now. Feel how wet I am.”

Berna shyly touched her former teacher’s pussy. She was indeed wet, and the lips were swollen well above the size they started at. Anne grabbed Berna’s hand, and forced her middle finger inside herself. Berna felt then how wet Anne was on the inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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