Viva Las Vegas!

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We’d gone up to my hotel room after having a nice intimate dinner of steak and Maine lobster with a bottle of exquisite red wine. We laughed and talked of nothing important and laughed some more. The candlelight danced merrily in your eyes as we gazed at each other. You remove your shoes and begin to move your smooth stocking foot up and down my leg never taking your eyes off of mine. I slide over to sit next to you and kiss you ever so lightly on your soft inviting lips. You respond with a teasing tongue as our lips touch again. I slide my hand under the table and between your legs moving ever so slowly upwards towards the Promised Land. Your legs open slightly permitting my hand to continue its journey. As I reach the junction of your legs and feel your pussy behind the barrier of your panties, I feel a liquid heat of arousal. My goodness you are wet! The unmistakable aphrodisiac scent of an aroused woman fills the air, a siren call no man can resist. I gently rub the hardening nub in the middle of paradise and a moan escapes your lips. A playful smile appears and your eyes glisten with the promise of a night to remember.

You know you have me now. God, you look beautiful, so sexy, and I want you badly. We top dinner off with a snifter of Sambuca. The potent liqueur spreads warmth from my head down to my toes and my face begins to flush. You flush a brief pink color on your cheeks and your eyes look at me with an intensity that I’ve never seen before. After paying the dinner bill I ask you what you would like to do now. You nibble on my ear lobe and whisper we should go up to my room now because you can’t take much more of this. I agree by saying that I can’t take ANY more of this without exploding.

We bahis firmaları quickly head arm in arm to the nearest elevator. You are trembling with excitement. My legs move as if made of jello. I am so glad the elevator is empty. As the doors close, I trap you with your back to the glass wall and kiss you hungrily, my tongue searching out for yours. You respond in kind and our tongues dance together with their own rhythm. The elevator rises into the sky and the lights of Las Vegas shimmer below. Finally we get to my floor and the doors slide open.

We are so into our passion we don’t realize the elevator has stopped. Only a polite cough snaps us out of our trance. It was an older couple looking at us. The woman is scowling in disapproval but her husband had a Cheshire like grin on his face. You walk out of the elevator with me in tow as if nothing had happened. One of your stiff nipples is peeking out of your dress and my cock was making a tent out of my pants. As we walked to my room we heard the woman snap at her husband to pick his jaw up from the floor and act his age. We look at each other and burst out laughing.

We get to my room and I fumble for the key card. You tell me to hurry or you were going to rip my clothes off in the hall. I finally get the door open and we fall into the room kissing again and again. I kissed you softly and then again, feeling electricity arc out from my heart across my chest, and we kept kissing, circling tongues, gasping against each other as we came apart for a breath of air. I moved my hands up to cup the underside of your breasts and you arched her back as I did, moaning into my mouth. Your breasts perfectly fit my hand, from chest to nipple the kaçak iddaa width of my four fingers, wrapped.

You squirm, and I squirm, and we kiss harder. I reach down your side to pick up under your dress at the hip, and then come back under to slip under your panties. You are shaved, totally, amazingly smooth, and aroused, hot and slick. I rub you quickly and you stop kissing me to move forward a little, into my hand, trying to arrange your legs to meet the waves of pleasure. Then you came back to kiss me again, and I started to brush your clit, moving my hand from side to side. Your hips started to move, and you can’t stay still cumming quickly, breaking our kiss, throwing your head back, crying out into the night. You shudder against my hand and then again, and I slowly stop rubbing you as the spasms subsided. We both stand there panting trying to catch our breath.

You move over to the bed pulling the covers off. You pulled your dress over your head and look at me, expectantly, your hips cocked to one side. You were wearing thin, black underwear. I took off my shirt and took a step toward you. You stopped me with a glance pointing to my pants. I took off my belt, unbuttoned my slacks, and stepped out of them. You look at my chili pepper boxers and smile. You reach behind and unhook your bra with one easy move, then let it fall off of your arms. Your chest is tanned, breasts out with pointed pink nipples. You smile at me, as if you knew I liked what I saw. We stepped into each other, arms wrapping around our shoulders. Our mouths pressed, we fell into the bed, and suddenly you stood up, pulling off your panties in a quick and smooth motion. You hop back into bed straddling my stomach rubbing your kaçak bahis smooth pussy along my stomach, a trail slick and warm on my skin.

I put my hands under you and brought your pussy to my mouth like a wine glass. You moaned as I took my first taste of your, honey-sweet and luscious entrance and I wanted more. I ran my tongue along both sides of your labia, tracing the folds, and then went in for more. You were becoming ever more moist and started to work your hips against my tongue. “Up,” you said, and I moved to kiss the little pink marble of your clitoris you pushed your thighs against my head, moving your clit along my tongue. You came loudly, a long steady scream, and then you moved off my hands to lower yourself onto my open air erection, your entrance so wet I slipped in fast with your weight on me. You were tight around my shaft, and we quickly started into long strokes together, coming apart and almost out and then I was back in that slick passage, each time feeling the fire in my neck crackle along my spine.

We kissed as we fucked, faster and faster, until we couldn’t keep lips together and you were up in my lap, driving down and I came into you in long powerful spurts deep inside crying out your name over and over as you continued rocking your hips against me, I kept coming, softly, catching my breath each time while you continue moving slowly until you couldn’t take it and then twitching against me, her muscles tightening around my dick, still warm, wet, and happy.

As our breathing returned too normal you lay on top of me kissing my lips tenderly. Your muscles pulse and twitch on my cock still buried within. We look into each other’s eyes not saying anything as if our eyes were talking. You rest your head against my chest and I lazily stroke your back and ass. We both doze, spent, exhausted, and happy. The moment between a man and a woman as it should always be.

The end of the beginning

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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