Vintage Port School for Girls Ch. 01

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The Vintage Port School for Girls was one of the most highly funded educational centers in the country and had been for some time. Superintendent Erica Chambers prided herself on this fact and even more so on the reason why.

She entered the main building as she did every morning, admiring its meticulously cleaned hallways and smiling at the always pleasant staff. Erica could quite confidently say that this was a highly satisfying job. In fact, she could scarcely recall a time when she hadn’t walked these halls, seeing as she had attended this very school herself for many years before attaining a teaching position. She rose through the administration just as quickly as she had to the top of her class finally securing the title of superintendent which she had held for the past four years.

Erica also was very proud of the fact that she was the youngest woman to ever hold the position (all superintendents were female) at the age of 27. Now at 31, she still had the body of a 20-year-old. Her beautiful face, with its full red lips and round brown eyes, was framed by her silk-like black hair which she usually wore down. She was a bit intimidating at 5’11, but that only added to her effectiveness as head administrator. Her body was curvy and thin, her breasts a perfect 36D. They were particularly appealing today in her thin red sweater. She loved wearing tight tops to show them off, especially when her nipples got hard which they did often. A tight black skirt showed off her toned ass as well on this particular day and her lightly tanned legs stretched enticingly out from it.

Today she had a meeting with one of the schools newest patrons, a man who was willing to put a generous amount of money into the school. Erica made her way to Principal Anderson’s office and tapped her long red-nailed fingers against the door.

“Come in,” a strained voice from inside called.

Erica opened the door to find Principal Anderson sitting in his chair behind a large mahogany desk. His face was constricted as he gripped the arms of his chair tightly. Erica sat calmly in a chair on the other side of his desk as the principal began a low grown. The groan continued as his body convulsed in the chair and ended in a long sigh of satisfaction. Principal Anderson nodded at Superintendent Chambers as he regained his composure and a very pretty young blonde rose up from under his desk.

“That will be all, Miss Burton, thank you,” breathed Principal Anderson.

The blonde smiled as she wiped a tanned hand across her chin. “Thank you, Mr. Anderson,” she replied and turned to Erica as she pressed her hands over the skirt of her uniform. “Hi, Miss Chambers.”

Erica returned the smile. “Hello, Sandra.”

Sandra bounced out of the office and closed the door behind her, leaving Erica alone with the principal.

“I see you’ve found yourself a favorite student for the semester.”

Principal Anderson chuckled. “Oh, don’t worry, Erica. I’ll never find another student as talented as yourself.”

Erica laughed throatily. “I wasn’t worried.”

Principal Anderson, apparently recovered from his morning orgasm, leaned back in his chair and retrieved his glasses from his desk, which he put on.

“Well, Erica, as illegal bahis I told you yesterday we have a new patron coming in today by the name of Marvin Scholfield. He has expressed interest in funding another wing to the library. I’m sure little persuasion will be needed, but it never hurts to give a full tour of our facilities.”

“Of course not.” Erica crossed her shapely legs as she leaned back in the chair, still smiling to herself as she thought of young Sandra underneath Principal Anderson’s desk, sucking his thick cock eagerly. It brought back memories. Of course, Principal Anderson had been fifteen years younger when she had sucked him each morning, but he had never been an unattractive man… not that it mattered at Vintage Port. At this school, the students were taught how to correctly and to their best ability retrieve sperm from any mans penis and, of course, to enjoy it. Luckily for Erica (and for most students here she had come to realize) she had found it a naturally enjoyable experience and always looked forward to classes.

There was a buzz on Principal Anderson’s desk intercom. He pushed a button. “Yes?”

“Mr. Scholfield is here, sir,” responded his secretary, Cindy.

“Thank you, Cindy. Tell him to come in, please.”

There was a short silence and then the door opened as Mr. Scholfield entered the office. Principal Anderson and Superintendent Chambers rose to meet him.

“Mr. Scholfield, thank you so much for meeting with us,” Principal Anderson said, pumping Mr. Scholfield’s hand. “This is our superintendent Erica Chambers.”

Erica smiled and shook his hand as well. She caught the usual hesitation in Mr. Scholfields eyes as his mind came to terms with her hypnotic beauty. Most men found themselves at least momentarily speechless upon being introduced to her. She found it flattering.

“Well, it’s a large campus. I will let you two get started. I want to thank you very much for considering us, Mr. Scholfield. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.” Principal Anderson returned to his desk as Erica opened the door.

“Shall we get started?” she asked, motioning the somewhat flustered Scholfield outside.

“Um, yes, please,” he replied. Melvin Scholfield was in his mid-thirties and, not particularly because of his money but somewhat, had little problem with women, however, even he was smitten immediately with Superintendent Chambers. He followed her out to the hall, trying his best not to stare at her round firm ass in its little tight skirt.

Erica walked down the hallway, her high heels clicking against the linoleum floor and, as Melvin Scholfield noticed, her large breasts bouncing softly. She didn’t have to look to know he already had an erection. She wondered how big it was.

“If you’d just follow me, Mr. Scholfield, I’d like to show you our Depository first. As a patron of Vintage Port, you will have unlimited access.”

Melvin cocked an eyebrow. “Unlimited access?”

Erica turned to him and smiled. New patrons never quite got it on the first time. “Yes, Mr. Scholfield. Unlimited access of one appointment a day that is.”

Melvin became even more confused. Appointments?

Erica reached a door near the end of the hall and opened it. illegal bahis siteleri As Melvin entered, he could already hear what sounded like wet sucking and the moaning voices of men and girls. His heart pounding, he glanced at Erica and leaned his head in. The Depository had several men sitting on chairs with gorgeous young girls kneeling between them, their heads bobbing franticly. There was only a handful of men inside, all enjoying a blowjob from a beautiful young woman. Melvin turned with a jolt as a man beside him began to moan out loud, obviously nearing orgasm. The cute little redhead sucking him worked faster, her long fingers jerking his cock as her mouth sucked franticly.

Erica stood beside her, watching in interest. “Relax your throat, Caroline. Let the shaft slide easily down your throat as he cums… don’t swallow too fast now.” Caroline seemed to obey as she took the man’s sperm down her throat, the man grabbing onto her shoulder as he shuddered, shooting into her.

Melvin looked at Erica, not sure if he should be excited or horrified. “Miss Chambers, just what is going on here?”

Erica looked up from watching Caroline lick the man’s shaft clean. “Well, Mr. Scholfield, at Vintage Port, we feel it is our duty to supply our students with the knowledge to not only satisfy themselves, each other, and their partners, but to retrieve sperm samples from men in an enjoyable manner.”

“Retrieve sperm samples? But… but she swallowed.” Melvin pointed at the young girl who was standing up now. He realized she was naked and couldn’t help but look at her perky breasts.

“Well, of course she did. She’s still in training. Our girls don’t officially get to retrieve samples until they are in their fourth year. Caroline is a third year.” Erica looked at the young girl who had walked to the water fountain and was washing her mouth out. The man she had just sucked was zipping his pants up and smiled at Erica.

“Superintendent Chambers.”

“Have a good day, Clifford.” The man walked out the door and Erica returned her attention to Melvin. “Would you like to have a seat. Mr. Scholfield?”

Melvin blinked. “Excuse me?”

Erica touched his shoulder lightly, stroking it with her red nails which sent a shiver through his body. “Have a seat. One of our student will attend to you while you consider your donation.”

Melvin slowly sat. His mind was reeling. These girls couldn’t be more than 18 years old and his cock was already throbbing hard from being led around by Erica Chambers. He looked up at Erica from his chair. Her melon breasts were right in his face and he couldn’t help but stare at them until she turned from him and he only barely noticed another young woman had joined them.

“Mr. Scholfield, this is Ginger. She will be assisting you today. She’s a third year, so feel free to ejaculate into her mouth. I will be in the hallway when you’re done and we can continue our tour.” Erica smiled as she glanced down at Melvin’s bulge and then to Ginger, a buxom brunette, and turned to leave.

Melvin finally let his eyes slide over to Ginger and he swallowed hard. She was about 5’7, athletic, and her dark brown locks came down just past her shoulders. She was already naked canlı bahis siteleri and her tits had to be DDs with large rosey brown nipples which he noticed were erect. Ginger smiled at him with full pink lips which appeared perfect for cocksucking and kneeled down. Melvin glanced between her creamy tan thighs and noticed a small patch of trimmed pubic hair. His cock throbbed even harder.

“Do you want to take it out or should I?” Ginger peered up at him with a grin. Melvin only stared. “I’ll take it out for you. I don’t mind.” Melvin nodded.

Ginger had long thin fingers with pink fingernails that gently pulled his zipper down. She slid his slacks down along with his boxers and his erection sprang out, almost slapping her in the face. She giggled.

“Your cock is big,” she said through a grin as her hand wrapped itself around his shaft. He looked up at him as she began to stroke it up and down slowly. Melvin leaned back in the chair, watching this young girl pump his cock. Her large breasts bounced as she began jerking harder. She must have noticed him staring. “Want to touch them? I don’t mind.”

Without even thinking, Melvin’s hand reached out and down, cupping Gingers full breast and squeezed gently. He let a low moan out as she leaned in and took the head of his cock in her young wet mouth. Melvin tweaked at her nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger and felt Ginger respond with a moan of her own. Her gentle moan sent vibrations down his cock. He leaned back again, letting her start to bob faster, expertly milking his thick shaft.

Her hand followed just behind her mouth, stroking as she sucked. Her full lips popped off his cock and then she went back to work. It was unbelievable. Melvin felt self-conscious at first, but soon gave into the moans which erupted out of his body. He could feel Ginger’s hot young lips sliding up and down his cock faster, her tongue swirling. Just before he thought he couldn’t take anymore, she took her mouth off of him and began licking his balls. He watched her as she held his shaft in her hand, her pink tongue lapping at his sac. He closed his eyes and moaned. “Oh, Ginger…”

Ginger glanced up, smiling. “Ready to cum?”

Melvin nodded. The young girl sucked him back into her mouth and Melvin nearly cursed out loud as she sucked full force. Her hand pumped like a piston, jerking him as well. He could feel her emitting small moans of her own and realized she was masturbating as she blew him. He couldn’t hold back any longer and erupted into her mouth. He felt his head slide down her throat as his wad shot deep inside her. Melvin groaned and shook as Ginger took it all. She slid her mouth off him and looked up.

“Okay?” She asked, massaging his cock gently.

“Yes…” Melvin breathed. “Amazing.”

Ginger giggled again and stood up. “Thanks. I’ve been practicing.”

Melvin nodded. I bet you have, he thought to himself. He stood and zipped up his pants. Ginger gave him another smile and he was pleased to find her still watching him from the water fountain. He gave her a smile as he opened the doors and left The Depository.

Outside, he found Erica waiting. She widened her eyes expectantly. “I hope you enjoyed your first appointment?”

“Oh, yes. Ginger was exquisite.” Melvin stepped towards Erica feeling relaxed and surprisingly refreshed. He took a deep breath.

“Yes, she’s quite talented. Well, now that you’ve seen what we can offer you, shall we continue?”

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