Visit from Robert Has Delicious End

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The following story is fiction. Similarity to any person, place or incident is purely coincidental. Enjoy!

Sadie read the name at least 10 times, a slight panic growing in her chest with each glance at her calendar, “Robert Brown…it’s a pretty common name,” she told herself, even though she knew that given the size of their small town, a second Robert Brown was unlikely.

Sadie’s aunt was only briefly married to Robert, but in those two years he had become a frequent presence in Sadie’s life. A bitter divorce marked the end of Robert’s welcomed visits to family dinners and events, and he was definitely missed. Although Robert was a frequent visitor at the gym Sadie co-owned with her boyfriend, a gym wasn’t the best place to have a conversation, so it had been years since Sadie had spoke to him.

Sadie’s thoughts were interrupted by the shrill ring of the front desk telephone. With a sigh, she answered on the 2nd ring, attempting to sound cheerful, “Serenity Spa, Sadie speaking. How may I help you?” She was greeted with silence on the other end, “Hello?” Sadie began to lose patience, and started to hang up the phone.

“Um, hello. This is …uh, Robert. Brown? I was calling to reschedule my massage. I just realized who my masseuse would be, and well, I wasn’t aware that you worked there Sadie.”

Any discomfort Sadie had feared when she imagined talking to her aunt’s ex-husband immediately deteriorated when she hear his voice. “Hey Robert! How are you? It’s been so long!”

With obvious relief in his voice, Robert responded, “I know it’s been too long. I’m great! Hope you and the family are well.”

“We are. Thank you for asking. So you need to reschedule? I can do that for you.” Even though Sadie should have felt relief that he would not be her client that day, she couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed, and the thought caused a heat to rise in her face.

“Yeah, I just, I didn’t want you to feel awkward or uncomfortable massaging me. I know the divorce with your Aunt Helen was ugly, and I’m probably not your favorite person,” Robert mumbled.

Sadie felt genuine shock by his comment, “Oh no! You don’t think anyone in the family blames you? We all know what Aunt Helen is like. You weren’t her first ex-husband, and from what I hear, you won’t be the last. I miss you Robert…erm, I mean we miss you. Everyone does.” Sadie could feel her heart begin to flutter in her chest, and the heat in her cheeks intensify. “What is wrong with me?” wondered Sadie.

“That is great to hear, Sadie. I’m happy you feel that way. In that case, I may as well keep my appointment, I sure need it.”

“Great! I’ll see you at 3! Bye,” Sadie replied with more enthusiasm than she had intended.

“See you soon, Sadie.”

After hanging up the phone, Sadie could feel a lightness in her body that surprised her, and a fluttering in her stomach that she had not experienced since her middle school crushes. Sadie couldn’t possible be attracted to Robert, could she? He was too old for her, and he was practically family still.

Sadie tried to push the images of him at the gym out of her head, but she could not stop herself. At 45, Robert was 21 years her senior, but he did not physically show his age. With his long limbed 6′ frame, and toned body, he easily passed for a man no older than his mid 30s. Sadie had often watched him at the gym, and wondered how her aunt could be crazy enough to let him go.

Brushing those ridiculous thoughts out of her head, Sadie glanced at the clock and realized she had less than an hour until Robert would be there, so she went to prepare the room for their session.

While checking to make sure the changing room was tidy, Sadie caught her reflection in the full-length mirror, and began to feel a little silly in what she had chose to wear that day. Her top was chosen for how well it hugged her curvy shape, and the low cut neckline accentuated her ample 34 D chest, and long, slim torso. Her tight, black jeans snugly curved along the lines of her round ass, a feature that used to embarrass her, but Sadie had come to appreciate how her larger butt made everything she wore look incredibly sexy. Her long brown hair was swept up into a loose bun on top of her head, which made her long neck look even longer. Sadie had never had any trouble finding a boyfriend, and even though she tried not to show it, she knew she was gorgeous.

Her work outfits were always chosen knowing what would get Sadie the best tips, but she now wished she had chosen something a little more modest that day, as she tugged her shirt upward, unsuccessfully trying to cover her ample cleavage.

When 3 o’clock arrived, Sadie was waiting in the massage room, nervously playing with a strand of hair that escaped her bun and had fallen to the side of her face. She could not figure out why she was so nervous, she had known Robert since she was 18, and had never felt uncomfortable in his presence. Sadie told herself güvenilir bahis that she would just remain as professional as she could, and treat him like he were any other client, when she heard him coming down the hallway into her room.

Sadie gasped slightly when he entered the room, taken aback by how nice he looked; she had been eyeing him from a distance at the gym, but had not seen him up close in well over 2 years. The work he had been putting into his body was definitely showing, and she could make out his muscles underneath his tight t-shirt. Robert was what most people would call tall, dark and handsome, but he did not let his looks inflate his ego, which made him 10 times more attractive.

Sadie was probably imagining things, but she thought she saw him look her up and down before speaking to her. “Hey Sadie! Wow, you look fantastic. Um, I mean, it’s great to see you.”

Sadie was unsure whether or not to hug him, so she quickly replied, “You too” and began to prepare the table for the massage, pointing him toward the changing room. She could feel her hands shake as he left the room, and she needed to remind herself that he was just a massage client, and that she had done this hundreds of times before.

Robert walked out of the room with a towel wrapped around his waist, and when she looked up Sadie almost dropped the bottle of massage oil in her hand. Robert was not only handsome, but he was fucking hot! Sadie felt her face redden with that unexpected thought, and hoped Robert did not notice. “Here, lay down on your stomach, and I will adjust your towel,” she told him to get his gaze off of her.

As Sadie began the massage by pouring warm oil over the length of his legs, she desperately tried to think of something to say, to break the awkward silence, and was grateful when he spoke first, “I thought you owned the gym downtown. Why are you working here?” he asked.

“Oh, bills are ridiculous and I work here on weekends to help out.” she replied. Sadie wondered if he could hear in her voice that she was lying about her reasons for working at the spa. Ever since she bought the gym with her boyfriend, their relationship had begun to deteriorate. She wasn’t sure if it was the amount of time they spent together, or the fact that their time together was always based around business, but Sadie found that she needed more time away from him, and the spa was the perfect distraction. It was just an added bonus that she discovered what a turn on massaging her clients had become.

She had never crossed the professional line with her clients, but she had found ways of satisfying herself without them even knowing. Sadie had gotten a reputation of being one of the sexiest masseuses in town, and she had several regulars, many of them attractive men.

In the beginning, when she first discovered how hot she would get while massaging, she would usually let it build and take care of it at home in the bathroom, where her boyfriend couldn’t hear. Over time, she discovered that if she adjusted the height of the massage table, she could discreetly apply constant pressure to her clit through the entire appointment. Recently, she had taken it one step further and allowed herself to cum during the massage. Sadie quickly pushed the idea of stimulation during this appointment out of her head, even though Robert was by far the sexiest man she had ever massaged, she knew it would be too weird.

Sadie started out as she normally did with all full-body massages, with the feet. Roberts feet were rather large, and she found herself wondering if it was true what they said about big feet…before she shook her head in anger at herself. “Keep it professional, Sadie,” she thought. As she worked on his amazingly toned legs, Sadie realized that she forgot to adjust the table since her last appointment, and the table brushed against her clit while she worked. She found that she had to force herself to stop pressing against the table, as she felt her panties grow slightly wet with juices that accumulated from her excitement.

It didn’t help when Robert moaned, “Wow, that feels amazing, Sadie. If you wouldn’t mind, my upper thighs have been extremely tight.”

“Of course,” she said and she began to knead his muscular thighs. Sadie tried to stop her gaze from wandering to the curve of his ass under the towel, but she could not stop herself; he had an amazing ass.

“Mmnn yes, that’s the spot,” Robert moaned. The sexual nature of his moans was causing Sadie’s pussy to become more wet with each sound, and she soon found herself pressing against the table again. She needed a little release if she was going to be able to finish the massage, so she allowed herself a few minutes of slowly humping the edge of the table while she worked on his thighs.

Sadie was relieved when she continued on to the upper part of his body, at least she wouldn’t be staring at his ass so much. She quickly discovered that his upper body pleased her türkçe bahis almost as much as his delectable bottom. With the long lean muscles that ran down his back, she began to imagine what it would be like to run her nails down it…

“My back doesn’t need as much work, but my neck is killing me, do you mind?” His question snapped her back to reality and she remembered that she wanted to keep this professional. “Of course,” she replied. Sadie took her place at the top of his head, the normal position she took when working on necks, only this time being extremely aware of how close her pussy was to Robert, worrying that he would start to smell how aroused she was.

“Your legs look fantastic, you need to show me how you keep them so toned,” Robert said. Only then did Sadie realize he had the perfect up-

close view of them. “Next time you come to the gym, we’ll go over some exercises,” she replied.

The comment seemed slightly inappropriate for the situation, and Sadie began to wonder if he shared any of the feelings that she was currently experiencing. Wanting to test her new theory, Sadie decided to use tricks she would normally use when she was playing with clients.

Starting at the base of his neck, she ran her hands down the length of his back, pressing her large tits into the back of his head. “Mmm, that feels fantastic, Sadie. Perfect,” Robert said breathlessly.

After standing, she “accidentally” dropped oil on the floor in front of him, knowing that when she bent to grab it, Robert would have the perfect view of the top of her cleavage. When she stood, Sadie noticed that he was adjusting his body, and that his breathing had quickened almost to the point of panting. She secretly hoped her tricks had excited him a little.

Deciding to be bold, Sadie allowed herself to slowly grind against the headrest of the table, knowing that her swollen pussy was mere inches away from Robert’s head, and that he would be able to see extra movement in her legs if he opened his eyes, but she was too horny to care anymore. Getting lost in her near orgasm, Sadie let out a low moan, immediately grabbing her mouth, hoping he didn’t hear. When there was no noticeable change with him, she continued to press her pussy into the headrest, feeling the tension build in her body.

Lost in the moment, Sadie closed her eyes as she continued to hump the table. Opening them again, she thought she noticed Robert’s pelvis slowly rocking back and forth. Realizing that she was going too far, Sadie stopped grinding and began to move away from the table, when Robert grabbed her leg. Breathlessly he said “No, don’t stop Sadie. Continue until you finish.”

Knowing that it was wrong, and that she should end the session immediately, Sadie continued to hump the table, harder and faster now that there was no need for discretion. The addition of Robert holding tightly to the back of her legs brought her orgasm on quickly and violently, “Mmmphmm. Oh shit! God yes!” Sadie quietly screamed, grabbing onto Robert’s shoulders to steady herself.

“Oh god, what have I done,” was Sadie’s immediate thought. She quickly backed away and started to apologize to him, saying she didn’t know what came over her, and that she had never done that before. Before she could finish, Robert was sitting up, “Don’t worry, Sadie. From the moment I walked into the room, I have been dying to hear you cum, you made my day.”

“You mean, you’re attracted to me? I thought I was insane to be so attracted to you. I’ve been trying to control my urges this entire appointment.”

“I wish you wouldn’t control them…” Robert said with a wicked smile.

Now that he was in a sitting position, Sadie was able to see that Robert had a significant bulge under his towel, that he was attempting to adjust. Wordlessly, Sadie turned around, and locked the door. If she was going to break her professionalism rule, she was going to make it memorable.

“Lay back down Robert. Let’s finish. Ah, but lay on your back this time, I’ll adjust your towel,” she said with more confidence than she expected. Now that he was laying, the bulge became more prominent, and Sadie could see that Robert was very well endowed, which only increased her excitement.

“Do you mind, this outfit is very tight and constricting, I’m having trouble working the knots out of your body in it. I will have a much easier time without it.” Not waiting for a reply, Sadie began to slip out of her shirt and jeans, aware of Robert’s eyes hungrily taking in her every movement. When she was done, she stood for a moment, and allowed him to get a full view of her in her matching white lace bra, and thong, before moving closer to continue her massage.

“Wow, you’re fucking perfect, Sadie,” Robert said with a groan.

Not wanting to waste time, Sadie moved to his feet and climbed up on to the table, straddling his lower legs. “I want to work hard on the tight muscles, and I think I will have more leverage up güvenilir bahis siteleri here, if that’s ok,” she said. Both Sadie and Robert knew that she wasn’t asking, but telling him what she was going to do.

Without taking her eyes off of the him, Sadie reached behind her, unhooked, and removed her bra, releasing her soft, round, perfect tits, allowing them to bounce a few times for Robert’s viewing pleasure. Sadie noticed his cock twitch beneath the towel. “I don’t want to ruin my new bra with this oil.” Sadie said, knowing that she didn’t even need an excuse.

Running her hands along his the length of his legs, she began to slowly grind her pussy on his lower legs, feeling her panties soak up her gushing juices.

“You probably don’t want to ruin those new panties either.” Robert said with a moan. Standing, Sadie walked along the side of his body, up to his torso, “Of course, you’re right. Mind helping me out?” she purred. Robert reached up, and hooking his fingers under the waistline of her panties, slowly lowered them over her round ass and curvy legs. The feeling of him touching her sent a wave of pleasure through Sadie, and it took everything she had to not climb on his cock and have her way with him that second.

“Thank you so much,” she said and she returned to her spot at his legs. The feeling of her bare pussy on this legs was almost too much for her to handle, and she resumed humping his legs ever so slowly. The ridges and bumps of his muscular legs were hitting all of the right spots in Sadie’s soaked pussy, but she was curious to see what he was hiding under his towel. Moving farther up his body, she grabbed the top of the towel, slowly pulling down to reveal the most perfect cock she had ever laid eyes on; 9 inches of smooth, thick shaft, just waiting to pleasure her.

Wanting to torture Robert slightly, Sadie began to massage the area around his cock, coming within centimeters of it, but never touching. Robert’s breath began to sound heavy and his cock was growing to its full size very rapidly. She would also stop massaging to grab her breasts, taking her hard nipples into her mouth and sucking while maintaining full eye contact with Robert.

Deciding to end the teasing, Sadie moved her body up until she was straddling his upper thighs, and poured a generous amount of oil over his hardening cock. The oil made Robert’s cock twitch slightly and Sadie reached out, wrapping both hands around the thick base. He gasped as she ran her hands up the entire length of his shaft. Moving up and down with twisting movements, she began to slowly fuck him with her hands. Robert’s deep moans and ragged breathing caused her to quicken her pace, “Fuck, Sadie. You’re going to make me cum if you’re not careful,” Robert panted.

“We wouldn’t want that, I’m not done with you,” replied Sadie as she took her hands off of his cock and reached for the massage oil. Lifting it above her head, she began to pour it on her body. Feeling warm oil drip down her tits, and running down the length of her torso to her awaiting pussy sent waves of pleasure through Sadie’s body causing her to quietly moan. Using her hands, she caught the drips and rubbed them over her body, paying special attention to her nipples, which had hardened and become extremely sensitive.

Sadie then positioned herself so her tits were hovering slightly above Robert’s hard cock. Letting her nipples brush softly against the tip of his head, she began to rub her pussy up and down his legs, brushing his cock head with each thrust. The oil on his legs caused her movements to be smooth, and Sadie soon found herself close to cumming again. Just when she was near the edge, she stopped abruptly, wanting to prolong her next orgasm, knowing it would only intensify it.

Placing her breasts on either side of his thick shaft, she began to move up and down slowly, keeping eye contact with Robert the entire time. “My god Sadie, you are amazing,” he said through his labored breathing. The feeling of his cock being smothered by her massive tits brought Sadie dangerously close to the edge, so she decided to focus entirely on his cock, hoping to delay her impending orgasm.

With her next downward thrust, Sadie caught the tip of his cock in her awaiting mouth. With just the tip in, she began to tease the underside of his head with quick flicks of her tongue. Then slowly, she began to run her thick lips down his entire length, until she could not take anymore of him into her mouth. Robert gasped as she began to move up and down, licking the underside and sucking greedily. “Oh…fuck…fuck, yes!” Robert yelled as he began to buck his hips, slamming his cock deeper into Sadie’s throat.

Sadie continued to devour his cock until the sounds he made caused her stop, out of fear that he would soon finish, before she was ready. Sliding her wet, oily body along his, Sadie came to rest with her pussy lips parting and wrapping around his cock, with the head putting pressure on her clit. Staying there for a minute, Sadie wrapped her hands behind Robert’s head, pulling him into a long, deep kiss. “Mmm your pussy is so warm, Sadie. I could stay here all day,” Robert said as he pulled away from her kiss.

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