Waiting Up

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I heard you fumbling your keys, trying to be as quiet as possible; opening the door and closing it slowly behind you. All I could do was smile, knowing you were trying to not wake me, but I had been up for an hour waiting on you. Your stuff was set down somewhere in the kitchen and your foot steps were coming my way. With every step, my smile grew wider and once your shadow was in front of the light I made sure my pose for you was irresistible. My head turned away from you, so you could not see the smile you give me even this early in the morning. The sheet was just past my panties, as my legs were spread; with my hand laid just right on my breast, which now had hardening nipples at the thought of you.

Taking off your clothes and putting them in a neat pile beside the bed, you are so much better at tiding up after yourself then me. I would have torn my clothes off on the way to the bedroom and hoped in bed after a long night of work. You seemed to be taking your time, but I could feel you watching me. I shifted my position to see what you would do. You stopped shuffling things for a moment. Stopping in your next step, I heard you beside me, now sitting in the chair. It didn’t take long to hear your next move. I would know that sound from miles away. You were stroking your long, hard cock. It was hard for me to keep quiet thinking about how much I wanted it. Even now thinking about getting out of bed to suck your cock while you sit in that chair; I teased my left nipples just out of your view at the thought. But I decided I would see where this was going. After all, you were stroking your cock at me. Just seconds after that thought, you stood up and moved towards me.

Now as you set beside me letting your fingers trace your shadow on my skin, up and down my arm you stroked me. Your soft touch bedava bahis sending tingles through my whole body. All the while, I still hear you stroking your cock. Its turning me on more and more. I twitch a little; turning for you to have more access of me. Your fingers now teasing over my harden nipples and down my stomach, its so hard to keep playing “I’m asleep.” My legs shift in a welcoming position, spreading wider for you. I don’t think you know I am awake just yet. I feel your hand now sliding under the top of my panties you move further onto the bed closing the gap. Feeling the heat from my warm pussy you slide a finger under the bottom of my panties and move them to the side. I twitch a little more for that and you with drawl from me, I know now you don’t want me to wake up yet.

Still setting there stroking my body lightly and stroking your cock, you move back to my nipples. Getting them hard again now, your face comes closer and I feel you lick and flick at my right nipple with your tongue. You kiss down my stomach and get in front of me. Now moving my panties over again, and this time sticking your tongue deep in my hole. Circling my clit with your fingers and your tongue dancing in me, I twitch, almost looking to wake up. You slow your pace down, not ready for me to wake. Kissing slowly up my stomach, back to my nipples, giving them the attention they miss while you are gone. Your hand now slipping down the tops of my panties, in search of my hard clit, it circles slowly. Your hard cock is pushing against my side, begging for my wet, warmth.

My hips begin to move with your hand, and I slow come to from the deep sleep you think I am in. You pull my panties down and move your cock to my pussy. I have not opened my eyes yet, with you still latched to my breasts. bedava bonus I feel the head of your cock now entering and I moan in pleasure as you push in hard. Your cock goes deep in my wetness and I pull you close to me. Your face comes to mine and you kiss me deeply allowing me to still taste my juices from your tongue. I slide my hand down where your hard cock slowly slide in and out of my pussy. And I stroke it in and out of me, my wetness all over my fingers I apply pressure to you. This seems to stimulate you into a harder feeling myself as I almost climax. My back arches, my body shivers and my hand falls to the side of me. I loose control of my body as my orgasm takes me away. A few seconds later I feel you move fast from between me. Your face now buried deep in my pussy lapping up my juices. I’ve hardly caught my breath from my first orgasm and here your tongue is deep in my pussy sending me to my next. Your hands come up and cup my breasts, teasing and pinching at my nipples. I moan in pleasure as I finally open my eyes and watch you going down on me. You must be able to feel my eyes, just as I start watching you, you go harder and faster at my hole. Pulling me closer to you, I bring my hand down to yours and circle my clit with you. My body trembles and my second orgasm not as strong as the first, bursts from inside me.

Unable to take anymore, I pull you up to me and take a deep long kiss from you; the taste and smell of my pussy now deep in my own mouth. I push you back kissing down your chest and down the edges of your stomach. I nibble down your inner thigh, allowing your hard cock to run against the side of my face. You move to give me more access to your cock but, I still tease all the areas around it; starting at your balls. I licked and teased my way all deneme bonusu the way up, over and down your hard shaft till you finally pushed it into my mouth. Taking you in deep while you push and pull me with my hair, I push my body up sideways next to yours. Turning you on your side to get more access, you pull me back on top of you. Spreading my legs you begin to eat me from behind; I squirm to get away from you, but your grip has me. I come down hard on your cock giving you everything I have; using my hand to stroke you and my other hand to massage at your balls. Finally I feel you start to tense up a little, I don’t know how you’ve managed to even last this long.

Moaning how I want you inside of me, you turn me around and lay me down making one last lick from my pussy to my mouth., topping me off with such a long kiss it was like you had missed my mouth in the short time your mouth was tasting my sweet juices. Your throbbing cock now meets my pussy again as we roll on our sides with our legs enter-twined, our hips move as one. We roll together on the bed and you thrust me with all your might. My hair all over the place sticking to the sweat on the sides of my face and my body, I feel our bodies loosing control from the sweat we have created. I roll you over on your back and begin to slowly pump myself on top of you. Leaning down to your face kissing you while you push and pull me with my breasts; my pumping gets harder and faster as you choose to roll me over bringing my legs to the air. You watch your cock go in and out of me, harder and faster with every pump. I move my hand to my clit and circle fast, touching your cock as the juices flow. You scream my name, as my orgasm lets loose, my pussy tightening up on your cock. I felt your hot cum deep inside of me. You collapse on top of me never letting your cock fall out.

Face to face you kiss my forehead and fall fast to sleep. Both of us drained and unable to get out of bed to clean ourselves up. We lay there as one, as our juices flow down our leg, and your cock shrinks to a soft, tamed penis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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